Hi, I'm Wolverine1717 and this is my first Hunger Games so I may not do as great as other here but I will do my best. I will do some reapings (only the ones with the most/best backstory). I will do training scores, and I might do chariot rides. I will add the arena when I have most of the tributes. I will probably do final 8 interviews (if the people add the family), and I will a do victor interview. I hope you enjoy the games!


1. Only submit two tributes from the same districts.

2. Resevations will last three days.

3. Not to many lovers/girlfriend and boyfriend things, I want some but not to many. And if you add lovers, don't make them to sappy or crazy in love.

4. Make them realistic. Not a phyco who's 10 feet tall and is super strong and fast, if you do, I will kill your tribute in the bloodbath.












Weapon choice

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District Name Placed User

M: Phoenix Way, 17

F: Gemma Stork, 16

M: 13th

F: 3rd


M: Bradley Ward, 12

F: Sophie Sheard, 13

M: 4th

F: 8th


M: Ion, 13

F: Electrica, 13

M: 14th

F: 17th

Morgan silve

M: Jackson Ocean, 17

F: Iris Miracle, 18

M: 15th

F: 23rd


M: Spike Owens, 17

F: Twinkle Night, 15

M: 6th

F: 5th


M: Jake Tucker, 17

F: Molly Brechin, 16- Missing

M: 11th

F: 2nd


M: Ograssu Crasser, 16

F: Herba Hemway, 17

M: 9th

F: 16th


M: Everett Frazier, 17- Victor!

F: Azalea Lysander, 16

M: 1st

F: 18th


M: Ryan Die, 16

F: Karli Tweed, 15

M: 20th

F: 7th


M: Seamus Fanson, 13

F: McKarlyle Eoau, 17

M: 21st

F: 10th

Algernon, the mustache man

M: Lion Coy, 16

F: Alice Wonder, 12

M: 24th

F: 22nd


M: Nathaniel Jackson, 16

F: Anya Showers, 15

M: 19th

F: 12th



The arena this year will be a giant circle. Cornucopia is in the center, and it is split up into four quadrants. In the north is the wheat field, which has some tracker jacker nests and is a good place to hide. In the west is the forest, which is covered in trees and has some mockingjays. In the east is the desert, which is super hot, has limited water, and has a poisonous snake mutt. In the south is a swamp, which has quicksand, deep dirty lakes full of alligator mutts. There is also a strong forced river that goes from the wheat field down south through the forest and into the swamp. There is a twist in this arena. There are four devices, one in each quadrant, that is hidded in a secret spot. If someone finds one and touches it, it sticks to you and starts a timer. If you do not kill a tribute in two hours after you touch the device, it will explode. If you do kill a tribute within the two hours, it falls off you and shuts down.


District 1

The first stop for the Reapings was district 1. The capitol people arrived to see all the girls and boys in their groups how they were supposed to be. This year they will be calling girls first. They reach into the cup with all the names in it and pull out a name. "Gemma Stork" was the name they called, and up came a 16 year old girl that was about 5'8, looking very determined and ready for anything the capitol can throw at her. Next was the boy, "Phoenix Way" was the name called. Up came a 17 year old boy with black spikey hair that was about as tall as Gemma, and a fearless look on his face, he was ready. They were both determined to win.

District 2

The second stop was district 2. They arrive and pick out a name. "Cathy Stringer" was the name, and when she got up, a 13 year old girl yelled "I volunteer!" and Cathy ran back down crying "thank-you" to the girl as they passed each other, "What is your name little girl?" the caller asked. "My name is Sophie Sheard, and I am going to win the Games!" she yelled loud and annoyingly. Then was the boy, "Bradley Ward" was called and up came a young 12 year old boy who was so horrified, that it looked like he didn't know what the Hunger Games were (mayby he didn't).

District 3

The third stop was district 3. The name that was called was "Electrica" no last name, just Electrica. But even without a last name on the paper, everyone knew exactly who they were talking about. They were talking about the weird, silent, red haired girl who always worked on electrical engineer things rather then play with other kids her age. Then the boy was called "Ion" and up came the 13 year old boy whose family owns a major factory. He too enjoys using electrical items to make things. These two were ready for the games, as long as they had electrical wires and tools.

District 4

The next stop was district 4. The name was "Iris Miracle" and up came an 18 year old, one of the oldest contestants ever. She didn't looked shocked, surprised, angry, or even happy. She looked natural, she came up with a plain face and sat down. The boy was "Jackson Ocean" and a handsome, 17 year old, Romanian boy came up and took a seat in a chair.

District 5

Then they headed to district 5. The girl was "Twinkle Night" and a 15 year old came up. She looked a little scared and saw a guy in the audience who always bullied her smile evily at her. Then, "Spike Owens" was the boy called and Twinkle looked shocked as she looked down at the bully that just grinned at her, walk onto the stage. She then grinned evily back at the bully, Spike.

District 6

Now, they went to district 6. "Molly Brechin" was the name and a 16 year old girl walked onto the stage and took her seat. She had a small tear in her eye and looked away from the camera because she didn't want all of Panem to see her cry. The boy was "Jake Tucker" and a 17 year old boy walked on stage. He looks at Molly and starts to get a tear in his eye, too. Apparently, they know each other (and are great friends).

District 7

Now, they headed off to district 7. "Herba Hemway" was the girl and when the name was called a whole bunch of girls started to cry as a 17 year old girl walks onto the stage. She is crying too. The boy was "Ograssu Crasser" and a sickly boy who had Asperger's syndrome, ADD, and OCD walked on the stage. As if his life wasn't bad already, it was terrible now.

