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Wolverine1717's User Awards

Hey everyone! I think most of you know me but if you don't i'm Wolverine1717. I was thinking about this idea for a while and I finally decided to do it. These are the User Awards! Some people may have done this before but I am doing it now. Important: This is not intended to start fights! Please don't argue over this or the winners! Now, here is how this will work. I will post some catagories and in the comments put who you want to win in each one. There will be users names under each catagory if they are nominated, and then there will be how many votes they received. You can only vote once but you can change your vote afterward. And you can not vote for yourself! You can also vote for the same user in more than one catagory, and you don't have to vote for all the catagories. The winners will probably get userboxes. Voting will end December 10! Here are the catagories:

Most Active User

Necterine411- 3

Anna-athena- 4

Clove1001- 6 Winner!

JERealize- 1

Nicest User

Skybender101- 3 Winner!

Necterine411- 3 Winner!

Clove1001- 2

QuinnQuinn- 1

Jabberjay78- 1

EffieLuna- 2

Mopping- 1

Anna-athena- 1

Friendliest User

Clove1001- 4 Winner!

Necterine411- 2

TeamPeetaForever- 1

Nate777- 1

Anna-athena- 3

EffieLuna- 1

Skybender101- 1

Bklmc5- 1

Best Ideas

Tommyboy97- 2

Skybender101- 3 Winner!

Anna-athena- 3 Winner!

QuinnQuinn- 1

Wolverine1717- 2

Jabberjay78- 1

EffieLuna- 1

Clove1001- 2

Most Creative

EffieLuna- 1

Clove1001- 2

Clove1999- 1

Skybender101- 3

Nate777- 2

Anna-athena- 4 Winner!

Something482- 1

Coolest User Name

Purplexmuffin- 2

TheOneWithTheGoldenGiraffe- 6 Winner!

LimaHeights- 1

Necterine411- 1

TeamPeetaForever- 2

Phoenixfeather13thesecond- 1

Favorite User

Moviepopcorn123- 1

LimaHeights- 1

Brony12- 1

QuinnQuinn- 1

Necterine411- 2

Anna-athena- 1

Clove1001- 1

Everyone- 6 Winner!

Everyone have fun and please no arguing!

Congratulations to our winners!

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