"Rivalry and tension is rife amongst the tributes this year. You can tell by the way they just look at each other." - Lucentio, Gamemaker.

UPDATE: THESE NAME OF THESE GAMES HAVE BEEN CHANGED TO THE HIGH SCHOOL GAMES. These games are only a quickie and they'll be regular. I don't want to wait extremely long for submissions because I want to just get these games over and done with. There will be reaping, chariot parade, training, interview and games POVs. There will also be a victory tour POV included.

I'm doing this because I want to pass the time.


  1. No Capitol and District 13 in these games. These are normal games.
  2. 4 tributes per user
  3. Links allowed
  4. Lunaii's and real pictures allowed
  5. No arguing if your tribute dies
  6. These games are done in POVs
  7. I MIGHT add some twists and I MIGHT be doing references to my other games.


Name of tribute District Gender Age User
Jaguar Taz

1 Male 17 Tehblakedeath
Satin Velvet 1 Female 16 District3
Clay Barines 2 Male 16 Tehblakedeath
Scarlett Winters 2 Female 17 ConspiracyKiller825
Nathan Explosion 3 Male 18 Icanhasnofriends
Petra Mines 3 Female 17 District3
Cristopher Kosmos

4 Male 16 District3
Vriska Serket 4 Female 16 Tehblakedeath
Ivan Gorgoroth 5 Male 15 Icanhasnofriends
Bik Shire 5 Female 16 Toast With The Most
Lexi Greenway 5 Female 14 Lexis2685^
Odin Amarth 6 Male 16 Icanhasnofriends
Kiara Brazette 6 Female 16 Blue-Ribbonz
Tunak Singh 7 Male 17 Icanhasnofriends
Lexi Delacore 7 Female 15 Toast With The Most
Skiswalf Skaagilf 8 Male 16 Icanhasnofriends
Rebekah Ure 8 Female 12 (13 on third day of Games) Blue-Ribbonz
Sickle Fang 9 Male 12 (13 on third day of Games) Tehblakedeath
Rosette Lilith 9 Female 15 Blue-Ribbonz
Blaine Fitz 10 Male 16 ConspiracyKiller825
Tsubaki Clairity 10 Female 14 PumPumPumpkin :3
Rubin Jett

11 Male

17 ConspiracyKiller825
Nikhita Akshaya

11 Female

16 Toast With The Most
Scott Bow 12 Male 17 ConspiracyKiller825
Euphoria Tenate 12 Female 16
  • Kyoni~Kara*
Name of tribute District Gender Age User
Sabrina Prescott Capitol Female 18 Xbilliex

^ As a twist, President Maysall has ordered one district to have two females compete. In this case, that is District 5.

Arena and Outfit

The arena for these games is a high school (partially Battle Royale inspired).

The Cornucopia is in front of the high school. The pedestals, like always, surround the Cornucopia.

There is also a field and forest on the right of the Cornucopia. However, it isn't safe there. Dangerous mutts lurk in the forest and any food provided there is poisonous. There is a lake which is safe to drink from in the day but at night, it becomes polluted.

The forest is only small and there are not many trees but the trees can give tributes a nice view of the arena.

The high school is very big in size. It consists of four different floors. There are several classrooms, giving tributes plenty of hiding spaces. There's also a canteen, sports hall (or as they say in America, gymnasium), changing rooms, drama hall/dance studio and science labs (my school in rl has all of these things).

At the back and the side of the school is an outside seating area, another field and some football pitches.

Arena Outfit

Females: Black blazer, white shirt, different coloured tie depending on district, black skirt, white tights, black strap shoes.

Males: Black blazer, white shirt, different coloured tie depending on district, black trousers, black shoes.

On the back of the blazers are the number of the tribute's district.

Tie Colours

District 1: pink

District 2: white

District 3: navy blue

District 4: light blue

District 5: yellow

District 6: brown

District 7: green

District 8: purple

District 9: beige

District 10: red

District 11: orange

District 12: black

Capitol: dark red

List of Targets

  • Day 1, Part 2: Petra Mines (survived)


  • Back view of the school building
  • District 7 female's outfit
  • District 4 male's outfit

Death Chart

Name of deceased tribute District Killer Killer's district Cause of death Placing
Odin Amarth     6 Cristopher Kosmos/Vriska Serket (combined attack)  4 Slit throat and stabbed  25th
Scott Bow    12 Sabrina Prescott Representative of the Capitol Throwing knives at the chest and heart 24th
Bik Shire     5 Nikhita Akshaya 11 Arrow in back 23rd
Kiara Brazette     6 Petra Mines           3 Pushed off balcony   22nd
Tunak Singh    7 Scarlett Winters           2 Stabbed several times and suffocated   21st
Tsubaki Clairity   10 Blaine Fitz/Rubin Jett (combined attack)        10/11 Beat up and garrotted   20th
Euphoria Tenate 12 Earthquake            - Jumped into the earthquake    19th
Rosette Lilith 9 Arivan the Fish Emperor            - Decapitated by Arivan's 20 foot trident    18th
Satin Velvet 1 Clay Barines           2  Neck snapped due to act of betrayal    17th
Lexi Greenway 5 Sabrina Prescott/Arivan the Fish Emperor Representative of the Capitol (Sabrina) Stabbed and then decapitated with Arivan's trident    16th


  • The chariot parade outfits is what they wear into the Games.


  • District 1 and District 3 are continuously arguing.
  • The District 6 female is plotting a scheme to kill the District 2 male.
  • The District 4 male has romantic feelings for the District 4 female.
  • Sabrina Prescott, a tribute from a previous Games, has been resurrected to make these Games much more difficult.


POVs begin here.


Lexi Greenway, District 5 Female

The Hunger Games. What comes into mind when you hear those words? Well there's killing, the Cornucopia bloodbath, tactics, the Careers, arena and many more stuff. But this year has been an exception. Unlike most years, there's not been much revealed about this year's Games. There's hardly been any advertisement on the Games. 

Maybe privacy might be the theme of the Games this year? We'll just have to find out later today at the reaping.

I make my way out of the house with Mom and Dad. We gently stroll through the usual scenery of District 5. There's the old power plants, filling the air with billowing smoke. The smoke used to give us bad chesty coughs but now we're used to it.

All we could do was glance at our surroundings. They were familiar but it could be the last time I ever see District 5. It could also be the last moment I spend with my family before being catapulted into the games for unnecessary bloodshed.

Eventually, we arrive at the town square. I gulped intensely as I knew that this was where I had to part with my parents.

"Goodbye sweetheart and good luck. We'll support you every step of the way." Mom says, kissing me on the cheek. I 'repay' her with a warm hug.

"Thanks mom."

"Goodbye angel. Just remember what you're good at." Dad advises me. I also give him a warm hug.

"I will do, dad."

I let go and give my mom and dad one final goodbye.

"Goodbye mom and dad. If I die in the Games, keep in mind that I'll be watching from up there. I'll be the brightest star in the sky at night." I say, starting to cry. I could also see Mom and Dad jerking a few tears. After our family moment, the Peacekeepers take my parents to the barrier away from the 12-18 year old barriers. I let the Head Peacekeeper zap a little bit of blood from my finger, dab it on some sort of chart and scan the fingerprint. I couldn't see what my odds were since the side with the odds on was facing the Peacekeeper.

"Next." She shouted. A Peacekeeper escorts me into the 14 year olds barrier and I await the arrival of the district escort. I don't bother talking to any of the other 14 year olds, they were too busy gossiping and laughing amongst themselves anyway.

Mom and Dad were now nowhere in sight. I felt quite worried and anxious. Anxiety built up in me when I heard the sound of clinking high heels.

"Hello, District 5. Welcome to the reaping of the Quick Games!" The annoying voice of Annamaria Stephayna. Like always, she plays the same propaganda video from the Capitol. The President's boring voice makes me want to fall asleep again. I finally sigh with relief when the video ends.

"Wasn't that just great?" She asks. We frown back at her with no interest.

Annamaria, no.

We expect her to walk over to the female reaping bowl but instead, she grips the microphone in front of her.

"Before I do the reapings, there is one thing I need to tell you."

Oh god. Here we go.

"As part of a twist, we have randomly selected one district to have two female representatives. Can you guess which district has been selected?"

This is about as easy as those shape matching toys for infants.

"Dur, it's us!" Someone shouts from the male side. A few giggle and laugh. I try to hide away my anxiety and carry on observing what's going on.

"That's right, District 5. You've been chosen to have two female representatives." She says, starting to look annoyed. Then the moment came. The first female reaping.

