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aka Emma

  • I live in Canada
  • My occupation is old
  • I am idk u tell me
  • XxXMidget In a BikiniXxX

    I know i havent been on but i am leaving for real now i will only be on instagram kik (rarely) and on the org oh and tumblr :P i will only be on for every 84 years and also if yall like feel free to demod me so ya.

    instagram: bishwot

    tumblr: boilin-q 

    kik: omgdeadpeople

    org fb: emma lee

    and ya i loved yall while this place lasted but chat is starting to die again ill always remember them tinychats and the friends i met so ya.... and i am probably gonna delete this account to make a new one lol if this is ever alive again.

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    well this wikia is kinda dead ill show my final words to yall later my fb is emma lee and tumblr umswerveit ill be on when this is more active kthxbai ;D

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    Okay i am planning too do the newsletter there are the spots that are open.

    You must be active

    You have too submit your stuff before the  deadline

    Add your finished stuff on this (sandbox page coming soon)

    Tribute Advice- Mist

    Interviews- me

    Featured tribute- (you cant choose your own tribute) Ryan 

    Mainspace news- Jade

    Featured games/Arena-  Caylin and Joan/ Sam and Erlend

    Meme- Anyone

    Advice column- Jade

    Polls- Connor 

    Lost and found- Me 

    Coding- Me

    Cooking: Wes

    Comic- (Just make it on bitstrips its easy) Dani

    Main news- Me and somebody else

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    Emma: Hello

    Alphonse Penguin: Hello

    Emma: Okay welcome too interviewing with the users this blog may get deleted soon but the first question is Why are you a sexy penguin

    Alphonse Penguin: because i was born that was way***

    Emma: Second question do you love your mama

    Alphonse Penguin: Yea

    Emma: Third Question what do you say too your voters

    Alphose Penguin: pop bottles get rich rack city stay fresh

    Emma: Fourth Question do you have any shoutouts too any users

    Alphose Penguin: yes dani and her fabu donathan keap even tho hes asian and obama is black so no care and then midget in swimsuit becvause fresh and then cinderfella bc jesus

    Emma: What do you want your fans too know

    Alphose Penguin: ily

    Emma: Okay thank you for your time it was a delight too i…

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    September 10, 2013 by XxXMidget In a BikiniXxX

    If people are looking too chat since chat closed go here

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