I- When the due for the Twist to the 150th Hunger Games of Panem arrives, the Gamemakers finally found a good candidate for the Quarter Quell.

I-They had investigated in an incident that happened in a country in the far east of the world when the first Apocalypse of the human race happened.

I-Students were forced to play a dangerous and bloody game while locked inside Hope´s Peak Academy for the special and gifted.

I-The only way to get set free from the school´s clutches was to kill one of the other students, and get away with it.

I-In the end, nine of the students died while playing the game, and the last six escaped, only to find that the Apocalpyse had claimed all of their loved ones´ lives, as well as life like they had known it.

I-The Gamemakers were inspired by this incident while they decided on this years Quarter Quell Twist.

I-In these Games, killing does not grant you sponsors and the love of the Capitol.

I-Instead, it means you have to start lying for your survival.

I-After a body has been found by at least three tributes, the investigation of who did it may start, the tributes will have twelve hours to find clues to the murderer.

I-After the twelve hours are up, the Gamemakers will hold a tribute trail, where the tributes will point out clues and discuss who they think did it.

I-When the time is up, the tributes vote for who they find guilty.

I-If they guess it right, the culprit will be given punishment in a entertaining fashion.

I-But if they get it wrong, two of the innocent will suffer instead.


  1. Read the introduction please, it will help you understand the Twist of these games better.
  2. Three tributes per user.
  3. Reservations, but only for three days maximum.
  4. I will only write the acual Hunger Games, nothing more.
  5. No hate please.
  6. Have fun!


District 1 Male

Name: Light Dymentosa

Age: 18

Height: 5´4

Weapon: Axe

District 1 Female

Name. Brenna Placidia

Age: 12

Height: 4´10

Weapon: Knife, dagger, net

District 2 Male

Name: Akumai "Tenshin" Kubaya

Age: 17

Height: 6´7

Weapon: Greatsword, throwing knives, trident, dagger

District 2 Female

Name: Amina Yonee

Age: 16

Height: 5´3

Weapon: Knives

District 3 Male

Name: Blade Spectrus

Age: 14

Height: 4´10

Weapon: Spear, knives, swords

District 3 Female

Name: Shira Teresa

Age: 15

Height: 5´11

Weapon: Bow and arrows, throwing knives, mace

District 4 Male

Name: Konami Aretino

Age: 14

Height: 5´8

Weapon: Strength, fangs, trident, crossbow

District 4 Female

Name: Bembridae Clayton

Age: 15

Height: 6´1

Weapon: Harpoon, spears

District 5 Male

Name: James Desmond

Age: 15

Height: 5´5

Weapon: Machete, trident, poison

District 5 Female

Name: Nichole Peyton

Age: 15

Height: 5´1

Weapon: Intelligence, knife, dagger.

District 6 Male

Name: Alec Michelle

Age: 14

Height: 5´0

Weapon: Throwing axe, throwing knives

District 6 Female

Name: Irelia Birdhouse

Age: 16

Height: 6´11

Weapon: Throwing knives

District 7 Male

Name: Jayson Huff

Age: 17

Height: 6´7

Weapon: Axe, hatchet.

District 7 Female

Name: Bernice Amias

Age: 13

Height: 4´11

Weapon: Knife, throwing knives, traps

District 8 Male

Name: Crimson Typhoon

Age: 15

Height: ?

Weapon: Bow and arrows, hand to hand, sword

District 8 Female

Name: Adelaide Simmons

Age: 13

Height: 5´2

Weapon: Bow and arrows, throwing knives, slingshot.

District 9 Male

Name: Raid Laced

Age: 12

Height: ?

Weapon: Anything

District 9 Female

Name: Savannah Darnell

Age: 12

Height: 4´11

Weapon: Blowgun, knife, double-sided knife.

District 10 Male

Name: Eli Winersin

Age: 14

Height: 5´2

Weapon: Axe, swords, spear, fist

District 10 Female

Name: Eliza Herader

Age: 14

Height: 5´1

Weapon: Axe, bow, knife

District 11 Male

Name: Rubin Jett

Age: 17

Height: 5´9

Weapon: Sword, khopesh, knife

District 11 Female

Name: Harmonia "Ava" Neptunus

Age: 13

Height: ?

Weapon: Knife, dagger, throwing knives

District 12 Male

Name: Drago Fire

Age: 18

Height: ?

Weapon: Fire, sickle, iron knuckles

District 12 Female

Name: Sophia Batkill

Age: 14

Height: 4´9

Weapon: Axe, dagger

Tribute Gallery


In these hunger games, normal alliances don´t exist. Instead, the tributes will be split into two alliances from the very beginning, at complete random. The two alliances are alliance Hope and alliance Despair.