"Bik Shire." She calls out. Most of the commotion came from behind me, meaning that Bik Shire was older than me. I finally realised who Bik Shire was when I saw a black haired girl being taken to the stage by Peacekeepers. She looked very serious, like she was prepared for it.

"Are you Bik Shire?" Annamaria asks.

"Obviously." Bik replies. More laughing continued until one of the Peacekeepers whipped the floor, silencing everybody. Even I jumped in fright.

"Now, for the male." She walked over to the male reaping bowl. Like always, a single white envelope was picked out. I closed my eyes, experimenting to see whether the atmosphere was better when my eyes were shut.

"Ivan Gorgoroth." She called out. This experiment was working. Even though I could hear shouting and talking, I felt more calm and content.

I open my eyes again. Ivan was tall and muscular, with blondish-brown hair and hazel eyes. I could already see what his strategies for the Games would be.

"I'm guessing your Ivan?" Annamaria asks, now looking kinda stressed.

"That's right, ma'am." He smirks cunningly at her, giving the impression that he was up to no good.

"And now for the second female representative." Once again, she walks over to the female reaping bowl. I decide to close my eyes again since I found it calming. Yet this time, it wasn't so calming. A unease had started in my stomach. Maybe this time, I would be the person reaped?

"Lexi Greenway."

My heart was racing. I couldn't believe it. I was the person reaped. My worst fears were confirmed.

I open my eyes and walk out of the barrier I was standing in. Everyone was now looking at me. The unease in my stomach continued. I never felt this nervous before.

"District 5, say goodbye to your tributes!" Annamaria shouts out.

The odds are certainly not in my favour.

Skiswalf Skaagilf, District 8 Male

I made my way to the square by myself. Due to a recent textile shortage, my parents were forced to work at the factory so they couldn't come to the reaping.

Masses of people were in my way. Some I recognised from school. I received a lot of dirty looks, mainly because I was thought of as annoying and awkward.

After waiting a long time in the queue, it was finally my turn to get my finger zapped. Unfortunately, the Head Peacekeeper, Adina Burnett, was the one available.

"NEXT!" She shouted. Unlike the other Peacekeepers, she didn't have her helmet on. She had extremely short hair, which only reached up to the back of her ears. Two strands were left at both sides of her face and were curled. Her hair was the same colour as a crow. And like always, she had a strict expression on her face.

I walk up to her and put my finger out. Hoping to get a different facial expression from her, I attempt to make conversation.

"Hi Adina."

She looks up at me.

"Whadd'ya want, kid?" She asks.

"I only wanted to say hi. And I'm not called 'kid', I'm called Skiswalf." I reply.

"Skis what? Anyway, why do I care what you're called? Shut up and get to the barrier you're meant to be in." She says nastily. I start to get quite angry myself. Angry enough that I couldn't resist the urge to yell in her face.

"Look, you can't tell me to shut up. No one can. I'm my own boss and I'll do whatever I want, even if it means annoying people." I shout. Many turn to stare at me. The same people who gave me dirty looks now looked at me in shock. Instead of replying, Adina writes my name down on some sort of notepad.

"You're now on my list of people to watch out for. Cause a commotion like this again and I will do something that will haunt you for the rest of your pathetic life. Rhydian! Luki!"

Two big, muscular Peacekeepers walk over.

"What is it, Adi?" One of them asks.

"Take this rude kid to the barriers." Adina replies. They pick me up by wrapping their hand underneath my arms so I couldn't get away from them. I attempt to struggle my way out of their grip but it's futile.

"How old are ya, kiddo?" I heard one ask. My arms were aching as they tightened their grip. It felt like they were ripping the skin off my bones.

"16." I simply reply. They take me over to the 16 year old's barrier and dump me there. I hit the stone floor with a thud. Blood starts rushing through my body and eventually, out onto my head. Tiny drops hit the ground. It becomes noticeable and soon everyone is back to looking at me.

Oh great. I've caused a commotion because of Adina, been thrown into the barrier and now people are staring at me again because my head is bleeding.

Trying to ignore it, I look towards the stage. People continuously ask me if I'm ok but I just dismiss it.

"I'm ok. I'm fine."

Finally, the attention turns to the district escort. Last year, the escort found out she was pregnant so she left her position. Now, all District 8 could wonder was 'Who was going to be our next escort?'.

It had finally been revealed. Our escort was a young man with spiky yellow hair, green eyes with a hint of blue and he was around 5'9.

"Listen you creeps! The name is Gahlix Montrose. I'm going to be your new escort from now on, starting with these Games."

Oh no. We're back to having a strict escort.

"Right, you had better shut up while we play the video otherwise you'll be executed right on the spot!" He shouts.

Hardly any executions took place in District 8. I think he was saying that to try and scare us.

I didn't pay attention to the video. It was the same old propaganda rubbish anyway. The President's voice makes me want to fall asleep so I thought about the serious side to the reaping instead.

If I'm reaped, my parents won't be here to say their goodbyes. I'll just be taken straight to the Capitol and plunged into bloodshed with 23 other children.

After about five minutes, the video finally stopped.

"And now it's time!" He yelled. First up was the girls. I watched him do the same stupid process, mix the envelopes around, pick one out, open it and read the name on it.

"Rebekah Ure!" He shouts. Everyone looked around, trying to find out who Rebekah Ure was. It turned out to be a 12 year old girl who apparently loved squeezing throats.

"Get up here, girl! Chop chop!" When she finally got up, there was only one thing she did next.

"!" That's right, she tried to squeeze Gahlix's throat.

"PEACEKEEPERS!" He shouts. Two Peacekeepers come and take Rebekah away from Gahlix's apparently 'perfectly squeezable' throat. A lot of us laughed because we knew this was going to be filmed throughout Panem.

"STOP LAUGHING! ONE OF YOU COULD BE REAPED RIGHT NOW!" He shouts. The same process happens. I yawn. My head wound isn't getting any better. I need a bandage.

"Hayden Millar!"

Then an idea came into my head. What if I volunteered? Then my head injury can get seen to. And of course, I would be saving some poor soul from entering the Games.

I run out of the barrier.


For the third time, everyone looks at me. Gahlix looks like he's just seen a ghost.

"PEACEKEEPERS!" The two Peacekeepers that had hold of Rebekah put her down and run towards me.

"This boy's injury needs seeing to!"

The Peacekeepers take me inside the Justice Building.

"Those are your tributes, District 8."

That was one hectic reaping.

Chariot Parade

Satin Velvet, District 1 Female

These past few days have been so tiring! I literally fell when I was volunteering for some 13 year old, my mentor is the boring Ted Blumenthal, who won like 25 years ago and the escort, Priscilla, is a bossy boots. Well at least my district partner, Jaguar, is hot.

What are we doing now? I'm sat in the district compartment, eating a chocolate chip cupcake. Ted is arguing with Priscilla and I don't know where Jaguar is.

"Give the kids some slack. They're going into a fight to the death so the least you can do is not yell at them all the time!"


"You didn't have to yell that loud!"


Priscilla storms out of the room. Ted then comes out and sits beside us.

"Ok here's what's going to happen today. Both of you will be put into different rooms to get your outfit fitting done. That will happen at around 10:30. The parade itself will happen at...."

Yawn yawn yawn.

"Now, to deal with Priscilla." He says to himself, walking out. Left in the room was me and Jaguar.

Jaguar had significantly black hair and dark eyes. Usually the stereotype with District 1 is that the boy has to have light hair and eyes. He breaks that "tradition."

"You're really enjoying that cupcake, aren't you?" He asks.

"Well why shouldn't I enjoy it? It's the first thing I've ate in a while." I say, raising my voice. He then frowns at me and gets up from his seat.

"Continue having this attitude towards others and you'll find yourself with a slit throat. That's how the cookie crumbles!" He yells before he leaves the room as well.

Oh well, he can shout and threaten me all he likes. I'll just leave him to the mutts.

I continue eating the cupcake until it was down to it's case. There was hardly anything good on TV, just reports on different districts and interviews with previous victors.

"So Tomma, how did you feel after you won your edition of the Games?"

"Please don't remind me of that Xander. It's horrible just having flashbacks."

Just as I thought that the parade might not go on, I hear someone enter the room.

Blaine Fitz, District 10 Male

It was time for my outfit fitting. My heart was pounding like crazy. I started to feel a little nauseous and my head was hurting. Yet my district escort was pushing me to get ready.

"Come on now! Hurry up! Please move along, Blaine!"

