Emma: Hello

Alphonse Penguin: Hello

Emma: Okay welcome too interviewing with the users this blog may get deleted soon but the first question is Why are you a sexy penguin

Alphonse Penguin: because i was born that was way***

Emma: Second question do you love your mama

Alphonse Penguin: Yea

Emma: Third Question what do you say too your voters

Alphose Penguin: pop bottles get rich rack city stay fresh

Emma: Fourth Question do you have any shoutouts too any users

Alphose Penguin: yes dani and her fabu donathan keap even tho hes asian and obama is black so no care and then midget in swimsuit becvause fresh and then cinderfella bc jesus

Emma: What do you want your fans too know

Alphose Penguin: ily

Emma: Okay thank you for your time it was a delight too interview you

Alphose Penguin: ya ty ty

Thats all for now next interviews are going too be on the newspaper

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