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  • Links allowed.
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  • I will allow reservations but they will only last for 1 day this time.
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  • The Capitol and District 13 are included.
  • Don't shout at me or other users because your tribute died.
  • And yes, I may end up making mistakes but hey, I ain't perfect. Accept it.
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Tribute Template


  • Name
  • Age
  • Gender
  • District
  • Weapons
  • Key Information (what I need to know about the tributes, anything that will help me write their POV)
  • Alliance
  • Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Strategies
  • Token
  • Height
  • Backstory
  • Personality

The Tributes

Name Age Gender District User Position
Anne Thistle 16 Female Capitol DezmondD02 CO-VICTOR
Tavros Nitram 15 Male Capitol Tehblakdeath CO-VICTOR
Satin Silver Clos 18 Female 1 KatnissEverdeenFan CO-VICTOR
Dave Strider 16 Male 1 Tehblakdeath CO-VICTOR
Emily Fry 18 Female 2 Ichillyfry CO-VICTOR
Mario Adams 17 Male 2 MyWorld CO-VICTOR
Ember Tantum 15 Female 3 KatnissEverdeenFan CO-VICTOR
Shock Huxley Eleator 18 Male 3 KatnissEverdeenFan CO-VICTOR
Cady Heron 16 Female 4 Ichillyfry CO-VICTOR
Rufioh Nitram 18 (turned 19 on reaping day) Male 4 Tehblakdeath CO-VICTOR
Rebekah Ure 12 (13 on third day of Games) Female 5 Blue-Ribbonz CO-VICTOR
Albert Heller Brites 16 Male 5 KatnissEverdeenFan CO-VICTOR
Ally Rayport 17 Female 6 ~glitterday~ CO-VICTOR
Jay Brimsly 17 Male 6 Blue-Ribbonz CO-VICTOR
Rowan Amber Lindell 17 Female 7 KatnissEverdeenFan CO-VICTOR
Equius Zahhak 13 Male 7 Tehblakdeath CO-VICTOR
Zoey Halst 18 Female 8 YourFavoriteSalmon CO-VICTOR
Yoshi Holiday 14 Male 8 MyWorld CO-VICTOR
Destiny Alarat 12 Female 9 Blue-Ribbonz CO-VICTOR
Choco Alarat 15 Male 9 Blue-Ribbonz CO-VICTOR
Clementine Everett 12 Female 10 Ichillyfry CO-VICTOR
Clint Patriot 18 Male 10 Tsteen CO-VICTOR
Blush Drixen 18 Female 11 Royaldoggie CO-VICTOR
Karkat Vantas 16 Male 11 Tehblakdeath CO-VICTOR
Charlie Fry 17 Female 12 Ichillyfry CO-VICTOR
Willie Fry 13 Male 12 Ichillyfry CO-VICTOR
Sabrina Prescott 18 Female 13 Xbilliex (RESURRECTED) CO-VICTOR
Tails Power 15 Male 13 MyWorld CO-VICTOR



  • You have to vote for what tribute you want to die each day. You can send in your votes via the comment section. The tribute with the most votes will be killed off. If there's any fights, I will resort to using a random number generator instead.
  • Tributes can be sent unexpected sponsors from the Capitol which will either be rigged with something nasty or something useful. This depends on how much impact your tribute has made on the Capitol. So send in handy advice!
  • The disasters will occur at either a bad or unexpected time.
  • 1 tribute from the previous Games has been resurrected.
  • All of the chariot parade outfits will be rated by two 'fashionistas' from the Capitol (really, I'll be rating the outfits). This influences how well your tribute will do in the Games.

The Fallen

The tributes that die will be listed here.

Arena Information


Tomma Tigre's POV - Story Introduction

It's been a year since I won the Games. I was 17 then. I'm 18 now. I've been on the Victory Tour and visited the many districts. District 4 and 8 were furious to see me since I killed Mist and Poppa.