My district partner, Tsubaki was taken into a separate room.

I was relieved when we finally arrived into my room. I fell onto the sofa nearby and indulged in the comfort it gave me.

"Sit up, Blaine! You need to meet your stylist!"

Unwillingly, I sat up and awaited the arrival of my stylist. When he came, I realised that he was very kind and cheerful.

"Hi Blaine, I'm AJ and I will be your stylist for the Games." He said, shaking my hand. My escort was smiling a lot at AJ but AJ kept rolling his eyes.

My nerves had been controlled. I think AJ is going to be likeable.

"I can't wait to see what you look like!" My escort blurted.

"Actually, I think it's best if you go back to the compartment. I want you to see Tsubaki and Blaine's outfits at the parade." Blaine said. She went out of the room, looking disappointed.

Now it was just me and AJ.

"Ok, wanna see your outfit?"

"Sure." I reply. He pulls out a mannequin with possibly the most realistic outfit I've ever seen.

It's a high school uniform, with a red tie.

"AJ, why is my outfit a high school uniform?" I ask. Usually, the outfits are fancy. Girls wear dresses and boys wear suits. But this year might be an exception.

"It's time to let you in on something. This year's theme for the Games is high school."

This has got to be a joke.

"But I don't like high school." I say.

"I don't make the theme up, unfortunately. The Gamemakers and the President do that."

Eugh, not them two.

There was a five minute silence until...

"There is also another thing I have to tell you."

I start to worry again.

"The outfit you wear at the parade is what you wear in the arena."

What? NO!

"Will my outfit get washed?" I ask.

"Of course it will. I'll do that while you do your training." He replies.

I need a miracle to happen right now.

Vriska Serket, District 4 Female

Can this day get any worse?

I hate school so I hate this outfit already. It's seriously hideous, especially the blazer. There's an unnecessary red triangle on it.

Right now, I was making my way to the chariot room with Cristopher, the district escort and our mentor. I let the other three talk to each other since truthfully, I didn't like them.

"So Cristopher, you excited for the Games?"

"Yes. I can't wait."

"Are you joining the Careers?"


Then, Cristopher turned his attention to me.

"So Vriska, how are you?"

"I'm fine thanks." I don't bother to look at his face. Instead I just carry on walking.

We manage to find the chariot room. When we arrived, we noticed that everyone wore the same uniform. There were only two exceptions. Everyone had their district number on the back of their blazers and each pair of tributes had different coloured ties. Because we were from District 4, me and Cristopher wore light blue ties.

Like always, the room was bustling with chariots, horses, mentors, district escorts and prep teams. My opponents were doing different things. Some were feeding the horses sugar cubes, some were sitting down, some were talking with their prep team and some were just...arguing, like my soon to be fellow alliance members, the pair from 1.


"Yeah right, you're more or likely going to get killed before you can anyway."

"Oh please, you have as much chance of winning as a District 3 tribute."

And then the District 3 pair joined in.


It was becoming quite a commotion. Everyone was staring at them and it took five Peacekeepers to restrain the four teenagers.

Then after two minutes or so, the District 2 tributes arrived. Both were smirking at the tributes from 1 and 3. I just wanted to punch everyone.

Cristopher starts to converse with me once again. Only thing this time is that he was trying several times to flirt.

"Can you just shut up?"

"Oooh, you're a feisty girl."

"I know I am."

Now my anger began to increase when he wrapped his arm around my waist.

"GET YOUR FILTHY ARM OFF ME!" I shout. Now I was causing commotion within the room.

The next few minutes were a battlefield. I tried so many times to get his arm off my waist but it was futile. I just gave up and let him do it.

But now we're going to be regarded as lovers. Great.

"I know you're into me." He whispers in my ear.

"No I am not." I whisper back. I get on the chariot when one of the stylists tell us to. Cristopher gets on and continues to wrap his arm around me. Two Peacekeepers open the doors and that's when the parade began.

One thing's for sure, everything happened too fast.


From now on, I have included one tribute of mine (Sabrina Prescott) into the Games. She will enter the Games on the Capitol's behalf but she'll die as she's only going to be used for the Game's running storyline.

She will not be included in training and interviews but will have POVs during the Games.


Nikhita Akshaya, District 11 Female

The chariot parade yesterday was hectic. There were a lot of arguments and rivalry, especially with the District 1 and 3 tributes. But I just ignored it. If they want to fight and increase their chances of dying, they can.

I also got to know Rubin a little. We talked while the commotion was happening. He seemed like a nice person at first but then again, it's the Hunger Games. He could just be acting, hiding what he's really like. I know those type of people.

Now we was in the training center. Because the President, whom I extremely hate with all my heart, likes to make up pathetic traditions every year, I have to stand next to Rubin. The trainer, who was called Joan, was standing in front of us, explaining the rules of training.

"This year, as you might know, is different. It's school themed. Having school as the theme is actually a good thing because there are plenty of hiding spaces."

I start to get bored of Joan talking so I look around instead. The District 4 boy was giving his district partner a hard time again. I could see that for every time he put his arm around her waist, she punched him. Soon after Joan mentioned the words 'hiding is for cowards' in her ongoing speech, the District 2 tributes started smirking.

Everyone else seemed kinda lifeless and still. They were really...concentrated.

"You may now go and practice." She dismissed us. The spear throwing section had been occupied by the now ever so annoying Careers so I walked over to the archery section instead. In the section were different types of bows stacked neatly alongside a selection of arrows and set up targets.


I took one of the longbows.

Dammit, just as I was preparing, a fight breaks out between the boy from 3 and the boy from 1.

"Can you guys get any more annoying?! Your district partner is a major slut and you're only gonna tag along with the Careers because deep down, you're a scared little boy."

"THAT...ISN'T...TRUE!" The boy from 1 yells. Why bother learning their names if you're supposed to kill them?

"Oh you can't see that because not only are you not right in the head, you have the mental capacity of a 2 year old!" The boy from 3 shouts. The boy from 1 starts getting angry and it turns into a fight. It was only a short fight as Peacekeepers break it up.

I just begin to ignore my surroudings and focus. I shoot the arrow and it lands right on the bullseye.

I might have a chance after all.

Clay Barines, District 2 Male

Well, that was a quick fight. The Peacekeepers came to break up the fight between Jaguar and Nathan.

"That's enough, you two! STOP IT!"

Deep down, me and Scarlett know that Nathan could kill Jaguar easily with his physique and build. But because this is the Hunger Games and saying things out loud can be dangerous, we just convert it into smirks. I could tell that some people wanted to kill us by their glares but who cares? Most of them will be dead soon anyway.

"They're like a bunch of 5 year olds." Scarlett bursts out loud, laughing.

"Tell me about it." I reply. Scarlett gives me a mischievous grin.

Jaguar and Nathan got taken by the Peacekeepers outside  Everyone else carries on with their training. I walk back to the climbing section. Scarlett walks off to the fighting section.

When I did come back to the section, someone was already there.

In fact, it was the District 6 female. She had taken MY place.

I prepare to climb up and get her when Joan does gestures, trying to tell me not to go up. I continue going into the station but Joan swings me around and slams me into the wall.


"BUT SHE TOOK MY PLACE!" I shout back. The moment I shouted, the girl fell onto the cold, hard floor. Her nose started to bleed intensely. Joan ran over to the girl and escorted her outside.

After ten minutes, Joan came back inside.

"It's time for your individual training. Line up!"

Training Scores


11-12: You were outstanding!

7-10: You were great!

4-6: You were average.

1-3: You were poor.

Name of tribute District Training Score
Jaguar Taz 1 9
Satin Velvet 1 10
Clay Barines 2 8
Scarlett Winters 2 9
Nathan Explosion 3 7
Petra Mines 3 5
Cristopher Kosmos 4 10
Vriska Serket 4 11
Ivan Gorgoroth 5 3
Bik Shire 5 4
Lexi Greenway 5 1
Odin Amarth 6 2
Kiara Brazette 6 6
Tunak Singh 7 8
Lexi Delacore 7 5
Skiswalf Skaagilf 8 3
Rebekah Ure 8 2
Sickle Fang 9 10
Rosette Lilith 9 7
Blaine Fitz 10 6
Tsubaki Clairity 10 11
Rubin Jett 11 8
Nikhita Akshaya 11 12
Scott Bow 12 4
Euphoria Tenate 12 3

These scores were random.

The Resurrection of Sabrina Prescott - Lucentio's POV

Well it's been a crazy day. I've had to attend to many individual training sessions. Some were good, some were pretty bad.

