I know I said I was going to take a break and that these games were going to start during a time when I can actually update but I have just found out that I have a school holiday soon so that's why I've decided to start them now. Also, it might take a while for people to send in characters/tributes since the storyline is quite big.

I appreciate anyone that signs up.

Rules and things to remember

  1. Capitol and District 13 allowed.
  2. I will write in POVS.
  3. I will write outside of the Games as well as in (due to the storyline)
  4. The person that has the support of the district of the victor will be named President.
  5. You can send in 3 tributes and a victor each.
  6. You can send your tributes items.
  7. Remember to send in advice for your tributes to increase their chances of survival.


Storyline can be found here;


Name of tribute Age District Gender Supporting
Camellia Theacea 12
Panem capitol seal
Female Jared
Lyssander Ghan 12
Panem capitol seal
Male Jared
Trinity Mace 17
Female Jared
Bronze Lucrian 17
Male Jared
Crystal Perrin 15
Female Jared
Akumai Kubaya 17
Male Jared (might change to Destiny)
Acacia Paragon 13
Female Destiny
Male MyWorld
Ruby Shorelin 18
Female Destiny
Oskar Pacific 15
Male Destiny
Nichole Peyton 15
Female Destiny
Mac "UNGH" Bulb 17
Male Destiny
Lexi Greenway 14
Female Destiny
Male MyWorld
Janine Konin 13
Female Destiny
Jayson Huff 17
Male Destiny
Jagger Clispu 14
Female Destiny
Keats Sheppard 12
Male Destiny
Dawn Swan 16
Female Destiny
Male Jared
Madeleine Constane 13
Female Destiny
Aubrac Keld 16
Male Destiny
Reserved for
Female Alicerosewright
Falk Avian 13
Male Destiny
Gamma Fission 15
Female Destiny
Male PumPumPumpkin :3


Name of victor District Gender Age Supporting
Octavia Waylon-Pinkcrest
Panem capitol seal
Female 23 Jared
Shiner Glosstone
Male 47 Jared
Amara Kodal
Female 14 Jared
Don Wattson
Male 29 Destiny
Lilith Seacrest
Female 72 Destiny
Raiden Lamaze
Male 36 Destiny
Nina Absinth
Female 17 Jared
Russell Barker
Male 58 Destiny
Ameythst Diamond
Female 21 Destiny
Chloe Black
Female 27 Destiny
Citrus Sandmar
Male 40 Jared
Female 84 Destiny
Luke Orchard
Male 17 Destiny
Katrina Crawley
Female 63 Destiny
Male 33 Jared

Victors Introduction

Octavia Waylon-Pinkcrest, Capitol

  • Age: 23
  • Age when they became victor: 15
  • When they won their Games: 8 years ago, during the 260th Hunger Games.
  • Gender: Female
  • Occupation after becoming victor: Fashion designer and expert
  • How they became victor: Octavia unknowingly started a fire that spread throughout the whole arena. The fire burned the remaining tributes, making Octavia the victor.
  • Weapon: Matches

Extra information about Octavia

  • Favourite colour is pink. Second favourite colour is purple.
  • She used to work for Xander Rybak before she entered The Hunger Games.
  • She was a loner in the 260th Hunger Games.

Shiner Glosstone, District 1

  • Age: 47
  • Age when they became victor: 17
  • When they won their Games: 30 years ago, during the 238th Hunger Games
  • Gender: Male
  • Occupation after becoming victor: Works at the district's Career Academy
  • How they became victor: After the sudden elimination of his fellow Careers, Shiner carried out a surprise attack on the killers of the other Careers and murdered them.
  • Weapons: Bowie knife and sword

Extra information about Shiner

  • He was stabbed in his left eye during the 238th Hunger Games, resulting in him wearing an eyepatch.
  • He had the highest odds.

Amara Kodal, District 2

  • Age: 14
  • Age when they became victor: 12
  • When they won their Games: 2 years ago, during the 266th Hunger Games
  • Gender: Female
  • Occupation after becoming victor: Attending school
  • How they became victor: Amara led the remaining tributes, who stayed in the same place for the entire Games, into the acidic river and watched them all die.
  • Weapon: Bow and arrows

Extra information about Amara

  • She is one of the youngest Hunger Games victors in history.
  • Amara's favourite food is cheeseburgers.
  • Amara is good at climbing.

