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"Most of this year's tributes have dreams. But only one can live to achieve them."

Well, here we are. My first games since my departure. These games will only be a normal games. But knowing me, I always add in a surprise for effect.

For those who don't know me, this is a chance to see what my Games are like. 


Since Katniss Everdeen's rebellion, there have been several Presidents. The successor of President Paylor shared President Snow's beliefs and re-established The Hunger Games. Riots occurred again, but the rioters had no chance without Katniss, who was nearing death.

Districts 3, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13 all declared war on the Capitol after the re-establishment of The Hunger Games. 1 and 2 sided with the Capitol. 4, 5 and 6 declared themselves neutral.

Everything that Katniss worked for was ruined. When Katniss finally died, Willow and Rye pledged their allegiance towards the districts that had declared war on the Capitol.

But the Capitol laughed off their declaration of war and punished them by taking away more of their necessities and supplies. 400 years later, the war is still taking place. Since the beginning of the war, millions have died in riots and executions. Children have died once again in the survived cycle of the Games.

However, things may be about to change.


  1. No fighting over the deaths of tributes.
  2. District 13 and The Capitol included, due to the backstory.
  3. There will be 24 tributes, one of the spots will be taken up by me (I will submit a tribute of my own to improve my writing)
  4. No reservations. However, if you really need to reserve, I will give you 24 hours. If you do not have the tribute(s) ready by 24 hours, I will give up your reservation(s). You can reserve up to 3 spots.
  5. I think it is easier if you send links to your tribute's page on the HGRP wiki, if they have one.
  6. Have fun! I'll try and make these Games as action packed as possible.


The arena this year is one of the biggest in the Games' history. This was to attract more viewers whilst 

  • The mountain range
  • The harbour
  • The castle
  • The field
  • The forest

chaos was taking place. There is a mountain range, a castle with hidden secrets and treasures inside, a vast field, a harbour and a forest.

Of course, with the beautiful landscape provided comes dangers. The forest is ridden with various muttations and poisonous plants. Avalanches and blizzards occur regularly at the mountain range, tsunamis at the harbour and the castle is not all it seems.

Arena Outfit

The arena outfit for this year's Games is a puft jacket, button up shirt, leggings, buckle boots and gloves. 
District 4 female 478th hunger games

District 4 female and District 7 male (please ignore the grey bit)

The way to tell which district a tribute come from is by the colour of their outfit (for example, you can recognize the District 9 female as her outfit is beige).

Colours are:

The Capitol - white

District 1 - pink

District 2 - silver

District 3 - navy blue

District 4 - light blue

District 5 - yellow

District 6 - brown

District 7 - green

District 8 - purple

District 9 - beige

District 10 - red

District 11 - dark green

District 12 - black

District 13 - grey


For these Games, I will be writing in the POVs of the tributes and possibly the POV of the host of the Games.


Name of tribute District Gender User
Alex Haines The Capitol Female Summer bee 13
Emil Grace The Capitol Male Sambaroses 
Ashlynn Mauntell 1 Female


Sebastian Glaze 1 Male


Analisa Latimer 2 Female Summer bee 13
Thamos Keeper 2 Male


Aeralene Ekiert 3 Female Pippycat
Jeremiah Glacier 3 Male Xbilliex
Amber Seaside 4 Female


Dylan Murrow 4 Male Sambaroses
Artemis Harsha 5 Female Pippycat
Huxley Binarie 5 Male Sambaroses
Amethystia Thall 6 Female


Will Finch 6 Male Summer bee 13
Melina Woods 7 Female


Samuel Coleman 7 Male Summer bee 13
Intarsia Silket 8 Female Sambaroses
Favian Thread 8 Male Pippycat
Cheyanne Violanta 9 Female A Wikia contributor
Ash Harper 9 Male Pippycat
Sonya Fire 10 Female Misytmolla
Jamieson Erie 10 Male Summer bee 13
Dorithi Wealono 11 Female A Wikia contributor
George Grain 11 Male


Taylor Astrid 12 Female MarinaTheTenkaiKnight
Clive Nightshadow 12 Male Misytmolla
Artemis Moonsliver 13 Female MarinaTheTenkaiKnight
Ajax Orbit 13 Male


Pre-Reaping (1 POV)

WARNING: Contains swearing.

