President Snow soon got tired of the regular Hunger Games. He asked his advisers what to do. One of his advisers said to make a hunger games that would ruin a holiday. President Snow decided to make the Christmas Games. It will happen once every 100 years. The games will start on Christmas day. There will be 4 winners. This is also a quarter quell with the Capitol and 13 involved.


No cursing

No complaining if your tributes die.

I will only accept on my profiles if you reserved a tribute or tributes.

You could have 4 tributes each.







Backstory (Optional):

BB Strategy:

Other Info:


Female Boys Female Boys
D1     Sparkle Rose D1 Ryan Hilford D1 Sparkle Johnson D1 Ivory Christoff
D2 Krista Corax D2 Jonathan Webb D2 Frida Ordonez D2 David Shark
D3 Amber Bridges D3  Gabriel Woodson D3 Dana DataByte D3 Brave Gare
D4 Aja Jaga

D4  Apollo Odair

D4 Symphony Star

D4 Brooklyn Manigol
D5 Dariox Zembola D5 Baton Raven D5 Aliya  Andropov D5 Keden Badge
D6  Sam Chalmers D6 Samantha Chalmers D6 Sylvia Churchill D6 Train Yae
D7 Jana Homer D7 Blaise Cooper D7 Jania Walker D7 Peter Band
D8 Synch Cane D8 Minus Veto D8 Gia Zealand D8 Mat Tam
D9 Oreale Gae

D9 Seth Gorr

D9 Aurora Anderson D9 Joshua Persuad
D10 Revolution Militia D10 Lewis Trail D10 Veria Nae D10 Grain Gade
D11 Kaden Mai D11 Edmund Bluenot D11 Capitol Cae D11 Mirt Neckz
D12 Kristina Lewis D12 Mark Matthews D12 Mafia Veno D12 Merc Meni
D13 Gold Mase D13 Ultimate Coi D13 Couture Mad D13 Texas Maloe
C Rebecca Black C Justin Beiber C Platinum Diamante C Alex Awl


It is the North Pole. The Tributes will be in a house each. When the Gong rings the tributes can run to the frozen wilderness or go over to Santa's workshop. 


Santa and the elfs are cannibals

All the animals in the wilderness are meat eaters.



Polar Bears



  • Edmund BlueKnot (D11)
  • Oreale Gae (D9)
  • Revolution Militia (D10)
  • Kaden Mai (D11)
  • Synch Cane (D8)
  • Gia Zealand (D8)
  • Sparkle Rose (D1)
  • Ryan Hilford (D1)
  • Aja Jaga (D4)
  • Frida Ordonez (D2)
  • Alex Awl (Capitol)

Walking Krill





I find myself counting along with the timer. I stop I must be really scared my god. I look at my surroundings and I see the houses that the other tributes are in. I see Oreale Gae (9) looking at a pair of throwing axes. No way is she getting those.

..........10......9.......8.......7......6......5......4......3.....2....1.... GONG!!!

I barge out of the house getting a backpack. I quickly run to the throwing axes. I grab them until Oreale kicks me in the head. Ugh! I quickly get up and slam my backpack in her face. She falls down and I get the axes. She follows me and jumps on top of me. "Give me the axes and I'll go!" she screams. "Never!!" I reply. I bang my head into hers. She falls down and I throw and axe to her purple hair. BOOM!!! It hits directly her head. I run away to the wilderness.


All over me I see people dieing already. Oreale (9)'s body is on the ground. As I run for some knives Brave Gare (3) jumps on to of me making me topple on him. He then plunges a knife in my chest. AGH!!! The pain!!! I get up and I immediatly fall down. I fall face down making the knife go deeper in my body. BOOM!!!! There goes my canon....


As I get some knives I see Jania Walker (7) throw 2 axes hitting Seth Gorr (9) and Aliya Andropv (5). BOOM!! BOOM!!! BOOM!!. I wonder who the 3rd canon was? I turn my back and I see Mafia Veno (12) with a knive in her back. I guess she was the 3rd canon. I get some supplies and run to the workshops.


I see the last tribute Mirt Neckz try to escape the bloodbath. I throw a trident at him. BOOM!!. That's the end of the Bloodbath. The Careers gather around and start reviewing the plans. "Half of us go to Santa while the other half go to the wilderness" Ivory (1) said. "No our odds are lower!" Frida (2) replied. "Whatever I'll go to the wilderness" I say. The careers split up. 2 from each district either went to the wilderness or Santa. Frida, David, Symphony, and Ryan are with me.



