"Welcome Panem!" The president's voice shook over the frightened crowd, still recovering from the second war that put 12 as the richest district. The mayor of 12 ruled the country. And it was she, President Ruby Cutthroat, who now adressed her people. "This year's Games will be a Quarter Quell! Just what we need to boost our spirits, huh?" The stony faces below the crowd didn't even smile. President Cutthroat didn't seem to care. "In this year's Quell, only twins may enter. They can be a girl or boy or both, it doesn't matter. 1 pair of twins from each district." Ruby grinned. "And one victor!" The TV blanked out, leaving the citizens in stunned silence.

Rules and How Things Will Work

1. There will be reapings, training scores, and interviews. Each tribute will get one PoV for the pre-Games, then it's random. 1 for reapings and 1 for interviews per district.

2. Please include the stuff on the tribute template. I don't mind if you add extra's, but the stuff on the template I need.

3. I don't mind spamming, as long as you only do it every so often and you have a tribute in my Games.

4. No complaining if your tribute dies.

5. Have fun and PLEASE create a tribute!

Tribute Template



Twin 1 Name:

Male or female?




Twin 2 Name:

Male or female?




Twin's backstory:

Please post a picture or lunaii for both, I don't care which one you do.



Twin D1 Twin D1 Twin D2 Twin D2 Twin D3 Twin D3 Twin D4

Twin D4

Twin D5 Twin D5 Twin D6 Twin D6 Twin D7 Twin D7 Twin D8 Twin D8 Twin D9 Twin D9 Twin D10 Twin D10 Twin D11 Twin D11 Twin D12 (Cap) Twin D12 (Cap)
Age: 17 Same Age: 18 Same Age: 15 Same Age: 16 Same Age: 18 Same Age: 15 Same Age: 13 Same Age: 18 Same Age: 16 Same Age: 12 Same Age: 13 Same Age: 16 Same
Luke Odair Annabel Odair Daniel Stone David Stone Logan Castilia Lacey Castilia Rosie Pendile Andromeda "Andy" Pendile Bruno Clifton Jackson Clifton Thomas Quince Wes Quince Antopia Moloka Lotopia Moloka Ella Zurita (Light) Emma Zurita (Dark) Alevin Labelle

Adipose Labelle

Kayleigh Ann Reed Molly Ann Reed Aleena Galeenti Alexa Galeenti Burnio Noty Hurio Noty
Male Female Male Male Male Female Female Female Male Male Male Male Female Female Female Female Male Female Female Female Female Female Male Male
Weapons: trident, bow, katana Weapons: Throwing knives and combat knives Weapon: Throwing knives Weapon: Sword Weapon: Sword Weapon: Bow and arrow Weapon: Trident, bow and arrow, spears Weapon: Throwing knives, sword Weapon: hands, knife, hotness Weapon: Hands, bow, sword, hotness Weapon: Trident and net, spear Weapon: Trident and throwing knives Weapons: Bow and arrows, axe Weapons: Bow and arrows, axe Weapon: Bow and arrow Weapon: Throwing knives Weapon: Sword Weapon: Bow Weapon: Bow and arrows Weapon: Throwing axes Weapon: Throwing knives Weapon: Spear, intelligence Weapons: Spear, Axe

Weapon: Sword, Knife

Strengths: running, swimming, theft Strengths: accuracy, sneaky, climbing Strengths: Dainel is extremly smart, the smartest person in the acadmey, He has speeds like a cheetah, and has mastered the art of long raged weapons. Strengths: David is extremly strong, the strongest person in the acadmey, He is also the best wrestlers, and mastered the art of short ranged weapons. Strengths: Strength, Intelligence, and determination Strengths: Speed, aim, and intelligence Strengths: lightning fast, seductive, incredibly strong, very smart and logical, great swimmer and climber, strong willed, deadly accurate, perfect hand eye coordination Strengths: Lightning fast, flexible, stealthy, extremely smart, agile, great fighter, perfect balance Strengths: Smart, quick, strong, tall Strengths: Smart, quick, strong, can hunt well Strengths: Very good with trident and spear, can jump and climb very well and very high Strengths: Hiding and camoflauge, strong and fast Strengths: Can climb, is fast, and is clever Strengths: is flexible, smart, has a good eye Strengths: Ella is very quick, not the fastest but is very close, she is very athletic she can dodge anything thrown her way, that she is the best in, and she is very Powerful for her size.

Strengths: Emma is a very quick thinker, she is also very ruthless( if you can see what she dose to the dummies at the accadmey, you would be very scard to go up aganst her), and she can intamadate anyone.

Strengths: charm, plant identification and climbing Strengths: accuracy, swimming, plant identification Strengths: climbing trees, swimming, killing people, being quiet, fast runner, and healer Strengths: climbing trees, swimming, killing people, being quiet, fast runner, and healer Strengths: Climbing, leadership, sprinting, swimming Strengths: Strength, plants, intelligence, stealth