Ashlynn Mauntell, District 1


Lucius, the love of my life. Those were his final words to me as he lay, slowly dying in my arms. He had been shot in the chest by Peacekeepers during a riot. Riots were a rare occurrence here as there was only a small percentage of people in the district that opposed the Capitol. The rest were the Capitol's little puppets for the President to manipulate, young and old. 

I'll admit it. I spent most of my early life training at the Careers Academy. But I was never brainwashed into believing their bulls**t. I never done it for the Games. I done it to better myself. To become a stronger person.

I recall that day like it was just yesterday. The rioters arrived at the Square, burning Capitol flags and chanting insults at the Peacekeepers. And then it turned violent. Me and Lucius joined in the riot shortly before it turned ugly. He had helped me to build my confidence and self-esteem because I was a worried wreck after the Peacekeepers declared the start of a district-wide search for me after I escaped to the forest after killing my father, well ex-father, out of rage. He disowned me because I exposed the truth about my twin siblings, Michael and Katelyn. They were f**king each other. I found Lucius, we talked and we fell in love with each other.

We chanted at first but then someone had the courage to throw a brick at the Peacekeepers, prompting them to shoot at us. It took me several minutes to see that Lucius had been shot as I was startled from the gunshots. He collapsed into my arms and whilst the riot was ongoing and surrounding us, life faded from him.

That day, I learned not to trust anyone. And I never will. Ever since, I've wandered the streets alone. I've been trying to think of a plan to get back at those filthy Peacekeepers. I needed to gain enough power to start a company or union. I wouldn't have to worry about members because the majority of the districts opposed the Capitol. 

Wait...the Games.

The answer was right there all along! If I win the Games, I could secretly start my own union. 

I'm going to volunteer. I'm going to do this for the union and for Lucius.

I love you too Lucius.

Reapings (3 POVs)

Alex Haines, The Capitol 

Time at beginning of POV: 7:45am

And here we go for the 1,000th time. Reaping time. Most of the people in the Capitol were typically upbeat about the Games, celebrating with feasts and parties before everyone was forced to go to the President's Mansion.

I, on the other hand, was not. I never had an opinion on the Games at first. I didn't like the killings. I only watched to review the strategies of the tributes and see whether these strategies would be helpful or not. But eventually, my parents told me the truth behind the existence of the Games. How it was established as a way of "reminding" people not to mess with The Capitol.

One girl managed to get the Games abolished. Katniss Everdeen. But then some President re-established it.

If I win this, I will make sure the Games get abolished again and it will stay that way. 

Currently, I was in my bedroom. My house was not far from the President's Mansion. In fact, I had a view of the Mansion from the only window that was in my bedroom.

I was at the mirror, brushing my long and thick black hair. I was wearing my favourite teal shirt, denim jeans and black sneakers. 

After I felt like my hair was straight enough, I put my hairbrush down and left the bedroom. I remembered to close the door before making my way down the staircase.

My parents were not here. They were more or likely at work. There was half an hour left until work finished. After work, they'd have to rush home to get changed in preparation for the reapings. And this was why I decided to shut the door instead of lock it.

Oh well, there's a possibility that I may not be coming back home.

Like always, the skies were pastel blue and the clouds looked like cotton candy. The sun was literally just a white ball of cold heat in the mornings.

And most of the citizens looked like they've gone to an fancy dress party gone wrong. Not all of us dressed like that anymore. I learned that during the years of Katniss Everdeen's successful rebellion, it was the "norm" to dress like that. But over the centuries, we must have relaxed a little with the way we looked (despite the fact that there's a "war" going on).

I only had one thing to do before the reapings.

Climb up the Capitol buildings and collect information about horrendous things that are kept secret.

Immediately, I set my sights on the skyscrapers surrounding the President's Mansion. I could only climb a few floors for now.

And off I went. My destination was a white skyscraper, that was inches taller than the Mansion. It wasn't far from my house, just a five minute walk and I was there.

On my journey, I walked past the Training Centre for this year's Games. The centre was for once not in the same building as the accommodation of the tributes. The hotel where the tributes were to stay was at least three miles away from the centre. The arena was many miles more.

My mum and dad were still working inside the centre.

Eventually, I got to the skyscraper after walking past several houses and getting glimpses of people preparing for the reaping. I was standing on a road, between the left side of the skyscraper and a derelict building. I'm guessing that hardly anyone came down this road. 

On the right hand side of me was a high fence, blocking me from an alleyway and a ladder that led to the first floor. The top of the fence had barbed wire on it.

Oh well, I don't give a damn about barbed wire.