I've finally reached Santa!! "Hello you must be Amber come in come in!" Santa says. "Of course I'll come in what is wrong with you!" I scream. "Wow well somebody is acting naughty!" Santa says. "Do you know what we do to naughty children?" Santa asks. "No..." I reply backing away. "EAT THEM!" He screams and he kills me and feasts on me. BOOM!!!


I've reached a cave in the wilderness. I look in and I see Rebbecca and Justin (C) singing song together. " You shoot me down, but I won't fall I am Titanium!! Oh yeah!" They sing. I try to stifle a laugh but it escapes from me. Justin turns around and throws a dagger at me. I throw a dagger too hitting Rebbecca but Justin's dagger kills me. BOOM!! BOOM!! 


I found Kaden and we become allies." So what do you have?" Kaden asks. " I have dried fruit, another coat, and a sleeping bag." I reply. " Well I have some throwing axes and a empty water container." She says. We talk until I fall to sleep. 



My team left early in the morning taking some supplies. The other team woke up just when we left. Brooklyn threw a random trident in the air to try and hit us. It hit the other Sparkle (1). "AGH!!!!!!" she screams. "Help me guys come on please!" she pleads. "Sorry but no your practically useless now" I reply. I take my sickle and I cut her neck. BOOM!!. We continue on and we see a house full of tributes. They're having a feast? We barge into the door and start killing them. I thorw my sickle like a boomerang toward Train Yae (6) and Keden Badge (5). It cuts their heads clean off. BOOM!! BOOM!!. I grab my sickle and cut Peter Band (7) neck. BOOM!! . Aja and Krista are taking care Mat Tam (8), Joshua Persuad (9), and Grain Gade (10). I walk out the door and I hear their canons sound. BOOM!!! BOOM!! BOOM!!. Well that's done.


I teamed up with Minus (8) and Lewis (10). They make pretty good allies. Yesterday Minus threw and axe at Sam Chalmers (6) it hit him but he must have gotten instant health at the blood bath. Minus (8) and Lewis (10) were planning something. I'm not sure what. I got some axes and threw them at Minus (8) and Lewis (10) just when they got their swords to kill me. It both hits them at the chest. BOOM!! BOOM!!!. I stand overthem and spit on them. I'm glad I killed them. I get my supplies and walk out of the cave when a axe belonging to Kaden Mai (11) hits my face. BOOM!!.


I was able to get a backpack and 2 packs of throwing knives. 10 per each pack. I continue walking toward the wilderness until I hear the anthem sound. A lot of faces showed up including my kill Brave Gare (3). I killed him with a sword. Unfortunately I left it behind. I camp near a cave when the careers hover over me. "Well, well, well what do we have here?" Brooklyn (4) says. Brooklyn (4)  throws a trident at me but I dodge it. I throw a knife at Brooklyn (4) killing him. Then I throw 2 knives at Ryan (1) and David (2). Both hitting them. BOOM!! BOOM!! BOOM!!. Then they're faces show up with the other tributes.



After I slept I continue walking with no supplies. My stomach longs for food but there is none. I walk and I walk and I walk. Soon after I fall down from the cold. I don't think I can continue...... BOOM!!


We saw the faces of the other careers and we celebrate! Our celebration is ended quickly when Frida (2), Symphony (4) , Gold (13) , Ultimate (13) , Couture (13) , and Texas (13) attack us. Frida (2) throws some axes at Apollo (4) ultimately killing him. I throw some axes at Texas (13) and Gold (13) hitting their chests. BOOM!! BOOM!! BOOM!!. Ultimate throws some knives at Jonathan (2) hitting his head. BOOM!!. Couture (13) goes all karate on me but I quickly kill her. BOOM!!. Frida (2), Symphony (4), and Ultimate (13) ran away whe Couture (13) died. Capitol (11) heard the noise and ran over here trying to kill someone but Ivory quickly kills her with his sickle. BOOM!!.



I was able to get some supplies but not alot. Day 4 nothing really happened. I saw Justin but I didn't really have the heart to kill him.



Me and Kristina (12)  were always in our cave just doing our stuff and having fun. We didn't protect the cave and that brought us to our downfall. Jana (7) and Aurora (9) enetred our cave and taked us as hostages. Kristina was cying so hard. Then when they were gonna kill us Kristina said "NOW!". I fell to the ground and kicked Jana's foot. She fell down and I got a sword and killed her. BOOM!!. I was gonna help Kristina until Aurora killed her. BOOM!!. Aurora then ran away.


