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    Hey guys, Frozen Fire here. First off, if you're looking to submit tributes, well sadly, you're outta luck! To those of you who know me, and are probably still mad at me well, I'm sorry. If you really want to know what happened to me well, here it is: Okay, so first off, I have a lot of explaining to do because of my sudden absence. Well, On January 13 (Yup It was along time ago), I was diagnosed with Stage 2 cancer. It was horrible! I spent my birthday crying on a hospitable bed. I took Chemo and thankfully, I recovered in a couple months, more quickly than expected. My hair is growing back fast and I am currently in remission.

    In this blog I will finish my 1st book because every start has a finish. To understand what is happening, read wh…

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    Hey Guys! You may or not know me but I'd just like to let you guys know that I'm starting my first hunger games on this wiki! Yup, and I plan on making this very detailed with little errors. But I will only be doing the games for now so let your tears out :'(

    Now to inform you guys, I am in school and my parents are divorced so I'm switched back and forth to their houses like a dog so I might not update everyday but I will be listening to the well planned advice you give your tributes as this goes on. So let's get on with the games shall we?

    In a stunning turn of events today, President Jordon Marane announced that the glorious nation of Panem will be adding the 21st district to the country. President Morane made the wonderful announcement t…

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    July 5, 2012 by Xx-Frozen-Fire-xx

    Hey guys! Just want to introduce you guys to my tribs. Hope you guys like them


    • AGE
    • GENDER

    Akita Kai



    District 8

    Warm and kind. His family adds up to 10 and Akita happens to be the second oldest child and is usually in charge while his mother works full time as a weaver while his older sister and father hunt for food. This has instantly molded Akita into a caring, loving brother who is very responsible indeed.

    Grab any nearby weapon and run.

    A Staff, sword, and throwing knives is all Akita needs to bring down an opponent.

    Can climb, swim, and knows his way around the map but dislikes taking ones life.

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