Alliance Hope

Bernice Amias-District 7

Light Dymentosa-District 1

Drago Fire-District 12

James Desmond-District 5

Amina Yonee-District 2

Raid Laced-District 9

Irelia Birdhouse-District 6

Konami Aretino-District 4

Harmonia Neptunus-District 11

Jayson Huff-District 7

Alec Michelle-District 6

Savannah Darnell-District 9

Alliance Despair

Brenna Placidia-District 1

Crimson Typhoon-District 8

Adelaide Simmons-District 8

Sophia Batkill-District 12

Rubin Jett-District 11

Eliza Herader-District 10

Bembridae Clayton-District 4

Akumai Kubaya-District 2

Eli Winersin-District 10

Blade Spectrus-District 3

Shira Teresa-District 3

Nichole Peyton-District 5

Training scores

District 1

Light Dymentosa: 10

Brenna Placidia: 5

District 2

Akumai Kubaya: 10

Amina Yonee: 8

District 3

Blade Spectrus: 6

Shira Teresa: 4

District 4

Konami Aretino: 9

Bembridae Clayton: 10

District 5

James Desmond: 7

Nichole Peyton: 5

District 6

Alec Michelle: 4

Irelia Birdhouse: 7

District 7

Jayson Huff: 9

Bernice Amias: 4

District 8

Crimson Typhoon: 5

Adelaide Simmons: 7

District 9

Raid Laced: 10

Savannah Darnell: 3

District 10

Eliza Herader: 4

Eli Winersin: 6

District 11

Rubin Jett: 9

Harmonia Neptunus: 6

District 12

Drago Fire: 8

Sophia Batkill: 4

The Bloodbath

Alliance Hope

The Hovercraft with all the tributes slowly lands onto the ground outside the building. It´s an exact copy of the original Hope´s Peak Academy, where the first guessing game started all thet time ago. When the hovercraft lands, the twelve tributes of Alliance Hope are escorted into the school by a troup of Peacekeepers. They all have blindfolds in front of their faces, so they have to be carefully guided. Except one tribute. This tribute is already looking around at the other tributes, trying to figure out who to kill. Because this person is already taking this oportunity by the horns. She knows the reward for the first murder, the perfect weapon for the rest of the games. Something that could prove to be very useful. Also, if she is successful, an additional two of her competitors will die as well. The game is on.

The tributes are all escorted into the school gym in a fine line, until they all stand around the edges of the room. They are all two metres away from eachother. Most are looking around nervously. Scared of what to come, and when it could come. They´re all wondering who the tribute without a blindfold on is, while the tribute in question is pondering on who to target. As the gong sounds, and the games startes, she starts to pace around the room. She has ten minutes. She already knows how to kill her victim. And just as she locks her eyes onto the first tribute that catches her attention, she also knows who her victim is.

She slowly approaches her victim, and then, before he can even resist, locks her hands around his neck and brings his head down. His scream rips through the air, and other tributes start to scream as well. The murderer smiles as she uses her elbow to knock a fatal blow into the back of her victim´s head, which seals his fate. The murderer steps back into her original position, before she starts to run around screaming as well. Just before the ten minutes are up, a female tribute trips and falls over the victim´s corpse. The gong rings out again, and she is the first to see the first fatality of the games.

James from District 5.

Alliances Despair

Meanwhile, the same situation is happening in another Hope´s Peak Academy copy. All the tributes together in the gym, all with blindfolds on except one, the one with a perfect oportunity to commit murder. But one tribute is already lying dead on the floor, purple and blue in the face from violent chocking. The blindfold-less murderer has struck, and as the gong signalizes the end of the bloodbath, the blindfolds get removed. Eli from District 10 is the first to react, he turns red in the face and storms up to the corpse of the first death in Despair. His District partner Eliza. The others gasp in surprise at the look of her body, violently torn away from life. Then came an announchement throughout the gym.

"A body has been found! Investigation will start immediately. You all have 12 hours until tribute trail starts. And, begin!"

Quickly it becomes obvious who´s the leader of Alliance Despair. Akumai quickly takes matters into his own hands. The other tributes gather around him and the body.

"Alright everyone. We have to find out who did this, or else it could be any of us who´ll die in the trails. Rubin and Bembridae, you two make a list of everything we know about this. I´ll have District 8, Adelaide and Crimson to look for physical evidence. Eli, come with me. We two will do the job of interrogating everyone here."

And at that, the investigation of the murder of Eliza Herader starts.

Day 1-Investigation Starts!

Alliance Hope

In the first Hope´s Peak Academy, the tributes aren´t as organized as Despair it seems. Only a few tributes have acually started to investigate around the school. Drago is taking a round with all the other tributes, interrogating them with anything they might have heard in the bloodbath. He have focused exspecially on Irelia from District 6, who was the first to find the body of James. Savannah and Harmonia have started snooping around in the gym, where the murder took place. So far, they have found nothing of interest just yet. Most of the other tributes are in their rooms, trying to get rid of the shock of murder in their bodies. However, just as Light is about to lock himself in his room and sleep off everything that has happened, he notices something on the floor. Bloody tracks of shoes that lead from the gym into a hallway where nobody has been to before. He gets everyone with him. He points out the bloody tracks to them, and they all gasp in horror.

"There, look! The killer must have gotten blood on his or her shoe when they killed James! They look pretty small though, I think they´re a 37 or something like that..."

Then Drago´s eyes light up, and he points at his own shoes.

"We can compare the shoe size of the killer´s shoes with everyone else´s! That´s a sure way to see who could have done it!"

After a careful evaluation, they come to the conclution that there are a total of four tributes with them that have a shoe size of 37- Bernice, Harmonia, Irelia and Amina, all girls. One by one, the girls are interrogated by Drago. He finds out and writes down where each and everyone of them were in position around the center of the gym. Bernice stood besides Harmonia. Irelia stood between James and Sophia. In turn, Amina stood besides Sophia and Akumai. Slowly, the tributes are able to make a precise map of where everyone was positioned. The two who stood besides James were Raid and Alec, both boys who neither have shoe size 37.

Alliance Despair

"Guys look at this! I found something!!"

Crimson shouts to everyone in the gym, most of whom have been sitting in silence since Eliza was killed, exspecially Eli. Everyone looks at him and Adelaide who are crouched next to eachother in the corner of the gym locale, where Eliza´s body is. It´s a golden chain, one that everyone immediately recognizes as the one that Shira wears as her token. It is wrapped around Eliza´s left ankle, almost like a calling card. Shira looks down in horror at the chain, and what it makes her. The prime suspect in everyone´s eyes.

-To Be Continued-

Death Chart

  • 24th: James Desmond-District 5-?
  • 23rd: Eliza Herader-District 10-?

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