Welcome to Wolverine1717’s Second Annual Hunger Games! This is a sequel to my first games, if you would like to read them here is a link: Wolverine1717's First Annual Hunger Games! Please read my first before my second, and then this one will make more sense to you. If you want to submit tributes then please read and follow the rules and give me all the information I ask for. Thank you and enjoy!


1. Only submit two tributes from the same districts.

2. Reservations will last three days.

3. Not too many lovers/girlfriend and boyfriend things, I want some but not too many. And if you add lovers, don't make them to sappy or crazy in love, make them interesting.

4. Make them realistic. Not a psycho who's 10 feet tall and is super strong and fast, if you do, I will kill your tribute in the bloodbath.












Weapon choice

Send Lunaii to my talk page (if you have one)

I know it's alot but please fill it all out.


District Name Placed User

M: Brass Sater

F: Ebony Bronze



Angry birds12

M: Josh Eagleye

F: Amanda Hawks




M: Mike Rowprocessor

F: Olivia Faraday




M: Marshall Abadeer

F: Maysilee Abadeer




M: Irving Kind

F: Synch Truth




M: Gerrit Khone

F: Glade Frost




M: Drake McLeaf

F: Alita Oakley




M: James Shepard

F: Allysa Meadow




M: Lance Srame

F: Azylia Brake



Xx Kaitlyn xX

M: Talon Rosedain

F: Papaya Ri




M: Fabeae Vicia

F: Bayleaf Mongolia



The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo

M: Alto Barran

F: Echo Lavyathin





Everett Frazier POV, District 8

I wake up, get out of bed, and walk downstairs. I live in a house in the Victor's Village in District 8. I won it when I won the Hunger Games last year. It was tough and probably the worst time of my life, but I made it through and now I'm rich, have plenty of food, and a giant house. Towards the end of the games, it was just me and this sweet girl Molly Brechin. She managed to escape the arena and run off from the games by blowing up a small part of the force field. She is still missing today. No one knows where she's been the last year, or if she's even still alive. I walk downstairs and see my mother cooking breakfast. She was severley sick before the games last year, but when I won we were able to get her the treatment she needed. My brother, Ryder, who is 21 now, is helping her. I say hello and they frown at me. "What?" I ask. "You don't know what today is?" Ryder asks. Then I remember, today is the reaping day for the next Hunger Games, the ones that I am going to be a mentor for this year. I pass on breakfast and go back up to my room. I'm only 18, why do I have to do this, it's not fair. I don't want to be responsible for two tributes. I'll try my best though. It's 7:30, the reapings start at 9:00 sharp. I have to be their a half hour early though and sit on the stage. That'll be fun, not! That means I have an hour until i'm responsible for two lives. Okay, let's get ready.


The arena will be similar to last year's. It will be a big circle, with the Cornucopia in the center. It will be split into four quadrants, but they will be different this year. In the north is the usual forest, it has many trees and is the safest but most tributes will probably go there. In the west is an iceland, it has alot of snow and ice, and is really cold. In the south is the grasslands, where there is tall grasses and is a good place to hide but may have dangerous amimals lurking. In the east is the mountains, where it is rocky and hard. It's high up and also a good place to hide but sometimes has avalanches and dangerous animals. In this arena, there is a twist. Similar to the devices last year, there is a gadget in each quadrant of the arena. If someone stumbles upon one of these gadgets, it triggers a disaster in that quadrant. These disasters will affect all the tributes in that quadrant.


District 1

The reapings began in District 1. After a long setup, District 1's escort walked up to the microphone infront of all the teenagers. "Welcome, and may the odds be ever in your favor!" she announced. She pulled a name from the girl's bowl. The escort read the name aloud, "Ebony Bronze!" and no one was suprised. Ebony was from a family of victors. Her grandparents, mom, dad, and older sister were all former victors. She already lived in the Victor's Village and didn't have to participate in the Hunger Games, but Ebony told the people to put her name in and if she was picked, it was fate that it was her turn to win. Ebony took her seat up on the stage. Then was the boys. The escort pulled out a name and read "Brass Sater!" and he two has former victor family, his brothers, Iron and Steel. He did the same thing as Ebony with participation. Iron and Steel clapped for him and his model girlfriend, Jessica, cried as he took his seat. District 1 was very confident they would have a win this year.

District 2

The next reapings were in District 2. When they were ready, District 2's escort pulled a girl's name out. "Amanda Hawks!" A tall, fit girl stepped onto the stage. In shock, she took her seat, dreading this very day. Her sadness deepened when she heard the boy's name. "Josh Eagleye!" and Amanda's best friend stepped up and took a seat next to her. They looked at each other and remembered the plan. Be strong. The two of them have trained and planned together their whole life incase this happened. They would help each other... to the end.

District 3

The reapings continued in District 3. The girl's name was picked and read aloud, "Olivia Faraday!" A girl in the audience cried when they heard the name. But, surprisingly, the girl standing next to her came. It was her sister who had cried. Olivia took a seat and knew her dream of becoming a Capitol Hovercraft pilot was over. The boy's name was announced, "Mac Rowprocessor!" and a 12 year old little boy began to tremble as he walked up. "I volunteer!" another boy shouted. Mac ran back to this boy and gave him a huge hug. The volunteer walked on stage and yelled "My name is Mike Rowprocessor!"

District 4

At District 4, the reapings spread more terror. The girl was called, "Maysilee Abadeer!" and a 15 year old girl stepped on stage. A grown woman screamed after she noticed her son do something that she feared. "I volunteer as the male tribute!" and the 16 year old stepped on stage, next to his twin sister. "My name is Marshall Abadeer and I--ouch!" His sister slapped him across his face for volunteering. Maysilee knew she could do this, and now she would never be able to be with her brother in District 4 ever again.

District 5

The reapings continued in District 5. A girl's name was announced first, "Synch Truth!" A gasp came from the crowd. Her entire family was killed in the Hunger Games before her. Her father and mother were both reaped after her mother gave birth to her and her brother, after a teen pregnancy. They both died together. Her brother was reaped three year earlier, and died in the final seven. Synch, now 18, thought she would be the last Truth family survivor not to be reaped, she was wrong. The boy was next, "Irving Kind!" and another gasp of the audience as the 12 year old son of the mayor walked onto the stage.

District 6

District 7

District 8

District 9

District 10

District 11

District 12

Training Scores


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