It's pretty tough for me to say this but I've decided that after some of the Games I have entered tributes in have finished, I will be leaving the wiki on a small hiatus.

I feel like I have to control many things at once in my life. I am having a very bad family life, the school hours are extremely long and my computer sometimes does stupid things when I try to check important things.

I am also undergoing major writer's block and I have been feeling really depressed lately (I've been having constant nightmares).

I might check the wiki from time to time but the whole point of this post is to tell you all that I will be taking a small hiatus.

People I admire

  • MyWorld: You write pretty much awesome games. I loved entering my tributes into the 3rd Annual New Hunger Games. I always check every 5 minutes to see if you've updated because I get that excited.
  • Alicerosewright: Your first games are brilliant. I can't wait to enter more of your games in the future.
  • Tehblakdeath: I like your tributes. They're very interesting. I regard you as a great tribute creator.
  • PumPumPumpkin :3: I just think you're plain awesome.

There's probably many more people I have missed off so sorry if I've forgot you.

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