aka Erlend

  • I live in Norway
  • I was born on May 27
  • My occupation is Student and Admin
  • Yoonie

    1. Two tributes per user.
    2. Reserves lasts for three days.
    3. All tributes who were premium selected will fill the spots for three days. They will be officially in when their mentor gives clarification. After three days, their spots will open up again. I will message all the users affected by this so they are aware of it.
    4. Advice once per day in the arena at least. Don´t godmod, or I'll kill your tributes.
    5. Comment frequently. After every day (Hunger Games) I will hold a tally to see which users are in danger of losing their tributes.
    6. Don't blindly criticize me, or I'll also kill your tributes. Please provise constructive criticism, so I can work on my weaknesses instead of bringing me down.
    7. To prove that you have read this, please state in the comments "…

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  • Yoonie

    Hello, and welcome to the hub page of my future games series - The Collenium Series. They will have 3 games to them, and the first one will be started on the 19th of June 2014. You cannot apply your tributes on this page, this is mainly just a blog to announche this Series and a place to find all the links gathered later on when they´re all started/completed. This blog will also include some basic information on how each game will be run. You can premium-reserve on this page, which means I´ll hold off up to 2 spots in the game of your choosing.

    Number of Tributes: 26.

    District: 1 to 12, plus the Capitol.

    Tributes per user: 1-2

    Reservations lasts for: 3 days.

    Features: Training Scores, the Hunger Games.

    Sponsoring: Yes.

    Advice: Yes.

    Style of writin…

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  • Yoonie

    I- When the due for the Twist to the 150th Hunger Games of Panem arrives, the Gamemakers finally found a good candidate for the Quarter Quell.

    I-They had investigated in an incident that happened in a country in the far east of the world when the first Apocalypse of the human race happened.

    I-Students were forced to play a dangerous and bloody game while locked inside Hope´s Peak Academy for the special and gifted.

    I-The only way to get set free from the school´s clutches was to kill one of the other students, and get away with it.

    I-In the end, nine of the students died while playing the game, and the last six escaped, only to find that the Apocalpyse had claimed all of their loved ones´ lives, as well as life like they had known it.

    I-The Game…

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