I just read an article on another website about this topic and I wanted to know what you guys think. As all Hunger Games fans should know by now, Mockingjay has been split into two movies. Now, the big question is... where will it be split? Now I have a few ideas that I have heard and thought.

District 13 is attacked- This is when District 13 starts to get bombed. They could end the movie with a big fight where district 13 wins but has to recover. The cliffhanger could be where Katniss realizes she has a huge influence over the rebellion and is determined to find Peeta and beat Snow.

Peeta is rescued (My Choice)- This is about mid-way through the book so it would work. At the end, Gale's fight at the Capitol could be shown, and he returns with Johanna and Peeta. The cliffhanger could be where Katniss runs in Peeta's hospital room to see him, and he gets up and strangles her.

Katniss goes to District 2- This is when she goes to the Nut to shut it down. It could end with a big battle and Katniss making her speech. The cliffhanger could be when Katniss gets shot and goes down.

Before heading to the Capitol- This is when Katniss and her squad head off to the Capitol. It could end with them preparing to leave. The cliffhanger could be where Peeta decides to join them.

Before Gale goes to find Peeta- This is when Katniss finds out from Haymitch that Gale and a group of people are going to find Peeta. It could end with Katniss wanting to go and worrying about Peeta. There really isn't a cliffhanger here, so this would be an actual ending.

In the bunker with Tigris- This one probably won't happen because it is so far into the book. But if it did, it could end with them arriving and meeting Tigris. The cliffhanger could be Katniss hearing Gale and Peeta talk.

Those are the possibilities, now you tell me what you think.


Where should they split Mockingjay? District 13 is attacked Peeta is rescued Katniss goes to District 2 Before the Capitol Before finding Peeta In bunker with Tigris


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