I'm still shocked. How on earth could I kill Mist and Poppa? Poppa could have easily killed me with his mental capacity and Mist had way too many weapons.

Well, now I'm home. Home, where I truly belong.

I settle down in my house in the Victor's Village, after a hectic day of venturing District 12. 1 year ago, I was a stranger. Now, I'm a celebrity.

I turn on the TV, when...

"Ladies and gentleman, I have an announcement to make." It was President Maysall, with his grey hair and snow white beard.

"Tomorrow, the Capitol and the districts will have a reaping. The children picked at the reaping will be this year's tributes for the 2nd Annual Hunger Games. They will fight to the death in an arena, that is situated right here in the Capitol, until there is one remaining. Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favour!"

Resurrection of Sabrina Prescott - President Maysall's POV

Last year's Games. What could I say. They were very action packed and full of rivalries. It even surprised me that the kid with bipolar became victor. I thought he would have died halfway.

But who cares? It's all about these Games.

Just as I think of these Games, I get an amazing idea.

Resurrect one of the dead tributes and make them compete again.

"Lucentio, Martina, Calania, come here please!" The three Gamemakers appear before me.

"I want you to make a replica of Sabrina Prescott's dead body and then resurrect her." I order them.

"But President, you could resurrect anyone who died in the previous Games. Why Sabrina?" Lucentio asks me.

"She was my favourite so I'm giving her another chance." I reply.

"President, you do know that the resurrection machine ages any dead people by a year." Calania remarks.

"JUST DO IT!" I shout. They run off into the resurrection room. I sit down and wait anxiously for an 18 year old woman to walk out of the doors.

1 hour later...

Sabrina Prescott and the three Gamemakers appear.

"Hello Miss Prescott. You've been resurrected. You are now 18 years old." I say to her.

"Why am I alive again?" She asks me.

"Because you were my favourite, so I'm giving you another chance. Only thing is, you have to fight in The Hunger Games. If you win, you get to live the rest of your life. If you don't, we won't resurrect you again." I reply.


Satin Silver Clos, District 1 Female

It's that wonderful time of year again. Reaping Day.

Another chance to volunteer.

Without thinking twice, I decide to volunteer. I knew that with volunteering comes thousands of fighting kids who all want one thing, to be a tribute. But who cares? Not me! I can easily knock them out with my high heels.

I observe my opponents whilst inhaling the smell of perfume, new clothes and wine.

The same smells every year.

Minutes after I finish my observation, our district escort Lia Jacintha walks out onto the stage in a gold, sequined dress and a matching headband. At first, most of us didn't like Lia but we managed to get used to her as time went on.

"Hello, District 1. Oh, I love coming back here." She remarks as she grins at us.

Her trademark grin.

"As you already know, we have to pick the tributes for this year's Hunger Games. But before we do that, we have a special message from the Capitol!" In her speeches, she always emphasized the Capitol part. Originally, I guessed it might have been down to pride but after two years, I ruled it out. So I'm still trying to figure out a reason as to why she does it.

Even though I've already seen this video, I watch it again.

Just for the hot, topless boy that appears in it.

And when he does make his appearance, I smile to myself and try to imagine what it would be like if he was in District 1. Silky blonde hair, big blue eyes, nice body.

I wish I could meet someone like that. Someone who hasn't had a crush on me in the past. Unfortunately, most of District 1's male population has dreamed about me being their girlfriend.

Eventually, I turn my attention to Lia.

"Now, it's the moment you've been waiting for. Time to pick the tributes!" She walks over to the male reaping bowl first. Most of them were getting ready to fight their way to the stage.

"Dave Strider!" She reads out in excitement. The males quickly fight each other. I just watch in amusement as some of the 15 year olds get pushed aside by the 17 and 18 year olds. Some of the 16 year olds tried to fight them off but the combined strength of the older males meant that they didn't have a chance.

