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    District 20,23,24 and 26 tributes are taken so far. Here are the tributes: (Capitol Districts.) (20-32)

    Name Weapon District Strengths/Personality Age

    Justin Spear 20 Is calm and friendly when he is not active. 18

    Marcie Blowgun 20 Marcie is a rude person with great talent. 15

    Martin Ak47 21 Martin is very funny but not big on survival skills. 17

    Helena Thr. Kniv. 21 Helena has a younger brother which she cares for with her life. 16

    Jason Bow Arrow 22 Wants to be like Katniss, but can't. 12

    Kenni Riot Shield 22 Is an expert with a Riot Shield, but not a threat for attacking. 13

    Jay Python 23 Has worked with guns all of his life. 17

    Ziggy Nothing 23 A volunteer, just wants to give it a shot. 18

    James Sword 24 Great with a sword... Takes after Cato. 16…

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