Anyway, I just wanted to get work done now. While everyone gets preoccupied with the interviews tomorrow, President Maysall assigned me the task of creating the arena.

I prepare to sit down and get started on the landscaping when Horatio walks in.

"The President wants to see you."

"Where is he?" I ask.

"Outside." He replies. I unwillingly get out of my seat. Horatio takes me to the President, who was looking gloomy and miserable like always. His creepy pet snake was slithering around his neck.

"Gentleman, we need to talk." He says in a calm manner. Usually when the President talks in a calm manner, you know he was going to shout later.

"What is it, President?" Horatio asks, very confidently.

"You know how long I've been in power, right?"

"60 years, President."

"Well in my 60 years of being in power, I'VE NOT HAD A SINGLE GAMES BLOW ME AWAY!" He shouts. His snake hisses loudly, like it was agreeing with the President.

"But what about last year's Games? The victor of those Games has bipolar disorder." I say. The President turns around, his red contact lenses gleaming right at me.

"Last year's Games was a total mess. Twists and surprises every waking minute. It was that pathetic that I had the Gamemakers killed."

I gulped a lot.

"I want you two to be more clever about this. Because the theme is school, I want you to traumatise the tributes. Use this theme to your advantage. Remind them of home."

"Sure. We have something in mind." I say. Me and Horatio prepare to walk off when..

"One last thing gentleman."

We turn around.

"Resurrect Sabrina Prescott for me."

We turn back around and walk to the Resurrection Room.

Everything happened too quickly. I couldn't keep track of what I was doing. But at the end of it all, 7 hours later, out came a young black haired, green eyed girl. Also, the Resurrection Machine ages people by 1 year so Sabrina would be 18 now.

"Huh? Where am I? I thought I was dead."

"You're not. You've been resurrected." I say.

Then I figured out why the President wanted us to resurrect Sabrina.

She was going to be used to "make the Games more interesting."


Sickle Fang, District 9 Male

I feel quite pleasant and happy. I managed to make an ally whilst there was a lot of arguing, my stylist has a really good dress sense and well, I just feel really happy :)

Rebekah, my new friend, was in front of me, to my delight. I think I was the only person who quite enjoyed her throat squeezing habit. But I think we may have upset Lexi from District 5 a bit too much.

"Hey Rebekah." I say to her. Rebekah turns around.

"Hey Sickle." She smiles at me. She was dressed quite nice, in a cute tartan ponte dress and red shiny strap shoes.

"These interviews sure are boring." I say.

"Yep, most of the tributes are stuck up and Xander looks like an alien." Rebekah remarks. I could hear a few giggles. Even I give a slight giggle.

"So true. Well at least it's my birthday soon." I say. Rebekah's eyes widen.

"SAME HERE! When?" She asks.

"On the third day of the games." I reply. Rebekah smiles again.

"WE SHARE THE SAME BIRTHDAY! WE SHOULD TOTALLY ASK OUR MENTOR FOR CAKE!" Rebekah speaks loudly. I think Rosette has just put her head in her hand.

"We definitely should." I say. The next few minutes were boring. Like always, the District 1 boy had his interview first.

"So Jaguar, you've been in a major argument with Satin and the District 3 tributes, Nathan and Petra."

"That is correct, Xander."

"Tell me, how do you feel?"

"Well I feel very annoyed, angry, upset and enraged. Like I just want to kill a lot of people."

"Do you perhaps want to kill Satin, Nathan and Petra?"

"I'll be honest with you, yes. I might get hate for saying this but at the end of the day, it's the truth."

"Well Jaguar, thank you for your honesty. Give it up for Jaguar Taz of District 1."

"Hey, I know what we can do to pass the time."

"Sure, what is it?" I ask Rebekah.

"Impressions." Rebekah gives a really cheesy grin.

"Uh oh, I'm not very good at impressions." I say.

"Don't worry, I'll just do some of my own. I'll do Xander."

I prepare to watch Rebekah's impression of Xander.

"Hello, my name is Xanderina and I am a red haired alien from outer space. I've come to invade the Capitol with my crazy ways."

Everyone turns to stare at Rebekah. She did the impression in a deep voice, kinda similar to Xander's. In a matter of minutes, everyone was laughing.

"That was amazing!" I say. Rebekah starts laughing hysterically.

"Thanks." She says.

Kiara Brazette, District 6 Female

URGH! Everyone keeps talking about the argument between the tributes from District 1 and 3. Did they forget how bad my nose bled due to the D2 BOY?

Anyway, the D4 boy was having his interview.

"Ah Cristopher, we've noticed how much you like your district partner, Vriska."

"Xander, I don't like her. I LOVE HER."

I could hear Vriska making wretching noises.

"That is adorable. So I'm guessing you're going to do your very best to protect her in the arena."

"With all my heart, Xander."

"We'll be supporting you and Vriska every step of the way. Give a round of applause for Cristopher Kosmos of District 4."

Cristopher walked back into the alleyway and blew kisses to Vriska. Vriska just rolled her eyes. While everyone was preparing for their interviews, I was wondering how I could plan on killing the District 2 boy.

Explosion? Decapitation? Or just a simple knife to the head? There were so many ways. I was becoming excited again.

I felt alive. I felt like an assassin. I felt...great.

All I needed to do now is play the waiting game.

Tunak Singh, District 7 Male

I was anxious and nervous. It was my turn to go on stage, in front of THOUSANDS of Capitol citizens. After Kiara came off, I could hear Xander's loud voice.

"Please welcome on stage, Tunak Singh of District 7!"

Lexi (District 7) pushed me out of the hallway. I had no choice but to walk out. When I did, everyone was cheering loudly. My heart was racing like crazy.

"Don't be shy Tunak." Ignoring the audience, I manage to complete my walk to the seats on the stage. My heart was still pacing rapidly and

"So Tunak, how are you feeling?"

"Anxious and upset."

"Why's that?"

"Because it's the start of the games tomorrow and I'm probably gonna die in the bloodbath."

"To be honest Tunak, I think you have a good chance of winning. Your training score backs that up." Xander says to me. I don't know whether he was just saying that to reassure me or he actually meant it.

"Do you actually mean it Xander?" I ask the red-haired man. Xander comes closer.

"Yes, I do." He replies.

"That reply was about as convincing as President Maysall giving everyone in Panem presents for Christmas." I say. The Capitol audience gasp in shock.

I couldn't think straight after that remark. All I know now is...

President Maysall is gonna try and kill me.

Day 1, Part 1 - The Beginning

Nathan Explosion, District 3 Male

The time had come. The first day of the Games. I was escorted into the room with the tube lift. My stylist, Alina, was sat down.

"Nathan, come and sit down. I have some last minute advice for you." Alina pats the seat next to her. I sit down beside her.

"Run away from the Cornucopia. Jaguar and Satin will be there. Because they're Careers, they'll more or likely go on a slaughter rampage."

"Ok, I'll keep that in mind." I get up.

"Wait, I haven't finished." Alina looked distraught so I sat back down.

"Well make it quick because I only have five more minutes with you." I say.

"Kill discreetly. Try not to show yourself when killing. And it's also better to kill at night."


"And you can have this." Alina takes off her famous necklace. It was a fine piece of satin with a computer charm attached to it.

"It's a little something to remember me by."

"Thank you."

Just as I was about to get into the lift...

"Five minutes is up. All tributes must enter the lift." The speaker on the wall boomed. Alina hugged me goodbye. I put the necklace in the blazer pocket and walk into the tube lift. Within five seconds, Alina was out of my sight and I was in the arena.

I guessed correctly about the arena. On the left was a huge school building. On the right was a massive field and what looked like an entrance into a small forest.

As of the Cornucopia? Well it was different. There were four different tunnel entrances, meaning that the supplies were inside.


I remember what Alina said.

"Run away from the Cornucopia. Jaguar and Satin will be there."

I couldn't see Jaguar but I could see Satin. Her pedestal was positioned in front of the entrance facing the east. My pedestal was positioned in front of the entrance facing the south.


I could hear commotion from the north and the west. I found out what was causing it when...

"Ladies and gentleman, as another twist in the Games, we have revived one tribute from a previous Games. Please welcome into the arena, Sabrina Prescott."

Oh no. I remember Sabrina from the 1st Hunger Games. She was in a major dispute with the District 7 tributes and survived right up to the final day, when the Anti-Careers killed her.

But now? She's back.


Time was running out. I had to protect Petra but I couldn't see her pedestal. I was getting extremely worried. What if her pedestal was near Jaguar's?!

