Heyy guys this is my first fanfiction its maybe going too be bad but hey i am going too make it the best i can and the grammar maybe a little off

Chapter 1: ill be back

I sit on the couch by myself in a hot summer morning.

I was so bored so i decided too walk too my friend Sam's house because she was not busy and i had not seen her in three weeks.

As i walk down the road ,suddenly  i see a red van beside me going my speed. 

I tried too run but it was no use. when the car was opened i saw Oli and Mia in ski masks.

"Get in bitch were going place's" Mia shouts as she shoves me in the car with a lot firmlar face's who were also kidnapped with me i saw Wes,Anna, Kekai, Dani, Caylin,Rainie, Colin and a lot of people i saw from the hunger games chat.  

As Oli was driving the car i started hearing some korean music.

All i can really here is. 

Listen baby girl Geurae doraseojulke Meotjige namjadabge nohajulke Geurigo neol gwichanke Haji anhke mareobshi jeo dwieeseo Jugeun deushi seoseo"

I really wanted too sing along with it since it was K-pop and it was my first time listening too 2pm but i didnt want too get knocked out again because my head still f***ing hurts and i was not knocked out for long because of the loud music.

I was trying too cover my ears too try and not hear that beautiful music coming from Oli's ipod in the car. I was really turning red i didnt know what too do when i trying too sing i felt a hand covering my mouth it was Liza's hand she was the other person who was still awake and Caylin was also awake but at first i wanted too kill that bitch because i wanted too sing at the same time i am so happy she did that. 

"Thank you so very much Liza " I said 

"Oh no problem  now shut the f*** up before we get caught" Liza says in a bad tone

"Shhh both of you shut the f*** kay kay kay! We should try and have fun...." as Caylin was talking she was looking at Kaeghan's body.making it so obvioius that she wants too thorw Kaeghan's out the van because she saw that the trunk is about too fly open.

Me and Liza went with the plan so I grabbed his legs and Liza grabbed the arms and Caylin slowly opened the trunk. 

"Okay at the count of three i want you too thorw him out mkay"

Me and Liza get ready too thorw him out .

"1...2____" as Caylin was about too say three Kaeghan woke and he didn't really look happy he was very furious.

"Emma! I thought we were fri____" shouts Kaeghan but shoved my figures down his throat then took them out because I don't want his f***ing vomit on me. Before we know the car stops and Oli comes out with a crowbar as I see with on of the window's out of the back.

"Kaeghan if I never hear Kesha again because of you it's your fault" Joan says in a very mad tone.

Before we know it Oli comes in and hits us with a crowbar one by one and then he came back too the front seat with Mia. As Oli starts the car Mia was about too say something.

"Oli why did we have too kidnap them it's not like we're doing the human centipede on them or putting them in a big Saw trap" asks Mia

"Well I just want it too be a surprise Mia were going too Lovelace landita" says Oli as he kisses Mia on the cheek (If you guys are a hardcore Moli shippers feel free too fangirl)

Before they know it they were at Lovelace landita and everyone started too slowly wake up.

Chapter 2: Welcome too Lovelace landita,Florida

"Welcome too Lovelace landita! The secert city of Florida" yells Oli

Wow they weren't trying too kill us all,it turns out that Mia and Oli just wanted too have a happy life on this secert city but I did not want too stay in Florida with these people. They are awesome but I didn't want too get myself killed so a ran for the car.

"Woah where the f*** are you going I have not teached you yet!" yells Jade

"Yeah your not teaching me bye!'" then i just started too run for my life hoping that they wouldnt get me.


Before i know it there all chasing me.

Caylin and Cass were wearing to different unifroms. Caylin is wearing a unifrom thats saying SM outfitters it also has BOL,FOL,MOL all over it just like Wes's unifrom and Cass was wearing like a hooters unifrom but insted it said "HOOKERS"  in big orange letters finally Gruff was wearing some hunter unifrom.

I was running i think i am losing them until i hit a dead end and they were all surrounding me with weapons. Wes had a whip,Caylin had a needle, Cass had a thing that looked like a rainbow dildo and Gruff had a nerf gun.

"Emma put your hands up!" yelled Gruff

"How about no."

"How about yes"

"Fineee "

I raise my hands and I waved them like I don't care.


I was hoping that they would join in but Insted they looked at me like I was a sloth in a bikini and gruff signaled Cass too use her rainbow dildo thing on me it turned out it was a.....

"Dildo tazorrrrrr!" Then Cass shoved me too the ground and she sticked the dildo up my hole and I swear too god it felt like my insides are melting and turning into juice. She sticked it in there for like five f***ing minutes before Gruff took it out and brought me too downtown Lovelace landita were there only too bring me too jail.

When i arrived at the lovelace landita jail i saw Erlend was in the same jail cell with me and i knew this is going too be the longest five minutes ever ugh.


Erlends hands getting closer and closer but Joan randomly appears and stops him.

"Yeah i dont need too see that ,i have a fifty minute sentence for kidnapping Kesha!" yelled Joan

I took out my watch only see ten minute sentence but there were only two minutes left.

"Sooo... Erlend what did you do this time.." tbc

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