District 8

The eighth stop was district 8. "Azalea Lystander" was the girl and up came a confident 16 year old girl. She went up and took the microphone and started a long speech "People of District 8, I believe these Games are cruel and unfair..." then a peacekeeper ran up and put her in a seat. The boy was "Everett Frazier" and a 17 year old came up real quick and didn't say a word, with a blank expression on his face.

District 9

The ninth stop was district 9. "Karli Tweed" was the girl and a 14/almost 15 year old girl that looked upset walking on the stage as she looked in a book labeled "My Songbook" and started to write in it. The boy was "Ryan Die" and a 16 year old ran on stage very happy and looked at the audience expecting a volunteer. His face went from happy to worried when no one raised their hand to volunteer. He went over and took a seat next to Karli and looked over her shoulder at the book. She noticed and smacked him. He turned back around rubbing his cheek.

District 10

Now was district 10. "McKarlyle Eoau" and the crazy girl from the end of the block from all the other kids came up. She was always torturing the squirrels and rabbits, and she liked it. The boy "Seamus Fanson" was also crazy and good friends with McKarlye. They once tortured a boy together by sacking him, tying him up, and throwing rocks at him. They got caught and were put under arrest. Maybe this reaping was rigged just to get rid of them.

District 11

Then they went to district 11. "Alice Wonder" was the girl called and a little 12 year old girl who looked scared but was doing breathing exercises to stay calm came up. She took a seat still breathing in and out calmly. "Lion Coy" was the boy and a 16 year old with some muscle came up and looked really disappointed and sad. He took a seat and gave little Alice next to him a pat on the back.

District 12

Last but not least was district 12. "Anya Showers" was the girl and a 15 year old girl ran up the stage looking brave but mad. You could tell she wasn't going to cry or "be a baby" as she says, but she did look really angry. The boy was "Nathaniel Jackson" and a 16 year old kid came up looking upset and saying under his breath "Why couldn't it be one of my other 11 siblings, why me?". A peacekeeper offered each of them water and Nathaniel took it but, Anya knocked hers out of the peacekeeper's hand. She was pissed.

Training Scores

District Male Score Female Score
1 Phoenix Way 10 Gemma Stork 11
2 Bradley Ward 7 Sophie Sheard 6
3 Ion 4 Electrica 4
4 Jackson Ocean 8 Iris Miracle 9
5 Spike Owens 8 Twinkle Night 7
6 Jake Tucker 9 Molly Brechin 7
7 Ograssu Crasser 5 Herba Hemway 8
8 Everett Frazier 5 Azalea Lysander 8
9 Ryan Die 2 Karli Tweed 5
10 Seamus Fanson 9 McKarlyle Eoau 9
11 Lion Coy 6 Alice Wonder 3
12 Nathaniel Jackson 7 Anya Showers 7

The Games

Day 1

Jake Tucker POV, Beginning

1 minute. That's all I have to get a weapon, find Molly, and get out of here. Here. Here is the place where I will lose Molly. Molly. Molly is my best friend and secret crush that I met when I was 12, she was gutting a fish and I taught her how to use her brain and memory to outsmart animals. I will lose her. Either I will die and i'll lose her or she will die and i'll lose her. I don't know what to do...wait, yes I do. I will protect Molly and give my life to get her home. BOOM!!! That was the gong, what am I doing standing around? I have to get a weapon, yes, a bow and 10 arrows, perfect! There's Molly in the forest over there. "Let's go" I say to her, and we run into the forest. Together.

Alice Wonder POV, Bloodbath

I'm running around thed cornucopia trying to find my partner, Lion, and not get killed in the process. Wait, is that him? Yes, it is! But wait, he is being chased by Everett, the boy from 8. BAM! Everett just punched Lion to the ground. Get up, get up, please get up. Oh, I can't watch. I wait a minute and look over and he's dead. I run to a bow and arrows and hide in a bush. There's that one girl, Iris, who is 18 years old. She will probably be a big threat. I can fix that. Whoosh! I shoot an arrow right through her chest and she falls, with blood all over. Oh no, blood, I hate blood, and oh crap! Here comes the careers. Blood and careers, I think I might... BLAAAH! With vomit all over me and the careers coming straight for me, I know I'm finished.

McKarlyle Eoau POV, Bloodbath

Seamus and I are trying to find one tribute to become our little slave. We see that kid Ryan, and think PERFECT! Young, fit (sort of), and someone who can't kill me and Seamus. We run toward him and draw our knives and he turns around with an axe that he seemed to have pulled out of no where. He throws it at us and I think "I'm finished". I hear a clunk, but it's not my head it connects with, it's Seamus's! I get so mad and with Ryan weaponless, I run up to him and slice his throat. That'll show him not to mess with us, well now I guess only me. Oh well, I will find someone else to be my slave. I will avenge Seamus. I promise.

Gemma Stork POV, Bloodbath

All of the careers were told to meet at the edge of the forest. I arrive and am disappointed to see a 12 year old boy, 13 year old girl, and that 17 year old boy from 4. Where's Phoenix!? I turn around and see him being chased by Nathaniel, the boy from 12. All four of us run to help him and as we get there Nathaniel turns around so quick with a knife in his hand that he slices the girl from 2, Sophie. She yelps, but she's okay. I run up to him with my dagger and attack. He puts up a good fight, but when the others join in, we easily defeat him. I pick up Phoenix and we all run to the forest, thinking most tributes will hide there.

