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Which tribute is your favourite?

Xbilliex April 15, 2014 User blog:Xbilliex

I asked this question ages ago but I didn't get many responses so I'm gonna ask it again. Only this time, there's new tributes included.

Name of tribute Gender Age District Votes
Gauis Wellwood Male 14 1
Savera Hayes Female 16 1
Lianna Ampleforth Female 13 1
Aidan Ampleforth Male 13 1
Daniel Halloy Male 18 2
Christina Parthenon Female 17 2
Brittany Glacier Female 12 3
Jeremiah Glacier Male 15 3
Oceania Seacrest Female 16 4 III
Evan Fisher Male 17 4
Alec Roswell-Seacrest Male 17 (he's a vampire) 4
Katarina Seacrest Female 14 4
Dakota Allamotta Female 18 (she's a vampire however) 5
Lucia Morris Female 13 6
Kirsten Barker Female 17 7 II
Alexandria Maydon Female 18 10
Amber Whitfeld Female 15 11
Katrina Simmons Female 18 12 I
Sabrina Prescott Female 17 13
Tristan Ryder Male 16 13

I will create more tributes in the future so this may change.

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