Then out of nowhere, a boy from the 16 year olds barrier, with what looked like white hair, glasses and red eyes, ran through the barriers. He nearly got his glasses smashed but he managed to make it to the stage.

"Are you Dave Strider, sweetie?" Lia asks the boy.

"Yes." He simply replies. She walks away from him to go to the female reaping bowl. I prepare by taking off my high heels. By the time I've finished taking them off, she's moments away from reading the name on the slip of paper out.

"Clarissa Lavell!" She reads out. 3...2...1, I race out of my barrier and fight my opponents. Most of them tried to stop me but one whack of my high heels and I gave them constant nosebleeds.

Nice try, lovelies.

I look over my shoulder. I've defeated four barriers of girls. I climb over the 12 year olds barrier. They try to hold me back but I send them to the floor.

I make my way near the stage, before shouting:


Lia turns to see me. I make my way onto the stage. I hear several wolf whistles so I respond back by blowing kisses at them. One boy even fainted.

"Who are you?" She asks.

"I'm Satin Silver Clos." I reply.

I've made it. Let the fun and games begin.

Mario Adams, District 2 Male

Reaping Day. Unlike most of the District 2 (maybe even District 1 as well) citizens who think of it as a major celebration, I think of it as something that just happens.

That's because I ain't like the other citizens.

Currently, I'm stood in the 17 year old's barrier. Everyone looked quite sadistic and ready to volunteer. Me? I'm just stood here, waiting for the time to come.

I do, however, share the same objective as the others. I want to win.

The others want to win for the fame and the riches. I just want to win so I can avenge my brother's death.

Our district escort walks onto the stage, wearing a bright yellow suit. He looked quite miserable. I forgot his name.

Oh well, I don't care.

"Right. Let's just get this over and done with." He says. We thought he was going to show us the video about the history of Panem but surprisingly, he didn't. It didn't take long for someone to question him about it.

"Hey, why aren't you showing the video?" The girl asked.

"I can't be bothered and I don't want to stay here long." He replied before walking over to the male reaping bowl.

"Mario Adams." He announced in a deep, uninterested voice. I got out of my barrier and let the males to fight amongst each other. I knew that if I didn't get to the stage quick enough, someone would volunteer to take my place and I would have to wait a whole year for the next reaping.

Luckily, everyone was too occupied with fighting.

To everyone's dismay, I managed to get to the stage in time. There, I met the district escort.

"Mario?" He asks. I nod.

I sit down and look at everyone. Most of the males were giving me dirty looks. Angry at me for making it to the stage before them.

So what? Look at me all you want. You know you'll have to wait another year to try again.

I didn't pay much attention to the reaping of the female tribute. All of them were fighting when the name was revealed.

Eventually, a pretty looking girl with blonde hair and purple eyes went up the stairs on the opposite side. Her dress looked like something a figure skater would wear.

Too bad, prettiness in the Games leaves you with a slit throat and a bloody outfit.

"I'm Emily Fry." The girl says.

It's time to focus now, Mario. Focus and you'll get far.

Rebekah Ure, District 5 Female

I couldn't really focus much at the reaping. The smoke from the power plants nearby made me cough a lot.

Disgusting smoke.

Because I was 12, I was in the first barrier, which was right near the stage.

Well at least I've got something to look forward to. My birthday's soon.

Our district escort, Melanie something (I kinda forgot her surname), walked out. She was looking rather disgusted than happy.

Maybe it's down to the hideous outfit she's wearing.

She was wearing a multi coloured satin dress with a matching hat. The dress looked incredibly tacky and the hat. The hat was awful. It looked like a large multi coloured strip of bacon.

"Hello there, District 5!" Melanie cheers. None of us respond and there was a silence until...

"You look like a strip of bacon that's just met a rainbow." Someone from the male side remarks. Within seconds, everyone was laughing. I joined in.

Melanie looked increasingly angry. Her face was starting to go red.