Don Wattson, District 3

  • Age: 29
  • Age when they became victor: 16
  • When they won their Games: 13 years ago, during the 255th Hunger Games
  • Gender: Male
  • Occupation after becoming victor: Teaching kids how to use technology
  • How they became victor: Don used the electricity supply in the arena to stop his opponent's heart.
  • Weapon: Electricity

Extra information about Don

  • Don had a sister, Tabitha, who was his district partner. She died on day 7 in the Games.
  • Don cannot see properly without his glasses.

Lilith Seacrest, District 4

  • Age: 72
  • Age when they became victor: 18
  • When they won their Games: 54 years ago, during the 214th Hunger Games
  • Gender: Female
  • Occupation after becoming victor: Being a grandmother to Oceania and Katarina Seacrest
  • How they became victor: Lilith hid throughout the entire Games until the final, when she drowned the other tributes.
  • Weapon: Trident

Extra information about Lilith

  • Lilith mentored Oceania and Katarina.
  • Lilith actually had the lowest odds in her Games but she proved The Capitol wrong.
  • Lilith is not on good terms with Katarina's mother.

Raiden Lamaze, District 5

  • Age: 36
  • Age when they became victor: 14
  • When they won their Games: 22 years ago, during the 246th Hunger Games
  • Gender: Male
  • Occupation after becoming victor: Writing poetry
  • How they became victor: Like Johanna Mason, he pretended to be weak in front of The Capitol and shown his true colours during the finale.
  • Weapon: Throwing knives

Extra information about Raiden

  • Raiden is one of the lesser known victors.
  • Raiden admires District 7.
  • He is related to Lapis 'LA' Lamaze.

Nina Absinth, District 6

  • Age: 17
  • Age when they became victor: 16
  • When they won their Games: A year ago, during the 267th Hunger Games
  • Gender: Female
  • Occupation after becoming victor: Admiring the richer districts from afar
  • How they became victor: Nina was originally part of the Anti-Careers alliance but she betrayed them to be with the Careers. The Anti-Careers got their own back on her but Nina had gained so much strength from being with the Careers that she eliminated them.
  • Weapons: Spear, brute strength, intelligence

Extra information about Nina

  • As stated, Nina is The Hunger Games' most recent Victor.
  • Her surname was also the name of President Maysall's pet snake, Absinth.
  • She is hated by the poorer districts.

Russell Barker, District 7

  • Age: 58
  • Age when they became victor: 17
  • When they won their Games: 41 years ago, during the 227th Hunger Games
  • Gender: Male
  • Occupation after becoming victor: Being the leader of the union of the District 7 lumberjacks that rebel against The Capitol and formerly, President Maysall.
  • How they became victor: Russell did not move throughout the entire Games but killed anyone that tried to fight him with his axe.
  • Weapon: Axe

Extra information about Russell

  • He is the father of Kirsten Barker, who he disowned after she failed to assassinate the President. He never told Kirsten that he was a former victor of The Hunger Games.

Ameythst Diamond, District 8

  • Age: 21
  • Age when they became victor: 18
  • When they won their Games: 3 years ago, during the 265th Hunger Games
  • Gender: Female
  • Occupation after becoming victor: Resting in the Victor's Village
  • How they became victor: Ameythst managed to go without food for the entire Games, despite the fact that she nearly died of starvation.
  • Weapon: None

Extra information about Ameythst

  • Ameythst wants nothing more but to have nice, long rests.

Chloe Black, District 8

  • Age: 27
  • Age when they became victor: 17
  • When they won their Games: Ten years ago, during the 358th Hunger Games
  • Gender: Female
  • Occupation after becoming victor: She became a mentor and also a model for the Capitol. She is renowned for having lots of tributes winning under her mentoring. She also became a close friend of the President's daughter, and seems to have a lot of power within the Capitol. She is a sex-symbol, but has not let herself become a prostitute to please the Capitol men.
  • How they became victor: In her Games, she was the last girl left alive. The remaining four tributes were all male. One by one, she lured them to different places. She set out various snares and traps that either scared her enemies or trapped them. She killed them off slowly, but it interested the Gamemakers as she did it in the sexiest ways possible. She was granted lots of gifts from sponsors, which also helped with her victory.
  • Weapons: Spear, trident, crossbow

Extra information about Chloe

  • Chloe had a male twin called Ryker, who died.
  • She is a fantastic liar.