Spike Owens POV, Bloodbath

I can't find Twinkle, crap! I really wanted to see her dead. Well, besides that, so far I've been doing pretty good. I got a trident, allied with Everett after I killed his partner Azalea, and we are going after one more ally. We look around and not many people are still at the cornucopia. Then, we see those two weirdos Electrica and Ion from 3. We run toward them and when Electrica throws electrical wire at us that is electrified, Everett puts on a rubber glove he found and throws it back at her. She gets electricuted and dies. I was impressed with Everett. We walk up to Ion and he begs us not to kill him. We agree to let him live if he joins my alliance. He agrees also. We stay near the cornucopia just in case anyone comes back. I think to myself. With these guys I will make it far for sure.

Karli Tweed POV, Desert

Anya and I have made an alliance. We chose to go to the desert because not many people will hide here. We have both lost our district partner in the bloodbath. We managed to get a tent and some throwing knives. We will manage to get by with this, if we can find food and water. We set up the tent and lay in it with the top off. then they start... BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! 8 cannons, 8 deaths today, 16 tributes left, 15 to kill for me to get home. The anthem plays and we see the girl from 3, the girl from 4, the girl from 8, my partner Ryan from 9, the boy from 10, both from 11, and Anya's partner Nathaniel from 12's faces up in the sky. I am greatful it wasn't me but, I wonder why it wasn't me.

Day 1 Deaths

24. Lion Coy- Punched and stabbed by Everett

23. Iris Miracle- Arrow in chest by Alice

22. Alice Wonder- Killed by Careers

21. Seamus Fanson- Axe in head by Ryan

20. Ryan Die- Throat slit by McKarlyle

19. Nathaniel Jackson- Killed by Careers

18. Azalea Lysander- Trident in stomach by Spike

17. Electrica- Electricuted by Everett

Day 1 Alliances

Careers: Phoenix and Gemma D1, Bradley and Sophie D2, Jackson D4

Molly and Jake D6

Spike D5, Everett D8, Ion D3

Karli D9, Anya D12

Day 1 Loners

Herba D7

Ograssu D7

Twinkle D5

McKarlyle D10

Day 2

Twinkle Night POV, Swamp

I am all alone. I have no alliance. Which means if anyone finds me I must fight. I want to be the one who kills Spike though. I know he is alive and I bet he made an alliance with somebody, they must die too. Wait, what was that? I hear a crackle in the vines to my left. I run to a bush to my right near a lake. Out comes that girl from 7, Herba, with an axe in her hand. I know she is popular back at her home from seeing the reaping videos. Oh well, she will have to die if I want to survive, might as well be now. I take out a knife and aim it at her head, "ROAR!!!" I whip around to see a group of five alligator mutts coming out of the lake. I scream and Herba sees me and the mutts. I run away from her and the mutts, Herba is right behind me with the mutts not far behind. She aims the axe at me and I do the most daring thing I have ever done in my life... stop. Herba stumbles as she tries not to bump into me and she trips. I quickly face her and stick my knife in her leg. She screams and is in to much pain to stand up. I run as quick as I can as the hear the screams of Herba and the munches and crunches of the alligators eating her. I climb a tree and think about what just happened. I can't believe I survived that. BOOM! There is her cannon, I rest in the tree and just lay in shock of what I just did.

Bradley Ward POV, Forest

I feel so weak. I am the youngest career, well, I'm the youngest tribute now now that Alice is dead. I know that when it comes to it, the careers will get rid of me first, then Sophie. I will try and stay with them until it gets close to the end, then I will take Sophie and we will get out of here. I trust Sophie, and she is injured so she can't do to much damage to me if she attacks me. We are all walking around the forest. No one is talking. Gemma seems to be leading us with Phoenix in second. I am really scared of them because I know they can kill me if they want to. What was that noise? It came from near the cornucopia, it sounds like an electric snare. We all think the same thing, Ion. Gemma puts her finger to our mouth meaning to be quiet. We look over and see Ion, making a trap, Everett, drawing a map of the arena in the sand, and Spike, watching them both closely. We are going to sneak up on them when I step on a stick and they hear and see us. Everyone is furious at me. I'm so stupid! Everett pulls out a spear and hurls it at us. We all shout "Move!" and the only one that doesn't move is Jackson who is feeling his muscles, and he gets speared through the chest. He falls to the ground. BOOM! Spike and his crew run as Ion flips a switch to turn on an electric wall trap. We all run the other way, all still mad at me.

Everett Frazier POV, Forest

Wow, we just got away from the careers AND killed one of them, and we are all still alive. Me, Ion, and Spike. I don't trust Spike though. I feel scared around him because I know he doesn't like us, he may respect us, but he doesn't like us. I know and Ion knows he is just using us to get further in the game. Then he will get rid of us. But I will take him out before he can take me. I know I will, even its just luck. Luck. I forgot! I have my token with me. Its my lucky gold coin my brother and I found when we were at our poorest time. My mother wouldn't sell it saying it was good luck. It will be good luck for me. We are headed to the wheat field now that we know that the careers are in the forest. That is where I will make my move. That is where I will escape Spike.

Ograssu Crasser POV, Desert

I feel so alone, and scared. I have no one to protect me. I'm sickly and can barely fight if I get attacked. I just hope that doesn't happen. I'm walking in the desert, not out in the open, but kinda shaded by some plants and few trees. The only thing I have with me is an arrow, no bow, just one arrow. Then I look up and a parachute comes down. A sponsor gift! I can't believe it! Inside is a loaf of bread AND painkiller. People are so kind. I eat a little and take one pill. Then someone taps my shoulder.