Strengths: VERY STRONG, Skilled with most weapons

Strengths: Clever, fast

Weakness: Climbing Weakness: She is short Weaknesses: Despite his amazing speed, brains, and long ranged weapons, Dainel is not good with hand to hand combate, strenght, and short ranged weapons. Weaknesses: Although He is the perfect athletic spesamen, David is not smart, not that fast, and not good with long ranged weapons. Weaknesses: Is too cocky, never listens, and is overprotective of Lacey Weaknesses: Easily frightened, underestimates herself, and lets Logan over-power her. Weaknesses: Devoted to twin, and would lay down her life for her. Could never leave her behind. Weaknesses: Rosie; could never let her die or leave her behind. Weaknesses: Loud, can only hunt a little. Weaknesses: Can't run long distances Weaknesses: Afraid of lightning and dislikes bugs Weaknesses: Has arachnophobia, or the fear of spiders, bad swimmer, gets hungry and thirsty fast Weaknesses: Won't be able to do anything out of depression if her sister dies. Weaknesses: Has a limp in her right leg. Weaknesses: She is too nice( to tell you the truth she dosen't want to be a career, but dosen't want to disapont her sister), she is not the fastest thinker it takes her a second or two to come up with a plan, and the thought of her sister being mad at her. Weaknesses: Emma, though being ruthless, she is not very strong, nor is she good at hand to hand combat, she also has a very bad temper(if she thinks you said something about her sister, Ella). Weaknesses: swimming, flying things, heights Weaknesses: Mutts, tributes bigger than her Weaknesses: Careers Weaknesses: Careers Weaknesses: Can be arrogant, edible plants Weaknesses: Shy, swimming Weaknesses: VERY STUPID, Can't swim Weaknesses: Not very Strong, Can't swim
Twin's backstory: Luke and annabell live in the slums and are excellent hunters and they work together to get the job done. They now live in one because there family had to migrate Backstory: Since the day they were born, David and Dainel, they were extremly different. They were born with red eye (One of there great great great grandfathers sister had red eyes, she made it to the final four in the games). They were never made fun of, because everyone was scared of them. Although they were very close they were complet opposites, one smart and fast the other was stronge and brutial. They feel this quell was made for them they will finally learn who was better, they plan of staying with eachother untill it is only them left, then giveing a final battle that will blow the capital's mind. Twin's backstory: Logan and Lacey were born into a family of drunken people- the only person sane and normal was their mother. When they were 12, their mother passed, leaving them with their father, who abused them. When they were 14, they moved in with their Mum's Mum and have lived there since. Backstory: Rosie and Andy share a secret. They aren't twins. Andy's parents were part of a secret rebel group, and we're executed. Rosie faked Andy's death, and introduced the world to her twin. Thanks to the fact that they have the same birthday, and their shockingly similar appearance, they were safe. But when the games were announced, their world fell apart bit by bit. Twin's backstory: They were born and raised in District 5. Their sister was reaped in the 196th Hunger Games and died. Bruno is gay and Jackson has a girlfirend. Their parents both work all day long. They have a little brother named Stephen. They try their best to provide for him and both know one of them NEEDS to come home to protect their brother since their parents are ALWAYS gone. They were raised like Careers, training for the Games with two of their three brothers. One brother, Lyson, died in a previous Games, the death hurt Wes more than Thomas. There parents are divorced. Backstory: The Moloka twins are insepreble. They are Identical, and never ever, have fought. Lotopia got her limp from falling, and it never really healed. Antopia never gos ahead of her, though, but side by side. Twins. Twin's backstory: Ella and Emma where born in Januray, during a harsh winter, and there mother died in child birth, due to hypothermia. So they were raised by there Hunger Games loving Father( A former Victor who trained himself), Emma loved it, while Ella was like her mother, thinking it was horrible that we train kids to get killed. Despite their differances, they meant everything to each other, and would do anything for each other. And with the announcing of the quell, There father is makeing them volenteer for and Ella isn't happy, but will do it and protect Emma at any cost, even her own life, and Emma is the same way. .Twin's backstory: Born into a wealthier family in District 9, they were well fed as they grow up, but ther mom soon passed away leaving there father in a state of shock, they had to care for themselves after. Twins' Backstory=They had 3 sisters and no parents. They hunt at night and in the morning. All of their sisters have won the games. [Kit-age-15,Henra-age-21,Ash-age-25] So when they are reaped they think that this will be a peice of cake. Their sister Henra, has been mentoting for three years. Their sister, Kit won last year, Henra won when she was 18, and Ash won when she was 13. They have practiced since they was 2. They want to win so bad they run on stage. Twin's backstory: Aleena and Alexa grew up sad. There parents only liked there first child, Jacob, because he was smarter and cuter. Their father, Fred, was a peacekeeper once and kept a whip. If they did anything bad, they got whipped. Aleena was whipped many times because she tried to stand up to him. Eventually, they both ran away. They had to split up because they were fighting over food. They saw eachother again at the reaping when they were 12. They stayed together for a year before they were reaped. Twin's backstory: They we're one of the Richest family. They trained for the games, and they volunteered this year. The reason that they can't swim is they both fell in a lake, and almost drowned, they would not go in a pool when they we're young, so they never learned. They are not scared anymore, but they can't swim. Burnio is so stupid he dosen't talk right. Hurio has to translate. He is the only one who can understand him.
Allianced with 4, 10

Clifton Twins

Jackson left Bruno Right

e Gallery


District 1: Annabelle Odair

Luke and I race throughout the posh, fancy streets of District 1. Just another morning of pretending to be Robin Hood-stealing from the rich citizens so that my family can have food. But this afternoon will be the Reaping. Luke and I are twins, so we’re gonna volunteer and bring our family money and fame! Even though we don’t train with the other kids, Luke and I get our own training done helping our family survive. I’m like the stealthiest cat you’ll see, and Luke can break into and out of anything.

Right now we’re working on some posh greedy family. I know their daughter, Della. She’s teased and ridiculed me and laughed at me and bullied me. But today I’m going to volunteer wearing her best dress. And we’ll see how she feels then!

“Annabelle! The rope!” My brother’s sharp whisper cuts through my thoughts of revenge.

“Rope? Right-o!” I toss him the tattered brown thread. He ties it around the gold-plated doorknob, picks the lock, and tugs. The force of the door flying open sends him rocketing backward. I laugh to myself as I patter quietly into the mansion.

“Get some food and nice clothes, ok?” Luke yells. I cringe. Someone could have heard him! I swear my big lout of a brother is two times stupider than how he makes himself to be. Now I have a time limit. Some Peacekeeper is bound to venture out to the source of the commotion, so I’ve got to move quickly. I grab a bag that lies on the counter. Hopefully it’s something either helpful or yummy.

But whatever, the clothes are the most important. We need something really nice for the Reaping! And I’ll be the one to come home, I don’t care if my twin says it’s him, it’s going to be me, Annabelle Odair.

I tiptoe into a room with a sleeping old man. Hah! Della’s father looks like a shriveled old hog! No wonder why she’s so inconceivably ugly! And her father is short, too, his clothes fit Luke perfectly. I take the most complex and elegant suit there is, and skip on to the next room.

Yes! This is Della’s room! I can’t wait to tell the other girls she drools on her pillow! Rushing to Della’s lavish closet, I take all her dresses. I’ll hide the ones I don’t use, and Della will be left with nothing nice! This is AWESOME!

As I run out top the sun, I bump into Luke, looking worried. “Annabelle! Run! I’ve been spotted by Peacekeepers!”

I roll my eyes. “Serious? You went and got yourself seen? Didn’t I tell you not to do that?! I can’t run, I’d get the dresses dirty!”

Something, boots, jumps down on the roof. I look back at Luke. “On second thought, let’s run!”

We whiz back through the streets, zipping down alleyways, laughing our heads off. There’s nothing like an early morning close call to wake you up! When we arrive back at the dingy shack in the slums we call home, it’s almost Reaping time. Only the beige dress got muddy, and there are no less than 20 dresses in my arms. I settle on a white gown with a diamond in the chest and purple lace along the edges. Luke admires his suit.

Ten minutes later, Luke has been transformed from a wild, annoying, kid to a proper gentleman, and I a rough-and-tumble child of the streets to a thing of beauty. We look like children of the mayor, and that’s how we carry ourselves as we walk to the Reaping Area.

It is CROWDED. So many people have lied about being twins! There’s Jenny Stevens and Martha Adams going together under the last name “Smith” and there’s Lia Coach and Jason Tacerner, the couple who constantly get teased for being so young and in love already also going under the last name “Smith”. The place is a cacophony! Not a soul pays attention to the escort, the speech or the video. But when the silver tarp covering the Reaping Ball gets thrown away, the crowd hushes quicker than you can blink. Now. Before the escort even reaches his hand into the bowl. “We volunteer!” I call, charging to the front. “Luke and Annabelle Odair, the victors of the 200th Hunger Games!” There isn’t a cheer. Della gasps. People look from Della to me to Della to me. And then it starts. Like a wave, it reaches to the far corners of the district. The cheer swells up so loud and long for Luke and I, my ears burst and tears come to my eyes. I see Della kicking, crying, spluttering, and making a fool of herself. And I feel immense pride. Because I have already won my first battle!

District 2: Daniel Stone

I awake the morning of reaping day to find my brother David gone. He's down training already! The nerve to get down there before me. I'm going to kill him someday. Actually, the day will come in less then a week. Because of the Quarter Quell, David and I can both be in the arena at the same time. And then we can end a lifelong rivalry-who is better. And, yeah, the loser won't have very much life left, will he?

I throw on some training clothes and head down to the large brick building that houses the training center. Today is different, only twins are here training. As I fling the doors open, the atmosphere literally changes. Kids who have no place to run to flatten themselves against the wall and try not to look at my haunting red eyes. One stupid ten-year-old takes one look at me and starts screaming his head off.

"Shut up," I tell him. His mouth zips shut faster than I can shoot someone's head off. I walk into the training area designed for the graduates. Amidst people running, dodging, and fighting with each other and trainers, I locate David, using his fists to pummel a guy two stories taller then him into unconcious. That guy won't be volnteering.

