Hello everyone, I'm back. I've decided to create a new games and get back into the wiki. I'll try to update these games as often as I can.

The Rules.

Please fill out the template.

No links to tribute info.

You can enter as many tributes as you want.

No fighting.

Please don't yell at me if I don't finish these games. ._.

Please don't yell at me if your tribute dies.

Enjoy the games!

The Winter Games.

This year's games is based off winter climates. There will be twists in the games like, the arena is 5x larger than regular arenas. The others twists and more info will be announced before the games. Happy Hunger games, and may the odds be ever in your favor...

The Template.





Weapon(s): (Please use real weapons.)

Strengths: (3 strengths is the max)

Weaknesses: (3 weaknesses is the max)

Backstory: (Please don't write me a story.)


Game plan:

The Tributes.

Name: District: Age: Personality: Weapon(s): Strengths: Weaknesses:
Thalia Rhodes 1 16 Unselfish, giving, hot-headed Katana Caring, Strong, Poised Bossy, Nosy, unstable
Reserved for Toast with the Most 2
Jinny Billtrox 3 16 Jinny is very logical. If anyone asks her a question she comes back with a logical answer. Traps, Throwing Knives Jinny is a intelligence prodigy. She is the smartest girl between the ages of 13 and 23 in her District which helps her make battle strategies. She isn't very strong, but makes up for it with her inelligence. She is also not a very good swimer and she can't use long range weapons with much accuricy. She also doesn't have a very good sense of humor, but a great personality.
 Vincent "Vinny" Rhux 3 16 ? Spear ? ?
Reserved for Toast with the Most 4
Reserved for Toast with the Most 4
Devi Sunshine 5 13 Devi is one of those people who never stop smiling, Devi is so kind and never thinks twice about helping somebody out. Long Knives or a Slingshot. Devi has quite a bit of strengths. Devi has a great personality, which she can use to get sponsors. Devi is also a good swimmer, even though she comes from District 5, she is a very good wimmer due to the pond in her garden. Devi is also good plants Devi isn't a very good climber since she never learned. Also Devi isn't the fastest runner or the strongest person out there, but she isn't horribly slow or weak.
Charlotte Amai 6 12 Charlotte is a mental, but lovely and friendly little girl. Sword and spear. Persuasion, Withstanding Pain, Climbing Swimming, Her Parents, Her Eyes
Reserved for Toast with the Most 7
Reserved for Toast with the Most 11
Leona Soleil 12 16 Leona can be described as a bubbly, fun-loving teen who is very protective and motherly towards her friends and family. Swords, shields finding allies, durable, and very strong. Being sneaky, too loud, swimming, and unprepared
Reserved for Toast with the Most 12

The Arena.

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