Mckarlyle Eoau POV, Desert

I see the tribute I am going to capture. Make my slave. The weak, defenseless, and weaponless. That male from 7, Ograssu. He is just standing there looking at the trees. I run up to him quietly and gently and get out some rope. I tap his shoulder and as he turns around I punch him right in the face and he goes unconscious. I tie his legs, arms, hands, and feet and drag him over to where my camp was. I tie him to a tree and take his arrow, bread, and pills. He is mine and if he doesn't do what I say... there will be consequences.

Molly Brechin POV, Forest

Jake and I are getting ready for bed. We set up camp and are sharing a romantic dinner together. Well, its not that romantic. We are eating crackers and a rabbit Jake caught around the small fire we built but, its romantic to me. We eat for a while and then when we finish I slide over next to Jake and he puts his arm around me. I put my head on his shoulder and I know its the right time for me to make my move. "Hey Jake?" "Yes" he responds. "I have been wanting to do this for a while and..." and thats when it happened. He kissed me. Then he says "I know, me too." and he starts kissing me again. But, it is interupted by a noise in the bushes near by. What now? The girls from D9 and D12 walk toward us, they are covered in sand and have all there supplies with them so I know they just came from the desert. I draw a knife from my pocket, but they surrender and ask if we can make an alliance. I say "Sure".

Day 2 Deaths

16. Herba Hemway- Stabbed and eaten by alligator mutts

15. Jackson Ocean- Speared through chest by Everett

Day 2 Alliances

Careers: Gemma and Phoenix D1, Bradley and Sophie D2

Molly and Jake D6, Karli D9, Anya D12

Spike D5, Everett D8, Ion D3

McKarlyle D10, Ograssu D7

Day 2 Loners

Twinkle D5

Day 3

Spike Owens POV, Wheat Field

We have arrived in the wheat field. I still have my two allies, Ion and Everett. I will keep them as long as I can and turn on them near the end. They are setting up camp right now and I am looking for food. I look and see something move. What's that? I walk toward it and flip a rock over and I feel something, something metal. Oh no! I look at my hand and attached to my wrist is one of those explosive devices. The one where if you don't kill a tribute within two hours of when you touch it, it explodes, killing you in the process. I look at the timer and it reads 1:59:55, 1:59:54, 1:59:53. What am I doing standing around! I have to come up with a plan. I can look for a tribute to kill. No, too risky, I can run out of time or be killed by them or lose my allies. My allies! That's it! Let me think, Everett is good with alot of things, especially strategizing. Ion is pretty useless, I'll get him alone and dispose of him. But how will I explain it to Everett. He already doesn't trust me, I know it. I'll say it was an accident. I come back to camp, hiding my wrist. I ask Ion if he can help me set up a electric trap. He grabs some wire and follows me. Once I'm far enough away from Everett, Ion sits down and hands me the wire to hold while he messes with the ground. I unravel the wire and look at the timer, 1:26:32. I take the wire and quickly wrap it around Ion's neck and squeeze. He gasps for air and tries to yell but can't. I hold it there until he stops squirming. BOOM! There's his cannon. I leave him there and run back to camp, looking terrified. Everett asks where Ion is and I say he was attacked and killed by a snake mutt, and Everett actually believes it! I look down at my wrist and the device is gone. I grin and get back to work.

Karli Tweed POV, Forest

Anya, Jake, Molly, and I are in an alliance. We have worked well together so far. We set up a bigger camp and we have alot of weapons. I walk over to Jake. "Hi" I say. "Hello" he says back. I think he is cute but I know he is taken by Molly. She's nice but I wish Jake was single. I start to get up to move from the awkward silence going on when we hear voices coming towards us. All four of us grab the first weapon we see and look. It was the careers! It was Gemma, their leader apparently, followed by her partner, Phoenix. Then the two from district 2, the boy looking scared and upset. They see us and that ius when the action starts. Spears and arrows fly. Swords and axes swing. Loud clinks and clangs sound. Then finally there is a scream of pain. It was from Phoenix! All seven of us stop and look at him. He is squirming and finally stops. BOOM! He is dead. The two alliances look at each other. Suddenly, The boy from 2, Bradley I think his name is, pushes into Jake and knock him into a pile of leaves. The three of them then run and I hurl a spear at them. They dodge it and Sophie throws it back. We watch it fly and it strikes Anya right in the throat. She fall to the ground, dead. BOOM! They run out of sight. I turn to look at Molly and Jake. Jake gets up from the leaves and on his wrist is a DEVICE! Molly and I get upset instantly. Without thinking, I grab a sleeping bag and sword and run, like a coward. I bet Jake is so mad at me. Oh well, I don't want him to kill me to get the device off. I run away. Not knowing where i'm going.

