Hi guys, it's Billie here. Since I now have a week and two days off from school (half term holidays :D), I have decided to create my first Hunger Games :)

These games are also my first so please bear with me if I don't update immediately or make mistakes.

The sequel to these Games are here: Xbilliex's 2nd Games


These are important and need to be followed.

  • Users can send in a maximum of 5 tributes. Numbers may increase if I have to wait for people to fill in the tribute slots.
  • Don't get mad at me or other users because your tribute died.
  • I will allow reservations and there will be no real expiration. But if the spots stay reserved for too long, I will add an expiration date.
  • I will allow pictures and Lunaii dolls.
  • The Capitol and District 13 have been included in these games.
  • I will do the games in the POVs of the tributes.
  • There is no pre-determined winner. This could be a win for any user.
  • You can request for two things in this game:
    • You can request a item or two for your tribute. I will add this into the chosen tribute's POV.
    • You can also request for me to make a specific alliance. Just state who you want in this alliance and I will add this into the game.

Tribute Template







Weapon: (maximum of 3)


Weaknesses: (Make sure that the number of strengths and weaknesses are the same)



Name Gender District User
Aaron Dowell Male Capitol Tsteen
Bessy Tower Female Capitol Tsteen
Zaphire 'Zaph' Beux Male 1 District3
Toph Beifong Female 1 Nightlock Kryptonite
Andrew/Andrea Feather Male 2 District3
Christina Parthenon Female 2 Xbilliex
Jeremiah Glacier Male 3 Xbilliex
Brittany Glacier Female 3 Xbilliex
Grace C. Lamprey Female 4 LivesInDistrict1
Pacster Chalmers Male 4 MyWorld
Kingsley Orion Male 5 LivesInDistrict1
Emily Zosma Female 5 LivesInDistrict1
Brandon Ivey Male 6 MyWorld
Pinkamena Diane Pie Female 6 Mistfire333
Troi Cian Male 7 District3
Sabrina Mastin Female 7 Yuu Nii-san
Mist Scorchil Male 8 Mistfire333
Chakra Fatalis Female 8 District3
Blade Spectrus Male 9 Tehblakdeath
Alice Liddell Female 9 Mistfire333
Poppa Rocks Male 10/4* Mistfire333
Majora Lunar Female 10 Mistfire333
Bolton Meadow Male 11 Tsteen
Amber Whitfeld Female 11 Xbilliex
Tomma Tigre Male 12 Tsteen
Katrina Simmons Female 12 Xbilliex
Maximum Roberts Male 13 Tsteen
Sabrina Prescott Female 13 Xbilliex
  • Originally from District 10 but was forced to represent District 4 instead so that he wouldn't embarass his own district.

Death Chart/Death Order

The fallen tributes will be listed here.

Name District User Died on? Killed by
Amber Whitfeld 11 Xbilliex Day 1 Pedestal
Brandon Ivey 6 MyWorld Day 1 Andrew/Andrea Feather
Alice Liddell 9 Mistfire333 Day 1 Christina Parthenon
Chakra Fatalis 8 District3 Day 1 Majora Lunar
Grace C. Lamprey 4 LivesInDistrict1 Day 1 Sabrina Prescott
Kingsley Orion 5 LivesInDistrict1 Day 1 Katrina Simmons
Katrina Simmons 12 Xbilliex Day 1 Poppa Rocks
Emily Zosma 5 LivesInDistrict1 Day 2 Sabrina Prescott
Andrew/Andrea Feather 2 District3 Day 2 Explosion
Jeremiah Glacier 3 Xbilliex Day 3 Majora Lunar
Zaphire 'Zaph' Beux 1 District3 Day 3 Forcefield/Brittany Glacier
Pacster Chalmers 4 MyWorld Day 3 Forcefield/Brittany Glacier
Blade Spectrus 9 Tehblakdeath Day 3 Forcefield/Brittany Glacier
Christina Parthenon 2 Xbilliex Day 3 Forcefield/Brittany Glacier
Majora Lunar 10 Mistfire333 Day 3 Volcano eruption
Troi Cian 7 District3 Day 3 Pinkamena Pie
Toph Beifong 1 Nightlock Kryptonite Day 4 Brittany Glacier
Bolton Meadow 11 Tsteen Day 4 Sabrina Prescott
Sabrina Mastin 7 Yuu Nii-san Day 4 Brittany Glacier
Brittany Glacier 3 Xbilliex Day 4 Sabrina Prescott
Pinkamena Pie 6 Mistfire333 Day 5 Tracker Jacker attack
Sabrina Prescott 13 Xbilliex Day 5 Mist Scorchil
Poppa Rocks* 4 Mistfire333 Day 6 Tomma Tigre
Mist Scorchil* 8 Mistfire333 Day 6 Tomma Tigre
Maximum Roberts* 13 Tsteen Day 6 Combined disaster attack
Aaron Dowell* Capitol Tsteen Day 6 Combined disaster attack
Bessy Tower* Capitol Tsteen Day 6 Combined disaster attack

If there is a star next to the tribute's name, this means that their death position is unspecified.

The Twist

  • The water from the lake is actually firewater. When it reaches the times you can drink from it, it acts as normal, safe drinking water but when it reaches the times when it becomes dangerous to drink from, it can be used as a weapon (when poured onto the ground, it starts fires).
  • The forest lights up at night, making it easier for other tributes to find each other.
  • The volcano can erupt at any time during the games. Touching the lava with your finger can kill you.
  • Sometimes huge boulders fall off the top of the mountain range, killing anyone unfortunate enough to be in the way of it.


When you reach the alliance part of the tribute template, here are the options you can choose:

  • Careers: Majora Lunar (10), Christina Parthenon (2)Zaphire 'Zaph' Beux (1), Andrew 'Andrea' Feather (2), Blade Spectrus (9), Pacster Chalmers (4)
  • Anti-Careers: Mist Scorchil (8), Bolton Meadow (11), Tomma Tigre (12), Brandon Ivey (6),Poppa Rocks (4), Sabrina Mastin (7), Toph Beifong (1)
  • Glacier Alliance (Private): Jeremiah Glacier (3), Brittany Glacier (3)
  • Alone: Pinkamena Diane Pie (6), Alice Liddell (9), Sabrina Prescott (13)
  • Capitol and District 13 Alliance (Private): Maximum Roberts (13), Aaron Dowell (C), Bessy Tower (C)
  • Looking for Alliance:

If the tributes name is in bold, it means that they are the leader of that alliance.

If the tributes name is in italic, it means that if the current leader of that alliance dies, that tribute will claim co-leadership.

  • Capitol Female
  • Capitol Female
  • District 1 Female
  • District 1 Male
  • District 2 Female
  • District 2 Male
  • District 3 Female
  • District 3 Male
  • District 4 Female
  • District 4 Male
  • District 5 Female
  • District 5 Male
  • District 6 Female
  • District 6 Male
  • District 7 Female
  • District 7 Male
  • District 8 Female
  • District 8 Male
  • District 9 Female
  • District 9 Male
  • District 10 Female
  • District 10 Male
  • District 11 Female
  • District 11 Male
  • District 12 Female
  • District 12 Male
  • District 13 Female
  • District 13 Male

Tribute Parade

Jeremiah Glacier's POV

"1 hour to go until the parade starts!" shouts one of the stylists behind me and my sister Brittany. Everyone's rushing around to prepare for the Tribute Parade.

All the other tributes are either giving each other dirty looks, adjusting their outfit or planning on who they are going to kill first (although I think the latter is probably what Careers do most).

"Jeremiah." The little nervous voice of Brittany.

"Yeah?" I reply, uninterested in everything going on around me.

"I think the District 4 tributes are smiling at us." I look around to see the District 4 tributes glaring and smiling which eventually turned into sniggering,

"They're probably thinking how disgusting our outfits look but they don't want to be insulting so they try to be more nicer about it." Our outfits are disgusting. I have to wear a disgusting neon blue shirt, matching pants that are extremely baggy and blue sneakers that are just... disgraceful. Even the little matching hat slips off my head constantly.

"But I like this outfit. It's nice."

Brittany looks better than me, even though she's wearing nearly the same outfit as me. It's probably because the layered skirt and cape looks quite cute on her.

"I'm scared, Jeremiah. I've never been in The Hunger Games before." She suddenly bursts into tears.

I put my shoulder around her and start to comfort her.

"I've never been in The Hunger Games too but I'll promise you this, I will do my best to protect you and look after you throughout the Games. How does that sound?"

She hugs me tightly, almost to the point that I'm suffocating. "Thank you Jeremiah, your the best brother ever!".

I smile and offer her a tissue.