I was with Santa when Sam (6) and Samantha (6) barged through the door. "ELVES DINNER TIME!!" Santa screams. Then in a second a thousand elves came in and had a feast. BOOM!! BOOM!! BOOM!! BOOM!!. Just before I died I see Jania (7) get eaten up too. So she was the fourth canon. Well now districts 7 and 6 are gone...



I'm with Gabriel (3) making traps when we hear a canon. BOOM!!. I look at one of my traps and I see Veria (10) in one of them. We start laughing at her death and making jokes on how she didn't see the traps.



I have seen at least 1 or 2 animals wandering by. The careers have decided to split up. Now I'm just wandering in the frozen wilderness. I reach a cave and I see Dana (3) and Gabriel (3) sleeping. I'm about to kill them when I start bleeding. "AGH!! what's happening?" I scream. I feel something come out of my stomach and I see krill. I'm about to get my instant health until the krill reach my heart. BOOM!!.


I wake up to the sound of Aja (4) canon. I see the krill fast approaching us I run out of the cave but I left Dana (3) behind. "Help me Gabriel! Help!!" She pleads. I do nothing but run away with tears in my eyes. Pretty soon her canon sounds. BOOM!!. I continue running until I stop. Just over the hills I see Dariox (5) being chased by artic foxes. They pounce on him and eat him up. BOOM!!. I can't bear to see the image of him being eaten so I run away once more.



I can't beleive it I'm still alive! I start dancing but my celebration ends short when a polar bear jumps on top of me and starts eating me. BOOM!!


I made an alliance with Aurora (9) and Mark (12). Soon Merc (12) joins our alliance. Justin (C) joins too. We are sitting in a cave when a bliizzard happens. It lats for a long time until it stops. It's covering the cave entrance! "OH no how are we supposed to get out now!" says Aurora (9). " We're gonna die! If I don't win than my fans will miss me and I can't sell my world selling albums!!" cries Justin (C). We begin arguing until a rabbit breaks the snow covering out entrance. We all scream in joy until the rabbits start eating us. This time there is no escape. Our canons all sound on the same time. BOOM!! BOOM!!! BOOM!! BOOM!! BOOM!! 



It's the top 10... 6 more people dead and I can win..... I look over at Kaden (11). Should I kill her? I should that means one less tribute to kill. I grab one of her throwing axes and I throw it. I miss and she looks shocked. She gets real mad and throws an axe to my face. BOOM!!!


I heard a canon sound... I look up to the sky and see Revolution (10) face on the sky. So she's dead. I grab my sickle and go hunt for tributes. I see Symphony (4) fighting with some elves. The elves dodge the attacks and soon eat her. BOOM!!. I'm so shocked that I didn't see a elf sneak up behind me and kill me. BOOM!!


The tributes are dying quickly. So far Revolution (10), Ivory (1), and Symphony (4) are dead. I keep daydreaming what will happen if I win that I didn't see Ultimate (13) try to kill me. He brings his sword down and he hits my arm. AGH! I scream in pain and a throw a knife at him. It hits his face and he dies. BOOM!!. My blood attracts some krill and they feast on me. BOOM!!



I'm in the top 5!! I should rejoice but this is the hunger games there is no time to rejoice. I continue to wander in the wilderness until I reach the cornucopia. There I see the other 4 tributes. They all have weapoms. Krista (2) has some knives, I have some throwing axes, Gabriel (3) has swords and body armor, Platinum (C) has knives and axes, and Alex (C) has a sickle and a trident. We all look at each other frozen. I'm the first to un-freeze. I throw an axe at Krista (2) she dodges it and throws a knife at Gabriel (3) it hits his leg and falls down. He drinks instant health and feels better. Alex (C) throws a trident at Platinum (C) it hits her stomach and she falls down. She takes off her coat and she reveals her body armor. She takes the trident and she throws it at me. It hits me and my life is flashing before me. I then remember my instant health and I drink it. I feel energize and I throw 5 axes at Platinum (C). 2 axes hit her head, 1 axe hits her leg, 1 axe hits her stomach, and the other axe cutts her arm clean off. BOOM!! Her canon sounds. I fall down amazed that I won. Krista (2) and Alex (C) start rejoicing and dancing. Gabriel (3) is just in shock. The hover craft comes and takes us away. I just can't wait to go back to my district.

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