Without hesitation, I leapt for the top of the fence. Immediately, I cut both of my hands on the barbed wire. Despite the pain, I still manage to get over the fence. I gain several tears in my shirt and jeans and cuts on my knees in the process.

I take a moment to tend to my injuries. I use the parts of my jeans that are dangling off as bandages for my hands.

Touching the metal bars of the ladder hurt at first but how cold the bars were relieved and eased my pain. This enabled me to continue to climb up the ladder, until I reached a small ledge. I would have to slide across until I found a suitable point to climb up to the next floor.

I peeked through the windows of the first floor. Of course, this was an office building of one of The Capitol's many businesses. Most of the employees were photocopying things, typing stuff up on computers and doing basic business office stuff.

I felt disappointed of the fact that there was nothing exciting about this building until a few words faintly caught my eye:

"Confidential: District 8 and 9 Genocides"

Wait a minute, genocide?! They were planning to mass-murder citizens in 8 and 9! This could change everything!

And if I was victor and pledged my loyalty to those opposing The Capitol, I'd have enough power to expose The Capitol's and the President's evil plans.

I have to get more information. No one detected my presence due to being caught up in their everyday routine. 

Slowly regaining strength, I used the ledge above me to climb up to the next floor. This floor, however, was different.

It was a meeting. And the President was there, surrounded by managers and a few Gamemakers. Behind him was an interactive whiteboard with the same words: "Confidential: District 8 and 9 Genocides."

Unfortunately, I couldn't hear what they were saying due to the glass windows being soundproof. But it's too late for them. I've found out their dirty little secret. And if I win these goddamn Games, I'm going to expose them for the sadistic f**ks that they are.

Suddenly, I could hear a deep, masculine voice.

"Oi! Get down from there, girl! You're late for the reapings!"

Firstly, where is that voice coming from? And secondly, I thought the reapings hadn't started.

I looked down to see that the Head Peacekeeper and two other Peacekeepers were standing below me. I didn't look where I should of and slipped. I gripped the ledge to stop myself from falling.  When I turned to face the window again...

everyone in the meeting had detected me. 

No one was blinking. It was creepy. I suddenly wanted to get out of here and because I didn't want to climb all the way back down again, I decided to fall.

I landed in the arms of the Peacekeepers.

"Gotcha! Now come with me!" said the Head Peacekeeper. I tried to walk to the reapings whilst dealing with the pain from my injuries that I hadn't bandaged.

As soon as I got to the reapings, the male had already been reaped.

"My name is Emil Grace." said the male tribute simply. He was very handsome. Blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes, muscular. He already has females swooning over him.

"And now for the female tribute."

The district escort, whose name I don't remember since there's been so many, was rummaging around the reaping bowl. When she finally had enough, she picked out one of the slips and read out the name:

"Lyanna Ward." She read out, in an upbeat tone.

Lyanna turned out to be a miserable, sullen 12 year old. She burst out crying throughout making her way to the stage.

She's a weak girl. And I need to get my plan into action.

After a deep breath, I volunteered. I made my way onto the stage, only to find that my mother and father had been watching all along.

"Here's the tributes representing The Capitol for this year's Hunger Games, Alex Haines and Emil Grace!"


Huxley Binarie, District 5

Time at beginning of POV: 12:00pm

I was on my way to the reaping with my siblings Cable and Telle and my adopted sister Faith. I had heard from some of the citizens that the reapings were not taking place at the same time anymore, only one at a time. It was expected for the District 13 reaping to take place at 11pm tonight.

Another disadvantage for the poorer districts. They'll be exhausted by the time they get to The Capitol.

We continuously coughed. Due to the power plants being near our home, we could hardly breathe. But not to the point of nearing death.

But my sight, despite the smoke surrounding us, was perfect. I could see just fine.

Faith looked distraught. Of course, I understood why. We were surrounded by smoke and smoke remains after a fire, which was her ultimate fear.

Telle put her arm around Faith, trying her best to comfort her.

"It's okay Faith. Everything is going to be okay."

Faith has had a very hard life. When she was six years old, a fire had taken place in the home of her biological parents. The fire killed her parents but she was rescued by Cable, when he was 14. The fire had emotionally damaged her. 

Faith soon became a part of our family and got a reconstruction on the parts of her skin that had been damaged by the fire. This left her with a long scar down her back. Bullies use her scar as an excuse to torment her.

However, this doesn't stop Faith from being strong. She may suffer from horrific flashbacks but she's a fighter alright.

