​​Since I'm random, I'm doing a P.O.V. about the amazing Annie Cresta. I'll put the chapters in as soon as possible and if anyones interested, here's a link to my other blog: User blog:XShiloh/xShiloh's First Hunger Games.

WARNING!: There might be kissing scenes here so if you feel uncomfortable, I understand and will tone it down.


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OHH YEAA! All about this^

Annie Cresta

This is her story

The Reaping prt 1

I cast my net out into the crystal blue sea as I watch the sun rise in a brilliant gold, leaving a pinkish hue. The Reaping is today and it's on everyone's minds. As the people sleep in, I wake up early and ready myself for today. 'I doubt though' I thought. Since I was twelve, I have never been picked for tribute, even if I did tesserae a bajillion times. So, i'm known to be one of the 10% people who survive to see the light of day. I reel in my catch, not surprised by another perfect dozen and pour it in my bucket. I then roll up my net and head back to the town square. As I walk towards the stone pavement, I see a figure jogging by the surf. Finnick, our only man victor, makes me feel nervous. Not only will he be the mentor this year, but if he sees me, he'll think I'm stealing food. His bronze hair and tan skin comes closer and I break into sprinting. I don't stop till I almost slam into my house door. All the houses, except the Victors Village, look the same.Sky blue paneling, Brown roof, silver metallic door with white bordering & windows rimmed with greenish driftwood. I calm myself, force a smile and twist the slim silver handle.

My Mother and Father, Sara and Fredrick Cresta, stand around our fairly-sized round table, placing my mother's priceless china on the table. Meanwhile, My sister, Pepper Cresta, sits infront of our only sewing-machine, mending her Reaping dress.

"I'm home" I say, slipping off my rubber boots."Look what I caught!"

They looked up, Pepper awed by two dozen oysters I have caught."Can I open some, Annie?' she asks.

I tuck in a stray strand of hair behing her ear."Sure, but only a dozen. We'll save the other for after the Reaping"

"After Pepper and you don't get picked." My father says, hugging me tightly. His aquatic scent and his stubble rubbing against my forehead feels comforting and I almost forget my troubles. Almost.

"Come on! The seaweed bread is getting cold!" My mother reminded us, pushing us to our normal seats.

We say a simple grace before I open our special spicy red sauce, Red Pepper's sauce, and pour it all over the oysters. As we munch on our delicious feast, I begin to wonder what today has to give.

The Reaping prt 2

After cleaning the dishes,me and Pepper go to our rooms to change.Mine was a soft teal dress with a boat-neckline, a seaweed-green sash that winded round my waist and seafoam-coloured chiffion hanging on the edge of my skirt. The shimmery fabric of my dress felt like satin under my fingers. I looked into the mirror while toying with my hair. My black hair, reaching the length right under my armpits and surprisingly soft, was in a tangled,curly mess. So, I began untangling, combing and brushing my hair until in was completely straight. The only things that weren't was my fringe and the ends of my hair. I hear a soft knock on my door and the sqeak of it opening. My mother, wearing a plaid skirt and a brown sweater, peeks through the doors gasps when she sees me. "You look beautiful" She says, hugging me tightly.

"Thanks" I say, hopefully not blushing." Is everyone ready?"

"We're just waiting for you. Are you ready?"

I grab my leather head-band and set it on my head. I then go on my knees and grab from under my bed, my prized leather sandals with multi-coloured beads strung in the middle. I slip them on and look at my mother. "Is that it?" She asks.

I nod and we head out, hand-and-hand, outside.

My Father, wearing a dress shirt, pinstriped pants, black boots polished to shine and his seaweed patterned tie, looked the same like in his wedding photo. Just older and without his coat. Pepper looked like a girl from the Capitol. Baby pink dress with puffy sleeves, same shimmery fabric into a matching sash and glittering pale pink buttons in the middle of her chest. Shiny black leather school shoes and ruffled socks made her look abit over the top, but when I looked around, everyone looked 10x crazier looking as her. Ruffles, tassles, clothes designed to intricately cover private parts, top hats covered in fake exotic flowers, jewelery that reached to your knees and bright neon colours flew past me in baffling speeds. I had know clue why everyone had Capitol Fashion Fever or CFF for short. As I walked, hand-and-hand with Pepper, she suddenly lets go and I hear her shriek from afar. I turn around to see her, talking with her school-mates and smile. As I walk away, I'm blocked by the one person I despised out of this whole village.

Side Note: Even though I haven't updated this in......forever, I'm just telling you that the reson why is because I've been busy with life, school and such. Anyway let's get back to Annie's story shall we?

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