Hey, I came up with this idea from when someone on another wiki did it with a show. So, I decided to do it here. This is only for the first book. What will happen is every few days I will post a few questions about a chapter in the Hunger Games. Then, in the comments people will vote about what they would want to happen. Then, I will post a summary about that chapter based on how you guys voted. When we finish all the chapters, we will have the strory of the Hunger Games, the way you guys want it. For example, I may ask "Should Foxface die this chapter?". Then you guys cand say in the comments your answer and why. After a while, I will take the most popular answer and write a summary of that chapter. I will start once the word gets out. Hope you guys like it!

Story (The Hunger Games)

Chapter One

My name is Katniss Everdeen. I live in District 12. I woke up one morning and rolled over to see my enemy, Buttercup. Buttercup is Prim's cat. Prim is my little 12 year old sister. Buttercup hates me because I once almost drowned him. I'm running a little late today. Today is the reaping for the Hunger Games, an annual competition that sends kids ages 12-18 from each of the 12 districts into an arena to kill each other. This year Prim is eligeble to be picked, I really hope that doesn't happen. I am supposed to meet my best friend, Gale, in the woods today but I'm running too late. I walk out to the living room and find my dad who was almost killed in a mine explosion but escaped. Gale's dad was killed in it though. He says to me " Your mother and Prim already went to the reaping. I'll be there soon. You go." So I give him a kiss and leave. On my way there, I see my best girl friend outside her father's (the mayor's) house. Her name is Madge Undersee. I run up to her and give her a big hug. She then says "Good luck" then she goes inside. At the reaping, the D12 escort, Effie Trinket, the former D12 winner, Haymitch, and a whole bunch of peacekeepers walk on stage. Effie pulls a name out of a bowl and says "The female tribute for D12 is... Primrose Everdeen." So I do the stupidest thing anyone could do "I volunteer!"

Chapter Two

I walk on stage and Effie Trinket says "Ok then, here is district 12's new female tribute, what's your name?" I say "Katniss Everdeen" Effie says "Oh, a sister, here she is, Katniss Everdeen!" Then everybody in the audience puts three fingers to there lips. That is unexpected because it is rarely done. It means "Good-bye to someone you love". I cry now. Then Haymitch walks up to me. He is a major drunk addict. His breath smells like achcohol. He says "I like her!" Then he passes out and falls off of the stage. Then Effie pulls a slip out of the boys pot and says "The male tribute for district 12 is... Peeta Mellark!" I recognize him. He was the boy that a long time ago when my family was poor, and hungry, he burned loaves of bread and got whacked in the face, just to give me food. He handed it to me and didn't say a word. I look at him as he walks onto the stage. He is sad. Well there will be 24 of us out there, I probably won't have to kill him. When they let us go, Gale pulls me aside and tells me to be strong and do good out there. Then he does something that shocks me. He leans in and kisses me, and says he loves me. After that, he walks away.

Chapter Three

We are immediately taken to the Justice Building. Where tributes friends and family are allowed to say one last good-bye to their loved one. My mother, father, and Prim come first. I act strong because I don't want them to worry. Even though I am going to die, I tell them and Prim that I will try my hardest to win and come back to them. Next to come in is someone I am shocked to see, Peeta's father. He gives me cookies and leaves. That was nice even though I will be trying to kill his son soon. Next is my best girl friend, Madge. She cries and gives me a big hug. She hands me a pin of a mockingjay and asks me if I will wear it as my token in the games. I say yes. She is taken out when time is up. Gale comes in next. After our kiss, it's very awkward between us. But instead of talking romance, he talks strategy. He tells me to get a bow and arrows and survive and win. He is taken out like Madge. When we arrive, we unpack, check out our rooms, and go to dinner. I want to avoid Peeta but instead we talk. We talk about our friends, family, old games, and our strategies.


Chapter One

1. Should Katniss and Buttercup be enemies or friends? Enemies: 9, Friends: 3

2. Should Katniss and Gale talk about leaving district 12? Talk: 5, Not talk: 7

3. Should Katniss's dad have died? Dead 5, Alive: 7

4. Should Katniss and Madge be good friends or neutral (like in the book)? Good: 11, Neutral: 1

5. Should Katniss volunteer for Prim or be reaped? Volunteer: 9, Reaped: 3

Chapter Two

1. Should Katniss get applause or get the three fingers to lip gesture? Finger: 24, Applause: 4

2. Should Haymitch be a drunk addict? Yes: 24, No: 4

3. Should Peeta be reaped or volunteer? Reaped: 15, Volunteer: 13

4. Should Peeta have given Katniss bread loaves as kids? Yes: 18, No: 10

5. What should Gale do next? (Answers may vary) Winner: Gale talks to Katniss privately and tell her that he loves her

Chapter Three

1. Should Katniss cry or be strong when she talks to her mother, father, and Prim? Cry: 4, Be strong: 7

2. Should Peeta's dad visit Katniss? Yes: 10, No: 1

3. Should Madge give Katniss her mockingjay pin? Yes: 11, No: 0

4. Should Gale talk strategic or romantic with Katniss? Strategic: 6, Romantic: 3, Both: 2

5. Should Katniss and Peeta talk or avoid eachother? Talk: 7, Avoid: 4

Chapter Four

1. Should Katniss help Peeta bathe and carry Haymitch?

2. Should Katniss throw away the cookies Peeta's father gave her?

3. Should Katniss stuff herself or not eat at breakfast?

4. Should Haymitch give Katniss and Peeta advice on the ride to the Capitol?

5. Should Katniss and Peeta be impressed or shocked when they arrive at the Capitol?

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