Jake Tucker POV, Forest

I am so mad right now. And scared. Anya was killed. Karli ran away. A device is stuck to me. And I will lose Molly, soon. The only good thing that happened was we killed a career. My device now says 1:34:45. That means I either kill a tribute, which will not happen because Molly is the only one here. Or I get blown up. Molly looks devastated. Then she blurts out "Kill me, you deserve to win more than me". "No" I say back. "Please, I don't even have a chance to beat all the others, but you do" she replies. I won't do that to her. I walk over to a log and weep. I get up and gather wood and sticks. Then some rocks. I set up a tipi of sticks and smack the rocks against each other and make sparks. After the fire is made, I look down at my watch and it now says 0:48:13. I call Molly over to hang out with each other for my final moments. She leans on my shoulder and we just sit there for a while, looking at the fire. Then, I come out and say it "I love you". I can't believe I actually said it, finally. "What?" she asks. "Molly, I have always loved you since I first laid eyes on you. That's why I help you and hang out with you, and get nervous around you. I love you." I respond. She says "I love you too" and she leans in and kisses me. Two kisses from Molly, the games aren't that bad. We kiss for a couple minutes, and I love it. I remember the device and I quickly jerk away look down. 0:02:16 is what it reads. I stand up and say "You can do it" she stands and gives me one last hug. "Now go" I say. She runs away and says "Goodbye" I just nod and get a tear in my eye. I look down. 0:00:03, 0:00:02, 0:00:01. KABOOM!

Day 3 Deaths

14. Ion- Strangled by Spike

13. Phoenix Way- Killed in fight

12. Anya Showers- Speared through throat

11. Jake Tucker- Blown up by device

Day 3 Alliances

Careers: Gemma D1, Bradley and Sophie D2

Spike D5, Everett D8

McKarlyle D10, Ograssu D7

Day 3 Loners

Molly D6

Karli D9

Twinkle D5

Day 4

Ograssu Crasser POV, Desert

Oh, I'm in pain. McKarlyle won't feed me or give me water. I hate this. I wanted to do good in these games. Now I can't. Wait, what's that? There's something coming this way. An animal? A tribute? I don't know. Uh oh, it's the careers! Wow they are fast if they were the ones to kill Anya and Jake last night, which is what McKarlyle was talking about. There's only three of them though. That's good. They're coming this way! I'm tied up, got to get out, come on. McKarlyle is fighting them, and she's not doing good. Wait, there's the arrow I had. I can reach it with my legs, now bring it up to my arms and, I'm free! Now one last thing I have to do.

Sophie Sheard POV, Desert

We were just fighting McKarlyle when something crazy happened! We fought and I saw Ograssu escape his ropes and grab the arrow on the ground. He ran over and struck the arrow right in her head. She fell to the ground and BOOM! She was dead. We were all shocked. Ograssu started to run but before he could get away I ran up to him and tripped him. I thought he went through enough so I was going to do it quick. BOOM! I decapitated him with a sword and he was dead. Now that they were gone we could have some peace and quiet. For now.

Twinkle Night POV, Swamp

I have been hiding in the swamp since the alligator mutts killed Herba 2 days ago. No other tributes have showed up here, and with the two cannons I just heard, there are only eight of us left. I think I need to go out and get some food. I haven't eaten in two days, i'm starving! I jump down from the tree i'm in and twist my ankle. That was stupid to jump. I walk or limp a little bit until I can't move. I'm stuck! I look down and see that my feet are stuck in quicksand! Oh no! I try to pull but, ow, it hurts my ankle. I am now in to my knees and I am sinking even faster. This years uniforms don't help either. They are jumpsuits of various colors, and it makes me sink faster. Eventually, I give up on trying to escape. The second I think i'm finished, I am pulled out and freed. I am breathing heavy but behind all that I hear someone say "I need an alliance." I look up and I see Karli. All I say when I catch my breath is "I'm in".

Everett Fraizer POV, Wheat Field

It's been almost two days since Ion died. And I know it was Spike who killed him. He doesn't know that I know. But, I am watching him. I didn't tell him or leave because I need an ally. I will leave when we get down to the final five or six, if we make it that far. No one has showed up in the wheat field. We think it is safe to hide in. For now. "Everett?" Spike asks. "What?" I respond. "We are leaving to go kill someone. Someone I have been wanting to kill for a long while. Twinkle." he says. "Why? That's crazy to leave to kill one person. Let's wait." I say. "Fine. We wait til morning, then leave." he says, angry. So we wait.

Day 4 Deaths

10. McKarlyle Eoau- Stabbed by arrow in head by Ograssu

9. Ograssu Crasser- Decapitated by Sophie

Day 4 Alliances

Careers: Gemma D1, Bradley and Sophie D2

Spike D5, Everett D8

Twinkle D5, Karli D9

Day 4 Loners

Molly D6

Day 5

Gemma Stork POV, Desert

The careers are hiding in the desert. Why? Why are we hiding? I don't know. It's only the three of us but the other two are tired. So instead of ditching or yelling at them, I am waiting for them to be ready. Then we will go and hunt. While i'm waiting, who's left. There are eight of us total still left in the game. My group, Bradley, Sophie, and I. Um... Spikes alliance, him and Everett. Three left. That pathetic girl Molly, she will be gone soon without Jake. Then, oh, Karli. And... one more... oh yeah, Twinkle. Good. Most of them will die on there own. And if things go the way I plan then I will be going back home to district 1.

Karli Tweed POV, Swamp

Twinkle and I just made an alliance. We are sitting on the ground when it starts to shake. We look up to our left and see a huge volcano! And it's erupting! Twinkle screams as it starts to ooze lava. Then suddenly, Claudius Templesmith comes onto the speakers and announces "Some of you may have noticed that a volcano is erupting, those in the swamp and in the desert are the only ones who need to worry because of the volcano emerging from the south-east. When all the lava hardens, it will have engulfed all the swamp and desert. Which means the rest of the games will take place in the wheat field and the forest. Good luck to all of you!" Then, the voice stops. We both get up and run.

