Hey all! Thanks for sending us your questions for The Hunger Games tribute cast for Comic-Con! We got to interview Willow Shields, Amandla Stenberg, Alexander Ludwig, Jack Quaid, and Dayo Okeniyi and had such a great time. They were all so warm and friendly and we got some great questions in!

We'll have the actual interview portion video up and running but as a teaser, we have some funny moments from Amandla where she talks about a hilarious blooper trailer that we may be seeing with The Hunger Games DVD such as who would win in an arm wrestling contest, an attempt at Hunger Games rapping, and much more! We have the answer for you as well! Check out some of our pictures below!

Also overheard are epic pranks that the girls pulled on Alexander, Dayo, and Jack. Did you know that Amandla is an amazing prankster? She convinced the boys that she was a crazy fan who got a hold of their number.

The Hunger Games - Special Features Trailer01:18

The Hunger Games - Special Features Trailer

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