Still, I'm going to make it my duty to protect her from those beastly Careers.


Everyone ran in different directions. Some towards the Cornucopia, some towards the School and some towards the small field. I quickly searched for Petra, who was hiding near the outside of the Cornucopia.

Luckily, Satin and Jaguar weren't in sight.

"Petra, we need to get out of here. We can't fight the Careers just yet."

"Ok, but where can we hide?" She asks me.

"The school, of course."

I held Petra's hand and sprinted towards the school building with her. We thought we were gonna get a lucky escape with no injury but we thought wrong...

"3 is there! Get them!" Jaguar shouted. A variety of weapons were aimed at us. Me and Petra managed to get to an office inside the building but Petra had a throwing knife to the leg.

"Petra, are you alright?" I ask her. The injury was starting to bleed heavily.

"Nathan, I'm fine. Is there any bandages in here?" We rummage around the room until eventually, I found a bandage in one of the drawers. I take out the throwing knife and wrap the bandage around Petra's leg. She looked really distraught and upset so I lock the door for her safety.

"Thank you for everything, Nathan. I knew I could rely on you."

"It's ok. I just don't want an innocent person to die at the hands of those wretched Careers."

All we could do for now was sit and watch the ongoing slaughter outside.

Cristopher Kosmos, District 4 Male

"Dammit, we lost them!" Satin shouted loudly.

"This was all your fault." Jaguar yelled at Satin. While them two fought, I noticed that Vriska was missing.

"Guys, Vriska's missing." I point out to everyone. I was getting worried.

"You're her lover, go and find her!" Scarlett shouts. I run in search for her. Eventually....

"Cristopher, I'm here." Vriska was by a tree, clutching her stomach.

"Vriska!" I ran over to her and picked her up. She was very pale and her temperature was high. People were fighting all around us but strangely, there were no deaths yet. I took her to the inside of the Cornucopia.

"What happened?" I ask her.

"Sabrina stabbed me." She replies.

I grab one of the bags and look around to see if there was a first aid kit. When I finally found one, I tended to her injury.

"Thanks." Her attitude towards me was different. She was more thankful and grateful. But the atmosphere changed when...


I turn around to see the District 6 boy aiming a spear at us.

"Go on, throw it if you have the guts!" I shout. Instead, he threw it at Vriska. I managed to use the bag I collected from earlier to block the spear from harming Vriska any more.

"No one hurts my girl." Even though I told her not to, Vriska gets back up and walks towards the D6 boy. She puts him in a headlock and puts a knife against his neck.

"Cris, we have to stab him and slit his throat at the same time."

And we did just that. The boy collapsed and died. BOOM!

"Finally, a death. GET KILLING PEOPLE!" I heard the announcer shout.

And that's when the actual slaughter began.

"Guys, I think we should stay here." I suggest to the other Careers, who walk in.

"Good idea. Everyone get in a different entrance. We can ambush more tributes this way!" Clay shouts. I stay in this entrance with Vriska.

Let's just hope for the best.

Sabrina Prescott, Representative of the Capitol


This a joke. They want me to kill and win in order to live my life again and go back to District 13.

Oh well, I managed to kill 4 people before I died in the previous games so I can kill again.

The Careers were inside the Cornucopia but I decide not to go near. I've obviously done enough damage stabbing the girl from 4.

Instead, I search around for weaker tributes to kill. Most of them had either ran off into the school building or the small forest. There were a few fights still taking place but no one had turned their attention to me. Well...except for one tribute.

"You shouldn't be alive!" yelled the boy from 12, sprinting towards me with a spear. I didn't want to respond to his remark since I didn't want to waste my breath on a loser.

He was getting closer and closer. I managed to get near the variety of weapons layed out. A range of throwing knives were the closest thing to me. I grab one and throw it at his chest.

All of sudden, I was not picturing a 17 year old boy. I was picturing a 12 year old girl with brown hair and big green eyes.

Brittany Glacier. I killed her with a throwing knife last year.

The boy falls on his knees dramatically.

"Go on. One more to end my misery." He shouts at me. I get another throwing knife and throw it at his heart.

The same place I stabbed Brittany.

He finally falls headfirst onto the ground. A pool of blood confirms his death before the cannon. BOOM!

Before I could experience any more visions, I sprint towards the small forest and hide.

Ivan Gorgoroth, District 5 Male

There were still people fighting, despite the increasingly humid weather. So far I've seen 2 deaths, the boy from 12 and the boy from 6.

I watched the entire thing from this hill.

Luckily, I was behind the tributes so I wouldn't get caught really.

The girl from 11 and my district partner, Bik were fighting now. Nikhita, I think her name was, had stayed relatively quiet until now.

Because the hill was quite high up, I couldn't hear what they were saying so I had to try and make out what they were saying by their facial expressions and actions.

They both looked angry and appeared to be arguing. Nikhita prepares to shoot an arrow at Bik. Bik grabs a nearby katana. Nikhita looks rather fearless and stands as if she's waiting for Bik to slice her. Bik does just that and Nikhita holds in her upper chest at first but then she recovers and aims the arrow at Bik again. Bik tries one more time to kill Nikhita by grabbing a nearby sword but Nikhita shoots her in the back before she can swing the sword. Bik falls to the ground and dies, leaving Nikhita the winner of that fight. BOOM!

That was quite an eventful fight.

Day 1, Part 1 Deaths

(In district order)

  • Bik Shire, District 5
  • Odin Amarth, District 6
  • Scott Bow, District 12

Horror Movies - Horatio's POV

Me, Lucentio and President Maysall were sat in a lounge. The other Gamemakers were in the Control Room, tracking the progress and locations of each of the tributes.

We had just finished watching the bloodbath.

"That was the shortest bloodbath I've ever seen! JUST 3 DEATHS!" The President shouts angrily. He then turns his attention to us.


"It's only the beginning, President." Lucentio speaks out.


There was an awkward silence after that until Lucentio comes up with an idea.

"I have an idea."

"Make it a good one."

"We could pick one tribute to be the 'Target' and everyone has to find the Target and kill them." Lucentio suggests.

"And what happens if the Target isn't killed?" I ask.

"We kill someone from a random district." Lucentio replies.

"Isn't that a bit too sadistic?" I ask. President Maysall immediately interrupts.

"I like the idea. I want you two to make sure this rule is in place for the next part of the day."

"It's how they do it in the horror movies but just for this, I'm reserving it." Lucentio remarks before smiling.

Day 1, Part 2 - The First Target

Jaguar Taz, District 1 Male

Today has just been one big fail. I didn't get to kill Nathan or Petra at the Bloodbath, which got me really annoyed but I have a feeling something big is going to happen to one of them.

Us Careers were settling down at each entrance of the Cornucopia. It was night time and I couldn't be bothered moving. I just wanted to fall asleep.

I lie down and prepare to sleep when...

"Tributes, we have put in place a new rule. One tribute will be selected to become the 'Target'. Other tributes have to chase down the Target and kill them. If the target isn't killed, we will order the execution of a citizen from a randomly selected district. G'day."

The Gamemakers really are running out of ideas.

"Now the first Target chosen is Petra Mines. Go and get her guys!".

All of sudden, my interest in the Games had been ignited again.

"Guys, I'm gonna go and get Petra." The others, except Vriska (who was fast asleep on Cristopher's lap), turn to face me.

"Don't you think we should kill her later?" Scarlett asks me. I ignore her and turn to the school building, where I saw Petra last.

I'm on my way Petra. I'm on my way.

Rebekah Ure, District 8 Female

So nothing much happened. Me and Sickle managed to find accommodation in what appeared to be a Geography classroom, nearly trashed the place and now we're writing insults about the other tributes.


"Well it's been a fun day." Sickle says, whilst drawing.

"It sure has. It's kinda weird because the impact of these Games doesn't really seem to be fazing me." I say. It was true. It really didn't seem like a fight to the death to me.

"Maybe it was because there weren't many deaths at the bloodbath." Sickle remarks.

"That's true." I say. Just as the conversation finishes, we hear footsteps coming towards the door.

"Quick, we need to hide."

We decide to hide underneath a table in the corner and make out a pair of black boots treading along the floor.

"Is this meant to be funny?!" I recognised the voice. It was Kiara. She wanted to kill the boy from 2 but then she later abandoned her plans after getting in a fight with Sabrina. Me and Sickle also had fun squeezing her throat in training.

I turn to face Sickle, who had grabbed a sword.

"Shall I kill her or will you?" I ask him.