"JUST SHUT UP! YOU MAY THINK YOU'RE SMART, LAUGHING BUT YOU WON'T BE LAUGHING WHEN ONE OF YOUR NAMES GET PICKED!" She yelled. The laughter died down almost immediately, leaving everyone with shocked faces.

"Now, time to watch the video." The screen plays the same Capitol propaganda they show every year.

References to the rebellion, the president that re-established the Hunger Games, the rule that District 13 and the Capitol will now participate and the amount of victors made.

After literally yawning of boredom, it was finally time to pick the tributes. The male was first.

"Albert Heller Brites." One boy came out of the 16 year's old barrier. He had significantly messy brown hair but his eyes were soft brown.

He made his way onto the stage, looking quite scared and worried.

"Are you Albert?" She asks.

"Yes." He replies. He immediately rushes to the seats nearby and clutches his stomach, like he was about to vomit.

Please don't vomit. I don't want to be put off.

She goes over towards the female reaping bowl. Secretly, I hoped that no one that I knew would get picked.

"Rebekah Ure!" She shouts.

I didn't expect to get reaped!

My heart was racing. I...was chosen. All I wanted to do now was to make my way up the stage and choke Melanie to death. But unfortunately, I couldn't do it since the reaping was being broadcasted throughout Panem.

Instead, I made my way up the stage and stood as far away from her as possible.

"Come closer. I don't bite." She remarked. I took just one step, trying not to choke her.

Damn it, my habit kicked in at the wrong time.

"Well there you have it. District 5, meet your tributes!"

Willie Fry, District 12 Male

We had already watched the video from the Capitol and now, we were just moments away from our district escort, Cladella, revealing District 12's tributes.

I couldn't find my sister or her boyfriend anywhere. I was getting increasingly anxious and worried.

Who am I supposed to rely on for support?

Because of my age, I was near the front. The only barrier in front of us was that of the 12 year olds.

Just as she picks up the slip of paper from the reaping bowl, I run out of the barrier.

"I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!" I shout. Cladella throws the paper back into the reaping bowl.

"Come up here then." She yells as I make my way onto the stage. She shoves a microphone into my face.

"What's your name?"

"Willie Fry." I reply. I observe everyone to see their reactions. The emotion I could truly see the most was surprise. There was even surprise from the boys who bullied me. It took me a while to find my sister, who looked more distraught then ever.

Eventually, she walks out of her barrier. Peacekeepers get ready to grab her when...

"I VOLUNTEER AS FEMALE TRIBUTE!" She shouts. She makes her way onto the stage on the opposite side.

"What's your name?" She asks, sloppily forcing the microphone near my sister's mouth.

"Charlie Fry." She replies.

"Great. District 12, you have siblings for tributes. Congratulations." Cladella shouts as she makes me and Charlie join hands in unison.

Does this mean that I have to kill my sister to go home? Could Emily be in these Games as well? If so, do I have to kill her to get home as well? Do I have to kill two people who share the same blood as me?

I'm doomed...

Tomma Tigre's POV

I couldn't do it. I couldn't bare watching the reaping. Instead, I stayed on the train and waited for the tributes to arrive along with the district escort.

I'm a mentor now. I'm either going to see one of my protégés win or I could watch them both die. That's the reality.

All I could feel right now was anxiety. I could feeling some sort of tingling in my arms and I watched the hairs on them stand up.


I grab a cupcake with pink icing and a little edible flower on top, hoping it would help cure my anxiety. It was the first thing I had decided to eat since finding out that I was going to be a mentor.

Just as I got ready to indulge into the cupcake, several flashes appeared and swarms of paparazzi from the Capitol burst out. I could hear them yelling my name and the annoying clicks of the cameras.

They then turned their attention to the left, giving me time to close the curtains.

They're coming.

"Charlie! Willie! Cladella!" was all I could hear for the next five minutes. There was a group of footsteps and soon, the train door opened. Some paparazzi tried to get into the train but luckily, there was security who threw them back onto the platform in the station.