Bessy Tower's POV

I love this gold satin dress so much. It makes me want to twirl around continuously in it. But if I do twirl around in it continuously, I'd get dizzy and we wouldn't want that now, would we?

While my district partner Aaron analysed the material of his outfit, I stopped twirling around in my dress and started observing the other tributes.

Most of the tributes caught my attention, such as the slutty girl from District 2 who was doing her makeup, the brother and sister tributes from District 3 who were hugging each other, the secretive male from District 8 who was sat down and the extremely handsome male from District 13 who was feeding sugar cubes to the horses that would power his chariot later.

So I decided to get to know him and walked over to introduce myself. He eventually looked up at me, looking uninterested.

"Hi, my name's Bessy. What's your name?" I asked, smiling politely (but secretly, I was trying to get to know this delightful person).

"I'm Maximum." The boy mumbled, paying attention to the horses once again.

"Nice to meet you." I said, trying to get his attention.

"Same to you too." I'm sure he didn't mean it.

"Well, I'll see you around." I walked back to where mine and Aaron's chariot was, feeling pleased that I managed to talk to Maximum.

"He is so handsome! I can't believe he talked to me!" Now I was happy and cheerful.

"Face it Bessy, he's uninterested in you. He'd rather pay more attention to those horses than you." Aaron finally looked up at me.

"That is so not true!" I can't believe what Aaron's just said.

"If he does like you, I will be surprised. Prove it to me and you can have the pleasure of looking at my surprised face."

I roll my eyes. "It's a deal."

Mist Scorchil's POV

At this point, most people would be getting prepared for the upcoming Parade. Me? I'm already prepared. I'm dressed in this embarrasing pink suit, waiting for the hour to go by so I can get on my chariot and get this over and done with.

All of a sudden, I remember something that my mentor said before the parade:

"Don't be a hero, be a warrior. Come home in a ride with cheers, not a coffin with tears. If you're outnumbered, negotiate. If that doesn't work, run."

I keep my mentor's advice in mind and keep calm as I think of my own personal strategy to get through the Games.

Looking around, I can already tell who will die in the Bloodbath. Those will be the people who haven't thought strategically, unlike me.

Just as I was thinking of the strategy, my stylist Aidan comes over.

"Hey, I'm here to check if your outfit fits and whether's it's comfortable or not."

I stand up, put my left hand on Aidan's shoulder and begin to lie to him.

"Aidan, you and Xinnia (Chakra's stylist) have done a great job on the outfits. I mean, just look at Chakra. She looks like a little doll in that dress."

We both look at Chakra, who was wearing a glittery pink dress, pink high heels and a light pink feather hair clip. She was chatting to Xinnia.

"Thanks Mist, you've really made my day." Aidan grins at me before walking off.

I sit back down again and continue to wonder how I was going to win and go home to District 8, when I know that these people are no ordinary bunch of tributes. Some of them are psychotic and bloodthirsty.

Sabrina Mastin's POV

"Not long to go until the parade starts!" shouts my stylist Lolita to all the other stylists. She adjusts my white dress, fur coat and crown of flowers for me.

"Ok, do you feel comfortable in your outfit?"

"Yes, I feel great."

"Right, I'll be back here in a few minutes. Wait here, ok?"

"Ok." I promised her.

There was not much to do except look around. Most of the tributes were either having final touches done to their outfit or some were already prepared and were trying to pass the time.

One person that caught my attention was the District 13 female. She was probably the tallest tribute and had jet black hair with piercing green eyes. Unlike most of the females, she was wearing a casual outfit. So was her district partner Maximum, whose name I found out from the Capitol female.

I couldn't stop looking at how tall the girl was. I looked at her that much that she walked over towards me and pushed me against the wall.

"Why were you staring at me?!" She yelled. Soon everyone was looking at us.

"I can't help it! Your taller than most of us!" I yelled back. She then whispered into my right ear.

"Look at me again and you'll be the first person I kill in the arena." She then let go of me, leaving me worried and nervous. Troi came to my rescue.

"You alright?" Troi asked, looking concerned for me. I got up from the cold floor.

"No, I'm not ok." Now my shyness had gone and all I felt now was rage and anger.

"Calm down. The parade should start soon." I was so angry that I couldn't even be bothered to look at Troi. I just stared at the District 13 girl being told off by her stylist.

"What's her name?" I asked Troi.

"Who do you mean?"

"The District 13 female."

"I think her name's Sabrina Prescott."

If Sabrina wants a war, she'll have a war.

Before I can continue my secret grudge against Sabrina, it's time for us for get onto our chariots.

Xander Rybak's POV

It really isn't easy being the host of the Hunger Games, especially when you know you have to be lighthearted in a situation like this.

But on the bright side, I know that my long time assistant Phillippe Anderson will be by my side since he's the new announcer for the Hunger Games.

"New year, new games huh?" Phillippe asked me, trying to get a response out of me.

"Yeah, I guess so. But it's really depressing, knowing that innocent children are going to die. And it's even more depressing knowing that this is the only way I can make a lot of actual money now."

"Well, just keep your head up Xander. You're good at this. You've been doing this for nearly 30 years now." Phillippe reassured me.

"You know what? Your right. I'll keep my head held high. Thanks a lot Phillippe. You're a good man." I patted him on the shoulder.

"Guys, we're going live on air in 3...2...1!" The cameraman announced.

"Hello and welcome to the Tribute Parade of the 1st re-introduced edition of The Hunger Games. I'm your host, Xander Rybak and this is the new announcer Phillippe Anderson." I introduced the parade, putting on a brave face.

"That's right Xander. Shall we take a look at the tributes now?" Phillippe asked me.

"Sure." I reply, getting the computer ready. The first pair of tributes to appear are the Capitol boy and girl. The names soon appear as Bessy Tower and Aaron Dowell.

"First up, we have the tributes from the Capitol. They're looking very glamorous, aren't they Xander?"

"Yes they are Phillippe. But then again, it's a tradition for Capitol tributes to look glamorous during the parade."

This continued for the rest of the night.


Sabrina Prescott's POV

I've had enough. I have seriously had enough of my stupid life. First I get reaped to enter these stupid Games, then I have people gawking at me at the parade, especially that stupid little brat from District 7, and my interview was terrible. All Xander wanted to talk to me about was the "parade controversy".

But today is training day, which I'm looking forward to since it helps for anger management, and I'm the first to arrive at the training center.

"Hello Sabrina." The trainer, who was actually good looking with slick blonde hair and big blue eyes, smiled at me and greeted me.

"Hi. How do you know my name?" I asked, wondering.

"The Capitol has been talking about you and the District 7 girl. I think she's called Sabrina too."

First of all, she starts giving me unwanted attention and now she shares the same NAME as me?! She's definitely going to be the first person on my arena hitlist.

"Well my name is Michael and as you may know from my uniform, I'm your trainer." That guy must smile a lot, I can definitely tell.

"Can I start on the throwing knives station? I need to release my stress and anger." I ask.


I walk over to the throwing knives station, collect the throwing knives, take deep breaths and begin to aim the knives at the dummy. The knives hit the red circle on the dummy but if it was an actual person's body, it would have hit on the heart and killed them. I'd preferably like that person to be the District 7 girl (saying her name makes me angry).

All that time, Michael was observing me and I didn't know.

"You're amazing. Have you trained with throwing knives back in District 13 by any chance?" He asks, smiling once again.

"I used to train with the soldiers and observe them." I reply, smiling as I think about my childhood and how I used to enjoy playing around near the forts.

I actually feel a sense of pride, until my escort Katia and district partner comes in.

Maximum Roberts' POV

"Sabrina! Didn't I tell you that no one was allowed in the training center yet?!" yelled Katia. Katia was a woman who was stressed a lot. She was even more stressed about Sabrina and her currently bad reputation within the Capitol.

"Yes, you did." Sabrina sighed.

While Katia and Sabrina argue, I started to think about the Capitol tributes and how much Bessy was into me. Capitol people really are strange, especially with their excessively weird clothing and funny accents. I just don't agree with their inordinate way of life.

"Well since you're here now, you might as well wait for the other tributes." She told me and Sabrina, before leaving.

Sabrina walked over to the throwing knives station while I sat down to think about what lies ahead of me; the arena, the Cornucopia bloodbath, the place I'll hide in to get away from the other tributes, what alliance I'll even be in, whether I'll make it to the final 8 or not.

More tributes came into the center, including Bessy and the boy she was talking to. The boy was the first to find me and walked over to talk to me, I think.

"Hi, my name's Aaron. I just wanted to have a quick chat." His significantly creepy Capitol accent actually gave me shivers down my spine. We walked over to the corner to talk privately.