"I'll kill her." Sickle immediately leaps up, pointing his sword at her.

"Did you write this?" Kiara asks.

"Duh, I was the only one in here. Of course I did." Sickle replies. At first I was confused by what he said but then I realised I was supposed to stay hidden.

"You're gonna pay for this." She yells. She threw a throwing knife at Sickle. Luckily, he dodged it.


I rose up from underneath the table and fired an arrow at Kiara's leg with a crossbow I retrieved from the Cornucopia. Sickle throws his sword, which somehow manages to hit her on the stomach.

"I can't believe I'm letting 12 year olds injure me." She gets another throwing knife. Sickle gets hit on the ear. I shoot again in the same leg.

"Don't underestimate us. Come back and you're dead." I shout while Kiara limps out of the classroom.

"You ok?" I ask, turning my attention to Sickle.

"Yeah. Not much damage was done." Sickle replies. I hug him, tend to his ear and call it a day.

Petra Mines, District 3 Female

Why me, huh? Why do they have to pick on me?

I stay with Nathan in this office. I managed to talk to him and get to know him more. It turns out we have quite a lot in common.

"You alright?" Nathan asks.

"Not really. Just angry." I reply.

An awkward silence started in the room. I really didn't know what to say when I was angry. But soon, I realised how much supplies we had.

"I'm gonna go and get supplies." I say. Nathan reaches out for my arm.

"Please be careful." 

I walk out of the office and prepare to begin my search for supplies when...

"So there you are."

It was Kiara, limping out of the Geography classroom. She must have gone into a fight because there was two arrows in her left leg and her stomach was slashed.

"I'm gonna win this, for District 6." Kiara yelled. She aimed her crossbow at me but luckily, Nathan came out at the right time.

"Come here, you little brat!" Nathan shouted at Kiara. He chased her around the corridor and Kiara did attempt to shoot us with the crossbow but we dodged them.

When the chase was over, Kiara was well and truly close to falling off the balcony.

She's close to death. I might as well just finish off.

And in just one run, I push Kiara off the balcony. She lands with a loud thud. BOOM!

I...killed someone.

Day 1, Part 2 Deaths

  • Kiara Brazette, District 6 Female

Status Chart

Name of tribute District Kills so far Location Alliance Needs
Jaguar Taz 1 None Main entrance of school building Careers (currently alone on search for Petra) 100/100
Satin Velvet 1 None East Cornucopia entrance Careers 100/100
Clay Barines 2 None West Cornucopia entrance Careers 100/100
Scarlett Winters 2 None South Cornucopia entrance Careers 100/100
Nathan Explosion 3 None First floor of school building Petra 60/100
Petra Mines 3 1 First floor of school building Nathan 50/100
Cristopher Kosmos 4 1 North Cornucopia entrance Careers 100/100
Vriska Serket 4 1 North Cornucopia entrance Careers 50/100
Ivan Gorgoroth 5 None Hill near the small forest Alone 60/100
Lexi Greenway 5 None South Cornucopia entrance Careers 100/100
Tunak Singh 7 None Cafeteria in school building Alone 80/100
Lexi Delacore 7 None Small forest Alone 100/100
Skiswalf Skaagilf 8 None Second floor of school building Alone 70/100
Rebekah Ure 8 None Geography classroom on first floor of school building Sickle 100/100
Sickle Fang 9 None Geography classroom on first floor of school building Rebekah 100/100
Rosette Lilith 9 None Small forest Alone 80/100
Blaine Fitz 10 None Football fields at the back of the school building Alone 70/100
Tsubaki Clairity 10 None Football fields at the back of the school building Alone 40/100
Rubin Jett 11 None Football fields at the back of the school building Alone 100/100
Nikhita Akshaya 11 1 Small forest Alone 80/100
Euphoria Tenate 12 None Ground floor of school building Alone 100/100
Sabrina Prescott Capitol 1 Small forest Alone 100/100

Unlucky - President Maysall's POV

This was the most disappointing beginning to a Games I have ever seen. Even the beginning of the Games I was in years ago was better than this and those Games were regarded as one of the worst in history.

"Horatio, Lucentio come in here please!" I shout. The two middle-aged men come in, with worried looks on their faces.

"It's time to put the next step of the idea into place. Only this time, I won't simply just choose a district. I want you to blindfold me and whichever district my throwing knife lands at will have one of their citizens killed." I say to them.

"Ok, President." They say in unison. I hand Horatio one of my silk ribbons and allow him to tie it around my eyes. Lucentio gives me a throwing knife after he finished putting up pieces of paper with each of the district seals on.

"Gentleman, stand back." I knew what I was doing. Throwing knives was my signature weapon in the Games I entered and won.

I took  a few breaths and felt the throwing knife fly out of my hands. I could hear the knife hit one of the pieces of paper.

I take off the blindfold to find that the throwing knife had hit the District 4 seal.

"Lucentio and Horatio, contact 4's Head Peacekeeper. An execution is underway."

Slaughter That Isn't Needed - Oceania Seacrest's POV

I don't care that I won the Games a few years back. I don't care that my family disowned me because of my victory. I don't even care that my nutty cousin Katarina tried to kill me due to the amount of attention I received. I just wanted to get on with life,

And I was doing just that, slowly.

Well at least I had Marina for company. She was my roommate and she was pretty fun to be around.

Right now, we were sitting in front of the fire in my house (in the Victor's Village), reminiscing about the days when we used to work at the docks.

"Remember that time when Mr Wakefield ate a rotten fish?" I ask Marina. We both laughed at the thought of it. Mr Wakefield was our boss at the docks but he was really funny and daring. We dared him to eat a rotten fish once and he did.

"Oh yeah. I felt sorry for Fletcher because he had to clean up the puke." Marina replied. Fletcher was the new recruit at the time.

"Ah, the good ol' days. Before the Games ruined my life." I say. Marina nodded in agreement.

All of a sudden, there was a knock on the door.

"I'll get it." I rose up from where I was sitting and opened the door. There stood two Peacekeepers, one of them was tall and one of them was quite small.

"Miss Seacrest and Miss Trench, you are required to go to the square immediately." said the tall Peacekeeper.

"And why should we?" I ask them in a annoyed tone.

"It's required. Everyone in District 4 will be there." said the short Peacekeeper. I grab my jacket, Marina grabs her handbag and we get escorted to the square.

When we arrive, I was greeted with mixed reactions. Some people's eyes widened at the sight of me, some people were disgusted to see me.

I stand next to Marina at the back. Peacekeepers come out of the Justice Building, followed by the Head Peacekeeper, Jackson.

"Ladies and gentleman, as punishment for tributes not killing the chosen Target on time, one of District 4's citizens will die." Jackson declared. The crowd started to go wild and people tried to escape, only for the Peacekeepers to shoot them and leave them to die.

"This is insane. Can't you try and reason with them, Oceania?" Marina asks me. She was shaking completely.

"Let's see what they're going to do next." I say to Marina. Really I was looking for the right time to intervene. Jackson ordered the Peacekeepers standing behind him to select a citizen from the crowd. The Peacekeepers came into the crowd and picked a young woman with long brown hair and brown eyes.

"NO! DON'T KILL ME! PLEASE! I JUST BECAME A MOTHER!" The young woman shouted. Tears were rolling down her cheeks.

"Go!" Marina shouted. I ran through the crowd and made my way onto the stage. The woman turned to face me. She smiled as she realised what I was trying to do.

"Well long time no see Seacrest." Jackson smirked.

"Jackson, don't you see what you're doing here? You're taking someone away from their family. Please don't hurt her." I plead.

"The President told me to do this." Jackson simply replied, still smirking. He got out a gun and pointed it at the woman's head.

"Don't listen to the President! He's a sadistic, evil, cold-hearted, manipulative old man who will use anyone to get his own way. He was just using you all along!" I shout. I could Jackson's rage increasing.

"DON'T SAY THAT ABOUT OUR GLORIOUS LEADER!" Jackson yelled. In a fit of anger, he killed the woman. Her brain matter spilled all over the stage. The crowd was screaming and once again, everyone tried to escape. Only this time, I could see what was once my family. They looked at me in shock.


"Just take her away." Jackson orders the Peacekeepers. Two of them come and grip me. I try and fight them off but they were too strong.

How could you, Jackson?

Day 2, Part 1 - The Football Match of Life and Death

Tsubaki Clairity, District 10 Female

Well the Games have been pretty boring so far. There were hardly any deaths at the bloodbath. 

Time to spice things up...