Bradley Ward POV, Desert

We just heard the annoucment. Now we are all running away. I look back and see our whole camp engulfed in lava. All we grabbed was one weapon each. The lava is rolling toward us, fast. I look forward and see a log. Sophie doesn't see it. I yell "Sophie!" but it's to late. She trips over it and falls. I stop, Gemma keeps running, she says "I broke my leg, go, I can't make it. Win it, Bradley. I know you can do it." "Okay" I respond, with a tear in my eye. I run and catch up to Gemma, she knows what happened. Then, BOOM! She's gone. Still running, we look to our left and see Karli and Twinkle, running from more lava. As we run, we watch. They don't see us. They start to slow down and the lava speeds up. They jump over a hill and as the lava hits it, it rolls like a ramp up in the air and down right onto Karli. She screams and squrims on the ground as more lava covers her. Twinkle continues to run and BOOM! Karli is dead. Gemma and I finally get to safety and are shocked at what just happened.

Molly Brechin POV, Forest

I heard the annoucment and the volcano. Then I heard TWO cannons! I'm happy about that. That means i'm in the final six! But, i'm still sad about Jake. I just want to win for him. I think I will just wait here and let everyone else kill eachother. Then come out for the final two. If I make it there. I hope I make it there. I start to cry and think about what has happened, what is happening now, and what will happen later. It makes me cry more. I stop when I hear a noise. I know it is a tribute based on the sound. Don't let it be careers, don't let it be careers please. I look and see... Twinkle!

Twinkle Night POV, Forest

I just lost my ally Karli. But, now I have a new ally, Molly! She agreed to be my ally when I asked. I guess she trusts me. We are resting and the only weapon I managed to grab was one dagger, it's bigger than a knife but smaller than a sword. We get up to hunt for food but all we find is... Spike and Everett! Spike and I look eye to eye, not saying a word for a while until Spike says "Everett, leave us alone, go get that girl." I look at Molly mouthing "Run!" Molly runs with a couple knives while Everett chases her. Spike says in a low voice "I've been waiting to do this for a while Twinkle. You know that. Don't you?" I respond with "I know. Me too." After that we charge at eachother. My dagger clashes with his sword and we keep fighting for a long while. Clang! Cling! Crash! We fight more and more until I finally out slash him and jab my dagger in his stomach. He drops his sword coughs and falls to the ground, breathing heavy. I walk up to him and kneel by his face and yell "Guess what? No more bullying, no more hiding, no more fearing, and no more you! And you know why? Cause I win!" He gets angry and tries to punch me but is too weak and misses, and just screams "I HATE YOU!". Then he leans back, and dies. BOOM!

Everett Frazier POV, Forest

I am chasing Molly. She is fast, but I catch up to her. I grab her shoulder and as she turns around with a knife in her hand going to hit me, I grab her arm. "Wait!" I say. She stops and listens, still on her guard. "I don't want to hurt you." Then she says "What about Spike?" and I respond "I never trusted him. I just used him as an alliance. I was going to ditch him anyway. This worked out good.". Molly still doesn't completely trust me, but she understands. BOOM! We here the cannon. That probably means either Twinkle or Spike killed the other one. "Go" I say "Get out of here and make it as far as you can." She nods and runs away. I hope it was Spike that was killed. Then I'll be happy. Then I can win.

Day 5 Deaths

8. Sophie Sheard- Killed by lava

7. Karli Tweed- Killed by lava

6. Spike Owens- Stabbed by Twinkle

Day 5 Alliances

Careers: Gemma D1, Bradley D2

Molly D6, Twinkle D5 (currently split up)

Day 5 Loners

Everett D8

Day 6

Gemma Stork POV, Forest

I'm still in an alliance with Bradley. I think that's the only alliance now that Spike is dead. Unless Molly and Twinkle are in one. But, i'm not sure. We are walking around looking for other tributes. There are only three others besides us, Molly, Twinkle, and Everett. Our major threat is Everett. He is really smart and is better with weapons then I thought. He can really hurl a spear and almost always hits his target. Speaking of tributes, there's one now! I see a body moving, oh, and look, it's Everett. We charge at him and he turns around with a smirk on his face. He was expecting us! We turn around and run as he hurls one of his mighty spears at us. It flies in the air and hits right through Bradley's stomach. Everett runs and I kneel down to Bradley and say "I told you he never misses!" Bradley is still breathing but it's hard because the spear punctured his lung. We can't remove it or it will kill him. We will just have to wait and see how long he will last.

Twinkle Night POV, Wheat Field

I ran over to the wheat field after I killed Spike. I love being able to say that I beat him. I sit on a log waiting. I'm waiting for Molly to come. I told her yesterday that if we ever get split up, to meet here. I hope she remembers. I reach to my side to grab a knife I brought and when I pick it up I get bit by something. There was a tracker jacker on it! The bite of a tracker jacker is extremely poisonous. It makes you really woosy and eventually kills you if not treated properly. I sit there panicing which spreads the poison more, but I can't control my panicing! I suddenly get really woosy and fall off the log onto the ground. I look up and see a parchute! It's a sponsor gift! It lands to my side and in it is an EpiPen with tracker jacker poison antidote, but I can't move. I'm to weak. "Twinkle!" I hear and Molly runs to my side. She realizes what happened and puts the shot in my arm. "It's too late." I say "It has spread to much. I'm sorry Molly. Win, you can do it." She starts to cry but nods her head. Then, all goes black. BOOM!

