Hi! This is my first hunger games so dont get mad if I mess up


1. Dont be mad if trib dies

2. Enter as many tributes

3. There will be cussing

4. There will be Districts 0-15

5. District 15 was created by Mysims


1. Met me online for alliance arrangment

2. District 14 = Mutts

3. District 15 = Glass

District Name Age Gender Weapon Appearnce Personality Owner
D0 Sydeny Thesisen 17 Female Bow And Arrow ???? Nice very kind shy sad all the time Dedejacob
D0 Aliya Andropov 15 Female Dagger Aliya has a very light brown hair color and gray eyes. She's a very quiet and intelligent person, often thinking out problems before solving them. She can be ferocious, though, when people insult her home. Horsefinatic
D1 Dymentia Lights 15 Female Kama, Sythe Blonde hair with a hint of pink, silver eyes Pretends to like everyone, but really judgmental & crude Pika <3333
D1 Malek Rath 17 Male Sword Short spiked ebony hair, slightly tanned skin, muscular, grey eyes and 6'2 Is usually descirbed to be cocky, cold, arrogant and -when he's single- a flirt. Yet nice to his sisters and brother, and their mother. EvilhariboMadness
D2 Drake Mordan 15 Male Spear, Sword Black hair and green eyes. Very pale skin and is tall. Very muscular. Cold and Calculating. Incredibly ruthless. Killing Machine. Therman77
D2 Jackie Devilin 16 Female Blowgun Very long blood red hair. Tan skin. Pretty. Tall and athletic. Sly, and charming Theman77
D3 Minitel Drone 15 Female Screwdriver White hair on the front but black in the back, blake eyes Kind & Caring Pika <3333
D3 Ares Jones 16 Male Throwing Axe Slightly longer than short brown hair, pale skin, greeny-grey eyes, light freckles across his nose, slight muscles and is 6'0 Can be calm and collective at times, but anger him, and he'll be an unstoppable rage or anger, until he hurts those who made him angry- much like his name sake. He gets angered very quickly, thus only having a few friends, but manage to get close to him, he's one of the nicest, funniest and lovable person one could meet. EvilhariboMadness
D4 Pierre Alesca 18 Female Trident Blond hair curly ends, icy blue eyes, pale skin Mysterious Jsmathone
D4 John Madrick 17 Male Machete, Club short, dirty blonde hair, brown eyes, skinny Mean to people he doesn't like. Theman77
D5 Illuminate Sensorium 15 Female Metal Whip Red head, Green eyes Very quiet Pika <3333
D5 Ian Vance 12 Male Throwing Knives Red hair, dark eyes, very pale Cocky saracastic Pierulesnotyou
D6 Liana Carter 15 Female Crossbow Blonde hair to her tailbone, blue/grey eyes, kinda short 161 cm, pretty muscular for a girl, A shy girl that keeps most to herself. She is normally not very coldhearted and want to protect everyone but some situations can make her go into survival mode however she could never harm somebody 12-year-old Annamisasa
D6 Justin Beiber 18 Male Bad voice short brown hair.... and um... eyes... and a nose... and uh, ears.... and a mouth.... I don't know about a brain..... VERY ANNOYING Iluvgale
D7 Katrionia Greystone 18 Female Sword Even though she is girl she's a physical wonder and can beat most boys up even if they are older than her. 195 cm tall and has a lot of muscels. Her hair color is red and reaches her shoulders. She has grey eyes. She is very threadning and most people that don't know her are very afraid of her. Although she dosen't talk much she is actually very loyal to her friends Annamisasa
D7 Thomas Creek 17 Male Axe Gray hair, bright green eyes Loner, has a hard time trusting people, but he is very open towards the few people he trusts fully. He is very unlikely to kill someone in cold blood, but he will do it for self defense or in the defense of his loved ones Dragosf
D8 John Calico 16 Male Spear Average Height, brown hair green eyes Fearless Tiger Lily29
D8 McKenna Welinty 14 Female Knives Long dark brown hair, light icy blue eyes, tan, skinny from hunger, lots of freckles, 5'3 McKenna is very nice and will(usually) help anyone hurt. Se can be too soft and trusting at times which may cause her death. If anyone insults her, she will not stop until she gets her way. Pierulesnotyou
D9 Cassidy Harris 15 Female Baton ????? nice,very lovable Dedejacob
D9 Ryan Hetliny 14 Male Axe Dirty blond hair that sticks up in the back, stormy gray eyes, very pale, dresses very sloppy, 4'9 ??????? Amberfang123
D10 Tinsley Axe 16 Female Axe, Spear Tinsley Like every other career, Tinsley is Rotten, Rude, Malicious and will not sacrifice herself for anyone AxedFox
D10 Hendall Monuyo 15 Male Katana ????? Nice Hungergamelover2121
D11 Adia Parkson 15 Female Knife Adia has dark skin and hair and golden eyes. She likes to wear a sleeveless black dress with the top half in leopard print. She is a calm, sweet and intelligent person, but at times she can be fierce, especially when it comes to her family. Horsefinatic
D11 Ben Witover 18 Male Spear He's tall and skinny and has brown hair He's nice and is very competitive especially with Mondi Bakerman from his hometown who he has a mad crush on. Maybell Rocks!!
D12 Eileen Shade 16 Female Throwing knives Small with black hair and grey eyes like people from the seam. She has a little scar by her rigth eye because of the abuse. She seems rather scared and weak when you look at her but really she is a survivor She dosen't talk that much and no one really know that much about her. She is a person that normally thinks about her own survival first. She rarely smiles. Annamisasa
D12 Nick Lovizo 12 Male Bow and arrow + knives Tan, Small, Skinny, Big arms Very nice but very aggressive and has good stategys Maybell Rocks!!
D13 Serena Armstrong 14 Female Spear (She's not very good at it though) Blue eyes, Long blond hair, Tanned skin Chatty, Nonchalant, A bit rude Jsm13athome
D13 Joe Croon 18 Male Nunchucks ????? ????? Maybell Rocks!!
D14 Saffron Ventura 15 Female Throwing Knives Sharp features, dazziling Blue Eyes, Long Brown Hair that curls to the right, smallish, but makes up for it in her strength and ego Kind of mean, can be very judgemental and materialistic, but under all that is a side that only Troy (her brother) can see, a nice, kind and friendly girl, the way she was before her parents died Fluffeh Kitteh
D14 Josef Wilder 17 Male Crossbow Josef has short dark brown hair and grey eyes. He is 5'11", and weighs 142 pounds Josef is quite and mysterious. He’s been training his entire life for the games and volunteers because he because he has nothing to lose. He refuses to give up on anything but is quick to angrer. He has no problem killing the others tributes as he see them only as roadblocks on his path to becoming a victor. Attackcobra
D15 Layne Bresnet 13 Female Throwing Knives Bright purple dyed long spiky hair with bright green highlights. She has dark blue eyes and likes to wear camoflage print clothes. Sly, tough and mistrusful, but once you get to know her shes sweet but still slightly mistrustful. Horsefinatic
D15 Sensory Clode 15 Male Knives Purple hair with pink highlights, tall, white skin, grey eyes, skinny Nice but can be a killing machine. IHGWIKI