"Glad you're up, Daniel."

I think that's about all my brother says. He's the slow, brainless, brawn. I do the thinking for the two of us. And the running. And the archery.

I motion toward our running track. "Let's race."

Before David can reply, a bell rings, and a mechanical voice tells us it's time to go to the Reaping.

Daniel and I stand with the other boys, who make a ten foot circle around us, and dart scared looks our direction all throughout the Quarter Quell speech and film. Footage is shown of District 12 children, and how tributes who harm them in the arena will be frowned upon. Blah, blah, blah. Let's get to the reason we're here, shall we?

Our escort, Silkina, gives a dazzling smile. "Which twins will compete in this wonderful Quarter Quell? Let's see!" Her green hand poses over the Reaping Ball. Two choruses of "I volunteer!" Ring out. Two fourteen year old boys and two seventeen year old girls run up. The girls are basically our female counterparts, so the boys back down quickly.

"Name and age, dears!"

"Layla Smith, 17!"

"Laila Smith, 17!"

Now. I step out and onto the stage with David in tow. "Actually, the correct names and ages are Daniel Stone, 18, and David Stone, 18. Get down."

"No!" Laila storms at me.

"Want to fight for tribute?" They step off the stage. "Didn't think so."

Silkina holds up our hands, even though we're taller then her. "Ladies and gentlemen, Daniel and David Stone, the tributes of District Two!"

District 3: Lacey Castilia

I awake and enter my twin's room. Logan is asleep, slobbering all over his pillow.

But at least he can sleep. Back home with Dad, dad drank all the time, and he'd wake us up at one ranting and roaring and Logan would come into my room and hold me even though I'm his age. And then Dad would come up the of the things I don't want to remember. Mom was awesome, but when I was twelve there was that accident at the factory...ever since then, Dad made sure we had no contact with the outside world. We were left to his whims. It was horrible. Last year, Gram rescued us and brought us here, we've been living with her ever since. Besides my mom and Logan, she is my favorite person.

"Logan!" I sit down hard on his stomach.

"Ooof! Gee, Lacey, I'm up!"

Up? He's barely raising his head up off the pillow. Our eyes meet, and then suddenly he's sharp and wide awake. "H-hey, Lacey, you wanna go for a walk?"

I had turned to go, but his words make me stop and turn around in suspicion. "Why?"

"Well, um, because?"

Not buying it. I close my eyes. What could my brother especially want to protect me from? And then I know. Plus, the Quarter Quell is the whole twin thing. My eyes fly open. "It's Reaping Day, isn't it?"

Logan gets up and places his hands on my shoulders. "I would've told you sooner, but I didn't want you to get, er, nervous." My brother. Always babies me. Nonstop.

"The Quell with the twins, right?"

"Yeah. But don't worry. We won't get reaped. And if we do, I'll protect you down to my dying breath!"

Gods, he's killing me here with his noble talk. But Gram stops me from answering. "Kids!" She calls from downstairs. "It's Reaping Time! After the reaping, I'll make you a hot fudge sundae, how does that sound?"

Yum! Logan quickly gets dressed and we walk to the reaping area through the small backstreets of District 3. It's nice here, but only because it's home. I want to be in a pretty district, like 9 or 4 or something.

We arrive just as our escort, Bibbity Boogoo, starts her speech. All throughout that speech, I'm staring at that covered ball. Logan's hand goes sweaty in mine, and we grasp each other tighter and tighter. Then there is the video. This is agony!

Finally, Bibbity goes over to the ball and rips away the tarp. She works fast, and before I know it she is calling the names. "Logan and Lacey Castilia!"

Logan grips me tight and I give a small gasp. Was that my name? I hear Gram crying somewhere. Logan is urging me foreward, holding me close, and suddenly I realize I'm sobbing into his shoulder. We walk like this to the train, a slow, somber procession heading to certain doom.

District 4: Rosie Pendile

My sort of twin, Andromeda, and I stare out at the beach together. "Think we'll get reaped?" She asks.

I look at the waves crashing angrily at the beach even though the day is calm. "Nah. I mean, we're a Career District. There's bound to be another set of twins who want to go. Anyway, who says we'll be reaped? We're not real twins, that's bound to give us some luck."

Andy's parents were executed by the Capitol for being rebels. Andy was all alone, and the Capitol probably would've killed her. But we faked her death, and now Andy is my twin and everyone believes us.

Everything had been perfect. Until this stupid Quell was announced. Isn't 12 supposed to be the poorest district or something?

We go to the reaping area, first ones there. The little taped off area is tiny. "Maybe there's not many twins in 4. Relax." Andy squeezes my hand and gives one of her mesmerizing grins. I can't help smiling back as our stupid escort, Latutu, walks onto the stage, her skin blue, wearing an orange tutu. Still, Andy and I are the only ones in the Reaping Area. I'm getting more and more nervous.

There is a film that describes the past three wars, and zeroes in on the deaths of the Mellark family, who tried to stop 12 from taking over. Waves crash over and over again in my stomach. I glance at the Ball that holds mine and Andy's name, covered with a soft blue cloth.

There is still no one else in the Reaping Area. This can't be a simple matter of being late, can it? Especially since there's a whole big roaring crowd on the sidelines. I can feel Andy start to get nervous.

Latutu smiles down at us. "Ready to reap some tributes?"

I feel like saying no, but Latutu doesn't wait. She rips off the tarp, and my stomach goes to the bottom of the sea.

No, no, no, no. This CANNOT be happening.

There is only one slip of paper in that whole big jar. And on that slip of paper, it has the names "Rosie and Andy Pendile". Numb, my sister walks up to the stage and I feel myself following along. This cannot be happening. I cannot be going to my doom with my twin. Plus, she's not really my twin! This can't be happening!

Andy squeezes my hand again as we walk onto the train. And I know that it is.

District 5: Jackson Clifton Stephen comes racing around the corner at top speed. "I'm not gonna work at the power plant when I grow up, I'm moving to District 6 and I'm a gonna make cars!"


"Mmhmm!" He races back around the corner and I shake my head. Poor Stephen. Our parents always away, my twin Bruno and I trying to care for him but mostly caught up in our own social lives...and people wonder why he acts so young for his age.

At the moment I am trying desperately to make him some ice cream, but it's not going very well. Unless he wants blue ice mush, but I don't think he does. I leave the ice cream and walk out into the street. I am surrounded suddenly by 7 girls who I swear weren't there when I came out.

"Jackson, come out with me!"

"No, you want to be with ME Jackson. Harla doesn't matter!"

"Don't listen to them Jackson! It's me you want!"

I throw my hands up. It's hopeless. I just hope Syleena isn't out today. But it's reaping day, she probably is.

"Get off of him!" A sharp voice cuts through the streets and I am left alone. I see a girl walking down the road. Yeah, bad luck, she's out.

"Syleena, I, um, well..."

"Don't worry about it." She gives me a very proper, pointed kiss. "I'm just worried about you. It's reaping day. Bruno's already there, I figured I could walk you."

"Sure!" I'm just relieved she's not mad. We start off for the center of town, just as there's a clap of thunder and it starts to pour. Perfect weather, huh? I turn and look Syleena in the eye. "Syleena? If, if Bruno and I don't end up coming home tonight-"

"Oh Jacky, don't say that!"

"Shut up. Don't look so hurt, this is serious! If Bruno and I don't come home tonight, then take care of Stephen. Please. Don't let the little kid watch the Games. One or both of his brothers might die out there. I don't want his mind breaking."

