District 20,23,24 and 26 tributes are taken so far. Here are the tributes: (Capitol Districts.) (20-32)

Name Weapon District Strengths/Personality Age

Justin Spear 20 Is calm and friendly when he is not active. 18

Marcie Blowgun 20 Marcie is a rude person with great talent. 15

Martin Ak47 21 Martin is very funny but not big on survival skills. 17

Helena Thr. Kniv. 21 Helena has a younger brother which she cares for with her life. 16

Jason Bow Arrow 22 Wants to be like Katniss, but can't. 12

Kenni Riot Shield 22 Is an expert with a Riot Shield, but not a threat for attacking. 13

Jay Python 23 Has worked with guns all of his life. 17

Ziggy Nothing 23 A volunteer, just wants to give it a shot. 18

James Sword 24 Great with a sword... Takes after Cato. 16

Terri Rock 24 Loves crushing people with her sharped-edged rock. 17

Yavin Friends 25 Is really good at making friends. They teach him what he needs to know.13

Patricia All 25 Is good with any weapon. 15

Marc Shotgun 26 Is friendly to some, rude to some people. 18

Sam Perfume 26 Has really dangerous chemicals in her perfume. 12

Terrence Words 27 Has words that anger and petrify. 14

Kim Kindness 27 Is so kind to some mean people, the mean people become good. 16

James Knives 28 Is a really fun person to be an ally with. 15

Perry Olympia 28 If shooting from long distance, very threating. 17

Zachary Axe 29 Can be dangerous throwing axes. 14

Yavonne Eyes 29 If you stare into her eyes for 30 seconds, you're gone. 17

Casper Skorpion 30 Is an expert at shooting accuracy. 12

Wilma Speed 30 Is lightning fast and as quick as Rue. 13

Rich Hands 31 Can build anything within time and not distracted. 16

Amy Finger 31 Has poison still in it from a snake bite. Don't let her get close to you. 14

Kenny Lieing 32 Can make people feel sorry for him. Then he goes into kill mode. 15

Susie Mind 32 Is so smart that she is a big threat. 18 You can claim a tribute and become their mentor. The Games start a week from today. Take two from a district please!

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