"Bessy is really into you. She could not stop talking about you after the parade."

My eyes widened. "I didn't know that." Surprised, I tried to think what Bessy would do next. The only phrase that came to my mind was stalk me.

"I think she loves you so I was wondering if you'd like to form an alliance with us?" He asked me. At first, I hesitated but then again, I didn't want to hurt Bessy's feelings so...

"Ok, sure." I said, waiting for them to turn their backs so I can facepalm myself real hard. What are you think Max?!

Blade Spectrus' POV

It's been hectic so far and the Games haven't even started yet. After the parade, I walked up with the District 7 Sabrina up to our district compartments. She looked pretty traumatised after what the other Sabrina did. I felt sympathy for her.

Flashback: After the parade

"Are you ok?" I asked Sabrina.

"Not really. I've learned that I can't even look around now without someone threatening me." She replied, looking fed up.

"Well, if me, you and Sabrina are still alive in time for the Feast, I'll take her bag so that she has no reason to hurt you." I promised her.

"Thanks." She smiled and hugged me.

Back to the training center

"Everyone please stand around me." ordered the trainer. Everyone got really close to him.

"Not too close please, I'm claustrophobic." Everyone stood back.

"Thank you. Now, welcome to training. My name's Michael and today, I'll be your trainer. I want you all to find a station and practice but don't stay on that station for too long. I want you all to try new weapons that you've probably never used before. Off you go."

All the tributes ran to different stations. I decided to observe my fellow tributes and check out their strengths and weaknesses so I know what to expect.

The Careers and the District 8, 5, 6 and 3 tributes were pretty impressive. I could definitely tell that some of them might make it through the Bloodbath.

Just as I was about to observe Sabrina (District 13), Troi came over to confront Sabrina.

Troi Cian's POV

"You! Have you seen what you've done to Sabrina?!" I shouted. Everyone stopped to turn around and Michael unfolded his arms. The District 9 male was standing next to the station.

"You don't want to make things worse, kid." Sabrina replied. She didn't even turn to look at me so I pushed her into the D9 kid.

I looked over to find Sabrina, who was watching in terror. The D9 kid and Sabrina got up.

"You might want to leave. Things are turning ugly." She said to the boy. He ran over to Michael.

Then she squared up to me and said:

"You'd better watch out because your number two on my hitlist. Don't make things worse for you and her because I do know how to use throwing knives and I WILL aim for both of your heads."

She released her grip and Michael came over to us to talk.

"Troi, I think it's best if you try and stay away from Sabrina." He advised me.

"Ok." I replied, simply. I walked with Michael, who promised me that he'd help to calm me down.

Sabrina continued practicing on the station, like nothing happened.

Euggh, I hate that girl.

Toph Beifong's POV

The whole business with the two Sabrinas is getting annoying. That's all I've heard about all week. But why should I be bothered about two girls arguing? It's got nothing to do with me.

Just as I thought there was no one watching me....

"Hi." It was Andrew Feather, the transgender boy from District 2. I recognised his voice from the parade.

"Hi." I said, being polite.

"So are you with the Careers?"


"Who are you with then?"

"Anti Careers." I was clearly uninterested in him.

He was about to say goodbye when...

"Everyone line up! It's time for your individual training."

Individual Training

Aaron Dowell's POV

We were led, by Michael, into the seating room that thousands of children/teenagers have sat in before. The room next door is the practice room, where our individual training is to take place.

My heart was beating fast. I'm nervous. I've never been nervous before. Usually, I have confidence.

"Guys, you need to arrange yourself into District order. Capitol at the front, District 13 at the back. And also boys will be in front of girls."

This just made me even more nervous. I'm the first person in the line. Bessy even showed concern for me.

"One piece of advice before I go. Use the weapon that you have the most skill in as it will help you get a higher score." Michael said before leaving.

"Aaron, you'll do great. We're the Capitol kids. The Gamemakers are bound to give their fellow citizens' children high scores." Bessy told me. That was the first sentence she said that didn't have Maximum in it.

One time, I would have been proud to call myself a Capitol citizen. Now, it just made me sick and disgusted.

Suddenly, the scrolling LED sign above the entrance to the practice room suddenly spelled out my name. Narration came after it:

Capitol - Aaron Dowell

I walked into the practice room. Stood in the middle of the practice area was Denzel Azalea, the Head Gamemaker of this year's Hunger Games. Before he became Gamemaker, he was known for writing books.

"Hello, you may begin your training now." Denzel sat down, clutching a clipboard with all of the tributes names on.

I walked over to the spears, picked one up and threw it at the dummy in front of me. It missed the bullseye.

"You have 2 more chances."

I clutched another spear and threw it at the dummy. Once again it missed the bullseye but was closer to it than the other spear.

"1 more chance."

I grabbed my final spear, took a deep breath and threw it at the dummy again. To my surprise, it landed on the bullseye.

"Thank you, you may leave."

I walked out, no longer feeling nervous but actually happy. Bessy got up.

"How did it go?"

"It was actually fun and quick." I replied, smiling and heading for the lift until...

"Cryselle. Cryselle will be watching." This was the first time I thought of my fiancé, who I left behind. I had forgotten about the vow that I made, to try and win for her.

Christina Parthenon's POV

5 people have already done their training. It was my turn next. But unlike most of my fellow tributes, I had a plan. In fact, part 1 of my plan had already been completed.

Flashback: Training

I walked over to Michael, carrying a glass of water. But this was no ordinary glass of water, it contained a special liquid that was created to make the drinker of that liquid think good thoughts of anyone they see.

"Hi Michael, could you give this to the head Gamemaker for me? Thank you." I asked, handing the glass of water to him.

"Sure." Michael went out of the training center. Let's just hope that it worked.

All of a sudden, the LED sign came up with my name:

District 2 - Christina Parthenon

Feeling excited for finding out whether my plan had worked or not, I walked into the room. The head Gamemaker was sat down with a clipboard. When he looked at me, he smiled.

"Hello. You can just get on with your training right away."

The drink worked. I actually outsmarted an adult who was probably twice my age. I'm only 17.

I went over to the spiked mace and moved the nearby dummies to where I was stood. My goal was to destroy the dummies as much as possible, using the mace.

I started spinning the mace and twirled around to begin causing damage. At first, it was just a few scrapes and scratches but then I started slicing off the heads of the dummies and eventually, there was just a torso.

"Thank you. You may leave."

I left with a sense of hope. If I can get a high training score, imagine what else I could do to these petty Games.

Poppa Rocks' POV

Well this is going to be fun. It's called individual training to most tributes, but to me it's called 'get my own way session'. Quite self explanatory.

When the flashing sign thingy came up with my name, I entered the big room. It was full of weapons but the only weapon I'll need for this is my ability to distract people.

"Hi, please get on with your training."

Instead of picking up a weapon, I sat down on a nearby bench and smiled creepily at the Gamemaker. This should creep him out.

"I said get on with your training."

"This is training. I'm training in concentration." I replied, still smiling at him like a total creep.

"Proper training, young man. Training with swords or crossbows. I don't know." He said, starting to get annoyed.

"Why are pirates called pirates?"

"I don't know. Why are pirates called pirates?"

"Because they aarrggh!"

He started bursting into laughter and even fell off his chair. But the laughter stopped and soon he ran away, wanting to attend to his now sore butt.

"I'm guessing that's my session done."

Before I officially declared my session over, I ran towards the clipboard that the Gamemaker left behind. It had the training scores of some of the tributes. My training score hadn't been recorded yet.

Picking up the Gamemaker's pen off the floor, I decided to write my training score in.

"Tut tut tut. The odds are definitely not in the Gamemaker's favour." I wrote a big 11 next to my name before leaving.

Well if the odds aren't in the Gamemaker's favour, they're more or likely going to be in my favour. Hehehehe.

Day after Training

Brittany Glacier's POV

Yesterday was tiring but I managed to get some training done with Jeremiah. We practiced on the trap making station but our trap failed so Michael helped us repair it. It was kinda fun.

And then everyone had to do their individual training. I got really nervous and scared, until I found out that the head Gamemaker had gone to the nurse to see to an accident that was caused by the District 4 male, I think.

Now, I'm in the District 3 compartment and sat on the sofa with everyone, waiting for Xander Rybak to reveal our training scores.

"Today I will reveal the training scores of each tribute during their individual training. If that tribute scores between 5-6, they did ok. If they score between 7-8, they did good. If they score between 9-10, they did fantastic. But if they score between 11-12, they did incredible. Ok, first up, from right here in the Capitol, Aaron Dowell."

