Chapter 1 is here: Chapter 1: Reaping Day

Chapter 2: Meeting Pointon

Location: Train Station, District 5

Me, Claudio and Cladella have travelled from the Justice Building to the Train Station, where we were set to board the train that would take us to the Capitol.

I put on the headband that Diane gave me so I knew where it was.

"Children, say goodbye to District 5." We observed the many worried faces of District 5's citizens. Most of them soon did the three finger salute to wish us luck in the Games. Me and Claudio joined in.

"Ok, that's enough now. Time to get on the train." Cladella held our backs and moved us inside the train. As soon as we were inside the train, the doors slammed shut. I got scared.

"Wow, that scared me." I remark. Claudio moves into the main compartment while Cladella walks over and rests her hand on my shoulder.

"Sweetie, there are a lot of things you are going to have to learn to get used to over the following weeks. Train doors are the bottom of the hierarchy."

I really did not understand what she meant so I just assumed it was Capitol gibberish.

Walking into the main compartment, I saw a range of food and drink from the Capitol. Pointon, a victor who I guess was now our mentor, was drinking whisky and talking to Claudio. He was 37, with shoulder length brown hair and a funny looking goatee.

"Oh here she is, the volunteer." Pointon announced in a loud, annoying voice. He gave a single laugh before going back to talking. I take a seat next to Claudio.

"So, how you feeling guys?" Pointon asks.

"Hopeless." Claudio replies. For a 14 year old, he had good common sense and was actually sane. My sanity faded away a long time ago.

"How about you, volunteer girl?"

"First of all, I'm not called volunteer girl. I'm called Louisiana and second of all, I'm pretty annoyed."

"I can tell, with that attitude. And who calls their kids Louisiana?" He was being sarcastic in the wrong way.

"At least I was named after something. An American state. What was you named after? Nothing. I've not heard of anything called Pointon." I replied.

"With your attitude, you're not going to get anywhere in the Games."

"So what. I don't really care. I only volunteered to save my friend. She wouldn't have lasted 2 days in the arena." I remark before storming off to my compartment.

There was a king sized bed, a TV, a wall mural that can be changed with a remote and two bed side cabinets. This wasn't much but I'm not going to be in this room for long so it will do.

I jump on the bed and sulk. My peace and quiet was soon interrupted by the arrival of Claudio.

"Hey, I got you a cupcake. They're nice." I could just see him place the cupcake on the right bed side cabinet.

"Thanks." I say as I get up. He hands me the cupcake.

"So I was wondering, do you want to be allies with me in the arena? We could live longer as a duo." He asks. Looking into his bright blue eyes convinced me. He was only young. He couldn't survive on his own.

"Sure." I reply.

"Great. I'm just going to tell Pointon and Cladella." He walks out of my room. I start to indulge in the chocolate orange flavoured cupcake.

Maybe things were not so bad. Maybe there is some sort of hope for us and District 5.

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