• XxJGVxX

    XxJGVxX's First Hunger Games

    December 24, 2013 by XxJGVxX

    Ok so this are my first hunger games so please be patient, but don't worry, you wont be disappointed, please leave tips for the next games if you like this one.

    The arena is divided into four equal sections, the first one is a rainy jungle with warm weather, rainwater can be drinked but it only rains at midnight every third day. The secon one is a high mountain with cool weather and snow on the top. The third one is a cold snowy forest with a lake in the middle, the lake freezes at midnight. The last one is an ocean with a hot island in the middle, you have to swim to get to it. The tributes are thrown in a plain with the cornucopia in the center.

    -No reservations.

    - I will not do p.o.v for training but you can comment a training p.o.v in theā€¦

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