This is for anyone who is confused by my ideas.

Ok, so I've decided to sort my created tributes into four different 'generations': The Continuing Generation, 1st Generation, 2nd Generation and finally the 3rd Generation. The 2nd and 3rd Generations have not been created yet but will be created in the future.

The Continuing Generation is the group containing the tributes I made first. The group is also my favourite. I called it 'The Continuing Generation' because I like to use these tributes over and over again for role play. I will decide when I want to retire them (unlike the other generations).

The 1st Generation mainly consists of tributes who have relations to tributes of The Continuing Generation (e.g. Lianna and Aidan Ampleforth, who are part of the 1st Generation, are the half-siblings of Savera Hayes, a member of The Continuing Generation). I will set dates for when anyone in this generation will retire.

I've not decided what I'm going to do with the 2nd and 3rd Generations yet but I know that they will also have set dates for when anyone in those generations will retire.

There is also another group called 'The Miscellaneous Generation' but this group is not of any significance as the group only contains characters (non-tributes) that are mentioned in any of my Games.

I hope I made it better to understand.

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