I live in the UK and I am in Year 9 in high school. Since it is nearing the end of the school year and the beginning of the summer holidays, I've had to do a lot of end of year tests that might go on my final school report for Year 9. That's made me really stressed.

On Monday, I have to go to this maths study support group afterschool. It's been made compulsory for all students to go to this support group or I have to stay behind 2 hours after school on Friday. I finish school early on Fridays so having to stay behind 2 hours is a bummer (been there, done that).

The same applies to after school clubs. My club is on Tuesdays. If I don't go to that or the study support, it's 2 hours for me after school on Friday.

And then I have my mum who is really ill. My dad wants me to help more around the house so I've had to do things like clean my room and hoover it and make my own dinner and stuff like that. I've hardly had a chance to come onto the Wiki to check how my tributes are doing.

I apologise to those who thought I was being inactive.

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