"Tomma! Here are your tributes, Charlie and Willie Fry." Cladella announced. Both of them had bloodshot eyes, as if they had just been crying.

"Are you guys siblings?" I ask them.

"Yes." Charlie replies. They still looked traumatised.

Guys, I will do all I can to keep you alive. I'm not letting the Capitol have more fun for another year.

Chariot Parade

Anne Thistle, Capitol Female

I wake up in my hotel room. Since the compartments were in order, the Capitol's compartment was on the ground floor. It was OK at first but it started to get annoying because all I could hear constantly was the constant chatter of those using the lift to get to their compartments.

Can't I have just some peace and quiet for once?

I was hoping that I could have chance to get up by myself but the Capitol's escort, Esmeralda, bursts into my room.

"Oh goody, you're awake. Hopefully, you should know what today is." She says as she moves the sliding doors and opens the curtains.

"Day of the Chariot Parade." I say after yawning loudly.

The thing they call 'parade' where they get all of us into silly costumes, instead of actually sending us into the Games first thing.

"That's right. If you get a wash, have some breakfast and get changed, you might be able to get an early dress fitting."


2 hours later... after the wash, the breakfast and the change into some actual decent clothes.

"Esmeralda, how come Anne gets to have her outfit fitting done first?" Tavros asks Esmeralda.

"Because I'm special." I hissed. He rolled his eyes before walking back into the compartment. I continue walking with Esmeralda to the elevator.

"Here's what's going to happen. You meet your stylist, you put your outfit, give feedback to your stylist and then go back to your compartment. Then later, when it's time for the actual parade itself, you will be fitted into your dress and...

I translated it into 'blah blah blah'.

Going up the elevator, I could see the different compartments. All of the compartments were decorated to fit in with the industry of the district that the tributes come from. District 1's compartment was decorated with luxurious and elegant items where as the District 7 compartment was packed with wooden items.

When we finally arrive at the prep room, I meet up with my stylist.

"Hello, my name is Rehay. I'll be your stylist for the Games." I shake his hand and start to think about his name.

Unfortunately named, like most of Panem.

"I already have some ideas for your chariot parade outfit." He leads me into a small room. The large, brown sofa and the TV is what I see first.

Then, all of my attention focuses on a mannequin. On the mannequin was a dress that astonished me at first sight.

It wasn't hideous like most outfits. It was beautiful. It of a kind.

"So, do you like it?" Rehay asks.

I don't like it, I love it.

Shock Huxley Eleator, District 3 Male

This morning was so hectic. Me and Ember had to get our outfit fittings done. I met my stylist, Andella and listened to her as she explained how she was a new stylist and this was her first year on the job. Even though she did talk for an awfully long time, I still managed to listen as it would have been rude not to.

My opinion on the parade outfit? It is nice but honestly, it's a bit too 'over the top'.

Now, I'm in my district's compartment. Ember is nowhere to be found. I assume that she must be getting ready for the parade first but I have an urge to ask my mentor, Jacquita, where she is.

"Where's Ember?" I ask.

"She's in the prep room. Girls have to get ready first this year." Jacquita replies, not even bothering to look at me and instead, payed attention to the newspaper.

"So what's the plan for the parade?" My eagerness starts to get the better of me.

"Well, you get into your outfit and then we will escort you into the chariot room. You meet up with Ember, hop onto the chariot and that's when the parade begins." Jacquita replies, finally putting the newspaper down onto the table and looks at me.

"Do I have to wait for Ember to get ready, be escorted to the chariot room and get on the chariot before I can get ready?" I ask.

Too many counterquestions.

"Please stop with the counterquestions, kid. And yes, it's girls first then boys." She replies. I felt foolish for annoying her so I stop speaking. Jacquita walks into the kitchen, giving me time to pick up the newspaper nearby.

I scroll through the newspaper, looking for interesting articles until...