Syleena is white and looks close to tears. But she pulls herself together and nods. We reach the reaping area, and I hold her in an embrace. "I'll take care of him, Jackson. Good luck."

Syleena turns and walks slowly away.

"Wait! Syleena!" She pivots around. "Syleena, I love you and I always will no matter what happens!" Syleena runs and I kiss her while another girl gives a jealous gasp. "Love you too," Syleena whispers.

And then I walk to the reaping area. Bruno comes to stand next to me, shaking his head. "Emotional, bro, very emotional. How on earth do you stand girls?"

"They're better than guys!"

"Whatever." He shushes up as the escort comes onto the stage. "Helloooo there! My name is Tiddly Winks! And I love Tiddlywinks! My speech will be short! It is simply District 5 rules and I wish you luck! Idontwanttodothevideoletsgettothereaping!"

This is one crazy escort. I couldn't even understand that last part, but Tiddly is crossing over to the Reaping Ball so I guess they're skipping the video. She doesn't take off the striped yellow cloth, just reaches her hand under. She takes out a slip and reads the name. "Bruno and Jackson Clifton!"

Oh, no! Stephen, poor Stephen! He's lost basically his whole family. Bruno and I give each other a grim look. We have to plod forward, can't stop. We reach the makeshift stage when a girl from the spectator's stands gives a shriek.

And then my Syleena, my brave, stupid, Syleena, comes roaring and screaming and kicking through the line of stunned Peacekeepers. "JACKSON! JACKSON!!!! I WON"T LET YOU GO!! JACKSON!!!!!!!!!!"

No, no, no, oh please don't Syleena, you're only going to get yourself in trouble! A Peacekeeper lunges for her with a stun gun. Syleena dodges and just screams and screams. I think she might get away. But she won't leave me, Syleena is determined to push to the front. A wall of Peacekeepers, armed, surround her and walk closer. I hear pained screams coming from the inside of the circle. I have to do something!

"Syleena! I'm coming Syleena! You let me go you dolt of a Peacekeeper! GET OFF ME! SYLEENA!!!!"

They're taking me away from her, those awful Peacekeepers! They're bringing me away! I have to get away, save my girl! Because after an outburst like this, President Cutthroat would never let her live. District 6: Thomas Quince

My spears impale one of the seven battered dummies my family owns. My twin, Wes, is next to me, impaling another dummy with his knives.

Even though we don't live in a Career district, my dad loves the Hunger Games. My mom doesn't, though, and they had a legal dispute last year where my dad won custody of me and Wes and our other brother Kevin. My fourth brother, Lyson, trained like us and died last year in the Games. Ever since then, my mom cried whenever we talked about our training, and, yeah, you can kind of guess where that lead.

Wes hits another dummy, his face white. I go over to him. "Deep breath. Remember. We're volunteering today and then it'll be over. You can get your anger out then, okay?"

Wes never got over Lyson's death, and the divorce was like waking up to find you're being run over by a car.

"I don't know if I can do it," he tells me. "I'm bound to die in the Bloodbath."

"Stop going so hard on yourself!" I chide him. "You're going to volunteer today, and that's final!"

Wes doesn't respond, only picks up another knife and impales the heart of the dummy I had been working on. Dad comes in in his suit and tie. He enjoys looking official, but it doesn't suit him a bit. "Well, m'boys, let's see what you got!"

We each take a trident, and dismantle two dummies.

"Great!" Dad says. "Now let's see you do that on a moving target!"

We walk to the conveyor belt. This time I'm back with my spear, Wes his knife. The dummies are demented by the time we're done, and Dad is happy enough. He turns to go. "Go through the Gauntlet course once, then appear at the reaping area with your best clothes. Good luck Thomas! And good luck, Wes! Win!"

The door shuts behind him, and tears unexpectedly come to my eyes. I think those are the last words he will say to me if I don't win this.

Wes and I absentmindedly run through our course designed to look like the Gauntlet. We don't even bother to throw on our bests, just walk to the reaping area. It is crowded, there are so many twins in District 6! The crowd is happy, they are chatting as they wait for the escort to come. For they have seen my brother and I, and know that we will be volunteering.

Kitty Cat comes onto the podium with stupid black ears. I think I might even see a tail! She starts screeching and purring on about the Quarter Quell. She shows us the normal video, then a special one that details the last ten years for 6 in the Games. I hear Wes moaning as Lyson is shown, and he's not the only one.

After an agonizing hour, the machine purrs to a stop. (Gods, am I becoming Kitty Cat?!)

"Are y-y-y-ou r-r-r-r-eady!" Finally, the reaping. Kitty places her black gloved hand inside the ball.

"I volunteer! We volunteer!" Wes calls out, dragging me to the stage. That kid is strong. Kitty purrs happily, and Dad is grinning at us. I grin too, but I know Wes's face is knotted into a tight scowl.

"What are your names, dears, and ages?"

"I'm Thomas, that's Wes, we're 15." Wes gives a "Grrrr..." and Kitty leads us toward the train.

District 7: Letopia Moloka

I wake up and flip over. My twin, Antopia, does the same. We look at each other silently, and I think about how hard life would be without my sister. We are more than sisters, we are friends. And the closest friends one can be.

"Before the reaping, do you want to go for a walk in the pine woods?" My sister's calm voice cuts through the silence.

"Why, you think we'll get reaped?"

My sister shakes out her red hair. "Nah. We're only thirteen. But you need to get out and use that leg."

Right, my leg. My leg with a limp. I can't run, sometimes it hurts to walk. I wouldn't survive a chance in the Games. Plus, my sister would. I don't want to be her downfall!

We roll out of bed in the same motion, walk downstairs in the same style. "See ya, mom!" I call out. "We're heading to our forest!"

Hand in hand, we walk the familiar path to the quiet, sunlit, unchopped forest that only we know of and use. Only a few miles to the right are the workplaces, the huge swaths of beauty chopped down. I don't go their anymore, ever since I got my limp from falling off one of the trees I was cutting, but Antopia does. I feel bad for her, so brilliant, so fast, being squashed by those more powerful.

We enter into the grove and walk. "Is that your axe?" I ask, pointing to some camoflauged thing way up in the boughs of an old pine.

"By golly, you're right!" Antopia grins. "How'd it get there?"

It's an old regime, I can't help laughing as Antopia says the line that always comes next. "Let it stay there!"

And then it is time to go to the reaping.

When Antopia and I arrive at the square, there are about twenty sets of nervous twins. Our escort, Diddle Doodle (what kind of a name is that?), mumbles something about the Quell, and how he had planned a video but it was eaten by cheese doodles. Huh?

Anyway, he gets to the reapings. I wish he could've talked forever, but no, his hand is going into the bowl. The crowd holds it's breath. It has a slip. The crowd doesn't dare move. He opens his mouth and reads the name. "Letopia and Antopia Moloka, please come on up, and get the honor of representing District 7 in the Hunger Games!" His voice, now clear, washes over the crowd. It takes a breath. Me and Antopia take a breath.

Until we look at each other. And then we realize. I am the only Letopia, she is the only Antopia. No! I can barely keep back tears as I limp onto the stage. How-how is this even possible?

District 8: Ella Zurita

I crack my bow against my leg. Even though I'm good at it, but how can I use it happily when I know I will probably be holding it for my downfall? To kill?

My twin Emma and I were born on a harsh January day and our Mum died during childbirth due to hypothermia. I've never known her, but my Games-loving father told me that she was just like me, that she hated the Games and the very idea that our country Panem raised and trained children to be slaughtered.

