Welcome everyone back to Question Quell season two! Last week, Fantasyfilm99 never answered the question and was eliminated. Also, Prezziesnow had a power, and the power was to give someone else the power. That person was... Necterine411! Congratulations, you automatically come in first this week (which means you get the full 7 points this week, even if you answer last) and have immunity. You also have a choice to make. You get to pick one person who was eliminated to come back into the game! When you answer, tell me who you want to bring back (I will put the choices below). The rest of you, a normal week!

Question: What is the name of the song about a man and his lover killing themselves? Answer: The Hanging Tree


1. Brony10- Alive

3. Skybender101- Alive

4. Effie Luna- Alive

6. Necterine411- Alive

7. Nate777- Alive

11. Prezziesnow- Dead

12. Newgirl101- Alive

Now here are the tributes who have already died. One will come back.

2. Fantasyfilm99- Still out

5. Bklmc5- Still out

8. Kenzen11- Still out

9. Tiki tooki- Back in game

10. MnkyGrlsj- Still out

Good luck to all and Necterine don't forget to pick!

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