Hi guys, it's me. I'm doing a quick experiment. This experiment will basically tell me who is the most popular tribute of mine. I will be doing this experiment in the form of Games.

This experiment will only include my created tributes in the Continuing Generation. In order for it to work, you need to support one tribute of mine.

I know it may seem crazy but I am absolutely bored so I wanted to do something with my time.


Note: Districts 5,7,8 and 9 will not be included in these Games because I don't have an existing tribute from any of those districts.

Name of tribute Age of tribute District
Savera Hayes 16 1
Gauis Wellwood 14 1
Christina Parthenon 17 2
Daniel Halloy 18 2
Brittany Glacier 12 3
Jeremiah Glacier 15 3
Oceania Seacrest 16 4
Katarina Seacrest



Lucia Morris 13 6
Alexandria Maydon 18 10
Amber Whitfeld 15 11
Katrina Simmons 18 12
Sabrina Prescott

17 13
Tristan Ryder 16 13
  • Savera Hayes: District 1
  • Gauis Wellwood: District 1
  • Christina Parthenon: District 2
  • Daniel Halloy: District 2
  • Brittany Glacier: District 3
  • Jeremiah Glacier: District 3
  • Oceania Seacrest: District 4
  • Katarina Seacrest: District 4
  • Lucia Morris: District 6
  • Alexandria Maydon: District 10
  • Amber Whitfeld: District 11
  • Katrina Simmons: District 12
  • Sabrina Prescott: District 13
  • Tristan Ryder: District 13


Follow all of the alliances in these Games here. When someone dies, they will have a cross through their name like this: Example. If someone's name is in bold, that means that they are the leader of their alliance.

Careers: Savera Hayes (1), Gauis Wellwood (1), Christina Parthenon (2), Daniel Halloy (2), Tristan Ryder (13)

Glacier Alliance: Brittany Glacier (3), Jeremiah Glacier (3)

District 10, 4 and 6 Alliance: Alexandria Maydon (10), Oceania Seacrest (4), Lucia Morris (6)

Alone: Amber Whitfeld (11), Katarina Seacrest (4), Katrina Simmons (12), Sabrina Prescott (13)

Day 1

A Random Capitol Bystander

All of the tributes were standing on their pedestals. The Cornucopia was shaped like a rock. The arena's theme this year was rock.

After the countdown, the tributes started running towards the Cornucopia. Katarina from 4 tries to get away but her cousin, Oceania (also from 4) starts fighting with her.

Sabrina from 13 starts running towards the Cornucopia. Before I knew it, Daniel got a throwing knife and aimed it at her chest. Christina 'finishes her off' by executing her with a spiked mace. BOOM!

Savera and Gauis team together to try and kill Lucia from 6. Alexandria from 10 intervenes and stabs both District 1 tributes in the arm before running off with Lucia.

Oceania, still brawling with Katarina, wins the fight and slit's Katarina's throat. BOOM!

Amber from 11 rushes to get a slingshot nearby. Just as she grabs it, Daniel gets her in a headlock. Amber struggles out of the headlock and stabs him in the back.

Brittany and Jeremiah from 3 stay together and grab their weapons. Tristan creeps up on them from behind. He whips out his sickle and slices Brittany. BOOM!

Jeremiah, noticing his sister's death, fights Tristan and garrottes him with his electrical wire. BOOM!

The remaining tributes run away from the Cornucopia, leaving 4 dead bodies.

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