My twin, Emma, is just like my father. Bloodthirsty, vicious, loves the Games. But she's sweet too, and we're close. She's just as upset that Dad is making us volunteer for the Games as me. Because we both know that one of us is going to die in there. And the other will have to suffer their twin's death.

Dad shakes his head. "Ella, Ella, Ella. You are hopeless! Stop trying to break your bow, use it for heaven's sake! If any of my girls die in the bloodbath, it's going to be you."

Emma comes up to stand beside me and we give each other nervous smiles. Dad's in one of his moods again. He continues. "Nice job, Emma. You shot that knife straight into the brain! Your not afraid of killing, unlike your wimpy sister here," His cold, unforgiving eyes fall cruely on me, and I have to look down; I can't meet his gaze. "who is the most hopeless child I have known."

Dad lets his words ring in uncomfortable silence. His eyes search me all over, then do the same to Emma, scoping her out. "One of my daughters will come home to me. You, Ella, or you, Emma. And I hope you know which daughter I am rooting for, betting on. Good luck, Emma, and I hope you come home safely to your father. Goodbye, Ella. Goodbye both. Now come, I will escort you to the reaping. And you will not have any second thoughts, I hope!"

Emma and Ella walk close together in front of that horrid man. His words weigh on my heart, and even though my father and I are never on the nest of terms, I thought he might have some hope, some faith, some courage, some love for his daughter. Not just plain nastiness. Especially when he's convincing her to get herself killed.

We arrive at the reaping, first ones. The square fills quickly, though. Our escort comes onstage and gives a speech, but her voice is so dull, nasally and boring I don't even catch her name. Finally the video comes up, and once again I see horrible President Cutthroat reading the card, I feel Dad looking at me, and I remember that horrible pain when I knew my fate was decided.

And then she walks over to the ball. Her heavy, meaty, hand drops onto the pink tarp and lifts it lazily away. She drops it at her feet. She reaches in, and Emma looks at me. "You ready?"

I give a slight nod.

"We volunteer!" My sister's voice rings across the crowd, and everyone turns to look, surprised. We were always trying to be nice, normal, girls in school, but now I feel horrible about how I've deceived everyone. Quickly, I walk in front of my sister to the podium. Expressionless, I stare over the crowd. Goodbye.

District 9: Alevin Labelle

"Alevin, wake up! Stop sleeping! We can't sleep late anymore, remember? We have to make breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for Father for a few weeks before the reaping just in case we don't come back!"

I turn over in bed, not wanting to meet the cold day. "Shut up, Adipose!"

I hear a rushing sound, then I am sopping wet. I bolt up, teeth chattering. "ADIPOSE! THAT WAS COLD!"

My twin sister's face comes into focus. "I know, brother dear! That was the whole point of throwing the water onto you!"

Grumpily, I get out of bed, and sit down on one of the woven mats on the floor. "So what do I do?"

She throws some bread, fruit, and peanut butter at me. "Bread and fruit on the side."

Adipose and I work in quiet. I hear Father moaning in the other room. He cries out "Don't take her away! I need her!" And I cringe.

He didn't use to be like that. We didn't use to live like this. When Adipose and I were born, we were one of the richest families in District 9. Life was awesome. We never went hungry, never did any work, always had new toys and expensive presents. Then Mom died, and Father never got out of his sadness and shock. Slowly, all our wealth was taken away. Our servants left. We had no new toys or presents. We had to work and went hungry. Then suddenly, Adipose and I found ourselves running the family and renting out our meager shack.

Father cries out again, and I find myself seriously hoping we're not reaped. Because if both Adipose and I leave, who's going to take care of Dad? We haven't even told him about the Quell yet, he doesn't have to watch those mandatory viewing things. Except for the Games. Everyone has to watch those.

"Ready, Alevin?"

I look up. Adipose looks really nervous. "Reaping time already?"

"Yeah. Dad!" She calls out softly. "Alevin and I have to go for a bit. We'll be back soon. We packed some meals on the counter!"

A faint "I love you!" comes as the door swings shut. I notice tears beginning to form on Adipose's eyelashes. I think they're forming on mine as well.

We reach the Reaping Area, and there's a different escort then last year. It's a guy. He says his name is Elizabeth Quails. That's a guy? Elizabeth?! His mother must have been deranged!

Anyway, he gives a speech that's surprisingly upbeat, about how the wheat fields of 9 need a victor to help their good name and they will get one this year. He shows a video. The worst part is about the war, showing all the deaths in great detail. I am most stricken by the shot of a little boy and girl, twins just like me and Adipose, lying in a pool of blood in the streets of the Capitol. I feel sort of bad for the Capitol. I can't believe that they could be beaten by 12. And now they have to run the Games just to mock there own selves. I can't help ut feel badly.

Elizabeth goes over to the ball. There is a gold covering which he delicately takes off and holds in his left hand, while his right hand goes into the ball and comes up with a tiny slip of paper, barely visible from where I stand. He reads the names. "Alevin and Adipose Labelle, please come on up, young victors!"

Oh no! That's us! How can we go? Dad needs us! We walk slowly to the stage. I think of Dad at home, how he will be waiting, waiting, waiting for his children to come back when they never will. What will it do to him? Elizabeth drapes the golden cloth over our shoulders. "You'll do awesome and come home, don't worry!"

Oh, but I'm plenty worried alright. What will Father do when he sees us die?

District 10: Kayleigh Ann Reed

I hit down a squirrel with my arrows. My sister Kit, 15, grins. "Nice job for an early morning hunt!"

A bird falls in the near distance. "What about me?!" My twin Molly complains.

"You did a nice job, too. Now watch this, novices!" Kit spins around and launches her arrow. It hits a deer right in the eye and it fall down dead.

I laugh. Kit's good, she has to be since she won the 199th Games last year. But Molly and I aren't novices, my oldest sister Ash has been training us since we were two!

"Oh yeah? How about this?" Molly swings her axe around and lets it take it's own course. It falls into the skull of a frightened doe.

Kit throws up her hands in mock defeat. "So what if you're good?! You haven't one a Games yet!"

My other two sisters, Hendra, who's 21 and won a Games at 18, and Ash, who holds the title of youngest victor ever, winning a Games at 13 (now she's 25), come up through the forest, dragging a cow. "Sorry it took so long! The owner was watching his cows forever!"

Ash sees our kills and grins. "Nice. I think my training has helped, huh?"

I nod and smile, stare off into the wonderful green.

"Speaking of training, the reaping is today. Remember the Twin Quell?" Hendra looks at Molly and me. "I think you should volunteer!"

I hear a rustle in the trees. I position my bow. "Maybe. But I don't really want to. I can't be without Molly, and I want to stay here with you guys." I shoot, there's a great flap of feathers and a bird falls to Molly's feet. Ash turns toward civilization. "Come on, you guys! It's time for the Reaping!"

We skip down the road, the only happy people. This is my first Reaping, I'm so excited! I can't believe I'm starting on a Quell! We reach the reaping area. Ash, Hendra, and Kit give Molly and I a quick hug, then go to the seats to watch.

We have a very, very boring escort. And it seems the only word that comes out of her mouth is boring. Literally. Her name is Boring Bore, her speech consists of "Boring boring boring. Bor! Boring Bo?"

Finally she clicks on a video. It centers around Ash, how 10 still has the youngest victor ever. In the stands, Ash blushes a scarlet shade of red.

