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The Collenium Series - The Games Never Really Ended

Yoonie May 26, 2014 User blog:Yoonie


Hello, and welcome to the hub page of my future games series - The Collenium Series. They will have 3 games to them, and the first one will be started on the 19th of June 2014. You cannot apply your tributes on this page, this is mainly just a blog to announche this Series and a place to find all the links gathered later on when they´re all started/completed. This blog will also include some basic information on how each game will be run. You can premium-reserve on this page, which means I´ll hold off up to 2 spots in the game of your choosing.

The Collenium Series Part One - The 20th Hunger Games

Number of Tributes: 26.

District: 1 to 12, plus the Capitol.

Tributes per user: 1-2

Reservations lasts for: 3 days.

Features: Training Scores, the Hunger Games.

Sponsoring: Yes.

Advice: Yes.

Style of writing: Point of view of the different tributes.

Update plan: About once a day, at the very least once per three days.

Twists: Yes.

Users premium-reserving

Nommyzombies: District 8 Female

The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo: District 7 and 9 females

Xbilliex: District 1 and 6 females

Harvey The Hunter: District 4 female and District 3 male

MyWorld: District 6 male and District 10 female

Pippycat: District 2 female and District 9 male

FrostyFire: District 8 female and Capitol male

YourFavoriteSalmon: District 1 male and District 5 female

Rayplayzlol70: District 3 and 12 females

Tehblakdeath: District 2 and 7 males

Smilingtribute: District 8 male and District 11 female

ViniciusDeAssis1999: Capitol female

ConspiracyKiller825: District 11 male

PumPumPumpkin :3: District 5 and 12 males

Icanhasnofriends: District 4 and 10 males

The Collenium Series Part Two - The 21st Hunger Games


The Collenium Series Part Three - The 22nd Hunger Games


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