Citrus Sandmar, District 9

  • Age: 40
  • Age when they became victor: 13
  • When they won their Games: 27 years ago, during the 241st Hunger Games
  • Gender: Male
  • Occupation after becoming victor: Working as a Peacekeeper
  • How they became victor: Citrus beheaded all of the Careers and Anti-Careers in one confrontation.
  • Weapon: Sword

Extra information about Citrus

  • Citrus likes to be alone.

Jacintha, District 10

  • Age: 84
  • Age when they became victor: 16
  • When they won their Games: 68 years ago, during the 200th Hunger Games
  • Gender: Female
  • Occupation after becoming victor: Helping out at a hospital
  • How they became victor: Jacintha was skilled at swimming and stayed in water for the whole Games.
  • Weapon: None

Extra information about Jacintha

  • Jacintha's surname is unknown.

Luke Orchard, District 11

  • Age: 17
  • Age when they became victor: 12
  • When they won their Games: 5 years ago, during the 263rd Hunger Games
  • Gender: Male
  • Occupation after becoming victor: Exploring Panem
  • How they became victor: Luke used his navigation skills to avoid confrontation.
  • Weapon: Navigation skills

Extra information about Luke

  • Luke is the long lost brother of Leporis Orchard.

Claide Allfall, District 11

  • Age: 31
  • Age when they became victor: 16
  • When they won their Games: 15 years ago, during the 253rd Hunger Games
  • Gender: Female
  • Occupation after becoming victor: Mentor
  • How they became victor: Claide was a very unusual citizen of District 11, as she had no problem brutally killing her enemies. Durring the Cornucopia, she ran as fast as she could to get the knifes, axe or an emergency bow, and managed to get it. However, a female career tribute from District 2 was headed to get the knifes too, and reached them before Claide did, so Claide decided to use her fangs and bite her hand in order to get the knifes. It was succesful as the knifes fell out of her hand. However, in order to be safe she won't have to kill the District 2 career tribute anymore, she threw a knife in her neck. After that, she grabbed a backpack and ran hidding in the woods. She managed to get into the final four by basically hunting, and killing a few attackers- when the only ones left were the three career tributes and herself. She realised they'd be after her, so she waited untill they went in the woods, and went out of the forest and set it on fire, while she herself ran to the other side of the arena, where she was rather safe. After an hour, she heard a canon bang, then another two and she became the victor.
  • Weapons: Throwing knifes, axes, bow and arrow, teeth (when it comes to bow, she doesn't have the best aim, whereas she's an expert in knife throwing, she's handy with a close range of axe (can't throw them), she also had her teeth cosmetically changed, and they end with a sharp point and are inlaid with gold, like fangs- just like it was for Enobaria.) She also knows how to climb trees, but can't swim.

Katrina Crawley, District 12

  • Age: 63
  • Age when they became victor: 14
  • When they won their Games: 49 years ago, during the 219th Hunger Games
  • Gender: Female
  • Occupation after becoming victor: Living in the Victor's Village
  • How they became victor: Katrina rebelled and did not compete, yet she managed to avoid disasters and punishments.
  • Weapon: None

Extra information about Katrina

  • She shares the same name as Katrina Simmons, a tribute of mine.

Celeste Kate, District 12

  • Age: 17
  • Age when they became victor: 13
  • When they won their Games: 4 years ago, during the 264th Hunger Games
  • Gender: Female
  • Occupation after becoming victor: Famous Capitol model
  • How they became victor: Celete was a smart girl. She tried to go through the games as a loner, staying near the lakes and any source of water. She'd only kill if neccesary, that was, until the careers killed her district partner. Celeste felt saddened, and when the feast came, she took everybody's bags before it had started and had planted bombs set to blow up 5 minutes into the feast, so when everybody came and their bags were gone, they started to blame each other and fight each other, ad the ones that survived were blown up in the bombs, leaving Celeste the victor.
  • Weapons: Bombs, spears

Hadron, District 13

  • Age: 33
  • Age when they became victor: 15
  • When they won their Games: 18 years ago, during the 250th Hunger Games
  • Gender: Male
  • Occupation after becoming victor: Soldier
  • How they became victor: Hadron was strong and killed everyone at the Feast during a surprise attack.
  • Weapon: Gun (not in the Games)

Extra information about Hadron

  • Hadron is named after the Hadron Collider.

