Hey guys, Frozen Fire here. First off, if you're looking to submit tributes, well sadly, you're outta luck! To those of you who know me, and are probably still mad at me well, I'm sorry. If you really want to know what happened to me well, here it is: Okay, so first off, I have a lot of explaining to do because of my sudden absence. Well, On January 13 (Yup It was along time ago), I was diagnosed with Stage 2 cancer. It was horrible! I spent my birthday crying on a hospitable bed. I took Chemo and thankfully, I recovered in a couple months, more quickly than expected. My hair is growing back fast and I am currently in remission.

In this blog I will finish my 1st book because every start has a finish. To understand what is happening, read what I have left off here: . I will however start my new games soon under the name *Kyoni~Kara* but until then, let's get started. Updates should appear either tonite or tomorrow. Feel free to read! And as always, May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor!


Careers: Tatia Yorke(1), Luke Odair(1)

Alliance 1: Azmelia Freman(15), Maria Geluma(16)

Alliance 2: Arlena Miles(C), Casidy Harris(8), Hellie Mito(14), 

Alliance 3: Skye Silverguard(5), Jake Lance(20)

Loner: John Madrick(9)

Tribute plates From left to right

Hellie, John, Tatia, Casidy, Arlena, Luke, Skye, Azmelia, Maria, Jake

Day 5: The Quartered Crown

Skye Silverguard(5)

My eyes glint on a bow and arrows. It then drags itself to the raging crowd behind me. My hands begin to shiver while sweat drips down my neck. Although I've faced the bloodbath before, this one will determine my days living in fortune or death.

24, 23, 22, 21

John Madrick(9)

The clock counts down to the final numbers. Before the gong erupts, I find myself peering into the cornucopia. Before I know it, Tatia(1) is already searching through a crate.

I look around and find Casidy(8), crouched near a sack of potatoes. I bring myself towards her and slide my arms around her neck. She tries to rip apart my arms but, as a moment goes by, her hands fall to her side as her cannon sounds.


I throw the girl to the side as I sprint towards the cornucopia, only to be stopped by Hellie(14). I grab a mace, resting at my feet and slowly approach her. She stands still, then, after a moment or two, she nods behind me. I turn my head as the blade rips through my skull.


Maria Geluma(16)

I pop a crate open to find a sword inside. I reach in to grab it as I spot Jake(20), searching through a pack, filled with styrofoam. He finds a spear as well as a insta heal. With my blade dragging behind me, I approach him. As I'm about to strike, Azmelia(15) rips his back open with a knife.


"Hey, nice one," I say as I walk towards her.

She sighs but doesn't look up, as if she never heard me. 

"Hey," I say once more, a little louder.

She looks up at me and I smile but, she only grunts and decides to get up. 

I walk toward her confused and grab her shoulder. She brushes it off and shoves me to the floor. Before I can ask what she's doing she takes out her dagger, ready to pierce my heart. I kick her abdomen and get to my feet. While she is still holding her stomach, I drive my sword into her, watching as her blood splashes velvet onto the walls.


Luke Odair(1)

Four cannons send joy ringing into my ear as I find a trident on a weapon rack. I sprint outside, jumping over Azmelia's(15) body, and find Skye(5) blowing darts at Tatia(1), who hides behind a crate. I close one eye, aim, and let my trident fly as it finds a home deep within the D-5 girl.


Tatia(1) looks back at me and smiles. She gets up, brushes her pants and walks to me. Taking her first step, the ground beneath her erupts, sending her to the ground. I shout her name and sprint towards her. As I get to her, I crouch by her side  with her body on my arms. Parts of her body are tinted black and her clothes burn my skin, yet, I don't seem to care. She opens her right eye, smiles, and tells me something I'll never forget. Managing to get her head up, she tells me to stay with her. As my eyes turn glassy, I reply, telling her: always. She cups my face with her hands and leans in, kissing my cheek, then slumps back down.


Arlena Miles(C)

As Hellie(14), Maria(16), and I watch Luke(1) set Tatia(1) down, I wipe a tear that falls down to my chin. He turns, smiles lightly, and nods at us as the hovercraft lowers down.

2 hours later...

"And once more, your victors of the 298th annual Hunger games!" Athena Eris Callista, the talkshow host, says with a smile that almost reaches her eyes. 

As Luke and Maria walk towards the elevator, talking, Hellie and I walk towards the building's exit, where we'll go to the nearby cinema to watch the new movie: The Wild: Yet Another War Put To Rest. Before I can get my hand wrapped around the door handle, a man, much taller than myself, takes hold of my wrist.

"Hey, let go jackass!" Hellie announces.

"Hellie!" I say. "Who are you and what do you want?" 

"Miss Miles," the man mutters, "let's talk, shall we?"

"Sure," I say, unwillingly. 

I follow the strange man to the balcony, leaving Hellie at the door. The chill of the air catches me by surprise as I wrap my scarf closer around me. 

"Who are you?" I inquire.

"I, am President Lucarius." He says.

"But what happened to-"

"President Morane is dead," he declares, "He believed in freedom for the districts. That certainly did not go well with the Capitol so, arrangments were made."

Before I can protest he continues.

"And unless you'd like to join him," he starts, "Then tell me where Lia is!"

"Lia! She's alive!"

"Why yes ofcourse, haven't you heard of-" 

"Heard of what?"

"Nothing, Miss Miles. I'll see you again, soon..."

Before I can ask him what's going on, he retreats into the shadows. I light a match and follow into the corner where he went. Finding nothing against the wall, I look down and find a black rose with a golden stem. Confused, I head back towards the elevator, with the rose still in my hand.

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