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  • Xneonlightsx

    Hello you young lovely children today iam her to give you tips.

    but always rember manners ok !

    one of my favorite dresses is the one with nice little yellow and faded purple in it heres the picture 

    now every week ill give you good fashion tips love you guys see ya next week

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  • Xneonlightsx

    400thhunger games part 2

    November 24, 2012 by Xneonlightsx


    JOANNA!! JOANNA!! screams shouts clause warningly ill give you a chance to come o---

    argh!! joanna comes out of no where tackling ? clause putting her hand over his mouth. shhh!!!! some bodys coming she said in a soft voice. joanna took her hand off clause and at once arrows shoot straight there way....WISSSPPP..SHZZZZ...each arrow coming closer and closer .but clause was prepared he grabed his axe and threw it . the arrows stoped coming his and joannas way. clause peeked from the edge of the tree....i think..the coast is clear clause walked away .. so your just gonna leave me here cried joanna . well whats the point of teaming up if we have to kill each other in the end clause said in a downed voice.joanna looked at claus…

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  • Xneonlightsx

    400th hunger games

    November 23, 2012 by Xneonlightsx

    tributes of the 375th annual hunger games there scores , districts ,and skills are.


    Cadillac : SCORE :10 ? SKILLS: ? many differnt skills

    Mercedes: SCORE:10 SKILLS: mainly knife throwing and archery (bow and arrow)


    Dakota: SCORE: 9 SKILLS: axe style and kniving

    Willow: SCORE:10 SKILLS: guns ,slingshot,archery,and dart shooter


    Miles: SCORE:8 SKILLS: martial arts ,sword ,and axe

    Joanna:SCORE:9 SKILLS: archery,knife throwing


    Sparks:SCORE:9 SKILLS: sling shot , and machete

    Romi:SCORE:7 SKILLS: camoflauge,sword


    Clause:SCORE:10 SKILLS: archery , sword ,machete,knive throwing

    Lily:SCORE:8 SKILLS: axe style, archery,sword


    Zane:SCORE:9 SKILLS: knive throwing , and sling shot

    June:SCORE:8 SKILLS: camo…

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