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    The Mayor Games

    June 18, 2013 by Write46747

    "Ah, what lucky time in Panem! Do people realize that every mayor of our districts has at least two children? And do people not remember that leaders in the war suffered just as much, if not more, then their brethren?This year's quell is this: Every child going into the arena will be a child of one of our fair mayors!"


    No complaining if you don;t like your character dying or my style of writing. 

    I'll do a run-through of training, give training scores, and then the games.

    I want good, strong tributes. I won't give an outline, but I want the best …

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    Every eye was glued to the screen. Every face radiated fear, but with just a little dab of curiosity underneath. President Glorious Gleam, in a shimmering white suit, stood erect in front of Panem. A small child, Mr. Gleam's grandson, sat cross-legged at his feet, holding a little box. He took a card out of it and gave it to his grandfather. President Gleam smiled as he gingerly took off the bloodred ribbon. His strong voice boomed across the land as he read the neat print. "We arrive, today, at out sixtieth Quarter Quell! The rebels fought and destroyed things in their own, comfortable homes! Because of this, there will be no arena, the 24 tributes will fight on the street's of the Capitol. A force field will keep them in, but, nearly eve…

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    The Team Game!!!

    November 12, 2012 by Write46747


    The President of Panem, Acor N. Fall, walked briskly up to the stage. He rolled his litttle eyes back and forth in a way that made the districts shiver. "The Capitol has been...well, the Capitol has been doing some remembering."

    The crowd held its breath, the districts in fear, the Capitol in excitement. Acor looked at his citizens, all at his mercy. "And the Capitol wants to see the tributes of the last two years again."

    Silence. The people waited for Acor to deliver the death blow. "I like that now we can do Quarter Quells whenever we wanna. We can have three Quarter Quells in a row. So that's what I'm going to do. Two years ago was the Child Games, last year was the Water Games. This year I present the Team Games. Ponder th…

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    "Welcome Panem!" The president's voice shook over the frightened crowd, still recovering from the second war that put 12 as the richest district. The mayor of 12 ruled the country. And it was she, President Ruby Cutthroat, who now adressed her people. "This year's Games will be a Quarter Quell! Just what we need to boost our spirits, huh?" The stony faces below the crowd didn't even smile. President Cutthroat didn't seem to care. "In this year's Quell, only twins may enter. They can be a girl or boy or both, it doesn't matter. 1 pair of twins from each district." Ruby grinned. "And one victor!" The TV blanked out, leaving the citizens in stunned silence.

    Rules and How Things Will Work

    1. There will be reapings, training scores, an…

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