Last night, I managed to capture these two freaks (Rubin and Blaine). And now they're going to be part of my plan.

"Where are you taking us?" Rubin asks, anxiously.

"You'll see when you get there." I say to him. My plan was going to help me get the recognition I deserve. I don't even need to be Victor for recognition. Everyone in the Capitol has a "do something memorable and you'll be remembered" attitude.

Just goes to show. Age is just a number. I'm 14 and I'm bossing around 16 and 17 year olds. This power was beautiful.

Luckily, I was carrying some rope in my hand so if any of them tried to escape, I could garrotte them on the spot.

Finally, we reached the spot.

"Right, we're here." I say. They both frown at me with confusion.

"Why are we at the football fields?" Blaine asks. Out of nowhere, I find a football.

"You're gonna play football. The winner of the match will be set free where as the loser of the match will be killed. Simple as that."

After I finished speaking, two silver parachutes came. Both for Blaine and Rubin. They run towards the supplies but I take them off them in time.

"New rule. The winner can also take their supplies with them. I take the loser's supplies for myself." I say. Now they looked angry.

"YOU CAN'T DO THAT!" They shouted.

"YES I CAN." I shouted back.


I walk closer to them, rope in hand.

"My friend, AGE IS JUST A F****** NUMBER." They shut up after that. I throw the football in between them.

Let the battle!

Scarlett Winters, District 2 Female

And the inevitable has happened. Vriska has finally fallen for Cristopher.

They're making out with each other. I could see them through a hole in the entrance I was in.


I was pretty disappointed. I haven't gained a kill. Yet somehow, the lovebirds next door have.

Well now it was my turn to gain a kill. I really didn't want to slack around. That's not what Careers do.

I get out of the entrance I was in.

"Where are you going?" Clay asks.

"I'm gonna kill someone and not slack around, unlike you." I say to him. He starts to get angry.

"I ain't slacking around missy. I'm just waiting for the right time to kill."


And at that moment, the boy from 7 arrives from the school building.

He's going to be my kill.

Rubin Jett, District 11 Male

So far, I've managed to score 2 goals. But then, so has Blaine. I really didn't want to die or see Blaine die so I'll propose a deal to him.

"Hey Blaine, over here!" I shout. Tsubaki was closely watching us, playing with the rope she had.

"Go on, PLAY!" She shouts.

Blaine comes over to me.

"We don't have to follow her orders. Let's score one more goal and then we'll attack." I whisper so Tsubaki couldn't hear.

"It's a deal." Blaine whispers back. Before Tsubaki could shout again, we carry on playing.

Just one more goal.

Tunak Singh, District 7 Male

I really didn't know what I was doing. I did know that I was near the Cornucopia and Scarlett from 2 was coming towards me.

At first, I thought she was unarmed. Then I saw the huge, shiny blade she was carrying.

This is gonna be the end of me. I can tell.

I try and run back into the school building but Scarlett manages to capture me. She prepares to stab me but I kick her in the shin. In pain, she lets go of me.

It was time. Time for a physical fight.

"How about we just fight instead?" I ask her. She doesn't reply and floors me to the ground. They say that boys are not supposed to hit girls but in this case, I had to. I punched her several times but she was still showing dominance.

Suddenly, I felt a sharp pain in my abdomen.

She's stabbed me.

Blaine Fitz, District 10 Male

At the same time, me and Rubin both score our third goals.


I nod at Rubin. He nods back.

Time to attack.

Together, we floor Tsubaki and beat her up.

Scarlett Winters, District 2 Female


We continue fighting. But by this point, the boy looks like he's about to give up. I can tell that I was going to get the advantage.

Taking this into account, I stab him several times. Just so he's close to death.

My fellow Careers come out to see this, even Lexi from 5, who I forgot was with us.

For the finale,

I suffocated him.

He tried to stop me but his efforts were futile. He soon collapsed to the floor.

In two seconds, he was a goner. BOOM!

I've just gained my first kill.

Tsubaki Clairity, District 10 Female


I was struggling to breathe and my body was aching from them two beating me up. I needed the plan to work. I didn't want to die.

"Remember, you don't control us." Blaine whispers in my right ear.

"And age is more than just a number. In The Hunger Games, it determines your fate." Rubin states.

I punch them in the face and get back up.

"Let's just get her!" Rubin shouts. I run down the football field, they were chasing after me. I do whatever I can to stay alive.

I hide behind some seats. They were confused at first but then, they disappeared.

"Phew, I'm safe." I say to myself. I pick up their supplies and prepare to walk off when...

"Nice try, b****!"

They had sneaked up on me and garrotted me!

I attempt to take off the rope that they were garrotting me with but it was too late.

I was dying.

All I wanted was to put on a good show for the Capitol. I hope they remember this.

The last thing I hear is the giggles and laughs of the two boys before I black out.


Day 2, Part 1 Deaths

  • Tunak Singh, District 7 Male
  • Tsubaki Clairity, District 10 Female


All tributes received sponsors after the deaths of Tunak and Tsubaki. So everyone's needs have been fulfilled.

It Has Begun - Tomma Tigre's POV

(For those of you who don't know who Tomma Tigre is, he won my first Games. He is from District 12.)

Disgusting and degrading.

Those are my thoughts on The Hunger Games. But unfortunately, I'm one of many victors. One of many who have constant flashbacks and nightmares. One of many who have to sit and think about how life has dramatically changed for them.

How my bipolar disorder saved me from death...

"Kill Mist, Kill Poppa. Let the disasters kill the others."

"STOP IT! STOP IT!" I shout as the flashback of me killing Mist Scorchil and Poppa Rocks return to haunt me.

"Is it the flashbacks again, sweetie?" asks Samantha Rocell, who was one of my mentors in the Games. Because of our growing bond during the Games, I asked her to move in with me and she agreed. I didn't want her to continue living alone in that gloomy house.

"Yeah, Sam." I reply. I grip onto the sofa to calm myself down. Unfortunately, footage of the current Games had began to show on the TV.

"Oh my. That was intense. Two deaths at the same time."

"I have to agree with you there Xander."

"TURN THE CHANNEL OVER! TURN THE CHANNEL OVER!" I shout, the flashbacks were coming back to haunt me. Luckily, Samantha turns the channel over.

It was the news.


I thought I was safe until...

"BREAKING NEWS! After a new rule was put in place by the Gamemakers of this year's Hunger Games that one tribute will be selected as the Target that the other tributes have to kill and the first Target, Petra Mines, survived, one citizen from District 4 has been shot dead. What's the conditions currently like in District 4, Adam?"

"Well Georgia, behind me you can see rioting and ransacking. It's clear that the new Dark Days has begun."

Well fighting off the flashbacks was one thing, but a new Dark Days was another.

Day 2, Part 2 - Arivan Arrives

Sabrina Prescott, Representative for the Capitol

I've witnessed a lot so far. It kinda feels strange. I still can't get over the fact that I was resurrected from the dead. It feels like I've woken up in an abandoned place.

Only, this isn't an abandoned place. It's The Hunger Games and teenagers are becoming killers one by one. 

But I can't really say anything myself. I'm a killer as well.

Back in the arena, I was wandering around. The Careers aren't far. It looks like Scarlett's managed to gain a kill.

There were a few loners creeping around. I managed to bump into Ivan from 5. He looked quite traumatised so I gave him a piece of bread and let him go.

I continued wandering around. The airship came to pick up the bodies of Tsubaki and Tunak.

As soon the airship, a vicious shaking began. 

They're starting an earthquake...

Euphoria Tenate, District 12 Female

I cling onto the ladder on the side of the school building as the earthquake divided the ground. 

I'll cling onto it for dear life.

From a distance, I can see Sabrina. I've never really liked her from the start. Even last year. I nearly punched the TV screen at home when she killed little Brittany.

Anyway, why should I put my attention on her? I need to focus on surviving this earthquake.

I attempt to climb up the ladder but the earthquake becomes more violent. It becomes harder for me to cling on.

I didn't realise that because I clinged on to the ladder so much that the bars above me were coming off.

Oh no.

I wasn't going to survive this. The earthquake was eventually going to destroy the school building and possibly kill everyone inside it.

I don't want to die by falling debris.

So I take three deep breaths.

1, 2, 3.

Wish my family goodbye.

"I'm gonna have to love you and leave you guys. If you ever want to know where I am, let's just say it's up above."

And jump off the ladder, into a hole that the earthquake had made.

"Let's just say it's up above..."


