Ok so the experiment I tried to do to see who your favourite tribute of mine was has been put into a simple vote instead.

You can only vote for one tribute. I'll keep track of the votes.

District 1 Tributes Votes
Gauis Wellwood, 14 years old
Savera Hayes, 16 years old
Lianna Ampleforth, 13 years old
Aidan Ampleforth, 13 years old
District 2 Tributes Votes
Daniel Halloy, 18 years old
Christina Parthenon, 17 years old
District 3 Tributes Votes
Brittany Glacier, 12 years old
Jeremiah Glacier, 15 years old
District 4 Tributes Votes
Oceania Seacrest, 16 years old
Katarina Seacrest, 14 years old 1
District 6 Tributes Votes
Lucia Morris, 13 years old
District 7 Tributes Votes
Kirsten Barker, 17 years old
District 10 Tributes Votes
Alexandria Maydon, 18 years old
District 11 Tributes Votes
Amber Whitfeld, 15 years old
District 12 Tributes Votes
Katrina Simmons, 18 years old
District 13 Tributes Votes
Sabrina Prescott, 17 years old
Tristan Ryder, 16 years old

Choose wisely!

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