Hi everyone! This is my first games! When ever I try to make a game I get lazy, but now I think I'm ready!


1. No cursing.

2. Do not get mad at anyone if your tributes die.

3. You can make as may tributes as you want but not ALL AT ONCE.

4. I'll make it fair as possible!

5. Please don't rush me, it's my first ever games.

6. Have fun.

Fill this out!





Strengths: (1-3)

Weaknesses: (1-3)

Appearance: (Luanii)

Interview plan:

Training plan:

Bloodbath plan:

Game plan:



District Age Gender Name Weapon User
1 15 F Liv Seasal Trident Nightlock Kryptonite
1 17 M Blanc "Blanket" Bonaparte Axe, spear, sword, smoke bombs  Mistfire333
2 16 F Chole Black swords, throwing knives CatoET
2 18 M Yuki Kokyu Brute force, spiked club, brass knuckles Mistfire333
3 14 F Emma (Em) ? bow and arrow Sebastiansgleek1
3 14 M Ike Toussaint Machete, crossbow/bow and knives Mistfire333
4 18 F Nymph Meré Throwing axes PumPumPumpkin:3
4 17 M Kodai Hitogoroshi Whip, spiked rod, teeth, brute force/strangling Mistfire333
5 ? F ? ? ?
5 16 M Shade Spectrus Dagger shaped like a lightning bolt, Crossbow Mistfire333
6 18 F Teresa Silver Throwing knives, swords MissRandomStuff
6 16 M Cario Paradox Bow and Arrow Kman528
7 16 F Duskus Sinrood Scythe, Smoke/Flash bombs, axe, crossbow, knives and spears Mistfire333
7 14 M Mist Scorchil Axe/Tomahawk, Dagger, Hidden Blade Mistfire333
8 15 F Layla Twozone Club, mace MissRandomStuff
8 ? M ? ? ?
9 18 F Bailey Starshine Spears and Scythes Nightlock Kryptonite
9 14 M Nathaniel "Nate" Crowe Crossbow, throwing knives, dagger Mistfire333
10 14 F Alecia Cohen Shurikens, curved knives, bow and arrow CatoET
10 14 M Alec Cohen Shurikens, curved knives, bow and arrow CatoET
11 16 F Cilluetta Towinski Sword, mace SuperTomato
11 17 M Randolph Jaska Spear SuperTomato
12 16 F Macie Lyons Blowgun, Bow, Throwing Knives, Knife MissRandomStuff
12 14 M Quallo Hornback Dagger SuperTomato
13 15 F Cwinn Graylee Samurai Sword, Explosives Kman5284
13 15 M Ares Dos-Santos Speed, throwing knives, stealth and brute force Mistfire333


Alcatraz...this place is creepy. This is how it works, Each tribute gets there own empty cell.

When the count down ends, the cell doors will zoom opens and the weapons, backpacks, food exc. will be at the hall way. but the best items will be at the next level. Tributes have to escape floods, earthquakes and such.

Tributes may also go outside. There is a dome covering the island. There will also be a couple new weapons like police bats, handcuffs, tasers, and more.

 Group Training

Blanc "Blanket" Bonaparte, District 1

"WAKE UP BLANC" My mentor screams. "But, the bed is so soft!" I yell back. She pulls my legs, but I kick her so she goes flying on the other side of the room. "Fine, five more minutes!" She yells.

Liv and I get ready to go to training. We put on our uniforms and walk to the training center. All the Careers meet up at the center of the training center.

We introduce eachother and we walk to the rope climbing.The girl from eleven is already on the other side. "Thats a long way." I say with a bit of worry. "Sure is, now go!" Yuki growls. He pushes me and I quickly grab on to the rope. I slowly make my way to the other side. "Your doing great!" I hear Liv yell out. I start to feel a bit tired. " I need a nap." I say quietly. I close my eyes, still hanging on the ropes course.

Macie Lyons District 12

"Is he dead?" One of the careers yelled out. "I hope he is" I say under my breath. I try to make a fire but its point less. I set up the firewood and start to rub the rock against the firewood. Smoke comes out and a flame pops. "I did it!" I whisper to my self. I decide to try the ropes course, but i'm not very sure if I can do it.

