Welcome to week one of Question Quell Season Two! This season we will have new twists, new questions, new tributes, and a new winner! This week we will start simple, no twist, just one plain question. If you answer wrong, your out. If everyone is right, last to answer is out. I will keep track of points based on when you answer. So get ready for Question Quell!

Question: Who are the Star-Crossed Lovers? Answer: Katniss and Peeta


District 1: Brony10

District 2: Fantasyfilm99

District 3: Skybender101

District 4: Effie Luna

District 5: Bklmc5

District 6: Necterine411

District 7: Nate777

District 8: Kenzen11

District 9: Tiki tooki

District10: MnkyGrlsj

District 11: Prezziesnow

District 12: Newgirl101

Good Luck to all of you!

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