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I code profile's ;3 (Emma wants too try practice her coding)

Profile maker ;3


Hey i code profiles just fill in the template 

Warning: I clear stuff off while doing profiles so bewere unless you have sections like ==friends ==  or so on.  

Le template

Tabs: Yes or no 

What you want you tabs too say and how much tabs: 

 hat kind of background: The three colors one, the border one or the one color one:

What kind of border if you want one: 

 Dotted   Dashed   Solid   Double 
 Groove   Ridge   Inset   Outset 

Need a new font?: If you want me too change the text of your profile or color tell me which font.

Waiting list


1: EG (done)

2: Justin (done)

3. BC  (done)

4. Mist

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