I wait in line, then the girl from two looks at me and laughs. "Whats so funny?" I ask. "Your makeup" she whispers. I fill with rage. "You will be sorry for saying that." I say with a bit of a rude tone. "We'll see about that." She whispers. She looks at me with a death glare.

Cwinn Graylee District 13

I walk to a dummy and take a sword. I slash the dummie's arms, then head. I kick the chest and shove the sword in the heart. I look around to see if anyone is impressed. A couple of tributes stare. I grin and rip the sword out.

I walk over to the plant station. I see a girl already picking all the correct plants. "Damn, I could never do that" I say. I also see a boy starting a huge fire. "Crap, I'm screwed." I say. 


The Warden: This is a strange but dangerous mutt. The Warden has a police outfit on and walks around with claws. He goes after tributes and grabbing them by the neck and cutting their heads off. He carries the heads on chains, using them as a weapon.

Police Mutts: These mutts are much more dangerous then regular mutts. They carry supplies on their backs, but to get them you have to tame them. They walk around in packs or stay with The Warden.

Prisoners: They look like prisoners but they have a skeleton body. They can change into other tributes and trick them. They also hate The Warden. They walk in packs and very dangerous. 

Creepy Lunch Man: This guy is basicly an old man. He stays in the lunch room and serves poison noodles. He follows tributes and throwing noodles at them. Hes really easy to kill, but he comes back alive fast.


Careers: Yuki (2), Chole (2), Liv (1), Blanc (1), Layla (8), Teresa (6), Nymph (4).

Anti-Careers: Mist (7), Shade (5), Duskus (7), Kodai (4)

Sherwood Alliance: Nate (9), Ike (3)

Barker Alliance: Ares (13), Blanc (1)

The rest of the tributes are alone, or with their district partner.



Antidote: $200

Awl: $100

Axe: $150

Blanket: $50

Blowgun: $100

Bow: $150

Bread: $50

Burn Cream: $125

Canteen: $100

Camouflage Paints: $100

Claws(2): $150

Cooler bag: $75

Crossbow: $175

Darts (10): $25

Dried Meat: $75

Dried Fruit: $50

Electricity plog: $225

Empty backpack: $50

First-aid kit: $150

Fishing root: $75

Flotation belt: $75

Instant Relief: $400

Iodine: $75

Jacket: $75

Knife: $75

Knunchock: $150

Mace: $125

Machete: $125

Matches: $75

Neosporin: $150

Net: $125

Night-Vision Glasses: $150

Paddles: $50

Painkiller: $75

Poison: $75

Quiver of Arrows (10): $25

Raft: $250

Sharpened rocks (20) : $25

Rope: $25

Saw: $100

Shovel: $75

Sickle: $125

Sleeping Bag: $75

Slingshot: $100

Soup: $75

Spear: $125

Spile: $75

Steel knuckles: $125

Sword: $150

Scythe: $125

Shurikens (5): $150

Tent: $125

Throwing Axes (3): $225

Throwing Knives (3): $150

Trident: $275

Torch: $50

Water: $100

Whip: $125

Wire: $75

Wooden Club: $125

Arena Outfit

The jacket will have the district number on the back of the jacket. The pants will have the district number on the left side of the pants.

Training scores

Tributes Scores
District 1 Female 9
District 1 Male 5
District 2 Female 11
District 2 Male  10
District 3 Female 4
District 3 Male 6
District 4 Female 7
District 4 Male 5
District 5 Female 2
District 5 Male 11
District 6 Female 4
District 6 Male 8
District 7 Female 9
District 7 Male 7
District 8 Female 5
District 8 Male 1
District 9 Female 7
District 9 Male 8
District 10 Female 10
District 10 Male 10
District 11 Female 3
District 11 Male 4
District 12 Female 5
District 12 Male 7
District 13 Female  10
District 13 Male 7       



Nathaniel "Nate" Crowe, District 9

The plate rises up. I end up in a cell. "What the?" I say to myself. I see weapons packed up in the hallway of the prison. The timer counts down, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, GONG!

Layla Twozone, District 8

The cell doors slide open and I run to the nearest back pack. I see the boy from three's head getting slashed off by Yuki. BOOM! I grab the backpack and run upstairs. Suddenly, somebody dives at me and slices my neck. BOOM!

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