Hi, I'm new at this so.....ya. XD

This is my first so this might not be as good as others, but I'm trying!

You can reserve up to two Tribute/Stylist/Mentor spaces.

Each Mentor and/or Sponsor gets $2000 for gifts. Things might be added to the list, but I won't raise the prices cause 3 items will cost half your money.But these 3 items might not be useful so.....we'll just see what happens.

Chariot rides will not be included, but you can add Tribute P.O.V's in the Reaping and (if he/she wins) a P.O.V of the winner after the Hunger Games! This has to be after all the spaces of the Tributes,Stylists & Mentors are filled in though. The same for the interveiws. (I changed my mind about the interviews and the interview outfits. It will be out until the interviewer spaces are filled.)

Tokens are optional. :3

Lvl 1 Cornucopia: Golden horn with the horn tipped with a long spear at the end. It lays in a Y-shaped cayon, surrounded by hills. The ground around it is light brown dirt. The rest is green grass lush with edible berries. A small Nightlock bush is hidden somewhere amongst each pile of bushes so beware.

Lvl 2 Hills: The hills are shaped to look like huge stair steps. Very high up and one push down one of the hills and your dead. The top has lots of pine trees and tall grass. Few spring ponds, but one big lake is hidden inside one of the hills. Each hill had a secret tunnel leading inside itself and to the ground level.
Hunger Games arena sketch

Not this high and flat Y-shaped canyon.Around half the height of the smallest hill in-front.

'Since this is kinda slow, I'm writing a P.O.V. about the amazing Annie Cresta. The link is here: User blog:XShiloh/Annie Cresta's Story. 'I'll put up chapters up randomly, but it will be frequent.


Names Appearance Skills
D1 M: Arran Harthorn He is quite handsome, he has short blonde hair that flops just the right way, Dazziling green eyes that mark him as a Harthorn. He is Muscular but very skinny. Sword, Strength, Seduction, Likeability.
D1 F: Katelynn Huxley Long blonde and brown hair, often tied up; green eyes with deep red eyeshadow, bright freckles. Very beautiful. Throwing knives
D2 M: Harve Screster Black hair, dark eyes, 5'10 Spear
D2 F: Esorellia Snow

Sandy brown hair (close to blonde), bright blue eyes, olive skin, GORGEOUS, thin

Bow and arrows, knife, axe, mace, sword, spear.Token: A diamond necklace her great-great grandfather had passed down to her.
D3 M: Gary Flennex Spiky light brown hair and sky blue eyes. Hiding, or hide with a camouflage and Johanna Mason strategy.Axe and rock. Token: A CT with a circle surrounding it. CT means Career Tribute. It is created by him.
D3 F: Aria Camelliston Beautiful, brown hair,with blonde and copper-like highlights, very distinctive bright blue eyes, tanned skin, thin, petite body Bows and arrows Token:A small blue ribbon that belonged to her mother .
D4 M: Mickey Mcalister 6"3, Built, short spiked black hair, attractive ( to girls ), deep sea green eyes Trident
D4 F: Olympia Willings Bright red and blonde hair thats always ties up; Olympia's eyes are originally green, but nobody knows why her eyes turn red when she is angry, which they do. Hand-on-hand combat, physical strength
D5 M:
D5 F:
D6 M: Grayson Smith Handsome, close cropped black hair, startling blue eyes, tan skin Archery, hand-to-hand combat, strength. Token: A blue hankerchief he stores in his boot/shoe/sandal (or around his ankle)

D6 F: Blythe Smith

Black hair usually streaked with red, electric blue eyes, tan skin Spears, hand-to-hand combat, climbing, swords. Token: Prim's necklace
D7 M:
D7 F: Kayleen Fortenberry Straight blonde hair, green eyes, 5'7" Trident, sleuth
D8 M: Ivan Reid He has glasses, dark brown hair, dark brown eyes and muscular. Hand to hand combat and swimming.Throwing knives and wire. Token: Small aluminum glasses.

