I've decided to not go on a hiatus but instead plan out my next Games. My High School Games were poorly organised and I could only update once school had finished for the day (my school hours are from 8am to 3pm).

So here's the background story what I have planned for my next Games. I won't be starting my next Games until a time when I can actually update.

Background Story

The strict and evil President Maysall (the President in each of my Games) has died of old age. His teenage daughter, Destiny, decides to run for President of Panem after she had done so temporarily in the past. However, an old friend of President Maysall, peacekeeper Jared, also decides to run for president.

Each of the districts and the Capitol took either Destiny or Jared's side. This was the average in each district:

  1. Capitol: Jared
  2. District 1: Jared
  3. District 2: Jared
  4. District 3: Destiny
  5. District 4: Destiny
  6. District 5: Destiny
  7. District 6: Jared (surprisingly)
  8. District 7: Destiny
  9. District 8: Destiny
  10. District 9: Jared (District 9 had been taken over by a evil Peacekeeper)
  11. District 10: Destiny
  12. District 11: Destiny
  13. District 12: Destiny
  14. District 13: A mix between Jared and Destiny

Because Destiny got most of the supporters due to how much she had done for the districts in the past, Jared demanded that the side of the district of that year's Hunger Games would win the election.

Arena Outfits

Destiny team outfit
Jared team outfit

Jared's team is in red and Destiny's team is in blue.

Destiny and Jared

Destiny maysall after

Destiny Maysall

A 15 year old who has had an eventful life. At the age of 12, she managed to get her mean and cruel father imprisoned after starting a nationwide rebellion against him and she ran Panem temporarily. During her temporary reign, she managed to serve the needs and interests of all the districts.

She made sure the poorer districts got more food and the richer districts had increased production of their specialised goods.

Unfortunately, President Maysall was released and undone her hard work.

Why Destiny thinks she should be President

  • I've had experience of running Panem, even at a young age.
  • I satisfy the needs of the districts. I can relate to them.
  • Things would be much fairer and there would be peace.
  • I want to make everyone happy.
  • I have a rightful claim to the presidency since I am President Maysall's daughter.

Why Destiny thinks Jared should not be President

  • He's strict so he'll just make people unhappy.
  • He will only satisfy the needs of the richer districts.
  • He'd probably leave the poorer districts to starve.
  • He's not had much experience.
  • No one really knows who he is.

Jared Malone

A Peacekeeper who has
Jared malone
emerged to recognition after deciding to run for President against Destiny. Also claims to be an old friend of President Maysall's.

Why Jared thinks he should be President

  • I will carry on Panem's traditions.
  • I am very mysterious so once people choose me as President, they will get to know me.
  • I will make sure that everyone is equal.
  • I may have not had any experience of Panem but it will increase if I am chosen to be President.

Why Jared thinks Destiny should not be President

  • She's too young.
  • She will distract the citizens from the main purpose in life: honour.
  • She is too rebellious.
  • She's only focused on the happiness of the people and not the actual neccessities.


If anyone would like to help me write these Games since I can be extremely busy, please let me know on my talk page. Thank you.

She has to be eliminated.

16:28, March 23, 2014 (UTC)

Confirmed tributes

Name District Age Gender Side
Trinity Mace 1 17 Female Jared
Bronze Lucrian 1 17 Male Jared
Akumai Kubaya 2 17 Male Jared
Ruby Shorelin 4 18 Female Destiny
Mac "UNGH" Bulb 5 17 Male Destiny
Jayson Huff 7 17 Male Destiny


In these games, there are going to be three main twists. However, they will not be revealed until these events:

  • Twist 1: Reapings
  • Twist 2: Interviews
  • Twist 3: Day 1 of the Games

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