Welcome to the final week of season two of Question Quell! We have had some fun questions, cool tributes, and shocking eliminations. After ten weeks of answering questions and eliminating people week after week, we are down to the final two, Necterine411 and Nate777! Every week we had a question and depending on how many people were left when you answered you got points. Ex. If there are 6 people left, the first person to answer got 6 points, second got 5, third got 4, etc. the last person to answer if they answered the question I gave them 1 point but they were still eliminated. Now I have everyone's point totals and later I will reveal them. First, I will reveal the eliminated players totals in the order they were eliminated and the one with the most, wins the eliminated player award. After that, I will reveal Necterine's and Nate's totals and reveal the winner of Question Quell! Then, we will congratuate the winner and I will give out some userboxes. All this coming up on Question Quell!

Eliminated Contestant Award

MnkyGrlsj- Mnky was the only one user to not answer on week one. She was eliminated. Not much else to say about her. Her point total is 0.

Tiki tooki- Tiki tooki is next. He was eliminated in week two for answering last. But, he was voted back into the game by Necterine411 in week six. But, he was eliminated in week seven because of being voted out by Newgirl101. His point total is 6, and he is in the lead for the award.

Bklmc5- Bklmc is next. He was eliminated in week three. But, he wasn't last to answer. Nate777 (one of our finalists) was last but, Nate had immunity. So, Bklmc who was second to last, was eliminated instead. His point total is 14, which puts him in the lead for the award.

Kenzen11- Kenzen11 is up next. He was eliminated in week four. He was eliminated because he never answered that week. His point total is 22, which means he is now in the lead.

Fantasyfilm99- Fantasyfilm was eliminated in week five. He was a user that answered early many times before, but he never answered in week five. So, for that reason, he has 34 points, and is in the lead for the award.

Prezziesnow- Prezzie was eliminated in week six. He always answered somewhere in the middle but forgot about the game in week six. His point total is 28, and he is not in the lead.

Newgirl101- Newgirl was eliminated in week seven and had three close calls over her time playing. She answered last but still got to vote Tiki tooki out. Her point total is 26, and Fantasyfilm is still in the lead.

Brony10- Brony10 was eliminated in week eight. He was answering pretty early most of the time but, answered last in week eight. His point total is 38, which is four more points then Fantasyfilm and puts him in the lead for the award.

Skybender101- Skybender was eliminated in week nine. She was always answering pretty quick until week nine when the other three beat her to answering. Her point total is 46! Which puts her in the lead for the eliminated contestant award.

EffieLuna- Last but not least is EffieLuna. She answered quick every time until about week seven. Then she slowed down until she was eliminated for answering last in week ten. Now, if she has more then 46 points then she beats Skybender and wins the award. Effie's point total is.... 52 points! She is the winner of the Eliminated Contestant Award! Congratulations!

The Final Two

Now we are going to talk about our final two: Necterine411 and Nate777!

Necterine411- Necterine was always talking with friends in the comments. In normal week 1, she was second to last to answer. Week 2, she was not one of the four to win immunity. Week 3 and 4, she answered as normal. Week 5, she was given a HUGE power to her by Prezziesnow. Then week 6, it was revealed to be the power to bring someone back into the game and she chose Tiki tooki. Week 7, she used and voted Nate777 (our other finalist) out of the game, but he wasn't eliminated. Week 8, she answered as usual. Week 9, Rockman117 gave a sponsor gift to her, which was TWO bonus points. Week 10, she answered second. Her point total is.... 39!

Nate777- Nate always talked with friends just like Necterine. Week 1, he answered as normal. Week 2, he was one of the four users to win immunity. Week 3, he would have been eliminated if he didn't have immunity, but instead Bklmc was eliminated. Week 4, 5, and 6, he answered as normal. Week 7, he used and voted for Nemgirl101 to be eliminated.Week 8, he answered as usual. Week 9, he didn't win the sponsor gift. Week 10, he answered second. He needs more then 39 points to beat Necterine and win the game! His point total is.... 57!!!!!!!! Congratulations to Nate777 for winning the second season of Question Quell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Winner

Congratulations to the winner of Question Quell... Nate777!!! If you want to congratulate him, post a comment and I will copy what you said onto this catagory of the page.

Congratulations Nate! You did a great job. You are a great tribute, competitor, user, and friend. Great job! - Wolverine1717

Congratulations Nate! Good job Necterine! - Rockman117

Congrats!!! - Anna-athena

Congratulations Nate! I had a feeling you'd win! You definately deserve this. - Necterine411

Gratz Nate, well deserved - Mopping

CONGRATS NATE-Y NATE NATE! You did an amazing job and totally deserved to win! - Skybender101


Oh, yay! Congrats! :P I never really followed these (only occasionally when they'd pop up on the recent thingie) but great job! - Purplexmuffin

Congrats Nate777! - Tiki tooki


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This user has won the eliminated player award in Question Quell

This user was a runner-up in Question Quell

This user has won Question Quell

This user has participated in Question Quell

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