Jeremiah and I were feeling pretty nervous, despite the fact that they had 6 scores to get through before mine and Jeremiah's scores are revealed.

"A score of... 10."

Our mentor, Zanver, looked quite surprised until Falia, our escort, elbowed him.

"They give the Capitol kids high scores all the time Zanver. You should know. You experienced and won The Hunger Games yourself." Falia "corrected" him. She has an obsession with correcting people.

"Just shut up Falia, I'm trying to hear the scores."

The next 5 scores were sometimes high but sometimes average.

"Also from the Capitol, Bessy Tower. A score of...9."

"From District 1, Zaphire Beux. A score of...10."

"Also from District 1, Toph Beifong. A score of...6."

"Hah! She got a low score yet she's from a Career district!" Jeremiah pointed out.

"Because she's blind." Zanver replied.

"Oh." Jeremiah suddenly turned quiet.

"From District 2, Andrew Feather. A score of...11."

"Clearly following a stereotype." I said, trying to speak so everyone thought I wasn't mute.

"Also from District 2, Christina Parthenon. A score of...8."

"Wasn't she the girl who spiked Denzel's drink?" Zanver asked Falia.

"Yes, and because of it, they lowered her score."

"Wait, here comes Jeremiah's score." My stylist, Jade, said as she walked in with Jeremiah's stylist, Leo.

"From District 3, Jeremiah Glacier. A score of..."

Everyone was anticipating Jeremiah's score. Jeremiah's heart must have been beating rapidly at this moment.


Cheers and a happy atmosphere spread across the room. Jeremiah's glasses even fall off in shock.

"You've done amazing, Jeremiah." I said, hugging my brother to congratulate him.

"Thanks Brittany." I loved him so much.

"Also from District 3, Brittany Glacier. A score of...9."

More cheers spread across the room.

"I can't believe my tributes got high training scores this year. I'm so proud." Zanver smiled. We giggled and went back to hugging each other.

"You've done amazing, Brittany."

I knew that with Jeremiah, I was going to be OK and I have a chance of surviving after all.

Bolton Meadows' POV

I hate these games so much. They make me sick, distressed and angry. It also makes me sad knowing that I was reaped to enter something as cruel as this.

I was sat on the sofa, watching more training scores being revealed. Amber, my district partner, was in her room, our mentor, Berty, was eating breakfast in the kitchen and the prep team was in their studios, getting our arena outfits ready.

"This next score is pretty surprising. From District 4, Poppa Rocks." The weird kid who was good at distracting people.

"A score of...11." I could easily tell that he gave himself that score. I was also the only tribute to have suspicions of him, after he left his individual training.

Flashback: Seating Room

Poppa was the next tribute to come back from the individual training. He had a big, cheeky grin on his face and his arms folded, as if to say he was up to something. Everyone else either thought he was crazy, stupid or just plain weird.

"Yes, I'm a huge television screen. You can watch me do anything." He muttered as he danced his way past us. If that kid did ever have parents, I'm pretty sure they dropped him on the head.

Then I managed to get a glimpse of his hand. The following sentence was spelled out:

"1 to me, 1 to District 4."

Could I be onto something here?

Back to the District 11 compartment

I'm not usually the investigative type but I could easily tell that something...fishy was going on. Could these Games be fixed? Is there a conspiracy theory to it?

Eventually, mine and Amber's scores are revealed.

"From District 11, Bolton Meadows. A score of...10."

"Also from District 11, Amber Whitfeld. A score of..5."

I walked over to Amber's room, ready to tell her the score.

"What did I get?" She asked, not even bothering to look at me and was too busy beautifying herself. Honestly, she's a pretty girl. She doesn't need makeup.


"Oh well, goodnight."


I have to get to the bottom of this.


Blade Spectrus' POV

My heart is racing like mad. I'm just moments away from entering the arena. My district partner is nowhere to be found and I start to worry. Luckily, Rhianna, my stylist, finds a way to calm me down.

"I think you should have this." She hands me a GPS tracker.

"Wouldn't this be cheating?" I ask.

"It's not cheating. It's a weapon. This might just save your life." She replies.

"How did you even get one of these?"

"It's made by the Capitol. Don't tell anyone that I stole it from a shop."

"I promise I will not tell." I know the fate of people who have done things to help their tributes. Most of them get executed or some turn into an Avox. Rhianna's a crazy woman if she thinks that she can get away with this.

I put the GPS tracker in the pocket of my jacket. Just seconds to go now...

"Good luck. You'll do great. I'm sure." The last encouraging words I heard before stepping onto the lift.

The lift pushes me up into the arena. The arena is in 4 sections, a forest, a volcano, a mountain range and a lake. My surroundings may look innocent but no one, except the Gamemakers, knows what to expect.

All the other tributes are stood on their pedestals and the countdown is ticking. I prepare myself by getting into a running position. Just as I had gained my focus...


A huge explosion had come from one of the pedestals. Since all the pedestals were in District and boy/girl order, I figured out that the explosion had come from one of the District 11 pedestals.

Then, I see the body of the District 11 girl fall to the floor. She had been executed.

BOOM! Amber's cannon...

Soon the countdown stopped and everyone, including myself, ran off their pedestals, towards the Cornucopia. Like always, it was jammed pack with supplies and weapons.

I ran for a silver crossbow that was shining in the scorching hot sun. When I grabbed it, I found myself in a headlock by the weird District 4 kid who went by the name of Poppa Rocks.

"You don't get the top prize. That prize is entitled to me. Instead, you can have your throat slit. How about that?"

I try to struggle myself out of the headlock but it's no good. His arms grip tighter and I'm almost suffocating. I think this guy's insane.

As the idiot mumbles on with himself, I manage to get one of the arrows lying on the floor and stab him in the back with it.

He cried out in pain and released his grip, enabling me to collect my arrows and crossbow. Then, a sword catches my attention. I run towards the sword and collect it. I also claim a nearby backpack.

Avoiding all of the brutal fights, I manage to find my way into the forest and ignore all of the abuse that Poppa was yelling at me from behind.

"I'll get you for this, you little brat!"

Majora Lunar's POV

As people fight all around me, I try to find a way to gather all of the Careers together. Some of them were getting too carried away with the killing.

All of a sudden, I feel an urge to collect as much supplies as possible.

A pile of bags catch my eye. I went over and collected a bag when a throwing knife hits the same bag. It was Brandon, the boy from District 6.

Just as I grabbed a sword and went to stab him, a spear had gone right through Brandon's head. BOOM!

"Anything for a fellow Career." It was the voice of Andrew Feather, the boy from District 2. He was known for being a transsexual, a boy who wanted to be a girl. Surprisingly, Andrew was dressed as his normal self.

"What do we do about the others?" He asked.

"We need to help them kill." I replied. We looked around for fellow Careers. BOOM! Christina, Andrew's district partner, had just killed the District 9 girl with her mace when she finally saw us.

"Majora, where are we going to stay?" She looked kinda sadistic with the blood of the D9 girl splattered all over her outfit and mace.

"Guys, I have an idea. But I can only tell you it when we have Zaph and Pacster." Strangely, all the other tributes had gone to the other sections. Only 3 bodies lay.

The minute I referenced them, they both appeared from behind and startled me.

"So what's the plan?" They ask in unison.

"We'll camp out here in the Cornucopia. We have all the supplies we could need and if there's a runaway about, we can kill them."

"Good idea." They all agreed with me and we sat down in a group, waiting for any tributes to come by.

Out of nowhere, the District 8 girl started to attack. But her attack could only last for a few seconds as I killed her with my crossbow.


4 bodies lay.

Sabrina Prescott's POV

Sponsors, sponsors, sponsors. Apparently, it's the only thing that'll help me survive in these games. If it's needed, it's got to be earned. So I sit up here in this tree and think of who I can kill to gain sponsors.

I'm in a small part between the mountain range and the forest sections. It's pretty dangerous up here, considering how many Tracker Jacker nests there are.

In fact, there's a Tracker Jacker nest in the tree I'm sat in. It was slowly dangling above two logs. Let's just wait to see if anyone comes.

12 minutes later...

I got woken up from my little nap by the District 4 girl and District 5 boy talking. Eventually, they sat down in the right place. Right place for me to ultimately end their lives.

Whipping out the katana I retrieved from the Cornucopia, I start sawing off the branch that contained the Tracker Jacker nest.

The nest dropped and the Tracker Jackers started swarming around them both. The District 5 boy managed to get away but the District 4 girl was struggling to fight off the Tracker Jackers. Before I knew it, the girl had died from the venom of the Tracker Jackers. BOOM!

I've done it. I've got my first kill, even though it isn't that little wimp Sabrina or annoying brat Troi.

