aka Alice (Allie, Ali, Icy and Ice  :P )

  • I live in a Capitol penthouse, somewhere in time
  • I was born on February 2
  • My occupation is being myself :P
  • I am a Girl  :S
  • XShiloh

    Annie Cresta's Story

    June 24, 2012 by XShiloh

    WARNING!: There might be kissing scenes here so if you feel uncomfortable, I understand and will tone it down.

    I cast my net out into the crystal blue sea as I watch the sun rise in a brilliant gold, leaving a pinkish hue. The Reaping is today and it's on everyone's minds. As the people sleep in, I wake up early and ready myself for today. 'I doubt though' I thought. Since I was twelve, I have never been picked for tribute, even if I did tesserae a bajillion times. So, i'm known to be one of the 10% people who survive to see the light of day. I reel in my catch, not surprised by another perfect dozen and pour it in my bucket. I then roll up my net and head back to the town square. As I walk towards the stone pavement, I see a figure jogging …

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  • XShiloh

    Hi, I'm new at this so.....ya. XD

    This is my first so this might not be as good as others, but I'm trying!

    You can reserve up to two Tribute/Stylist/Mentor spaces.

    Each Mentor and/or Sponsor gets $2000 for gifts. Things might be added to the list, but I won't raise the prices cause 3 items will cost half your money.But these 3 items might not be useful so.....we'll just see what happens.

    Chariot rides will not be included, but you can add Tribute P.O.V's in the Reaping and (if he/she wins) a P.O.V of the winner after the Hunger Games! This has to be after all the spaces of the Tributes,Stylists & Mentors are filled in though. The same for the interveiws. (I changed my mind about the interviews and the interview outfits. It will be out until th…

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