Molly Brechin POV, Wheat Field

I am so sad that I just lost Twinkle. I got along with her really well. It's got to happen if I want to make it out of here alive. Now I want to win for four people. Four really special people that I would not have made it this far if it wasn't for them. They are Jake, Anya, Karli, and Twinkle. I will always have a place for them in my heart. I also appreciate Everett for letting me go, too. Now it is just the final four, Gemma, Bradley, Everett, and I. I walking around to find food and I hear Gemma talking and Bradley breathing heavily. I look through a bush and spy on them. There is a spear through Bradley's stomach, right where his lung is! Gemma looks at him and she knows he is suffering. She says to him "Let go. It's okay. You did a great job." Bradley, sweating like a dog, nods and crys. Gemma, without looking, yanks the spear out. Bradley yelps for a second, and falls backward. Dead. BOOM! Gemma looks at the dead body and starts to get a tear in her eye. Maybe she is not all bad. She suddenly stops, grabs her axe, gets up, and walks away. She is ready and back into her evil game mode. The hover craft picks up Bradley and just like that, after almost six days, we are down from twenty-four to three.

Everett Frazier POV, Forest

Final three! Final three! I never thought I would make it to the final three! I just have to beat two other people and i'm going home. I'm not sure exactly who they are yet since they have had two cannons today. Yes, the anthem plays and the capitol symbol goes up in the sky. Then, up goes Bradley's face, courtesy of me, I figured that. And the next victim is Twinkle! I am shocked at that. I thought it would be Molly's face up in the sky tonight, I guess she is stronger then she looks. Which means my competition is Gemma and Molly. If these games go my way, I should be going home. But, I do feel bad for having to get rid of Molly. She's nice. I don't feel the same about Gemma though. These last couple days will be very interesting.

Day 6 Deaths

5. Twinkle Night- Poisoned by tracker jacker venom

4. Bradley Ward- Speared through lung by Everett

Day 6 Alliances


Day 6 Loners

Gemma D1

Molly D6

Everett D8

Who will win Wolverine's Hunger Games

Day 7

Gemma Stork POV, Forest

I moved over to the forest because I think the other two are there. I really want to get home to see my brother. My new baby brother. I don't even know his name yet. But I know he was due around now. I will make it home to him. I need to see him. I sit there and start to cry. Then I look up and see a parachute! A sponsor gift!. Awesome! I look in it and see a picture. It's a picture of my mother. With a baby boy in her hand! OMG, on the bottom it says "This is your baby brother, Arnie!". Arnie! I love that name! My baby brother, Arnie! I can't believe this!

Molly Brechin POV, Wheat Field

I am sitting there when Claudius Templesmith came onto the annoucers. "We will be placing backpacks with one item inside them that each of you need at the cornucopia. Please come, but there will be a surprise for you there. If you don't show, you will be shot. Good luck!" Immediately, I get up and run to the cornucopia.

Everett Frazier POV, Forest

I get to the cornucopia and see a backpack with a number 8 on it. I run up to it and see Gemma and Molly in two different places staring at me. Then behind them Plutarch Heavensbee walks out. He says "We will be doing something special. Each of you will pick one tribute that has died and then we will let you go with your bags. But, we will let wolf-dog mutts that have brains that only know the person that picked them, the rest of the world is out to them and they will hunt the other two. They will hunt until one of you dies and then they will go away. Now, tell me who you want as your mutt." Right after he finishes, Molly blurts out "I want Jake." Then she runs away with her bag. I stare at Gemma until she says "Bradley" I was shocked at that. Then I say "Spike". Gemma looked shocked. I was shocked myself. Plutarch then says "Ok".

Gemma Stork POV, Forest

I can't believe I picked Bradley. Bradley! Even over Phoenix, Jackson, or even Sophie! I guess I just thought he was the right choice. I don't know why though. I walk through the forest with the spear that killed Bradley. I hear a noise next to me and I jump in fear. I quietly look to make sure it isn't a mutt, but it is! I look at it and notice the eyes. They are the same green eyes I saw when he was dying in my arms. Bradley. I walk near him remembering what Plutarch had said about them knowing you. He sees me and I smile, he smiles with his sharp teeth back. Then he suddenly growls. I see he is looking at the spear. He remembers what killed him. I hide it. Then, he sniffs the air, and runs off. Into the forest. Somewhere where he will probably be killed by a tribute or another mutt. But, whatever happens, I know it was for me.

Molly Brechin POV, Forest

That was kind of embaressing. Me yelling Jake's name then running off. Stupid. I should have stayed to hear who the others picked. Wait. What was that? A mutt! I look at it and see the eyes of a monster that I remember, Spike. It must have been Everett who picked him. Shocking. Crack! I just stepped on a branch! Spike sees me and attacks! I run until I see another mutt attack Spike. Jake! I see his eyes when they make contact with mine. I see a muttish smile and he fights more. Afraid, I run.