Despite feeling proud of myself for killing someone, I could feel a sense of guilt within me as well as I observed the girl's face.

Sabrina and Troi, you may have not been my first kills but you are certainly going to feel my wrath during these games.

Katrina Simmons' POV

I'm worried and scared for my life. The two things my mentor said I shouldn't feel.

Should I just walk out into the open and get myself killed? I have no one or nothing to come home to.

Deciding I didn't want my life anymore, I prepare for my final moments alive. I carry my bag over my shoulder and grip my knife in my right hand. My main weapon is the bow and arrows but I've decided to go for the knife instead.

I start running around. When I did accelerate, I bumped into the District 5 boy.

I was still carrying the knife in my hand!

My fears were confirmed. The boy had bled to death and died. BOOM!

"NOOOO! I DIDN'T WANT TO KILL ANYBODY!" I cried out. Just as I finished my cry, I felt a sharp pain go through my stomach. I've been stabbed!

The identity of my killer had been revealed before I had chance to see them. "Hehehe, Poppa Rocks has got you now!"

Poppa. The mental boy representing District 4, despite the fact he's originally from 10.

I try to get up but it's useless. My life is slowly fading away from me...

The last thing I hear is the menacing and sadistic chuckles from Poppa.


Death Montage of Day 1

  • Amber Whitfeld, District 11
  • Brandon Ivey, District 6
  • Alice Liddell, District 9
  • Chakra Fatalis, District 8
  • Grace C. Lamprey, District 4
  • Kingsley Orion, District 5
  • Katrina Simmons, District 12

Day 2

Pinkamena Pie's POV

7 down, 20 to go...

I feel some sort of adrenaline rush. I don't usually have adrenaline rushes but this rush made me much more energetic than usual.

I decide to go for a run around the forest and look for anything interesting.

While I run, I managed to do some thinking about the tributes that the Capitol have been talking about. The two Sabrinas with their war against each other. According to the magazines that I read before I made my way into the arena, Sabrina from District 13 has got pretty high odds. 6-1 to be exact. This is a big difference to District 7 Sabrina's odds, which are 20-1.

They probably thought at first that the poor girl wouldn't last 2 days in the arena. It's already been a day.

Then there's the conspiracy theory involving Poppa Rocks and his now well known phrase '1 to me, 1 to District 4'. Everyone's tried to make a theory about Poppa and how this mentally psychotic boy appeared in these Games. It's even weirder knowing that he's originally from District 10 yet was forced to compete for District 4. No one's ever had to compete for another district that they wasn't from before.

Getting curiouser and curiouser...

Suddenly, I've arrived at the lake section. The lake looks sparkling clean and safe to drink from. But then again, it's the work of the Capitol. They just want us dead.

They're probably watching now and deciding what to do with me.

Temptation gets stronger and stronger until I get a small cup out from my backpack and scoop some water from the lake.

Sparkling right at me, possibly tempting me into death.

I reject the water and 'test' it instead to see if it was safe to drink. I poured some onto the ground and started a fire!


But then again, if this water can start a fire, I can use it as a weapon!

I sat down and poured some firewater around me. The crackling flames soon arose. Now if anyone wants to mess with me, they'll have to mess with these flames first.

Maximum Roberts' POV

This morning was a nightmare. I woke up to find Bessy and Aaron talking a load of gibberish in their outlandish Capitol accents. I couldn't even get half an hour of sleep around those two!

Then they decided to cook some meat that smelled awful. In fact, the smell could be compared to rotten remains of breakfast with a skunk on top.

Now, we're sat here in one of the lower level caves that are in the mountain range. I feel intensely sick and tried to vomit many times but the vomit itself would never actually come out.

"Max, are you OK?" Bessy asked, looking really concerned for me.

"I'm fine." I replied. Deep down, I feel like I've swallowed a bunch of thorns.

"You don't look it. Maybe if I took you out for a nice walk, you'd feel a bit better." This girl is into me. No doubt about it.

"Bessy! There are bloodthirsty people out there!" I'm sure that out of Bessy and Aaron, Aaron had, surprisingly, common sense. Strange for a boy who is from the most insane place on Earth right now.

Soon, we spot the tributes from District 3, running away from the mountain range.

"I wonder what them two are running away from." Aaron pointed out.

It's not long before we see big, hungry Mutts chase after them. With some extraordinary sense of hearing, they detected us and ran straight for our cave.


"Bes, calm down! Get behind me." She did what I said. I grabbed the nearest weapon I could find, which was a crossbow in this case. One shot and the Mutt had died. It's body blocked the entrance to the cave.

Bessy had held my hand through the entire ordeal.

"My hero." She kissed me on the cheek. Aaron looked at me as if to say 'I told you so'.

Eventually, I figured out that I was falling in love with this girl. I could never understand why deep down I was feeling so shy and nervous around her until now.

Bolton Meadows' POV

I've been through a lot in these Games already and it's not even been 5 days yet. Amber died, I've discovered that Poppa's claimed his first victim and the Anti-Careers have ran out of supplies.

Secretly, I hope I can investigate further. But now's not a good time so I focus on gaining more supplies for my alliance instead.

Luckily, I come across a strawberry bush that was full of nice looking strawberries.

"Guys, there's a strawberry bush here." I summon everyone else.

"Are these safe to eat?" Sabrina (D7) asked.

"I don't know." Mist, the leader of our alliance, replied. "Is anyone here brave enough to test them?".

"Give me one." Poppa demanded. Tomma handed him a strawberry. He ate it quickly, like how quickly a rabbit eats a carrot. Minutes later, his face had turned purple. He was asphyxiating.

"He can't breathe. Somebody help him!" Toph ordered. She must have been able to know he was asphyxiating by the sounds he was making.

I went over to him and punched him in the back.

"What are you doing Bolton?!" Mist asked in anger.

"I'm trying to get the strawberry out!"

A few more punches and the strawberry flew out of his mouth. Poppa thanked me and I replied politely.

What have I done?! I've saved the life of the guy who I had suspicions about! From now on, the only thing I'm doing around Poppa is investigating!

Emily Zosma's POV

I'm alone. My district partner Kingsley was killed by the girl from 12, who's also dead. I have no allies and I don't intend to make any.

Yet I still have my sense of motivation. I must win for District 5. It's been a while since District 5 had a victor so now is my time to change history and make my district proud of me.

Looking and browsing for any tributes, I find Troi from 7. He was sitting alone, with a bag of supplies next to him. He looked pretty sad and lonely.

Oh well, I don't care how you feel. You're my new victim.

Preparing my blowgun, I aim at Troi's face until...


Loads of water had flooded the forest. It eventually reached the height of the bushes and before I knew it, I was swimming 2 metres above the ground.

Sabrina from 13 eventually detected me and started swimming after me. She had hold of a katana and was coming to get me with it.

"You ain't killing him, he's going to be my kill." Sabrina yelled.

I tried to punch her but she dodged my attacks and forced me under the water. Even though I was underwater, I could feel her stabbing me in the back. I started to bleed out heavily. I was doing everything I can to stop bleeding and forced myself out of Sabrina's grip but it was too late. I was nearing death.

Sabrina used her knee to hit in me in the stomach, where she brought me agonising pain. She turned my body over so that I was facing the ground.

My life was slowly fading away....

My last experience was floating in the water.


Aaron Dowell's POV

I don't believe it. Max is actually in love with Bessy. Personally, I thought he wasn't into Bessy and I even gave advice to him on how to get her off his back, in case she was bothering him too much. That was a waste of time.

The romance won't last long. It's a fight to the death. There can't be 2 victors.

While Max and Bessy are now loved up, even in water, I decide to go foraging.

"Hey, where are you going?" Max asks.

"Finding food while you two get all lovey dovey." I reply, slightly annoyed at how a clever boy like Max fell for a giddy, goody two-shoes girl like Bessy.

"Be careful Aaron."

"Guys, I ain't as dumb as you think." Now completely annoyed, thoughts about leaving the alliance enter my mind. But then again, if I did go it alone, my chances of dying would increase. With Bessy and Max however, I'm safe and I could last a few days.

So I dismiss the idea of leaving the alliance and focus on finding supplies.

Then, I suddenly think of my family, who I've left behind. The romance between Max and Bessy blossoming reminded me of the time when I got with my then girlfriend, now fiancé Cryselle.

At least I have the support of my family, friends and Cryselle.

I start swimming in a mixture of blood and water. Then, a body of a young girl appears before me. I recognise the face.

Emily Zosma - District 5

I see an apple tree and I gather about 10 apples when...


An explosion goes off near the forest. Quickly, I get a sack and stuff the apples in it. Then, I swim back to Max and Bessy.