"This year, the fashion experts of the Capitol will rate each tribute's parade outfit. The ratings range from 1, which represents fashion disaster of the century to 100, which represents the best outfit ever seen in the history of the Chariot Parades. Find out in our next published edition tomorrow to see which tribute got the highest rating, who got the lowest rating and which outfit was rated as the most memorable."

Oh no. What if my outfit gets a low rating?

Clementine Everett, District 10 Female

I'm currently in the chariot room with every girl from each district. Because of a new tradition that was put in place, girls had to get ready before boys. Most of the boys were either still getting ready or were now making their way here.

Meanwhile, I look around me and see all of the girls. The girls from 2 and 1 looked like they were having an argument, the girl from 4 was adjusting her outfit and the rest of the girls were just wandering around. The horses were really fidgety and sadly, there was no sugar cubes to feed them.

I know how they feel. It isn't really fair on President Maysall to let the boys have more time to get ready. They're holding us up.

Another thing I noticed was that there was no District 13 female.

Could that be a twist in the Games?

Out of nowhere, two Peacekeepers march into the room and towards the gate that was in front of the chariots. Our only source of light was from the ceiling lights above us.

I wonder why the Peacekeepers are here.

After waiting for another half an hour, the first boy arrives. He walks over towards the District 5 chariot.

Then all of them start to burst in. Clint, my district partner, eventually arrives and walks over towards our chariot.

"Sorry about that. Some of the boys took forever to get ready." Clint says.

"It's ok." I say shyly.

"Are you OK?" He asks, showing concern for me.

"I'm fine. I'm just feeling really nervous." I say.

Shy and nervous.

"Me too. Usually, I'm a confident person but now, all I can feel is nerve. It's probably due to the fact that our outfits will be rated." He says.


"Who by?" I ask.

"Two people from the Capitol. I've also heard that it will affect how well you do in the Games." He replies.

Damn. In these outfits, we're sure we're going to get criticized.

Tails Power, District 13 Male

I never wanted to end up in this position but I have. I am already making my way into the chariot room.

For some reason, I don't have a district partner. None of the females in my district went to the reaping. I think the soldiers and commanders told them to not go.

My stylist and escort walk with me. My mentor was very ill so she had to stay behind in the compartment.

Looking up, I could see a glimpse of the different compartments. I couldn't see my district's compartment because it was right at the top.

I returned to look ahead of me. I could hear the cheers and shouts of the Capitol citizens outside.

After walking past two rooms...

We were finally here. At the Chariot room. Many people were looking at me as if to say "Where's your district partner?" but I ignored them and got on my chariot. The chariot and the coat of the horses were both grey.

"You gonna be OK?" My escort asks me. I nod. The Peacekeepers at the gate retrieved two spanners and unlifted the gate. Unveiled was a world of colour and chanting (really it was just the Capitol citizens in extravagant and ridiculously stupid clothing).

"Capitol first!" One of the Peacekeepers shout. The Capitol's chariot was at the front, like always. It was furnished beautifully.

In less than 10 seconds, we were on our way.

Chariot Parade Outfits: The Ratings

Key: The ratings range from 1 (the fashion disaster of the century) to 100 (the best outfit ever seen in the history of the chariot parades).

