1. Two tributes per user.
  2. Reserves lasts for three days.
  3. All tributes who were premium selected will fill the spots for three days. They will be officially in when their mentor gives clarification. After three days, their spots will open up again. I will message all the users affected by this so they are aware of it.
  4. Advice once per day in the arena at least. Don´t godmod, or I'll kill your tributes.
  5. Comment frequently. After every day (Hunger Games) I will hold a tally to see which users are in danger of losing their tributes.
  6. Don't blindly criticize me, or I'll also kill your tributes. Please provise constructive criticism, so I can work on my weaknesses instead of bringing me down.
  7. To prove that you have read this, please state in the comments "I have read and agreed to the terms".

Tribute Application Template

All tributes must have at least everything on the template. Mentors can add more if they want to.

  • Name (First and last.)
  • Age: (From twelve to eighteen.)
  • Gender
  • District (From District One to Twelve.)
  • Weapon (One to three weapons.)
  • Personality (Try to go as wide as possible.)
  • Backstory (At least 500 words.)
  • Strengths (Make the strengths balanced with the weaknesses.)
  • Weaknesses (Make the weaknesses balanced with the strengths.)
  • Alliance (This can be filled out later.)

The Tributes

District Gender Name Age Weapon Strengths Weaknesses
District One Male Lucretius Ashbourne 18 Bow and arrows, long knives Accuracy, Speed, strength Stealth, swimming, communication
District One Female Alexandrite Bohamia 14 Bow and arrows, sword, knives Strength, speed, agility Oblivious, climbing
District Two Male Radiant Tayz 16 Throwing knives, knives, hand-to-hand combat Plant identification, intelligence, speed Right leg injuries, climbing, swimming
District Two Female Calypso Rune 15 Warhammer, flail, mace Weaponry, stealth, hand-to hand combat Clumsy, swimming, emotions
District Three Male Jrue Maclin 17 Traps, knives, throwing knives Intelligence, physique, swimming Direct combat, detail, climbing
District Three Female Natalie Tecknus 14 Throwing knives, tomahawks, bow and arrows Holding her breath, stealth, speed Light, close-ranged combat
District Four Male Harvey Free 14 Knives Stealth, strength, projectiles Depression, anger
District Four Female Coralyn Halimeda 16 Trident, nets, throwing knives Sneaky, trident, swimming Gullible, running, climbing
District Five Male Pompey Wattson 18 Knife, poison Strategy, plant indentification, leadership Swimming, making enemies
District Five Female Marlena Kayvarne 15 Blowgun, throwing knives Intelligence, speed, stealth Pain, hand to hand combat, swimming
District Six Male Colton Thorne 18 Trident, mace, spear Strength, speed, agility Swimming, climbing, heights
District Six Female Maco Jerzy 16 Machete, mace Speed, looks, cunning Weak, close range, swimming
District Seven Male Nathaniel Hiscotch 13 Sword, throwing knives Swimmer, fighting, fit Shelter, hiding, holding his breath
District Seven Female Nichole Hiscotch 16 Sword, spear, axe Swimming, hand-to-hand combat, hunting Holding her breath, nightmares, past
District Eight Male
District Eight Female Clarissa Scar 15 Teeth, daggers, claws Strength, stealth, fear Mentality, mindset, climbing
District Nine Male Ash Harper 14 Mace, crossbow, scythe Fast learner, fast, agility Pacifist, climbing, swimming
District Nine Female Themis Asterious 15 Throwing knives, throwing axe Accuracy, range, fast Weak, clumsy, short-ranged fighting
District Ten Male Henry Blaké 17 Sickle, knife, axe Resistance, edible plants, speed Cocky, swimming, climbing
District Ten Female Jessica Woods 16 Sword, throwing knives Strength, aim Speed, climbing
District Eleven Male
District Eleven Female Bailey Snowbelle 16 Sickle Intelligence, strength, speed Shyness, climbing, physical skills
District Twelve Male
District Twelve Female Blossom Breeze 15 Throwing knives, blowgun Reactive, underestimated, fast Afraid, claustrophobia, unexperienced

Training Scores

Name Training Score Odds
(District One)
(District One)
(District Two)
Calypso Rune (District Two)
(District Three)
(District Three)
(District Four)
Coralyn Halimeda (District Four)
Pompey Wattson (District Five)
(District Five)
(District Six)
(District Six)
Nathaniel Hiscotch (District Seven)
Nichole Hiscotch (District Seven)
Theo Black (District Eight)
District Eight)
Ash Harper (District Nine)
Themis Asterious (District Nine)
Henry Blaké (District Ten)
(District Ten)
(District Eleven)
Bailey Snowbelle (District Eleven)
(District Twelve)
Blossom Breeze (District Twelve)

The Hunger Games

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