Then finally we get to the Reaping. Boring reaches her hand into the bowl. And instead of saying boring, she says the names. "Kayleigh Ann and Molly Ann Reed."

Yippee! Yahoo! That's me and Molly! We're going into the Quell! I run forward onto the stage and grin down. "I'm so excited!" I shout, and think of all the District 12 sponsors that just earned me. This will be the best Games EVER!

District 11: Aleena Galenti I pick another apple. It hurts my hands, and I must sit down and rest. My scars still hurt me badly. I hate my father! He did this to me, made me pained and miserable!

Mom and Father both hated my sister, Alexa, and I. They always preferred Jacob because he was smarter and cuter and firstborn. Our father, Fred the Bedhead, used to be a Peacekeeper. He still helps in the handling of the tributes. But anyway, he had a whip that he loved to use to hit Alexa and I. I got whipped most because I was trying to stand up for myself, to fight that horrible strap and the man behind it. It was agony. It hurt so bad, and Mom and Father laughed at my tears. Jacob would always hold a cracker above my head, and just as I reached for it he'd yank it away and the leather would crack down on my head so I would see stars and fall to the floor. Alexa and I got tired, so we ran away for good. A few years ago, we had a dispute about food, so we separated. Last year we met again at our first Reaping, and have been together ever since.

But now there is a Quarter Quell with the twins. Alexa and I will be in it again, and I hope my one year of happiness won't be severed.

Alexa pops down from a tree. "Ready to go?" She tosses a few apples into my basket.

"That's ALL you got? And no, I'm not. Footsteps crunch up the road. Familiar footsteps. And a familiar voice barks out: "Everyone to the Reaping! Now! Assemble at the square!"

Alexa and I look at each other. We mouth one word. "Father!" Quickly, I drop down to the ground and Alexa plops almost on top of me. We hurry to tie on some really old fashioned bonnets as the voice gets directed at us. "You girls! Get a move on! Ya want me to whip ya?!"

I shiver, my brain goes on a temporary scared freeze. But Alexa's doesn't. She grabs my arm, stands us up, and babbles some nonsense words. "Sylo! Ylsvavdo!"

We run and don't look back. The heavy footsteps start to pound. "Stop! Hold up in the name of Ruby Cutthroat! In the name of the nation of Panem!"

But Alexa and I don't stop. We run faster and faster until we reach the safety of the Reaping Area. My father walks off to the side looking very mad and disgruntled.

Our escort has always been awesome. This year she's back. Her name, as always, is Jennifer Smith. She grins and tells all the kids not to worry, that even if you die you can just ask the Capitol doctor's to put your body together again and everything will turn out great. Everyone is in such a happy mood that Jennifer skips the video and goes straight to the Reaping. The cloth is sun-warmed yellow. "Now don't anyone worry about a thing! The tributes are the wonderful, amazing, Galinti twins, Aleena and Alexa!"

Father gives a hysterical cackle. Oh my god, NO!

District 12 (Capitol): Hurio Noty

I come downstairs. My father, though not as rich as Ruby Cutthroat, is one of her cronies, so we’re pretty rich. We live in a mansion and we have a whole training area. It’s awesome.

But why do I need to talk about that? I have to focus on the Games. And winning. I’m volunteering, and I’m going to win no matter what. My stupid twin Burnio can die in the Bloodbath for all I care!

At the moment he’s sitting down at the table shoveling pancakes into his mouth using the flat end of the fork to cut and the spoon to bring the bits into his mouth. Burnio is so stupid he can’t even talk right. “Good!” He shrieks at me.

“Good morning to you, too.”


“You’re welcome!”

Burnio stands up, quivers, then plops himself down into a small rocking chair. It snaps and Burnio, confused, finds himself on the floor. “M! Owwie!”

I roll my eyes. I’m not going to bother getting Mother. I want to train a bit before I volunteer, so I go into the next room. Ruby has given me the real tribute costume for the Games so I have a leg up, but she won’t tell me the arena. I get into the black shorts, tee, and cap, take off my socks and shoes. The bare floor is cold but I have to get used to it. Who knows what surfaces I’ll be stepping on in the arena?

I grab a knife and position it so that It’s level with the moving dummies’ heart. Running forward, I bypass a dummy and send the knife sailing through the air. It hits! Woohoo! I spin around in triumph just as I catch a glimpse of the pool in the corner of the training room.

I cringe and close my eyes. Water and I don’t get along very well. When Burnio and I were younger we fell in a lake and almost drowned. And ever since then, we’ve been too afraid of water to learn how to swim. I’m mostly over it now, but it’s WAY too late!

Suddenly dejected, I leave the training room and walk aimlessly into the kitchen. I don’t have to dress up, since sponsors have to sponsor me at least a little bit before sponsoring other tributes. Ruby is sitting on the sofa. She looks up and grins when I walk in. “Hurio the Hero, come sit down on the sofa with me and watch the other Reapings!” I can’t disobey the President, especially when a forked tongue slithers ominously from one side of her mouth to the other. I sit down, as far away from Ruby as I can. I don’t really want my throat cut!

The Reapings start to flash by the screen. Ruby makes notes in her ruby notebook. From 1, Annabelle and Luke Odair. They look threatening. From two, Daniel and David Stone. They look unstoppable. From three and four there are a bunch of weaklings. Five is surprisingly strong, Bruno and Jackson Clifton. Six also look pretty terrifying, but seven is a bunch of scaredy-cat little girls. Eight, I’m impressed, 9, they fly by. In ten, two little girls, Kayleigh and Molly Reed, come running onto the stage, so happy to be reaped. I see a smile creep onto Ruby’s face as she watches them. The Galinti twins in 11 are just sad.

Ruby stands up. “Come, Hurio. Are you ready?”


We walk to the Reaping and pick up Burnio along the way. Then Ruby leaves us and goes up onto the podium. “Welcome, citizens!” She yells. “Are you ready for the 200th Hunger Games?! Burnio and Hurio, will you two handsome young men come on up?!”

Grinning, I charge the stage. Burnio crashes up behind me. “Ladies and Gentleman, the tributes of District 12!”

'''Training Scores!'''

Annabelle Odair: 9

Luke Odair: 8

Daniel Stone: 10

David Stone: 10

Logan Castilia: 6

Lacey Castilia: 4

Rosie Pendile: 7

Andy Pendile: 8

Jackson Clifton: 8

Bruno Clifton: 5

Wes Quince: 10

Thomas Quince: 7

Antopia Moloka: 5

Letopia Moloka: 3

Ella Zurita: 7

Emma Zurita: 11

Alevin Labelle: 6

Adipose Labelle: 9

Kayleigh Ann Reed: 10

Molly Ann Reed: 8

Aleena Galinti: 5

Alexa Galinti: 4

Hurnio Noty: 9

Burio Noty: 1

Highest-placed tribute: Emma Zurita

Lowest-placed tribute: Burio Noty

Arena The arena is a square. The Cornucopia and the tributes are surrounded by a field of sharp diamonds, some filled with poison. The only way to leave that field is to cross a river of boiling water. After the river, there are two long strips of grass at either end of the arena. One has no air, the other is just plain grass. For the rest of the arena there is burning copper, and four circles of different terrains: city with crushing machines and toxic fumes, desert, pitch-black forest, and jungle filled with mutts. In the center of the copper, there is an island that holds fresh water and fruit, but to get there you have to cross a moat of poison. And on the island is a maze where if you make your way in there someone has to die in there before you can leave. When the arena is down to 7 tributes, fire will enclose the whole place, bringing the tributes together in a ten by ten square.