Jaguar Taz, District 1 Male

Out of nowhere, a violent earthquake came out of nowhere and nearly destroyed the school building. I heard a loud scream from the back of the building and a cannon came after it, so someone must have died from the earthquake.

The question is, who?

Maybe the death montage later will tell me. But right now, I wanted to find the tributes from 3 and kill them. I just want them dead and then I'll go back to the Careers.

So far I've not managed to find them. I have witnessed a few deaths along the way. Like Tsubaki's, Kiara's and Tunak's from a distance.

The earthquake stopped and then continue. Only this time, the earthquake was destroying parts of the school.

I had to get out. Soon.

Unexpectedly, the earthquake had destroyed what meant to be a boiler room below me, revealing a bomb. It had three seconds left until it was going to detonate.

Please God. Let the bomb kill Petra and Nathan.



I flew from inside the school building. I could feel the heat of the explosion. 

But I couldn't see Petra or Nathan's bodies.

I landed onto the ground with a thud. My sight was blurry but I could make out the other Careers coming to my aid.

Was I dying?

Sabrina Prescott, Representative of the Capitol

The school building's exploded and now it's just a pile of debris.

Jaguar from 1's currently on the ground, surrounded by Careers. Nathan and Petra are nowhere to be found (they're more or likely stuck under the debris) and the rest of the tributes are probably freaking out.

Yet, I'm still standing.

Just watching.

I'm used to seeing explosions. It happened regularly in District 13, before I died.

Now what was going to happen?

Water spurted out of the cracks formed by the earthquake.

Sickle Fang, District 9 Male

I couldn't breathe. But I could see Rebekah. We were stuck under the debris.

"Re...bekah." I try and speak to Rebekah. But this wooden plank was crushing me.

"Sic..kle. Wh..ere y..ou?" Rebekah asks. 

"I'm a..bove yo..u." I reply. When I finally move the wooden planks and furniture off me, a throbbing pain spread throughout my body. I felt like I was being murdered when I stood up.

I rescued Rebekah from the debris. She was in agony too.

"Come on, let's get to a safe place." I carried her towards the small forest. Everyone was too focused on the debris so we managed to get out in time.

Rosette Lilith, District 9 Female

I reached the site of where the school building collapsed. I've never seen anything quite like this. Water was spurting out of the cracks of the earthquake and Sabrina was standing there, like none of what has just happened had fazed her.

Oh well, time for me to kill.

I jump over the cracks somehow and reach her.

I didn't want a simple monologue. I just wanted to kill her.

"Wow, pull out a knife. It really doesn't scare me." She remarked.

"You think you're so fearless when really you're a coward." I say to her. She smirks and then pulls out a spear.

"Listen kid, I've been in 2 games, you've only been in one, I've killed before, you're only just coming to the terms that you're in a fight to the death. Of course I'm gonna be fearless. Reality's already bitten me on the back." 

"I AIN'T A KID AND YOU'RE MEANT TO STAY DEAD!" I shout before tackling her to the ground. I try to beat her up but she was much stronger.

While I was beating up, a large fish appeared from the water spurt. Only, it was no ordinary fish. It was a talking fish who was holding a 20 inch trident.

"GET OFF HER!" shouts the fish. The fish waves the trident. There was no way I was gonna escape this. Stupidly, I try to escape but the trident slashes me in half. The last thing I saw was the ground.


Sabrina Prescott, Representative for the Capitol

"Why did you do that for me?" I ask the fish.

"Because you're the girl who died and was resurrected. In my opinion, you're immortal." The fish replies.

"Yeah right. I was only dead for about ten months." I say.

"Still, I like you kid. What's your name?" The fish asks.

"Sabrina Prescott." I reply.

"My name's Arivan and I'm the fish emperor. You, Sabrina, are my new bodyguard." He declares, patting me on the back with his HUGE fin.

Well as long I was protecting this fish, no-one could stop me.

Day 2, Part 2 Deaths

  • Rosette Lilith, District 9
  • Euphoria Tenate, District 12


I won't be bothering with POVs from people from outside the Games.

Day 3, Part 1 - And The Blood Continues

Skiswalf Skaagilf, District 8 Male

I've never felt this "drunk" before. Because the remaining tributes received sponsors yesterday and Gahlix became nicer after he found out I've survived 2 days of these Games, he sent me a drink that makes you really hyper. He stated in his note that it had no alcohol in it but I highly doubt it because I'm falling all over the place.

Not looking where I was going, I fell over a rock. I was hurt at first but consuming more of this drink stopped the pain afterwards.

But it did make me more tipsy...

I stumbled my way up the hill. I was expecting for nobody to be here but instead, I found the boy from 5, armed with a crossbow, ready to shoot me. 

"Dude...dude, don't shoot. I'm..just having a bit of fun." I hold up the bottle that I was drinking out of.

"What's that?" He asks.

"It's a drink that apparently makes you hyper." I say to him. He puts down his crossbow.

"Take a seat." He pats a spot on the ground next to him. I sit beside him.

"We don't have to call each other the boy from 5 and the boy from 8. Call me Ivan if you like." He says.

"Ok. Call me Skiswalf." I say. We both talk, have a laugh and forget the fact that we were in a fight to the death. 

"Can you pour me a glass of that?" Ivan asks. I became shocked when he said 'glasses'.

"You have glasses?" I ask him.

"Mhm." He nods as he gets two glasses out of his backpack. I pour the drink into the two glasses. I also found out that the drink was blue.

2 hours later...

"Dude..dude, I think this drink has alcohol in it." Ivan slurs.

"I think it has." I say. We both looked shocked at first but then we laughed loudly.

"We're so drunk right now." I giggle. We consume more of the drink after realising it did have alcohol in it. It was about time we had some fun.

"I have a confession to make, I'm such a bad singer." Ivan declares. He spills some of the drink but we were too drunk to focus on the spillage.

"I bet...I bet you're a good singer. I sing like a strangled cat." I slur. He laughs.

"Prove it." Ivan chuckles.

"Let's sing a song." I say. We begin to sing 'la la la'.

"La la la." Ivan sings. His voice is kinda nice.

"Awww, well done." I clap. Ivan bows while sat down before continuing to giggle.

" very much."

"Now do you wanna hear me sing?" I ask him.

"Sure..sure." He slurs.

I clear my throat and prepare to sing. Unfortunately, my voice wasn't as nice as Ivan's.

"!" I end up screeching. Ivan puts down his glass and puts two fingers in his ears.

"Dude..I think you started"

"Told ya." I gulp more of the drink when...


A cannon sounds. Because of my fright, I end up splashing Ivan with the rest of the contents in my glass.

" soak.ed me." Ivan slurs.

And then another horrible feeling overwhelms me.

"I think I just pe'ed myself." I say. Ivan glares at me, almost as if he was about to make fun of me for my accident.

I wonder whose cannon that was.

Vriska Serket, District 4 Female

I really didn't know what I was doing anymore. When everyone had received sponsors, I received a message from my mentor saying that I should play along with being in love. I disagreed with the idea but then I realized that I was getting sponsors from it so I'm currently playing along. No one's suspected how my "love" was really fake.

Currently, Clay has snapped Satin's neck and killed her since she threatened to kill us all, Jaguar is being seen to by Cristopher due to his injuries from the school building collapsing, Lexi's constantly staring at Sabrina and that huge fish on the other side of the crack formed by the earthquake earlier, Scarlett was sharpening her knife and I was standing there, watching everyone.

"Right from now on, if you betray me or disobey my orders, you die. There will be NO MORE slacking around in this alliance. Agreed?" shouted Clay, like he was a dictator.

"Agreed." We all simply say, knowing that if we disobeyed his orders, we would share the same fate as Satin.

No one in the alliance spoke for a while until...

"I'm gonna go over there. Someone has to deal with that nasty piece of work." She states, referring to Sabrina.

"Lexi, remember what happened to Rosette." Cristopher tells her. She doesn't listen to him and makes her way over to Sabrina and Arivan. Sabrina had been asleep when she was woke up by Lexi's entrance and pulled a crossbow at her. Due to the fact that they were quite far, we couldn't hear what they were saying but from their actions, I could tell this would turn ugly.

It was when Sabrina punched Lexi that all of us pulled our weapons out. Unfortunately, we couldn't protect Lexi as she had been stabbed and then decapitated with Arivan's trident.


Lexi's body split into different parts when she was struck with the "fish emperor's" trident.

Victors - Nathan Explosion and Petra Mines

Nathan Explosion and Petra Mines are the victors of these games. Congratulations to Icanhasnofriends and District3.

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