Because I feel really depressed and kinda lazy, I've decided to explain what I was going to write for the rest of the High School Games. I did not have a pre-determined winner.

Lexi (from 5) decided to go to Sabrina and Arivan. This was not a good idea as she was stabbed by Sabrina and then decapitated by Arivan's trident. The Careers got out their weapons and starting firing at Sabrina and Arivan. Both were killed.

This also saw the end of both Ivan and Skiswalf. Due to them being drunk and having a "power nap", Nikhita managed to find them and kill them as they were both weakened from the drink.

Anger loomed across the Career alliance after the death of Sabrina. Clay was extremely stressed out and angry so he killed Scarlett and Vriska in a rage. Cristopher, who was in love with Vriska, killed Clay before committing suicide. Jaguar survived this.

Rebekah and Sickle decided they couldn't take much more of the Games and killed each other.

Blaine and Rubin decide to rest together and what started as a peaceful night together turned into a nasty fight. Rubin won the fight and killed Blaine.

Lexi (from 7) was killed by Nathan when they were making their way into the forest.

Nikhita managed to kill Rubin but then shortly afterwards, Nikhita died from injuries sustained in her fight with Rubin.

A flood occured and the last confrontation was between Nathan and Petra. After four long hours of fighting, Nathan and Petra drowned Jaguar.

A last minute rule was put in place that the number of victors had been doubled. So Nathan and Petra are the co-victors of The High School Games.

Congratulations to Icanhasnofriends and District3 for being the winning users.

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