Intro: Chase Flickerman: Well hey all you Capitol citizens! Now, that horrible District 12 might have ruined us, destroyed us, but we will revolt with killing their tributes in the BEST GAMES EVER! Uh, sorry President Cutthroat. Didn't mean that! Now let's welcome our first tribute, the amazing Luke Odair!

Luke: Hey, Chase.

Chase: Hi, Luke. I understand that you and your sister never really trained, so tell me, how did you achieve that 8?

Luke: Well, to get by, my sis and I had to steal things. We grew adept at breaking in, sneaking around, climbing, running, and (winks at crowd) loving danger!

Chase: Well, that's pretty amazing! I take it you got by alright?

Luke: Yeah. We definitely got by. And sometimes we took treasures, like the clothes we wore for the Reaping.


Chase: Now that ladies and gentleman, was Luke Odair! Now since we are only doing one interview per district, David Stone!

David: Hello, Capitol!

Chase: And hello, David! Now, I hear you're competing with your brother for the spot of victor?

David: Definitely! We want to create a final battle so spectacular you'll never forget it!

Chase: And who do you think will win?

David: Me, of course!


Chase: Ladies and gentleman, David Stone! Now, for the brilliant Logan Castilia!

Logan: Er...hi.

Chase: Hello, Logan, now can you tell me just how much you love your sister? That sad procession at the Reaping gave us all tears!

Logan: Well, umm, I don't really know how much, but a lot, and I'm going to protect her, no matter what...

Chase: Ah, quite the little knight here, huh? Now tell me, knight, will you revolt against District 12?

Logan: Huh?!

President Cutthroat: Thank you very much, Logan Castilia, District 3, now let's welcome on Andy Pendile, District 4!

Chase: Er, come on, yeah, Andy Pendile!!

Andy: Hello, Chase! Am I the first female to have an interview?

Chase: I believe you are! Now, are you looking forward to anything in the Games?

Andy: Er, umm, no, I mean, yeah! Yeah, I'm looking forward to, umm, let's see...see?...see! The sea! I hope there will be sea!

Chase: And maybe there will be! I know the arena, and I guarantee you'll like it! How did it feel being the only tributes in the Reaping?

Andy: Weird...different...sort of mixed up and strange. Scary.


Chase: And that was the lovely Andy Pendile! Now, for Bruno Clifton!

Bruno: Hello, Flickerman!

Chase: So you're being formal, eh? Speaking of formality, what happened with your brother's little outburst at the Reaping?

Bruno: Oh, he's over it, I guess. My brother doesn't really want me to talk about it.

Chase: Confidential, I suppose. Speaking of brothers, don't you have a younger brother? Stephen was his name, maybe?

Bruno: Yeah... the little guy, poor kid. If one of us doesn't come out alive, he's going to have nobody with our parents gone so much. So we decided that one of us HAS to victor.

Chase: So who's it going to be?

Bruno: We don't know.


Chase: And that was Bruno, who's gonna go home to his little brother! Now for Wes Quince, District 6!

Wes: Hello.

Chase: Hiya, there! Now, you prepared to go for the gold?

Wes: Yes.

Chase: Stone cold, huh? Well, if you don't like us, we won't like you! You did get a pretty good training score, though!

Wes: I don't care! I really don't care! These stupid Games have killed practically my whole family, tore my family in half! I hope I die in here because I just can't take it anymore!


Chase: And that was Wes Quince, a boy with a good head on his shoulders! And now for Antopia Moloka!

Antopia: Umm, hi.

Chase: Don't be shy! We don't bite! Now, tell me about your strengths for the Games!

Antopia: Well, I'm a pretty good climber, I'm okay with an axe, I guess, but I think my biggest advantage is innocence.

Chase: Innocence?

Antopia: Yeah, the fact that I'm no threat.


Chase: and that was the innocent Antopia Moloka, now we have our highest-placed tribute, Emma Zurita!

Emma: Hi Chase and all you people down there!

Chase: Hello, Emma! Now all of us here have a pressing question: What did you do to impress the Gamemakers in your private training?

Emma: Oh, I'm afraid that will spoil my secret! But you'll be on the edge of the seats throughout the whole Games!

Chase: Oh, I bet! Now, do you have anything to say to the people?

Emma: Sponsor me, and my sister, too, she's talented but just doesn't apply herself. Sponsors, your money is ready, I hope?


Chase: And that was Emma Zurita! Now, for Adipose Labelle!

Adipose: Hello, Chase.

Chase: Hello! So what do you like most about the Capitol?

Adipose: That-that...Hey, I never realized you were so young!

Chase: Hah, hah! I'm only twenty, but I try to keep a childish state! You yourself are quite pretty, blushing that deep shade of red!

Adipose: Thank you!


Chase: And that was the beautiful Adiposeies, I mean Adipose, Labelle! And now, Molly Ann Reed, she and her twin are our youngest tributes!

Molly: Hey, everybody!

Chase: Hey! Now that was a wonderful score for a 12-year-old, an 8! How did you achieve it?

Molly: Why, throwing axes, of course! But I'm quite good at lots of things! My sister has been training me since I was two!

Chase: Since you were two, huh? It almost sounds like you're a Career!

Molly: I want to be. So far I know the Career pack is made up of 1, 2, and 8. Hey, Careers! Can my sis and I join?! If not my sis then me?!


Chase: And that was Molly, spunky isn't she? Now, for Alexa Galinti!

Alexa: Hello, Chase. And I hope this is not our first and final hello.

Chase: I'm sure it won't be! Now, I know your father was a Peacekeeper, you ran away from him and he found out you were his daughter at the Reaping. Does that make you want to win more?

Alexa: I hate him. The fact he knows where I am now and wants revenge makes me hope I lose.

Chase: Well, I'd go for victoring! Then you can throw your father in jail!

Alexa: You know, that doesn't sound too bad, maybe I will try!


Chase: And that was Alexa Galinti! Now, from the *choke* amazing *splutter* District *Wheeze!* 12, Burnio Noty! *Gasp!*

Burnio: He.

Chase: Hello to you too! Now tell me about that one! How did you achieve it?

Burnio: Thr. u.

Chase: Well. Now congratulations on having the lowest score ever!

Burnio: Tha!


And that was Burnio, our last interviewed tribute! What's next? The Games!

Sponsors and Items

Luke Odair: 500 Has: everything in Co. Needs: Nothing

Annabelle Odair: 500 Has: Everything in Co. Needs: Nothing

Daniel Stone: 5oo Has: Everything in Co. Needs: Nothing

David Stone: 500 Has: Everything in Co. Needs: Nothing

Lacey Castilia: 500 Has: Food, water, wire, sleeping bag Needs: Shoes

Logan Castilia: 500 Has: Food, water, knife, sleeping bag Needs: Shoes

Rosie Pendile: 500 X

Andy Pendile: 500 Has: Food, water, shoes, trident, bow and arrows Needs: Nothing

Jackson Clifton: 500 Has: Everything in Co. Needs: Nothing

Bruno Clifton: 500 X

Thomas Quince: 500 Has: Food, water, Needs: Weapon, shoes

Wes Quince: 500 X

Letopia Moloka: 500 Has: Shoes, Needs: Food, weapon, water

Antopia Moloka:500 X

Ella Zurita: 500 Has: Everything in Co. Needs: Nothing

Emma Zurita: 500 Has: Everything in Co. Needs: Nothing

Alevin Labelle: 500 Has: Knife Needs: Shoes, water, food

Adipose Labelle: 500 X

Kayleigh Ann Reed: 500 Has: Bow and arrows, water Needs: Food, shoes

Molly Ann Reed: 500 X

Aleena Galinti: 500 Has: Nothing Needs: Everything

Alexa Galinti: 500 Has: Nothing Needs: Everything

Hurio Noty: 500 Has: Sword, water, shoes Needs: Food

Burnio Noty: 500 X

Tributes with an "X" next to their name means their dead (there will also be a more formal table with dead tributes.)