"What was that?!" Bessy asked in nerve.

"It was an explosion. Another death." I reply.

Death Montage of Day 2

  • Emily Zosma, District 5
  • Andrew/Andrea Feather, District 2

Day 3

Brittany Glacier's POV

BOOM! The sound of an explosion. BOOM! The cannon, signalizing someone's death.

A loud bang had come from the forest. Me and Jeremiah had just left the forest for a small forest section next to the volcano and the lake. We were taking the risk of either perishing in the lava in case the volcano decide to erupt or get eaten alive by mutts. But who cares? If we have to change our way of thinking and have to take risks to survive, we will.

It was this bang that had tempted me to go and investigate. I climbed down the tree that me and Jeremiah were sitting on.

"Where are you going now?" Jeremiah asked, quickly grabbing my hand.

"Going to see who died." I replied, forcing his hand off mine.

"I'm not letting you. It's too dangerous and it's near where the Careers are staying. Who knows what would happen to you?"

"Jeremiah, those are words that cowards say. We have to prove to everyone that we're not cowards. We are brave and intelligent people from District 3 who is more than capable of killing for survival. That's my new attitude, brother. So you either prove to the audience that those words describe us or continue worrying. It's up to you."

All of a sudden, there was rustling in the bushes nearby. I prepare my blowgun.

"Reveal yourself or you die now."

It was the Careers. They must have overheard our conversation. All of them pointing their weapons at us.

"I might as well spoil the surprise for you. Andrew was the one who died in the explosion." Majora was looking fiercely at me with her sword at my chin.

Christina was twirling her spiked mace around. Blade, Zap and Pacster were all laughing sadistically at Majora's 'apparent' dominance.

"Let's go Brittany." Jeremiah whispered. Majora soon throw the sword at his abdomen, making him collapse in the water from the flood earlier.

"JEREMIAH!" I yelled at the top of my lungs as blood started pouring out from him. The Careers were all laughing from behind.

"Brittany, I want you to win for our family, friends and for District 3. You've been so good to me all these years. You're the best sister anyone could have. I love you sis...." Jeremiah's last words.

"I love you too, Jeremiah." My eyes started filling up.

BOOM! The cannon signalizing Jeremiah's death.

My heart started breaking and soon, I was crying uncontrollably. I turn to face the Careers, who had surprisingly not stabbed me in the back. They must be planning how they were going to kill me.

"Aww, your poor little brother died. That leaves you, all by yourself. But you won't last long now, kiddo as we're going to kill you." Majora sniggered.

I keeping taking steps back until I bump into a forcefield, which sends me over the Careers and into their mountain of supplies.

"Oh, it looks like the forcefield is doing the killing for us." Zaph remarks. They all stand in a line, smiling as I get up from the floor in agony.

"Think again." I got a katana and threw it at the forcefield. It richocheted into Zaph's neck and killed him.


My first kill in the entire games was a Career. But it wasn't over. I was going to kill them all.

"Who's next?" I ask sarcastically as I grab a knife. They all start coming after me so I continue using the forcefield to kill them. Pacster, Blade and Christina die as well. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!

Finally, it turned into a confrontation between me and Majora.

"Are you scared now Majora? Scared that you've got no one by your side."

"No. I'm not afraid of losing allies."

"Well Jeremiah was the only person I could rely on and you killed him. Now your going to pay for what you did!" I change my blowgun for a bow and a set of arrows. I shoot an arrow at the volcano nearby which causes it to start erupting. Majora tries to escape but due to a new forcefield that was placed in between us (by the Gamemakers), she perishes in the lava.


That's what you deserve.

Sabrina Mastin's POV

So far, we've heard 1 cannon.

We were talking about the people that could possibly die next when...


The sound of 5 cannons startle us.

"Wait, wasn't there 5 people in the Careers?" Mist asks.

"Yes." Bolton replies.

"WOOHOO! The Careers are dead!" Poppa chants. "Let's celebrate it guys!"

We decided to take Poppa's advice and celebrated the elimination of the Careers by eating and drinking the exotic fruits and flavoured water that we found near the mountain range.

"This is great." Tomma remarks, getting his hands on some grapes.

"I know, right?" Toph feels for the grapes. Tomma eventually rips off some of the grapes and gives them to Toph.

Everything was going so well until we got interrupted by Phillippe Anderson...

"Listen up tributes. Due to a new rule that has been put in place, I have to reveal the killers of the dead tributes so far. So here we go.

Amber Whitfeld from District 11. Killed by a pedestal.

Brandon Ivey from District 6. Killed by Andrew/Andrea Feather.

Alice Liddell from District 9. Killed by Christina Parthenon.

Chakra Fatalis from District 8. Killed by Majora Lunar.

Grace C. Lamprey from District 4. Killed by Sabrina Prescott."

"Oh no." I start to worry.

Sabrina is actually murderous.

"Kingsley Orion from District 5. Killed by Katrina Simmons."

"Katrina Simmons from District 12. Killed by Poppa Rocks."

Everyone stares at Poppa.

"So, you're a killer then Poppa?" Bolton asks. Poppa starts to get mad and whips out a penknife. We all thought that he was going to confront Bolton with it but he used it to cut through some dragonfruit.

"It was accidental." Poppa quickly remarks before listening to Phillippe again.

"Those were the dead tributes of Day 1. Now for the Day 2 tributes.

Emily Zosma from District 5. Killed by Sabrina Prescott.

I worry again. Sabrina's sticking to her word.

Andrew/Andrea Feather from District 2. Killed by an explosion."

"So that's who was killed in the explosion." Bolton and Mist both get some apples. Out of nowhere, a silver parachute appears, reading the words 'District 12'.

"It's for me." Tomma leaps with excitement. He opens the parachute to find...

"A bow, quiver and arrows! Nice." He puts the arrows inside the quiver, wears the quiver and clutches his bow.

At least he got a parachute.

"Those were the dead tributes for Day 2. Now for today's dead tributes.

Jeremiah Glacier from District 3. Killed by Majora Lunar.

Zaphire Beux from District 1. Killed by Brittany Glacier.

Pacster Chalmers from District 4. Killed by Brittany Glacier.

Blade Spectrus from District 9. Killed by Brittany Glacier.

Christina Parthenon from District 2. Killed by Brittany Glacier.

And finally Majora Lunar from District 10. Killed by a volcanic eruption.

Those are the dead tributes so far. This will be updated for when more tributes die."

When I looked at everyone else's faces, they were shocked.

"I can't believe it. A 12 year old killed nearly all of the Careers." That's pretty much what anyone could say.

"She was avenging her brother's death." A valid explanation of Brittany's killing motive from Tomma.

"Well, hats off to her I say. She pretty much done everyone a favour." We all agreed with Poppa and continued to enjoy our celebration.

Troi Cian's POV

The games have been hectic. There has been no sign of a sponsor, meaning that I've not managed to impress any of the Capitol citizens in the 3 days I've been in the arena.

I'm honestly starting to lose hope.

I've also seen a lot happen during the Games. A 12 year old managed to kill the majority of the Careers, with the exception of Majora. Two people called Sabrina have been in a war although I'm not sure if the war is still going on and Poppa Rocks is suspicious (I think Bolton's onto him).

Lonely, tired and cold, I settle near the volcano. Risking the chance of getting eaten alive by mutts formed from the volcano or perish in lava, I sit down on a log and rest.

Resting. Something I do at home. A luxury in the arena.

Suddenly, the lights in the forest illuminate and the ground starts to shake.


Pinkamena from District 6 appears from the forest, clutching a flask. Water starts pouring out of the flask and fire appears.

That must be firewater.

Pinkamena finally detects me, runs over to me and throws something in my back. I'm now face down in the wet ground, my last thought being of District 7's forests.


Death Montage of Day 3

  • Jeremiah Glacier, District 3
  • Zaphire Beux, District 1
  • Pacster Chalmers, District 4
  • Blade Spectrus, District 9
  • Christina Parthenon, District 2
  • Majora Lunar, District 10
  • Troi Cian, District 7

Bonus POV: President Maysall, The Capitol

I'm currently sat in the Control Room, observing the Gamemakers control the arena. Denzel, the Head Gamemaker, had currently gone for a toilet break.

All of the Gamemakers were working hard to make events happen. Someone had summoned an earthquake which unfortunately didn't kill any tributes off, someone was keeping track of the tributes and one Gamemaker had turned his chair around to face me.

"Hello, President."

"Hello there. I would like to know how the Games are going."

"They're actually going great. 16 of the tributes are dead, meaning that we're getting closer to the end."

"So that means that there are 12 tributes left to die."