Girls: Serena (4); Tinsley (10); Illuminate (5); Minitel (3);

Carrers: Dymentia (1); Malek (1); Jackie (2); Drake (2); Ares (3); John (4); Josef (14); Sydeny (0)

Big Alliance: Layne (15); Sensory (15); Cassidy (9); Saffron (14); Serena (13); Adia (10); McKenna (8); Alyia (0)

Outer Districts: Ben (11); Nick (12); Joe (13)


District 0

Everyone is excited since District 0 was newly founded. People are gathering everywhere to see what is happening. Since District 0 is on Astrology everyone might be a little smart and very well with directions. As people are gathering in the circle the escort comes and stands at her podium "Welcome welcome" says the escort motioning her hand to look like she is welcoming District 0. "This is the 1st year that District 0 is joining the Hunger Games. Now we have decided that District 0 is very wealthy and they are going to be considered as a Career district. Since the sudden outburst of girls being born dont be surprised if there are two girls getting picked" everyone gasp's at that. "Ok lets begin since in the past there as been a rebellion so here is a video that shows what happened and to see if you want to be part of it this will show you want will happen" says the escort with a sickening smile. Everyone is watching in silence. Then it ends. "That's what will happen to either join the Capitol or .......that. Now lets pick the tributes. Representing District 0 is Alyia Andorpov" A girl walks up stunned. "Next is...Sydeny Thesisen" a girl walks up and stands next to the escort. "My my why look to girls. Well lets go and she takes them to the Hall of Justice.