"Hey Huxley, wanna hear a joke?" asked Cable. Here comes one of Cable's bad jokes again.

"Sure." I reply, waiting to hear what awful joke he has now.

"What do you call a deer with no eyes?" 

Heard that joke a thousand times. Nice try, Cable. "No eye-deer?" I suggested to him. He looked quite surprised as I knew the joke. Faith giggled a little and Telle sarcastically clapped before putting her arm around Faith's neck again.

"Oh come on, that's one of my best jokes." I somewhat loved how he complained as I knew his jokes like the back of my hand.

He forgets that I have friends who have told me these type of jokes a lot. 6 to be exact.

Cable's attempt to lighten the atmosphere was short lived as we arrived at the Square. Many started to arrive and the 12-18 year olds lined up to get their fingerprint scanned before going to their section.

This year is the year of my final reaping. I was feeling very optimistic. I had a feeling that I wasn't going to get reaped. But then again, the older you get, the more slips there are in the reaping bowl. I've also signed up for tesserae before so that has increased my chances of entering the Games. I don't let this possibility get to me.

I turned to my family members.


Faith and Telle wrapped their arms around me immediately. I embraced them both.

"Stay strong. Okay?" I asked them both. Both of the girls nodded before squeezing and bear hugging each other.


I laughed before walking over to Cable.

"Brother, you give good advice to other people but it's also handy for yourself." Cable remarked. 

"I'll keep that in mind. And if I get reaped, promise me that you'll look after these two?" I asked him.

"Sure." He replied, before we hugged. Telle and Faith hugged Cable afterwards.

"You're not going to get reaped." Both Telle and Faith said in unison. I believed what they say but we should never ignore the possibility of me getting reaped.

Before I could get a chance to say goodbye, the Peacekeepers shove me in the direction of the 18 year olds line. I'm third in line.

I finally reach the table, only to have the Head Peacekeeper forcefully grab my hand and press it against the scanner.

So it's not fingerprint scanning this year?

In a few miliseconds, I can see my name and my odds of winning The Hunger Games appear. 

Huxley Binarie


Average odds. But something is better than nothing.

"Get to your barrier." ordered the Head Peacekeeper. I didn't need telling though. I was being escorted to my barrier by a muscular Peacekeeper holding a gun behind my back.

I hurried to my barrier, not wanting to feel the cold gun any longer. I didn't face anyone else in my barrier as soon as I made my way in. I faced the front. I wanted to get this over and done with. I hoped that I wouldn't be reaped and I hoped that my siblings weren't reaped.

Especially Faith. But the possibility still exists. Anything could happen, it's Panem.

Speaking of my siblings, I could no longer see them. Telle was near to the front, any glimpse I had of Faith was covered by some giggling girls and Cable was in the barrier for the relatives of those who were eligible for reaping, which was behind me. But any chance of getting a glimpse of him was covered.

Out of the Justice Building came District 5's mayor, Marjorie Lanadon. And then after her was the district escort, Maisie Donohue, in a black trench coat, dress and high heels (as if she was attending a funeral). She was a horrible escort.

But she also got things done quick as she's very unenthusiastic.

"Yeah, it's the 478th edition of these goddamn Games already. Woohoo. Time for the video." She gestured towards the Peacekeepers to play the video on the two big screens in front of us.

I memorised this video from back to front so I didn't bother watching it. It talked about Katniss Everdeen, the re-establishment of The Hunger Games, the unsuccessful rebellions and attempts to overthrow the government that took place shortly after the Games was re-established and the "ongoing war". It wasn't really a war anymore, just bad blood between most of the districts and The Capitol.

However, there has been a lot of riots recently.

After what seemed like forever, it was time for the female to be reaped. I crossed my fingers, hoping that Telle and Faith were not reaped.

"Time for the ladies." Maisie simply spoke before dragging herself over towards the female reaping bowl. She picked out the first slip she had hold of.

"Artemis Harsha." 

A young girl with dark brown hair and dark brown eyes made her way onto the platform. Her hair was tied up in pigtails and she wore a black dress over a white shirt, with a star necklace and black boots.

At least Telle and Faith are safe for another year.

"Why would you like to win The Hunger Games, Artemis?" Maisie looked like she wanted to walk out of the reaping right now.

"To prove to The Capitol that the youngest are capable of winning." She replied, looking determined and confident. Marjorie smiled and most of the crowd were awed by her.