Awl: $100

Axe: $150

Blanket: $50

Blowgun: $100

Bow: $150

Bread: $50

Burn Cream: $125

Canteen: $100

Camouflage Paints: $100

Dagger: $100

Darts (12): $25

Dried Meat: $75

Dried Fruit: $50

Instant Relief (heals any wound immediately): $400

Knife: $75

Mace: $125

Matches: $75

Neosporin (to prevent infection in open wounds): $150

Net: $125

Night-Vision Glasses (allows your tribute to move at night): $150

Paddles: $50

Painkiller: $75

Parka (large coat for extreme warmth): $150

Poison: $75

Portable Fan (cools tribute down): $150

Quiver of Arrows (12): $25

Raft: $250

Rocks (10) [usually for slingshot]: $25

Rope: $25

Shoes: $75

Sleeping Bag: $75

Slingshot: $125

Soup: $75

Spear: $125

Spile: $75

Sword: $125

Throwing Axes (3): $200

Throwing Knives (3): $200

Trident: $275

Water: $100

Wire: $75

Wooden Club: $125

Bloodbath: Day 1

Logan Castilia:

I rise up in this stupid black cap. And I'm barefoot! There's Lacey, staring straight ahead at the Cornucopia. 60...59...58...57...56...55... We have to get something small on the outskirts, then run. 54...53...52...51...50...I see the Careers, and they're all next to each other! The boys from two look the scariest. (clock jumps down to 20) But yet Emma from 8 got the highest score!

Daniel Stone

10...9...8...My first victim? I scan the circle. How about...7...6...5...let's see here...4...3...2...1...Rosie Pendile. The girl who refused to join the Careers. BOOM!

I fly onto the Cornucopia. Some tributes give shouts of pain, but I know I shouldn't look down or I'd feel what I'm stepping on. I reach the Cornucopia. Perfect. The only other one on their is Daniel. I grab a knife, and shoot it at that girl with the brown hair, fighting with Bruno. It hits her in the head.

Andy Pendile

I hear a boom and suddenly NOOO! Rosie is on the ground, dead! That boy from District 5 is standing over her, holding a bloodied knife. Another is in Rosie's skull. "YOU KILLED HER YOU KILLED HER YOU ASS!"

"No, I didn't!" Bruno backs up.

My half-sister's killer must be killed. I plunge my trident into his chest. There is laughter from the Cornucopia. I jerk up. The boy from two. He's laughing. Oh, that kid's in for a treat, now that I know who my sister's real killer is.

Burnio Noty

Bo. 1. I run. Hol spear. Sta me. I pull ou. He scared. OW!Ow! Ow! Ow! Spea hur. Bo laug. I cr. Me hur.

Emma Zurita

BOOM! Wes Quince (6) just killed one of the little girls from 10. Molly, I think? Ella is surveying the battle. "Em!" She shrieks. "Nine! Behind you!"

I flip around, hold out one of my throwing knives. The girl kid from nine is staring at me, holding a knife. It's a few inches away from my throat. She sees me holding mine and quails. "Sorry! I'd probably miss, even! I use a bow, I just picked up a knife 'cuz I was running!"

"Oh, I don't think you'd miss. And I kind of want less tributes to be against, ya know?"

She screams, and I leave that knife in her, I'm going to let her bleed to death, make it SO much more enjoyable.

Letopia Moloka

Me and Antopia both picked up shoes so it makes it easier. The boots are soft and cushy and padded, I can't run but it's not painful to speed walk. We come to a river and leave the fighting at the Cornucopia. I'm about to walk in, when Antopia stops me. "Letopia, look at that!"

I follow her gaze. Oh, gosh. How could I have not realized it before?! The river is no ordinary river. There's steam rising up from it! It's practically impossible to cross!


The Bloodbath is over. Six deaths. I hope some Careers have died! A tribute comes over the spiky hill. Antopia gasps and we press against each other. The boy's bloodstained face is streaked with tears, he grimaces with every step. I see him concentrating on his feet, stepping over the green ones. He's carrying a boat. He sees us, and we study each other for a moment, before we realize the other is no threat. He walks over. "I'm Alevin. My sister, she...she..." He breaks off in tears. "I've got a boat. I'll bring you across if you want."

"Sure!" Antopia pulls me along. They set up the boat and push it in. It stays afloat. We all jump aboard and set sail as the other tributes put their boats in the water.

Mostly everyone got a boat, or is sharing like us. What on earth is that on the side of the Careers boat?! Is it, could it be, a hitchhiking tribute? I think it is! Suddenly a demented, bloodstained face looks at us. Antopia shrieks. And then she falls...down...down...down...! BOOM! Oh, Antopia! Antopia! I can't stop the tears from streaming down my face. I must look like such a weakling!

Alevin Labelle

That girl is still sniffling. I'm shooting daggers at Emma. No one, I repeat, NO ONE kills my sister and escapes unhurt! I have to get her. I'll take her weapon and cut off her head! No, I'll make her die slowly, like my sister! Emma, and her sister Ella, as well deserve the worst! No, every Career! Luke and Annabelle and David and Daniel and Ella and Emma and Jackson and that little girl Kayleigh who's tagging along, they all will die. I'm going to kill. Them!

I feel a tug on my arm. Letopia has pushed the boat ashore and she is telling me to climb out. We are the first ones to arrive. "Hurry! Let's run!"

Whatever the ground is made of, it burns. I increase my speed, but by the time we reach a forest, the souls of my feet are streaked with burns in addition to blood.

We collapse onto the ground. "Alevin, now, now both of us have...nobody...left. Do you want to ally?"

I look at the kid. "Sure."

The anthem starts to play. First comes Rosie Pendile, who I'm surprised with. And then Bruno Clifton. TWO Careers? Beside me, Letopia has a small smile that is slowly growing wider. Then there's Wes Quince, the guy who threw a temper tantrum at the interviews. Then Antopia's face smiles down on us, and Letopia's grin vanishes. She starts sobbing. The there's Adipose. Adipose, why did you have to attack that stupid 8 girl? We sob through Molly Ann Reed and Burnio Noty. I hate this day!

Death Chart, sort of

I can't make a table on this, but the deaths will be as organized as I can make them!


Rosie Pendile Killed by: Daniel Stone How: Knife to head

Bruno Clifton Killed by: Andy Pendile How: Trident to chest

Wes Quince Killed by: David Stone, Adipose Labelle How: Knocked out, knife to chest

Adipose Labelle Killed by: Emma Zurita How: Blood loss/knife to stomach

Molly Ann Reed Killed by: Hurio Noty How: Beheaded

Burnio Noty Killed by: Luke Odair How: Spear to stomach.


Antopia Moloka Killed by: Scalding lake How: Burned/drowned

Trivia of the day!'


  • All tributes are on other side of lake
  • The remaining 7 and 9 have made an alliance
  • The remaining 4, 6, and 10 have made an alliance.
  • Careers consist of 1, 2, 5, and 8. 1 Career is dead.
  • All tributes but Careers are in the forest. The Careers are next to the island.

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