The Capitol

Name of tribute Outfit Rating
Anne Thistle TBA
Tavros Nitram TBA

District 1

Name of tribute Outfit Rating
Satin Silver Clos TBA
Dave Strider 73

District 2

Name of tribute Outfit Rating
Mario Adams TBA
Emily Fry 93

District 3

Name of tribute Outfit Rating
Ember Tantum 95
Shock Huxley Eleator TBA

District 4

Name of tribute Outfit Rating
Cady Heron 75
Rufioh Nitram 37

District 5

Name of tribute Outfit Rating
Rebekah Ure TBA
Albert Heller Brites TBA

District 6

Name of tribute Outfit Rating
Ally Rayport TBA
Jay Brimsly TBA

District 7

Name of tribute Outfit Rating
Rowan Amber Lindell 100
Equius Zahhak 74

District 8

Name of tribute Outfit Rating
Zoey Halst TBA
Yoshi Holiday TBA

District 9

Name of tribute Outfit Rating
Destiny Alarat TBA
Choco Alarat TBA

District 10

Name of tribute Outfit Rating
Clementine Everett 68
Clint Patriot TBA

District 11

Name of tribute Outfit Rating
Blush Drixen -
Karkat Vantas -

District 12

Name of tribute Outfit Rating
Charlie Fry 54
Willie Fry 54

District 13

Name of tribute Outfit Rating
Tails Power -

Sabrina Prescott's POV

Favourite of the Capitol, huh? If I win this thing, it's certain that President Maysall will force me into doing something I don't want to do. That's the reality of the Capitol's favourites.

Flicking my raven black hair away from my face and adjusting this stupid red dress that the President called 'sexy', I walk into the library of the President's mansion. For some reason, I wasn't at the chariot parade. I was told not to go.

Just as I thought there was nobody else in the hallway I was locked in...

"Oh my. Haven't you changed from the last Games?"

It was the voice of Lucentio, one of the Gamemakers who resurrected me.

"I spent a year dead. What do you expect?".

My uncertainty still remained.

"Why did the President resurrect me? Why couldn't he have left me alone?".

"Think about it. You have a sadistic mind. He's going to use you to spice up the Games. And if you win, he'll force you into 'you-know-what' because you're a pretty face."

I actually know what he's trying to say.

"Is there any way I can get out of it?" I ask.

"You can either kill yourself once you're in the arena or you can give him what he wants." He replies.

Damn it.

"I'll have to give him what he wants." I say.

I'm not happy about it but I'm going to have to do it if I want to survive.

Sabrina in a fancy dress

Tomma's Tigre POV

The Chariot Parade went on for ages. Probably the only thing I liked about the parade was the chariots. Each chariot was designed to relate to the passenger's district.

And for the first time ever, children from the Capitol acted as flagbearers. They walked in front of the chariots, carrying a flag with each district seal on. Let's not forget the ridiculous costumes they were dressed up in.

Typical Capitol culture.

After 11 districts, chariots and flagbearers, I finally saw District 12. Willie and Charlie were dressed in golden mining outfits and little crowns that were meant to look cute. Cladella was acting crazy beside me.

I know how you feel kids. I was in that chariot a year ago.

Then the traditions took place. The chariots did the loop-de-loop outside the President's mansion, everyone got into place, the Capitol citizens cheered on everyone like always and the President did his absolutely boring speech.

He tells them that if they put on a 'good show', everything will be OK. Yet that was the same statement used in my Games. It's just pure trickery on innocent children.

Once the Chariots were back in the prep room, I made my way down the long stairs and went to meet them. They looked pretty annoyed and angry.

"I can't believe they made us wear those hideous outfits!" Willie shouted, throwing his crown on the floor. Everyone started staring at us. Most of the stylists looked in horror.

"It's basically making fun of our district! They think they can glamorize mining in a satirical way when the reality is that men die every day in the mines due to accidents!" yelled Charlie. Cladella looked disgusted at them. The tributes watched from their chariots. To make things worse, their stylist, Aidan, walked in and saw the whole thing.

"" He asks. He looks like he's about to cry.

"In fact, we did. We hated them. Not only did you mock us, you mocked our district. I hate these Games." Charlie shouts at him.

"YOU HORRIBLE CHILDREN!" Cladella now joins in with the shouting. "Back to the compartment, NOW! Come on Tomma!".

Everyone looks on as we head back to the compartment. Cladella was furiated, Charlie and Willie were angry and Aidan was devastated.

Me? I was actually impressed. I'm not angry at you, Charlie and Willie.


Jay Brimsly, District 6 Male

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