Shaakra Fidestro, District 13

  • Age: 28
  • Age when they became victor: 28
  • When they won their Games: 16 years ago, during the 252nd Hunger Games
  • Gender: Male
  • Occupation after becoming victor: Weaponry designer and expert. Was head gamemaker 5 years ago, in Luke Orchard's games.
  • How they became victor: Shaakra fought valiantly and used a knife to decimate three people pre-feast. At the feast, the pair from 2 tried to steal his bag, and he killed the male with his knife, before mentally torturing the female so much that she commited suicide. He also saw the 12 year old male from district 12 get injured, and formed an alliance with the boy. However, this lasted only four hours, until a group of 5 came after the duo. They killed the 5 guy and the 8 female before Kentrey (The 12 boy) was stabbed. Shaakra, in a fit of rage, snapped the neck of the 3 girl, skewered the 1 guy, and finally ripped the spine out of the 6 female. He won after this, but found he was insane.
  • Weapon(s): Weapon: Knife, Bare hands, trident.
  • Octavia of The Capitol
  • Shiner of District 1
  • Amara of District 2
  • Don of District 3
  • Lilith of District 4
  • Raiden of District 5
  • Nina of District 6
  • Russell of District 7
  • Ameythst of District 8
  • Chloe of District 8
  • Citrus of District 9
  • Jacintha of District 10
  • Celeste of District 12

Destiny Maysall's POV

It had been two days since Father died. I was forced to visit all of the districts, along with my half-brother Leo, to announce Father's death. The Capitol and the rich districts like 1 and 2 were sobbing their hearts out. This was not the case in the poorer districts. They were celebrating his death with dancing, stolen food supplies and breaks from their jobs.

I wasn't offended by it. Father had never treated the poor districts fairly. But he never treated them like dirt on his shoe to an extent. He carried on and on and on. He even went as far as to convince the rich districts that citizens of the poor districts should be avoided like a disease.

The remarks of my father caused a brief conflict within Panem. That's when I intervened. I was only 13 at the time so most people expected me to not understand what was going on and to be a normal Capitol kid, obsessed with fashion and be upbeat about The Hunger Games.

But I'm not like that. I had my father imprisoned, since he was the ringleader of the conflict. It was the only way to silence everyone.

Then for six months, I became the temporary President of Panem. made new laws. Made Panem a safer place. I abolished The Hunger Games. This made the richer districts angry so the only way I could please them was by increasing production of luxurious items. While I made sure some of the products went to The Capitol, I allowed for the citizens to help themselves to the other half of the products. Just to cheer them up.

As of the poor districts, well I was worshipped. My main priority for those districts was to give them more food. In return, I received gifts from the citizens and endless stories of how young children considered me as their role model. Tears filled my eyes.

But happiness wasn't going to last for long. My father broke out of prison and plotted to overthrow me. He did, successfully.

As punishment for imprisoning him, I was forced to watch him descend Panem into chaos again. He re-established The Hunger Games, reduced the amount of food the poor districts had and returned Panem back to it's old ways.

I tried to stop my father again but he threatened to put me into The Hunger Games. So I had to just observe him.

But now, he's dead. And I'm 15. Leo's now 10.

Yesterday, I declared live on television that I would take a shot at presidency again but not temporary. Permanent. That was when Jared Malone, an old friend of my father's and a Peacekeeper, also offered to be President.

Due to this, the Gamemakers agreed that the tributes for this year's Hunger Games would be forced to support either me or Jared. The person who the remaining tribute was supporting would be named President. I didn't agree with this. I would have preferred an election but I decided to follow along with the Gamemakers' plans.

In a few minutes, I had to reveal that to the districts and The Capitol.

But before I would make my way onto the balcony, I gave myself some time to prepare in the library.

I wore a knee length a-line lace dress and a black fascinator, which sat on the side of my head. Even though I wasn't on good terms with Father, I still had to wear black. If I didn't, I would be put under public scrutiny.