D8 F: Eyla Zafire

Pale skin, black hair usually in plaits, green eyes, 5'4 Knife
D9 M: Alex Donaque Short dirty blonde hair that is just the right length and hue. Not the skinniest, but not the fattest either, blue eyes, quite short. Sometimes is described by older girls as cute. Sword, okay with a bow and arrow
D9 F:

D10 M:

D10 F: Abital Zertofi Red hair, Porcelain skin, Blue eyes, Red blush, Red eyeshadow, Red lipstick. Whip.Used to violence, good reactions
D11 M: Quincy Williams Tall, muscular, African American, black cornrows, deep blue eyes spear, sword, axe
D11 F: Allie Cumberland Curly red hair and hazel eyes. 4'9 sleuth, bow and arrow, setting traps
D12 M: Spencer Holly Dark Brown Justin Bieber style hair, sea-colored eyes, tan skin Knives, Spears, clubs, plants, fast, singing. Token: A silver chain used as a necklace
D12 F: Jessica Proper Wavy Brown Hair, Grey/Blue/Green eyes, tan skin, freckles

Bow and Arrows, knives, hand-to-hand combat, trident, spears, plants, swimming, singing. Token: A handmade bracelet


Name Appearance
D4: Aero Cel Blonde hair with white streaks, 85 years old, looks 42. She has no legs and instead has a floating metallic green skirt.
D6: Trey Simmers Black hair with orange highlights, caramel-coloured skin, yellow eyes & a claw mark on his right cheek.
D12: Twilight Night Brown hair, blue eyes & tan skin.


Name Appearance
D1: Maysilee "Maysie" Henshaw 5'6 (more to come)
D4: Luella Mistry Slight tan, blue eyes, dirty blonde hair with blue streaks, blue eyeshadow.
D5: Ruby Iulius (iulius) Dark skin, brown/red eyes, cherry red hair, red makeup
D6: Alexa Grace Short turquoise hair, green skin, red eyes, red eyeshadow, powder blue blush, dark turquoise lipstick & pointy ears.
D12: Taylor Copper Brown hair with turqoise highlights, green eyes, pale skin, blue eyeshadow & a aqua pendant attatched to a golden chain.


Item Use Price
Burn Medicine Heal burns from fires. $50
Tracker-Jacker sting cream Like the leaves, but in cream form. $50
Scar medicine When left with a scar from fighting or such. $50
Scrape medicine Heals minor cuts,wounds & scrapes. $20
Pain-killers Kills intense pain. $100
Capitol pills Heals anything, but muttation bites,stings,etc. $100
Bandages Covers wounds $50
First-aid kit Healing on the go. $60
Sleeping Syrup Incase of emergancies $50
Slow posion Enemys suffer $40
Nightlock pills (Suicide?) Incase no Nightlock berries are found. $1000
12x arrows with new Bow & Quiver When bow breaks and run out of arrows $150
5x arrows Extra $80
Knife Cutting stuff or to defend. $10
Throwing knives 12x Perfect for long-range. $10
Machete Sharp as ever $35
Axe Chopping wood or Chopping heads. $35
Sword Cuts things in quick succession $35
Spear Light but deadly $35
Dagger Small and very hard to dodge when close. $30
Posion-dart gun with 200x darts Perfect for long-range shooters. $100
100x posion darts Extra $50
Grapple-hook gun For climbing those hills $1000
Grapple-hooks 12x Incase you lose the first $500
Ladder When you want to climb down the hill safely. $500
Empty backpack For when there's too much stuff $75
Backpack Necessities are inside. $95
Water-skin Waiting to be filled with water $50

Water-skin with water in it

Too thirsty or too lazy. $55
Water canteen Waiting to be filled with water. $50
Water canteen with water in it Too hurt or too lazy $55
Sleeping-bag that reflects heat When nights get too cold. Can fit two people. $200
Sleeping-bag that cools When nights get too hot. Fits two people. $200
Loaf of bread Very filling bread. $100
2x bread Can last for atleast 4 days max. Very hearty. $200
Clear broth Delicious and nourishing. $150
Medium-sized pot of chicken noodle soup For the hurt or cold. $300
10x oranges When there's no fruit around $35
10x apples When there's no fruit around $35
10x pears When there's no fruit around $35
Tiny basket Tribute/s favourite with plates, spoons, forks & napkin. $300
Regular basket Tribute/s favourite with green grapes, strawberrys, wild rice, spoons, forks, plates & napkins. $500
Feast Tribute/s favourite with green grapes, strawberrys, several green apples, baked potatos, goat cheese, white bread, spoons, forks, plates & napkins. $1000


Name: User:

More Coming Soon! ;D

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