JOANNA!! JOANNA!! screams shouts clause warningly ill give you a chance to come o---

argh!! joanna comes out of no where tackling ? clause putting her hand over his mouth. shhh!!!! some bodys coming she said in a soft voice. joanna took her hand off clause and at once arrows shoot straight there way....WISSSPPP..SHZZZZ...each arrow coming closer and closer .but clause was prepared he grabed his axe and threw it . the arrows stoped coming his and joannas way. clause peeked from the edge of the tree....i think..the coast is clear clause walked away .. so your just gonna leave me here cried joanna . well whats the point of teaming up if we have to kill each other in the end clause said in a downed voice.joanna looked at clause in the eyes claus looked back but joanna also had her eyes focused on the ax that hit the girl tribute besie . clause sees were her eyes are going in a instant joanna runs toward the axe . before clause has a chance to get there hes forced to leap out the way at once.joanna throws the axe she meant for clause to leap out the way because she rips the axe out of the hit tree and swings the axe in a violent manner towards his head . he barely has time to duck when he hears a brief imput noise he looks to his left joanna was still as if she had been turned to stone clause looked over and saw a throwing knive in joannas heart. clause looks to his right and sees: caddilac ,mecedes,dakota,and romi. JOANNAS CANNON GOES OFF!!! nooooo!!! i didnt mean it clause said ? romi i was aming for hear arm but- she k--ept --mo--v--in--g iam so sorry . clause eyes water up he falls to th ground on his knees and says on the day of joanna kats death we love her..he rises and says to romi there will be more deaths to worry about .


ooohh!!! iam so hungry and hasnt been a whole 2 days yet .. says violet her self out loud..lets see if i can find something to eat.violet quietlys climb down the tree ..hello what is that do i hear running water violet said

ill have to follow that stream..and so she did JACKPOT!! FRUIT AND WATER!! its my lucky day she looks down the stream and frowns she sees two people camping out down the way. violet feels a tap on her shouldrer .. she turns around and sees raya the 13 year old girl .. i dont think you want to cross that river violet said raya. well why not said violet. ok you might die on day 3 if you dont pay attetion.hmm lets see how i can explain.ok violet do you see the tide waves still. yes violet said . ok you see how the water in front of us moves slowly but the water over there moves rapidly.oksee were your going raya said violet. so somethings in the water slowing the current down..exactly raya said my guess is a net or a hook web.. so you should go around .thanks said violet no thank you violet said raya evily . violet steps into the lake it seems to be fine she continues walking AIIEEEEE!! AT ONCE SHE ? IS FLUNG INOT THE AIR HELP SHE SCREAMS HELP!!!! raya was right if i dont pay attntion iam going to die tomorrow.. violet needs medical attetion she needs a sponsor from one of you all you have to do is post i sponsor violet for medical attetion!


neo is in the middle of nowhere in the forest he looks around he hears a voice . SAY HELLO TO DEATH FOR ME !! before neo gets to turn around he feels something then hes dead his head on the ground rolling and finaly stopping after hitting a tree NEOS CANNON GOES OFF


hey romi your with the career pack says clause you need to act like . stop bieng such a fiesty bitch said romi .that ended the argument the caree pack head down to the cornucopia to there suprise they see willow sitting on top of it . instantily like an idiot cadillac yells willows name . willow is a tough player in the games she won the kast one and once willow got into action putting an arrow on the bow.she relizes the its the rest of the career pack. once we reach her 5 tributes come dashing out of the forest with swords and darts one of the darts get romi in the nekc she falls to the ground shes not dead shes just weak..she faint s 2 cannons go off one for lily and one for a unkown charecter..


is she dead ! i dont no i cant tell romi starts to wake up hearing fimilar vocies wondering if she dead or alive.

iam ok she says leaning up mercedes pushes her back down how do you no tha you might be posined not no.but iam ok says romi. seriously iam i just need some you go says clause he hands her the water bottle.romi takes it and drinks ahhh refreshing ok...hahahaha hhaahah heeee heeee haaa *gasp*sputter* cough* help cant breathe . oh my god whats happening said willow as she heard the freting and giggling came running over .shes choking said mercedes. .look at her eyes there turning red ..romi faints again * guys whats the the comtion said romi laughing heyyy that squriell is red look clause look dakota

shes crazy that was funny because dakota hardly said anything then he looked at rom again omething didnt seem right romi screamed then like that she died.ROMIS CANNON GOES OFF


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