I stared at the mirror, which had been hung up on the wall for years on end. Many considered me beautiful and fashionable. Yet, all I saw was just an ordinary teenage girl. My hair was neck-length short and it was the dullest shade of black. My eyes were dull too. I wasn't much to look at.

Leo suddenly entered, looking dapper in his black suit.

"Don't you look handsome?" I ask him, cheerfully. I had to be strong for Leo.

"Not as beautiful as you though." He replies, hugging me. I smile and shed a little tear. It was crazy to say this but being hugged by Leo reminded me of my childhood, when Father loved me and thought of me as his world.

There was a moment of silence after that. I looked at the clock and found out that it was 11:56am. Traditionally, I had to be out onto the balcony for 12:00pm.

"It's time to go, Des." said Leo. He grabbed my hand and we walked out onto the balcony together. We were met by an array of colours, which were actually Capitol citizens. The majority of the crowd cheered and were pleased to see me.

Some, however, were not. I assumed from their heckling that they were Jared's supporters.

"Go and sit down, Leo." I say.

"Okay." Leo toddles over towards the chair that was provided on the balcony every year. It had become a tradition within the Maysall family.

I hold onto the balcony and wait for the Capitol citizens to be quiet. They finally do when the Peacekeepers tell them.

"BE QUIET!" All 20 of them, lined up against the mansion, yelled.

The citizens look up to face me. I was quite intimidated at first but then, I got into the swing of things.

"I am gathered here today to announce this year's Hunger Games. Only this time, it doesn't just determine a victor. It determines who your next President will be."

Everyone started either cheering me on or heckling me again.

"THAT'S ENOUGH!" shouted the Peacekeepers. They began shooting, which caused the crowd to go crazy and berzerk. Some of the citizens collapsed to the floor, dead. I could make out puddles of their blood.

"LISTEN TO ME OR YOU DIE ON THE SPOT!" I shout and everyone now listened to me. The Peacekeepers dropped their guns on the floor, in shock.

"I will continue this speech and you will listen to me!" I continue shouting. Even Leo was in shock. I had resorted to shouting. Father shouted during his announcements of The Hunger Games.

"Now, the tributes of this year's Hunger Games will support either me or Jared Malone. The tributes supporting me will be dressed in blue and the tributes supporting Mr Malone will be dressed in red. This year, the tributes will be ranked not just in training, but in the entire Games themselves. There are also more surprises that I cannot reveal yet. But for now, just enjoy trying to work out what the other surprises will be."

"But when are the reapings?" Someone from the crowd asks.

"Tomorrow. Be ready." I reply before walking back into the building. I was too annoyed to continue my speech. Leo, however, was screaming next to me.


I turned around to find that someone had fired a bullet at me. Leo stood where the bullet was going to hit.

"LEO! GET AWAY!" I shout.

"NO, I'M GOING TO PROTECT YOU DES. LIKE YOU'VE PROTECTED ME." He yells. Despite his sweet offer to protect me, I pushed him aside and allowed for the bullet to hit me. It had formed a hole in my dress and I was starting to bleed heavily.

Through the holes in the balcony, I catched a glimpse of the Capitol citizens going berzerk. The Peacekeepers once again fired shots at the screaming crowd.

"Destiny..." Leo cried. He thinks I'm going to die.

"Leo, I'll be fine..." I say slowly. I held my stomach and watched Leo gather The Capitol's socialites, who had been visiting me. They picked me up and took me.

After that, my eyesight went blurry.

Jared Malone's POV

"A few moments ago, Destiny Maysall, the daughter of the late President Marcus Maysall, was shot today by someone in the Capitol crowd. The bullet was originally intended to hit Destiny. Leo, the President's son, had offered to save Destiny but Destiny pushed Leo aside and was hit by the bullet. Destiny will now be hospitalised until she's recovered."

"So Maysall's in hospital. This gives us an advantage." I say to Gaivan, my friend. President Maysall had been my best friend for many years. Usually, people who were friends with the President would end up famous. Me, however, managed to keep a low profile until now. Yesterday, I offered to be President and now I'm running against Miss Maysall.

"Yes, but we need a plan." Gaivan turns off the TV. A plan immediately strikes my mind once the TV had been turned off.

Since the events earlier was a clearly an assassination attempt, it would be useful to use the assailant in my presidential campaign.

