Welcome again to Question Quell! Last week, we had a mix up. I messed up the question and we had to start that week over, but in the end the only person that didn't answer the whole time that week was Kenzen11, which meant he was eliminated. There was also something else going on last week, the second to last person to answer would get a HUGE power, after the little screw up in the question, in the end, the person was... Prezziesnow! Now, I know I said it was the same power from last season but I lied, Prezziesnow gets to choose who will get the power next week. So Prezziesnow, when you answer choose who will get the power that I will reveal next week. This week, besides what Prezziesnow has to do, will be normal.

Question: Who or what kills Finnick? Answer: Rose-scented lizard mutts


1. Brony10- Alive

2. Fantasyfilm99- Dead

3. Skybender101- Alive

4. Effie Luna- Alive

6. Necterine411- Alive

7. Nate777- Alive

11. Prezziesnow- Alive

12. Newgirl101- Alive

Good luck and Prezziesnow don't forget to tell me who you choose!

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