District 1

In District 1 everything is glamours. You can luxury gold trimmings on the houses. The 2 story houses with marble floors. Everyone is excited because this year there were gonna be volunteers. Everyone is coming out side in there long dresses. Also some crazy shoes. And there hair is so clean and voluminous. Everyone is wearing there expensive cloths. Everyone is gathering in the circle when the escort comes out and presents herself. She is wearing a white long dress with gold trimmings at the bottom and hoop earrings. Her hair is wavy and goes down to her hip and it is shiney so it reflects the sun. She is wearing 7 in. high heels the are white and the lacey is gold. "Wow District 1 looks great!" she exclaims everyone cheers in the crowd. "Now lets pick our tributes...Ladies 1st" "I volunteer!" screams a pretty girl with blonde hair and pink lipstick. "Why hello honey! Whats your name" "My name is Dymentia Lights" she says fluttering her eyes. Then she gives a thumbs up to someone who looks like her. Maybe her brother. "Men next...I volunteer" says a boy in the crowd he runs up. As I can see in Dymentia's expression it wasnt her brother. "Whats your name hun?" "My name is Malek Ruth" "Good now shake hands" Dymentia slaps it giving him the evil eye, while Malek just gives her a cocky look.

District 2

District 2 is filled with aggressive people but so much fun to watch them kill in games. Everyone is gathering in the center looking tough and hard since they have been creating swords then there is where the children are getting pricked. They look tough as well. This year there is gonna be a volunteer. Well out of this kids there is sure gonna be blood splattering on the bloodbath. The escort walks on the stage he is a man in his mid 30's he is wearing a short black wig that stops at his cheeks and curves towards them at the edge of the hair. He is wearing purple eye-liner. He is wearing a purple vest and black trousers. "Welcome"he says in a sturdy voice. "We are picking the female and male tributes. First the female" he takes his hand and puts it in the bowl he takes it out "Jackie Devilin" a female with dark red hair walks up looking confident. She also looks disappointed that she didnt get to volunteer. "Next male....Blake Monror" A male is happy to be picked. He is 17 and is walking up until "I volunteer" Blake looks back with fury in his eyes "Excuse me" and walks up and takes the mic "My name is Drake Mordan" and he takes his place.

District 3

District 3. Filled with intelligent people. These know alot about electronics. Everyone is gathering in the center and they smell like fried hair. As we look everyone is wearing glasses. Some people might think that these tributes are weaker then anyone else but they have more knowledge then any other tributes so they might have a better chance in knowledge but in strenghth? No. As the tribues are getting their fingers pricked the escort comes up and starts to get ready. When every tribute is done getting pricked the escort starts to speak. "Welcome District 3. Before we get to pick our tributes (she says excitedly) you will watch this video about the 2nd rebellion" As the video plays it shows the Capitols victory and explains what will happen if they do it again. "Now wasnt that lovely. Lets begin the reapings" she digs her hand in the bowl and goes deeper then she takes it out. "Now lets have our female tribute..Minitel Drone!" A young girl walks up 14-15 she walks up all stiff. "Hello sweetie step back. Now for our boys...Ares Jones" A boy walks up no emotion. "Now shake hands" Minitel sends her hand out but Ares just smacks it and walks toward the Justice Building

District 4

District 4. The fisherman District. Everyone can smell the ocean. This year there are going to be careers from the District 4. Everyone is so excited we cant wait to see tridents in action. Also they are great swimmers the disadventage is they dont know how to climb. Everyone is gathering excited about the careers this year just as everyone is lined up the escorts walks up. "Welcome District 4. The um....Smelly District" the crowd boo's "Everyone calm down! We are going to pick our tributes. Ok?" everyone lets out a groan "Ok" she puts her hand in the Reaping Bowl "Ok we have our female tribute..Pierre Alesca!" A female walks up happy! "Yay! I got picked! Me! Me!" she says "Now for the male....John Madrick!" A male walks up and then gives a grin.

District 5

Here we are at District 5. The solar energy District. People here are a little bit meek and dont get good training scores. But they are quick, stealthy, and elusive. Not the strongest but can most likely get past the bloodbath. The escort is walking up as people are coming they are terrified and scared but they a wealthy District also. Not as wealthy as the careers but wealthy. "Welcome! District 5! Before we beging I will show a video of the rebellion" everyone is watching getting scared about what is to happen and who will be picked. The video finishes "Ok lets pick our females! Ok the female tribute is...IIluminate Sensori" a pretty girl walks up a read head with glasses "Ok for our male!....Ian Vance!" I male walks up

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