I can already see the sponsors flooding in for her. She's not like most youngsters in District 5. Maybe she's not from here.

"And now for the male." Once again, I crossed my fingers. I hoped it wasn't me. If I don't get reaped, I can join Cable. Maisie acted as quickly as she can. In miliseconds, the slip was already opened.


I could feel my heart pouncing. My heart rate was increasing. 

"uxley Binarie."

I felt like a dagger had been plunged through my heart and twisted. The worst is that this could actually happen to me in the Games. I shouldn't have been so confident. My heart was still pouncing. Knowing there's no turning back now, I headed for the platform. Finally, I could see a glimpse of Telle. She was in a state of catatonia.

"And why do you want to win The Hunger Games, Huxley?" Maisie asked me. I wasn't facing her. I was still focusing my attention towards my distraught sisters and my brother, who I couldn't even find.

"To get home to my family." I replied. I didn't bother facing anyone else. Not even Artemis. 

"Thanks for that. District 5, here are your tributes, Huxley Binarie and Artemis Harsha. Now let's go." Maisie put the microphone back on it's stand and immediately rushed inside the Justice Building. The Peacekeepers closed the doors behind us.

I had to win this. For my family.

Taylor Astrid, District 12

Time at beginning of POV: 10:00pm

I was at the lake. At night. The skies were decorated with stars, which looked like minute diamonds. The moon was above me and the midnight wind was hitting my body, making me cold but relaxed.

The reaping was to start soon. Most of District 12 have been up since dawn, waiting for tonight. And most of us were tired by now.

Like me. But if I fall asleep, I'll more or likely fall into the lake and miss the reapings. And drown.

I was sat there, dipping my toe into the lake. My shoes were beside me.

All I was doing was taking in my idyllic surroundings before having to walk to the emotionally torturous reapings to find out who the unlucky ones were this year or whether I would be the unlucky female. I wore a white dress with sleeves and a flower crown, with sandals. It was symbolic in a way. It showed how I'm not a violent person. How I'm peaceful.

I look more like some from District 11 rather than District 12.

Suddenly, I hear the loud bell of the bell tower. It's time for me to get to the reaping. 

I arise from my spot on the grass. I probably had a grass stain on the back of my dress but I know that it will be dealt with anyway.

Using a nearby tree for support, I put my sandals on and make my way out of the forest. I arrive at the District 12 entrance as the welcome sign was nearby.

Exhausted parents and children made their way to the reapings. Most smiled at me. I smiled back.

I did have a reputation in this district for being kind.

Many said hello to me. I said hello back whilst walking to the Square.

I walked up to the table where the Head Peacekeeper was, allowed for him to scan my hand before getting into the 17 year olds barrier.

The reaping flew by quickly. I watched the video, despite seeing it so many times at the previous reapings I attended and I listened to a speech the mayor of our district gave.

"Finally, it's the moment you've all been waiting for. Time to pick District 12's representatives for the 478th Hunger Games." Lillianna, the district escort, cheered in an upbeat manner. She was prouncing around in a floor length baby pink gown and ballerina flats. Her pink curly locks bounced up and down in the air. The first to be picked was the male.


"I volunteer!"

A tall 17 year old 


The tributes will be divided into five different "houses". These houses are a part of a much bigger conspiracy and surprise that will unfold later. 

Each house has a crest of a specific animal. This animal will appear on their training outfits and on their arena outfits.

A tribute cannot kill a tribute who is also in their house. 

Wylde Gorrey Carnley Arendeer Lightwood
Alex Haines Emil Grace Ashlynn Mauntell Sebastian Glaze Analisa Latimer
Thamos Keeper Aeralene Ekiert Jeremiah Glacier Amber Seaside Dylan Murrow
Artemis Harsha Huxley Binarie Amethystia Thall Will Finch Melina Woods
Samuel Coleman Intarsia Silket Favian Thread Cheyanne Violanta Ash Harper
Sonya Fire Jamieson Erie Dorithi Wealono George Grain Taylor Astrid
Clive Nightshadow Artemis Moonsliver Ajax Orbit ------------ --------------





Arendeer (the Baratheon stag was the only thing that looked deer-like on the website I'm using)





Tribute Status as of Reapings

Chariot Parade

Tribute Status as of Chariot Parade

Training: Part 1 (Physical)


Tribute Status as of Training: Part 1

Training: Part 2 (Mental)


Tribute Status as of Training: Part 2


Tribute Status as of Interviews

The Games: Day 1

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