Jake Tucker (Mutt) POV, Forest

I'm a mutt. I know that. I remember Molly, somehow. And I know that I'm supposed to kill other tributes and mutts. Besides Molly. I don't know why. I just know i'm supposed too. I'm fighting Spike as a mutt. He is winning. Until, we see something. Gemma! We both know we are supposed to kill her. So we get off each other and chase after her. She is screaming and running away from us. We finally catch up to her and Bradley as a mutt jumps in front of her. Now we are in a three way mutt fight. And it is vicious. Blood and fur and limbs flying around. Then, I manage to escape the fight. Gemma looks at me, and I look at her. I know i'm supposed to kill her, but I just can't. I hear a whimper behind me and see Spike lunge at Gemma and ripe her to shreads. Bradley is crying on the ground and BOOM! There is her cannon. A hovercraft comes and picks all three of us mutts up. When inside, Bradley and Spike try to attack the peacekeepers and gamemakers and nurses. I join in. We fight until this nurse comes over and sticks Bradley and Spike with two needles. I immediatley know it is poison. They both go limp. Dead. The capitol used us mutts for what they wanted. Now there done with us. The nurse comes over with another needle while some people hold me down. She sticks me, and all goes black.

Everett Frazier POV, Forest

I just heard a cannon. That means that either Molly or Gemma is dead. And it also means the mutts are gone. And it also means i'm in the final two! I can see myself winning these games and getting back to my home in district 8 and living in the victors village. That would be so great! Oh, I forgot about the backpack that I got from the cornucopia. I take it off my back and open it to see that there is nothing inside. They tricked us! They told us that there is something we need in the backpack just to insure that we would come. Those jerks! Oh well. Yes, the anthem. And up in the sky is.... Gemma! Wow, I am really shocked at that. Maybe it was because Bradley couldn't protect her. Or that Spike or Jake were just way stronger. It doesn't matter. She's dead. Which means Molly and I are the final two. I was kinda hoping that it would be Molly's face in the sky tonight. Just so I wouldn't have to kill her. I became pretty good friends with her. I don't want to kill her. But I have to if I want to get home. Whatever, I will think about that tommorow. I'm going to sleep.

Day 7 Deaths

3. Gemma Stork- Ripped up by Spike (mutt)

Day 7 Alliances


Day 7 Loners

Molly D6

Everett D8

Day 8

Molly Brechin POV, Forest

Last night I found out Gemma died! It's sad but i'm happy i'm in the final two! I really don't want to have to kill Everett but to get home, I might have to. I stand up and trip on a log that I know wasn't there before. When I stand up, there is a device on my wrist! I thought Jake was killed by the one in the forest! Those filthy gamemakers! I do not want to lose or die like this! I jump up and down really mad and notice the device momentarily stops to recalibrate. I have an idea!

Everett Frazier POV, Forest

I am going to let Molly die on her own and just focus on my own survival. That way I won't have to kill her.

Molly Brechin POV, Forest

I've been thinking about a plan to get out of the arena and run away from the games without even winning them. My device says 1:34:22. I found out that if the device is shaken violently it takes about five seconds to recalibrate. I am running to the edge of the arena to the force field. I better finish this quick before the Capitol catches onto my plan. I start to slow down as I hear the crackling of the force field. Now my device reads 1:17:09, that's plenty of time. I practice shaking my device one more time, it takes five seconds to recalibrate. From what i've heard, if you cut off your device, it immediatley explodes. Hopefully, the recalibration delays the explosion. This is it. This moment is going to determine if I am going to live or die. This is all for Jake. Here we go. I walk as close to the force field as I can. I take out Jake's knife, flip over my wrist so the device faces down and the strap facing up, and shake my wrist like I practiced. While I do it, I cut the strap. It falls, and life feels like slow motion. I turn and run as fast as I can away from the device and force field. In five seconds, it explodes.

Everett Frazier POV, Forest

I was sitting on a log, and I hear a huge explosion. Bigger than a device explosion, and bigger than a cannon. I have no clue what it is. Then, it stops.

Molly Brechin POV, Forest

Ouch, my back was burned a bit from the explosion. I was thrown forward a few feet too. I turn around to where the device exploded and force field is. Or was. Was!? It's gone! The force field is gone! I walk over to where the I cut the strap. I feel forward and I was right! The force field is gone! I remember something and get ready to be blown to bits by the Capitol for what i've done. Nothing happens. I look around and all the cameras near me have short-circuited. I look at my tracking device in my arm and it has stopped blinking, it shut down too! Quickly, I have to get out of this place and back to District 6 to find my family. Then go into hiding. I run outside where the force field used to be and start to take off. I get about a mile from the arena when I am tapped on the back. I turn around and face someone I am shocked to see.

Everett Frazier POV, Forest

I still don't know what has happened. It's been a few minutes since the explosion and I'm not sure what the deal was. Suddenly, I hear Plutarch Heavensbee on the announcements. He says, "Congratulations to the victor of Wolverine1717's First Annual Hunger Games: Everett Frazier of District 8!" I'm so overwhelmed with feelings of joy and confusion. I won the Hunger Games! But how? I never heard Molly's cannon. Did she die? Oh well, I will find out later. I've won the Hunger Games! I get to go back to District 8 and live in the Victor's Village! Oh My Gosh I can't believe this is happening! The hovercraft comes down with a ladder and picks me up to take me home.

Day 8 Results

2. Molly Brechin- Missing

VICTOR- Everett Frazier!


Everett Frazier POV, District 8

It's been a week since I won. I am living in my new house in the Victor's village with my family. I have already watched the games on TV. I found out Molly is missing, no one knows if she survived the explosion or got out or died trying. I feel bad for her, I wish I got to know her better. Jake was a lucky guy. I hope Molly survived. She deserves it. The Capitol is a little pissed, though, that they lost her. Well, I'm not going to worry about it. I am going to enjoy life for now. I am going to try and enjoy my new life. Until... Until... next year's games.

The End!

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