"Yes, President."

"Tell me, what disasters have you made so far?"

"We've had a major flood, forcefields, a volcano eruption and an earthquake."

"Well, I want 11 of them dead. Do you have anything planned?"

"There are many things we have planned, President. We could have famines, droughts, tornados, a mutt invasion, boulders falling from the mountain range, the water be turned permanently dangerous to drink, a blizzard. Loads of stuff."

"Choose one of your plans that you think will kill some of these kids off and then submit it."

"Ok, I'm on it President." He swivels his chair back to his desk and continues with his work. I observe the Gamemakers in charge of tracking the tributes. I see just some loners, "runabouts" and a group of tributes. When Denzel comes back, I leave. I can officially conclude that the Games are going well.

Day 4

Poppa Rocks' POV

The arena's a mess. Us Anti-Careers have travelled from the forest to the cliff of the mountain range so we can see most of the arena from up here.

16 dead bodies lay on the ground. No hovercraft have come to pick the bodies up, which is strange. Also, many of the disasters that have occured so far have happened so close to each other. Like the volcanic eruption and the flood.

These Games are different. The Gamemakers want to kill us off so quickly. We just don't know what to expect.

Now my mind starts to haunt me. It's reminding me of the girl I killed on Day 1, Katrina.

Katrina had wavy blonde hair and big blue eyes. She was carrying a knife with her. By the time I found her, she was crying. Crying over the fact that she had killed someone unwillingly.

At first, I examined her. She didn't turn around to see who it was behind her. Instead, she was still crying and throwing her now bloody knife in anger.


At that point, I stabbed her with my sword. She collapsed to the floor.

"Hehehe, Poppa Rocks has got you now!" was what I said to Katrina before she bled to death.

But why was I thinking of Katrina now? Why didn't I think of her yesterday or the day before that?

"Killer's guilt, Poppa." Bolton had just pointed a katana at me. The others got up quickly, surprised at Bolton.

"I've finally managed to figure out the theory regarding you."

"But how did you know I was thinking of Katrina?" I asked, shocked at how he suddenly knew.

"Facial expressions. I've been observing you for the past ten minutes now."

"Guys! Cut it out!" Mist yelled. Bolton pointed the katana at him.

"Don't get involved, 8." He referred to Mist's district.

"Hey! I was the one who allowed you into the alliance! I have problems of my own!" Bolton pointed his katana back at me.

"Who cares about your problems? And allso, you are the one responsible for allowing this jerk into the group. Look at him, he's a disgrace."

"Who are you calling a disgrace?!" I started to get angry.

"Well if you don't want me to continue calling you a disgrace, I'd suggest you answer the following questions I'm about to ask you truthfully." He threw the katana out of the way. This had turned into an interrogation.

"Are you from District 10?"

"No!" I was intentionally lying to cause a reaction.

"I told you to be truthful with me! Are you from District 10?!" The tone in his voice raised a little.


"But you was forced to compete for District 4, right?"


"STOP LYING TO ME! I'M LOSING MY PATIENCE!" Bolton was getting extremely angry. I actually decide to continue making him angry.

"Fine, yes. I was forced to compete for District 4."

"Guys, I think I'm dying." Toph had suddenly collapsed. Sabrina was frantically shaking her.

"Toph! Toph! Wake up!" The poor girl burst into tears. Toph was dead. A throwing knife was implanted in her neck.


Mist had collected all the supplies and helped Sabrina up before the person could kill her.

"Reveal yourself."

The person was revealed as Brittany Glacier, the now well known 12 year old from District 3. It was the first time I actually payed attention to what she looked like. Light brown hair with pink highlights and wide green eyes. She was wearing a white headband and a dark blood splattered outfit with a number 3 on.

"Brittany, we don't want any trouble. Just don't hurt us." Mist pleaded. She was looking angrily at him. She then pulled out a crossbow.

"What weapons have you got?"

"We have these." He kicked some weapons over. She took the blowgun with darts before walking over to me and Bolton.

"You two hate each other, right?" We nodded so that we wouldn't get hurt by her.

"Fight then. Murder each other." I couldn't believe it. A 12 year old was telling me what to do.

Suddenly, Bolton leaped onto me. I was trying to block his attacks with my backpack but he pushed it out of the way. I just managed to get a sword nearby.

We were near the edge of the cliff.

"FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!" Brittany chanted. Sabrina started crying again.

"Stop crying, you annoying little brat!" I could definitely recognise that voice.

"Well done, Brittany. You make a really good protégé." It was Sabrina Prescott. Sabrina from our group decided to stand back from Sabrina as soon as she arrived.

"You mentored Brittany? We never even saw you two together." Mist asked her.

"Yes. I did all the mentoring online, before the Games."

"You're a good mentor, Sabrina." Back to the fight, Bolton had managed to throw a few punches. I got the sword and gashed his face a few times. Honestly, I didn't want to fight him.

"Come on! Give me what you've got!" Bolton shouted.

"How about I make this fight end much quicker?" Sabrina got her throwing knives and threw one at my head. Somehow, I was still alive.

When Sabrina threw one at Bolton however, he blacked out and fell off the cliff, much to Mist's, Sabrina's (7) and my horror.


"NOOOOOOO!" Sabrina started crying once again.

"Shall I deal with her?" Brittany asked Sabrina.


Brittany suddenly got her crossbow and shot an arrow at Sabrina's heart. She collapsed to the floor.

"Mist! Help me!" Sabrina cried before blacking out.


"Sabrina! Brittany! Listen to me before you try to kill me." They both turned their heads to face Mist.

"Don't you see what you're doing? It's wrong. Brittany, what would Jeremiah think? He'd be disgusted at what you're doing right now. He must of thought you was a good girl. If he was still here, he'd be proven absolutely wrong. And Sabrina, what kind of example are you setting to children watching this? The wrong example. You should know what children are like. They will worship anyone and think of them as a good role model. Some children are probably doing that right now. So put down your weapons and think about what you've done instead of killing innocent people. We don't have to play this game! We can all go home unharmed!"

Brittany sat down.

"You're right. Sabrina, we shouldn't be doing this."

"Are you for real? Do you actually believe what he's saying?"


"Then I guess you're no longer my protégé. Goodbye, worthless child." Sabrina implanted a throwing knife in Brittany's heart.

"At least I'll be with Jeremiah now"....


Sabrina then went over to Mist.

"You'd better keep out of my way or you'll end up like your 3 dead alliance members." She warned him before walking off.

That was certainly a change of events.

Bessy Tower's POV

My heart is racing. I've heard 4 cannons, which isn't a good sign. Luckily, I have Aaron and Max with me.

"Guys, I think something's going on with the Anti-Careers. I'm scared." I say. Max comes up to me.

"Bessy, you don't have to be scared. Me and Aaron will protect you, right Aaron?"

Aaron was looking in his mirror, picking the remains of potato from his teeth. "Yes."

Then a silver parachute appears from the sky, reading the words 'Number 13'.

"Ooooh, Max you have a sponsor!" I was so happy for Max.

He opened his parachute to find...

"Wow, this is a huge spear!"

He unveiled a large silver spear that even Aaron looked at. But then, I start to question if he was actually looking at the spear or he had an interesting idea. My question was answered when..

"Guys, I have an idea." We gather around him to hear the idea.

"Want to rebel against the Capitol with me?"

"But Aaron, wouldn't that get us killed quicker?" I ask him.

"No because we can find evidence. Evidence that supports the fact that President Maysall is a sadistic, evil minded and corrupt being who hires simple minded people to create the Games."

"How are we going to find evidence if we're stuck in an arena where kids are fighting to the death?" Max asks him.

"Well here's the plan. The rebellion can start with a simple action. Then that simple action gets noticed by the Gamemakers and when President Maysall does his regular checkups on the Gamemakers, he'll notice us and then he'll demand that the Gamemakers do something to fix this. But the Gamemakers are dumb. Luckily, I know a journalist who is good at working undercover. She'll go undercover and will gain access into the Control Room. She will write down everything she sees and release it into the newspaper. Then President Maysall and the Gamemakers get exposed."

"That sounds complex but we could give it a try." Max remarked. I agreed with him.

"But what's the simple action going to be?" I ask.

"Refusing to fight." I reply. We sit down in our cave and just refuse to fight. Hopefully we should get noticed.

Death Montage of Day 4

  • Toph Beifong, District 1
  • Bolton Meadow, District 11
  • Sabrina Mastin, District 7
  • Brittany Glacier, District 3

Day 5 (The Feast)

Pinkamena Pie's POV

Last night, the remaining tributes were reduced to 8. No one has died yet so I'm guessing that everyone is resting.

