Hey, welcome back to season two of Question Quell! Last week, I was really happy so I was going to give away three immunities. But, I changed my mind. I gave away FOUR! Unfortunately, Tikki tooki was last to answer and was eliminated. This week the six of you who do not have immunity are in trouble, who have to answer quick or you will be eliminated. People with immunity, even if you answer last, you are safe. But, if you want alot of points for this week, answer quick. So, good luck!

Question: What is the name of the shop owner in the Capitol that looks like a Tiger? Answer: Tigris


1. Brony10- Alive

2. Fantasyfilm99- Alive (immunity)

3. Skybender101- Alive (immunity)

4. Effie Luna- Alive (immunity)

5. Bklmc5- Dead

6. Necterine411- Alive

7. Nate777- Alive (immunity)

8. Kenzen11- Alive

11. Prezziesnow- Alive

12. Newgirl101- Alive

Good luck everyone and Happy Hunger Games!

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