"Here's my plan. We track down the culprit of the attempt and once Destiny recovers, we'll expose her dark side."

"But how?" Gaivan asks.

"It's simple. Provoke Destiny that much that she'll want revenge on whoever tried to kill her. Then make a major scandal out of it. That way, Destiny will lose supporters and everyone will defect to my side. And then I become President." I reply. Gaivan smiles in what I think is agreement.

All is good. But in order to initiate the plan, the 'princess' must awaken from her deep sleep.


Lyssander Ghan, Capitol Male

"Get up! It's reaping day!" shouted one of the psychiatric institution workers, who entered my room. I had beaten my mother to death and so Peacekeepers had put me in this institution full time. I didn't want to be in here. I deserved to be punished for what I did. So I've decided to volunteer at the reaping.

The worker had laid out the institution's basic uniform. They took my own clothes away so that I had no option but to put the uniform on.

As soon as I put the uniform on, I took one last glance at my room. All of my books had been stacked neatly in the bookshelf, my bed had been made and everything was pristine.

I finished looking at my room for the final time and walked out. The worker locked the door behind me and escorted me outside.

I was met by the glistening sun of The Capitol and the bustling of it's citizens. Everyone had to make their way to the Maysall mansion, where the reaping will take place.

Despite the dirty looks and glances I received, I didn't let it bother me. I was a very relaxed person. I ignored everyone and let the worker take me to the mansion.

We walked past many shops, selling different types of goods. Most of the shop signs read 'closed'.

It didn't take long for me to arrive at the mansion's entrance. The Maysall mansion and the psychiatric institution were actually not far away from each other.

No one could actually enter the entrance however, as the stage with the two reaping bowls blocked it. Like always, the two screens that would show the traditional reaping video were at either side of the stage. Barriers where some of the children were standing had been marked out. 12 year olds had to stand at the front, near the stage, where as the 18 year olds had to stand right at the back.

I was taken over to the table, where two Peacekeepers sat. Without no hesitation, I let the Peacekeepers take a small sample of my blood and dab it onto the chart.

"How old are you, kid?" asked one of the Peacekeepers.

"12." I simply reply. The worker waved me goodbye. I waved back before I was shoved into the 12 year old's barrier.

People looked at me in disgust, because I was a resident of the psychiatric institution. I didn't bother looking back at them. I was only here to volunteer and go into the Games, so I would have to go through punishment but I would have freedom from the institution.

Within a few minutes, the district escort, Sophia, arrived. She wore a black strapless gown with a matching fascinator. She was probably mourning the President's death. Destiny Maysall had made fascinators a trend within The Capitol.

"Before I show the reaping video, I want you all to stop speaking for a minute. This minute will be spent remembering the glorious President Maysall." said Sophia. Paying my respects, I stay quiet for a minute. Many were speaking around me but they would probably get told off or punished for it.

A picture of the President were on both screens. I also knew that the President's birth year and death year (268ATSR) were on the screens but I turned away before I could read it.

"Ok, now we shall begin with the video."

I looked at the video. It was President Maysall who was narrating. Different images appeared when President Maysall brought up different topics. There was an image of Katniss Everdeen and mockingjays. There was even images of Destiny and her rebellion.

"Here's the moment of truth."

Sophia walked up to the female reaping bowl first. She rummaged around the bowl until one slip was picked out.

"Camellia Theacea." announced Sophia. A girl, who was around my age, made her way onto the stage. She looked angry and suspicious at the same time. I noticed that she was wearing a camellia flower hairpin.

"Is your name Camellia?" Sophia asked the brown haired, brown eyed girl.

"Yes." Camellia replied. I knew that Camellia was hiding an urge to say something.

"And the boy."

Sophia walked over to the male reaping bowl. This was my opportunity to volunteer. But I waited for Sophia to call out the reaped male.

"Ziggy Zephenson."

Immediately, I shouted "I volunteer" as I made my way onto the stage. Everyone turned to stare at me.

"Here are The Capitol's tributes for the 268th Hunger Games!" Sophia boomed, concluding the reaping.

Trinity Mace, District 1 Female

So today is reaping day and I am so excited! I'm walking to the reaping with the love of my life, Bronze, and this golden party dress looks really nice on me.

I looked at the grandfather clock beside me.

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