Welcome all back to Question Quell! Last week, four tributes had immunity. Leaving the other six rushing for a spot in the end. Nate777 never answered but had immunity so, Bklmc5 was eliminated for being second to last. This week we will have a twist. The second to last person to answer will have a HUGE power (if you watched last season you may know what this power is). So, you can wait until second to last to answer and risk being eliminated and lose alot of points or you can not take the chance for power and answer quick for alot of points. It's all up to you.

Question: Who was the boy reaped (not neccessarily in) the 75th Hunger games (quarter quell) in district 12? Answer: Haymitch


1. Brony10- Alive

2. Fantasyfilm99- Alive

3. Skybender101- Alive

4. Effie Luna- Alive

6. Necterine411- Alive

7. Nate777- Alive

8. Kenzen11- Dead

11. Prezziesnow- Alive

12. Newgirl101- Alive

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