I go back to the lake and collect some water when...

"Good morning tributes. I have come to announce that later today, there will be a feast held at the Cornucopia. Since you are all from either the Capitol, District 4, District 6, District 8, District 12 and District 13, there will be 6 bags at the feast. All of the bags contain a vital thing that you all need to help you increase your chances of winning. I'd suggest you prepare for this. This is Phillippe Anderson signing out."

The feast. The second most deadliest event to occur in the Games after the Bloodbath, and I survived that. Hopefully, I can survive the feast too.

I drink some of my water to hydrate myself and wash my face.

I need to win the Games. I will do whatever it takes to become victor and no one is going to stop me from doing so.

The bushes behind me start to rustle and shake. That's when I have a feeling that someone is watching me. Quickly, I get out all of my weapons and point them to the direction of the shaking.

"Who's there?" I ask.

Eventually, a deep crimson coloured bear mutt had appeared. It's teeth was the size of a butcher knife and it claws could cover my entire face. Immediately, I decided to pour the firewater over it.

The fire had evenutally burned the mutt. I luckily managed to get away with just a few scratches on my face.

Packing my things, I leave the lake and decide to settle down inside the Cornucopia so when the other tributes come, I can make a run for it with my bags. No one knows that I was the one who killed Troi. Sabrina really wanted to kill him. If she found out I killed him, she would come after me.

Well that girl would come after anyone she can kill.

Immediately, I hide inside the Cornucopia and lie down. I cover my supplies over me so I camouflage into the grass. This way, I can fright the remaining kiddies away.

All we need now is for the Feast to start. I can't wait.

Hiding under here is pretty awful though. I feel like I'm being suffocated. So I quickly get up when...

A silver parachute lands on the counter of the Cornucopia. On the parachute reads the words 'District 6'.

I open up the parachute to find a slip of paper, a penknife, a bag of peanuts and some ordinary looking sunglasses.

I read the paper to find out who this parachute is from:




Well, what a nice surprise. The Capitol has gave me some gifts.

Sabrina Prescott's POV

I can't believe it. I'm not only angry, but I'm also outraged. Outraged at the fact that my so called "protégé" betrayed me! Well, she's dead. No need to dwell on dead people. I have to get prepared for the Feast.

Just as I get ready to leave the Forest, I find a silver parachute landing up in the tree.

Finally, a sponsor.

I climb up the tree to get the parachute and open it up. Inside were...


That's right. The stupid Capitol had sent me Tracker Jackers.

Quickly, I dropped the metal box and climbed down the tree as fast as I could. When I tried to waft the Tracker Jackers away from me, I got stung.

The swarm followed me as I ran towards the Cornucopia. There were 6 bags there. I got out my katana and wielded it around the swarm. Most of the pests had died out but there was still a couple of them left.

I threw the katana at the side of the Cornucopia, where it had stuck onto the wall. Now anyone who comes to the Cornucopia can get stung by the annoying 'mechanically created' pests.

Then, I reached for my district's bag and ran away from the Cornucopia. I found shelter in the mountain range.

Let's bring on the cannons.

Tomma Tigre's POV

"Mist, we need to kill Sabrina." I immediately suggested to him. He was shivering and shaking. I think he's cold.

"Yeah but how? Give me ideas."

"I say we should wait for the final day." Poppa hinted.

"We could be dead by then. Why don't we do it now? Then we can be heroes. The three males that killed the villain of District 13."

"So what's the plan?" Me and Poppa asked in unison.

"We find her, we spy on her from behind and then we make our attack. She is incredibly strong and tall so we're going to have to combine our skills together."

"Good idea." I agreed. Poppa looked kinda hesitant.

We all packed our things and started looking out for Sabrina. Then...

"Guys, I've found her. Look..."

We can just make out the figure of a black haired girl, sitting on top of the mountain range.

"That's Sabrina! We need to get up there!"

"I think we should wait her out." Poppa finally spoke.

"You know what? Let's wait her out. I'm sure she's clever enough to defend herself so we'll wait her out." Everyone dropped their supplies to the floor.

We may be waiting you out Sabrina, but we're going to find you and kill you.

Maximum Roberts' POV

A pen. The Capitol sent me a pen.

"But think about it. We could play Pictionary!" Bessy cheered as she leaned her head on my shoulder. "Aaron got paper."

"Actually, I have an idea. It'll support the rebellion plan. Watch."

Aaron got some paper and my pen. I observed him as he drew the Capitol seal.

"I thought it was meant to support the rebellion."

"Bessy, I still have more things to draw. Just keep observing."

He draws a flag around the Capitol seal and then wrote the following words:


"That should do the trick."

Aaron held up the sign. I think he was trying to get Maysall's, Denzel's and the Gamemakers' attentions.

"You're good at drawing." I remarked as I saw how accurate his Capitol seal was.


"So are we going to play Pictionary now?" Bessy asked.

"No!" Aaron replied. Bessy kinda looked disappointed and continued to lean her head on my shoulder.



Bessy and Aaron jumped.

"I wonder who died."

"These cannons fright me."

I really wondered who died.

Sabrina Prescott's POV

From up here, I could tell who died. Pinkamena from 6. She had fell for my Tracker Jacker trap, although I reckon that the Capitol isn't going to give me credit for her death.

Now it's just both from 13, both from the Capitol, 8, 4 and 12.

Also, the 8, 4, 12 and the Capitol bags haven't been collected. The bag from 6 had been emptied out and all the items were all over the floor, just around Pinkamena's body.

I'm going to rest. Rest and die.

Death Montage of Day 5 So Far

  • Pinkamena Pie, District 6

Day 5 Continued

Mist Scorchil's POV

"Guys, quit the whole waiting her out plan. I've changed my mind. We're going to kill her off now." I suggest to the group. If we have any chance of winning these Games, we need to kill off the so called 'biggest threat'.

We collected our things and secretly made our way to the mountain range. Sabrina was still sat up there so my plan could actually work.

"But what about our bags?" Tomma asked.

"Forget those. We don't need them." Poppa replied.

Eventually, we were behind Sabrina. She looked alone and depressed.

Oh well. You have what's coming to you.

We leapt at her after a count of three and had her in a headlock. She wasn't even attempting to struggle out of it.

"Any last words, Sabrina?"

"Go ahead and kill me. There's no one left I love and I actually want to die."


I twisted her neck and broke it. She collapsed to the floor.


The villain of District 13 has finally been eliminated.

Finalised Death Montage of Day 5

  • Pinkamena Pie, District 6
  • Sabrina Prescott, District 13

Day 6 (final day)

Bessy Tower's POV

I walk over to Max and sit beside him. He puts his arm around me.

"So are we all ok?" Aaron asks.

"Yeah we're fine." Me and Max reply.

He starts getting more paper and drawing more anti-Capitol signs. In the mean time, I just stay with Max and think about how much I've got to know him in the past few weeks. I got so happy being around him that I ended up hugging him tightly.

Soon, we see three boys coming from the forest. They find us and run over to us.

"Guys, we don't want to fight." Aaron immediately remarks.

"We don't either." The boy from 8 throws his weapons away. The other boys do the same.

"So what are you guys up to?"

"We're planning a rebellion. Join if you want."

They all grab a piece of paper and start drawing anti Capitol signs. We all got involved and showed the Capitol.

Just as we held up the signs...

"This is Philippe Anderson. Rebellion is not allowed. So for that, we're now going to make your deaths quicker."

Tsunamis, hurricanes, mutts, volcano eruptions had all come at us at once. The last thing I remember doing was gripping onto Max as a huge wave come over us.

The end.....

Victor's POV: Tomma Tigre of District 12

I wake up to find myself in a hovercraft.

"What happened?" was the first thing I ask my mentor, Montana and my prep team.

"You Tomma, are the victor of this year's Hunger Games." Montana revealed to me in a proud manner.

My whole body had gone into shock when I saw the amount of blood on my arena outfit.

It took me 5 minutes to finally speak.

"What happened to the other tributes?" I asked.

"Well, when the disasters came in, your bipolar started kicking in and you had a panic attack. During your panic attack, you ended up killing Mist and Poppa. Bessy, Aaron and Max were all killed by the disasters. The disasters then stopped when we found out you was the only tribute remaining."

So the blood on my outfit is of Mist and Poppa.

Everyone had started celebrating my victory where as I was trying to work things out.

I guess you have a new victor, District 12.

Writer's Note

I would just like to say how great it's been to write these Games. There was times when it was hard to kill off some tributes, especially at the ending but I was opting for a surprise ending. Hopefully, you liked my Games.

Congratulations to Tsteen for being the winning user!

District 12 seal

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